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One Pillar Pagoda is a major tourist attraction in Hanoi and attracts a lot of visitors here. The place is quite peaceful and the pillar on which the temple is built is stunning.

Location: Chùa M?t C?t, ??i C?n, Ba ?ình, Hà N?i, Vietnam. Location of the place is a huge advantage as it is in close proximity with transportation facilities and other tourist attractions.

Highlights: The temple is built on a wood which constitutes the single pillar which is of 1.25 in diameter. The whole design of the pillar is in such a way that it resembles a lotus blossom. This is also considered as a Buddhist symbol of purity.

History: The place is an ancient Buddhist temple and has existed since more than a millennium ago. It was built by the emperor Ly Thai Tong in around 1054. He made it as a gratitude for having a son and erected the pillar in between of a lotus pond.
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