Statue Of Lenin Overview

Located in Hanoi’s Nguyen Thai Hoc Avenue, the Statue of Lenin is the communist leader’s legacy on how he influenced the Vietnamese politics and culture. Constructed in 1980, this stone sculpture is reminiscent of Bolshevik history. 

This statue is one of the enchanting places to visit in Hanoi as there are not many Lenin statues left in the world to remind people of the impact USSR once had on world political movements. By visiting the statue you not only witness its grandeur but also get to spend quality time in the nearby verdant park.

The Statue of Lenin, an iconic symbol of the Soviet era, stands resolute in various locations globally, embodying the ideals of communism. One prominent example is in Hanoi, Vietnam, where the imposing bronze statue pays tribute to Vladimir Lenin. This monumental work of art serves as a historical reminder and a cultural focal point.

Visitors exploring Vietnam can encounter this statue as part of their Vietnam packages, offering a unique perspective on the country's complex history and political evolution. The statue stands as a testament to an era gone by, sparking contemplation and discussions about ideology, politics, and the ever-changing global landscape. Its presence in Vietnam adds a distinctive touch to the nation's cultural and historical tapestry

Location: 28A Điện Biên Phủ, Điện Bàn, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Timings: Open 24 hours

Highlights: The Lenin statue is worth your stop in the area as this one is one of the remarkable historical landmarks standing tall in a small park right opposite the History Military Museum of Vietnam.

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