Tung Fort Overview

Enclosed in vast tropics and found at an astounding height of 1075m from sea leave, Tung fort is a mesmerizing destination in Maharashtra, India. The fort is specifically admired for its breathtaking views and spectacular treks. The literal translation of the word “Tung” is “difficult” and hiking to this momentous fort is surely a task. Apart from this, the place is also excellent for a family picnic and camping.

Furthermore, the peaky and oval structure of the fort makes it a prominent attraction from a distance. From the top of the fort, visitors can enjoy an alluring view of the dazzling Pawna Lake, Tikona and Visapur fort. After a climb, the visitors can also unwind and visit either the Tungi Devi or Ganpati temples. The best time to enjoy a visit to this glorious place is just after the rainy season, between September and January.

How To Reach

By Train: 

From Mumbai:
There are a number of trains running from Mumbai to the nearest station to Tung Fort, Lonavala. Mumbai to Lonavala's journey is approximately 2 hours. From Lonavala, local cab and bus services are available to Tung Fort.  

From Pune:
Trains from Pune station to Lonavala railway station, which is the closest from Tunga Fort, are available on a daily basis. Pune to Lonavala journey is close to 2 hours after which local taxi can take you to the Tung Fort.

From Lonavala:
Lonavala railway station is the closest from Tung Fort. Visitors will simply need to take local taxi or bus from Lonavala railway station to Tung Fort.

By Bus:
Travelers will need to reach Lonavala first. From here they can catch a bus that stops at the nearest bus stop to Tung Fort, GhusalKhamb. And finally, a walk of almost 1.5 km from GhusalKhumb will take you to Tung Fort. 

By car:
The distance from Lonavala to Tung Fort is just 23 km and will only take about an hour by car. If you are with your family or in a group, this is a good option.

By bike:
A Lot of visitors from across the states come to visit Tung Fort by motorbike. Simply reach Lonavala and ride towards Aamby Valley. Approximately an hour from Lonavala is the Tung Village where the fort can be found. 

By Air:
The Closest airport from Tung Fort is the Pune International Airport. From here local cab and taxi service are available to the fort.

Best Time To Visit

Rainy Season

During the rainy season which is between July and September, the fort is capsized with glowing green tropics and shimmering water bodies. Although trekking can be a bit risky due to the wetland, the risk is completely appreciated by the magnificent view of the Pawan lake and incredible landscapes. 

Winter Season

One of the best times to visit the fort, winter at Tung Fort ranges between October and February. Around this time the weather is dry with a hint of haze enveloping the top of the fort which provides an extraordinary view. Furthermore, the visitors are advised to wear and carry proper trekking equipment as during early mornings the fort can be moist and slippery in winter.

Summer Season

Summer in this part of Maharashtra lasts from March all the way to June. The temperatures during this time can rise up to 45°C and the trek through the Tung Fort can get really difficult. Additionally, there are no restaurants or snack corners around the place, so you'll need to carry enough food and water.

Other Essential Information

Mobile Connectivity: There is very limited to almost zero cellular connectivity for all cellular networks in and around the Tung Fort.

ATM's: No, there are no ATMs available around the Fort. Hence, it is advised that trekkers carry ample cash.

Food Joints: No, there are no restaurants and food joints in Tung Fort. But close to the fort in Tung Village, there are several shops and snack shacks.

Minimum Duration for Tung Fort: A day at Tung Fort is enough to explore it thoroughly. During the day you can trek while at night you can camp.

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Tung Fort FAQs

How can I go to Tung Fort from Pune?

The nearest railway station to Tung Fort is Lonavala and there are frequent trains that run between Pune and Mumbai with a halt at Lonavala. By road, the journey can take up to 2 hours. There are both bus and cab services available.

How do I get to Tung Fort?

By train: There are trains that run between Mumbai and Pune with a stop at Lonavala. (from Mumbai: CST, Borivali, and Dadar are some ideal railway stations for trains to Lonavala). Travelers can get down at Lonavala and take a local taxi to Tung village. 

By Air:
The nearest airport to Tung Village is Pune Airport. You can get down here and catch a taxi to Lonavala from where you can catch a bus to Tung Fort. 

By Road:
To reach Tung Fort, you'll need to reach Lonavala that can take up to 2 hours from both Mumbai and Pune. From Lonavala, Tung Fort is approximately 23 km i.e 1 hour towards Aamby Valley.

What is the difficulty level of Tung Fort?

Although the literal translation of the word "Tung" means “difficult’, the 1075 km trek to the fort is moderately difficult. Just make sure to carry enough water and supplies before the trek starts.

How long does it take to climb Tung Fort?

The trek can take anywhere between 5 to 6 hours with snack breaks in the middle. Although the hours seems long, frequent breaks are necessary as the climb is very steep.

What all activities we can do at Tung Fort?

From Enjoying the scenic landscapes from above the fort to visiting the holy temples on your way to the fort, there is a lot you can do at Tung Fort. You can also choose to picnic and enjoy snacks admit nature while watching some exotic birds fly by.

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