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    India is a vast and multi- faceted nation, with its own share of surprises and thrill to keep you hooked and booked. People from across the globe come to India for various reasons, but there are many who would come to India to fulfill the passion to experience adventure and challenges.

    The landscape of India adds to that advantage, right from the highest mountain peaks to the fast flowing gushing rapids of our rivers, India serves all your outdoor adventure sporting needs. Did we say fast flowing gushing rapids? Yes we did, and that brings us to the most desirable adventure thrills of all, river rafting in India.

    The best time to embark on your journey for river rafting in India

    We would take a brief look at the various destinations across the Indian sub continent to inform you where river rafting happens and which would be the best suited time for you to arrive, so please read on and be well informed for the same.

    Rishikesh River

    Talking about Rishikesh River rafting expeditions, the best time would be from early September to late November. And if you happen to miss that, you always can join us back from March to May. Rishikesh is known as a powerful point to come and experience the sheer rapids of river rafting.

    The powerful River Ganga in all her force beckons river rafters from all across the globe for a challenging ride down her waters. Are you up for the challenges she throws? You could also go trekking in India, Rishikesh has options to make you happy. one can even choose kayaking in India, the river Ganga throws challenges which are exciting.

    Kaudiyala - Shivpuri Route

    You also have the famous Alaknanda route for river rafting, namely the Kaudiyala - Shivpuri route. It is known as one of the best river rapids across the nation. River rafters name the Kaudiyala - Shivpuri route as the Wall and the Golfcourse respectively. If you want to know why they name the routes as such, why dont you come down and check out what they mean for yourself? We are sure you would love the experience.

    Rudraprayag Route

    Another of the favorites from the foothills of thick Himalayan flora and fauna, you are offered a thrill of your lifetime taming the waters of rapids and gorges, namely the Rudraprayag route. But the waters do get quiet when it approaches Devprayag and Srinagar. This would also be your one chance to observe the ancient temples that dot the landscape and the heavy forests on either sides of the river as well.

    Other places of importance for river rafting would be the famous Tehri-Shivpuri known for her Grade III or IV rapids. You also have the famous Zanskar River which gushes between Nimo and Padum through the mountain ranges that dot Zanskar. And while we are still in the north, it would be worth mentioning to experience the chills and thrills at Garhwal in Uttaranchal as well.

    North East Region

    River rafting has of late caught up with the north east regions as well. Having said that may we introduce you to the thrills of what Teesta and Ragita Rivers can bring forth. What you get are wild rapids of grade 4 and above. Screaming their ways down through rugged mountains, and while you are busy tackling the forces of the rapids, quieter times would show you the blend of adventure and nature with the dotted flora and fauna along the way. Be ready to lose your breath watching the spectacle of north east natural splendor while you river raft.

    River Brahmaputra

    Arunachal Pradesh neednt be behind, not when the mighty Brahmaputra river throws open a challenge to the adventurous at heart. The river comes gushing in all her might from the Tibetan glaciers and into the Indian sub continent challenging one and all on her way down.

    Rivers in Ladakh

    With three main rivers around, can you ignore the sense of adventure in Ladakh? River rafting as we speak of it is an adventure sport, loved by all and done by many. You have Leh providing the River Indus for excitement, Nubra with the River Shayok for adventure and Zanskar with River Zanskar for the thrill of river rafting experience, where else would you find such a plethora of options served to you?

    South India

    Dont ignore the call of the sultry swift rivers down south, not when you have an abundance of rivers wanting you to test their waters. The River Cauvery, the backwaters of Shravanthi and the River Kali which allows for such adventure sports to thrive

    And finally, we have Kundalika and Karjat from Maharashtra calling you for a wild time in their waters. With so many options for you to choose from, wouldnt it be nice for us at thrillophilia to help!!


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