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The pagoda here is the oldest Buddhist temple in Hanoi so for tourists, it is a must visit spot. On the grounds here, there is a Bodhi tree under which Buddha sat and seeked enlightenment which has become a tourist place.

Location: The temple is located at the southeastern shore of West Lake, which is a tourist spot too.

Highlights: You will find a lot of Buddhist symbolism and philosophy in the temple. For those looking to gain some wisdom out of the Buddhist culture, this is a great place for them.

History: The pagoda was made in the 6th century and notably the oldest one in the city of Hanoi. The temple now exists for around 1500 years now which also makes it a historical place in the city.

Best time to visit: Worshippers can visit here and pray anytime they want, there is no time restrictions and it is open all the days of a week.
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