35 Places to Visit in Langkawi, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Tourist Places in Langkawi

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Dataran Lang (Eagle Square), Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise, Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, Pulau Payar Marine Park, Crocodile Adventureland, Gunung Raya, Langkawi Arts In Paradise 3 D Museum, Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, and many more.

Breathtaking landscapes of beaches, peaks and meadows, thoughtful man made structures with a blend of beliefs and modernity, monuments depicting history and culture, nightlife that keeps the spirit alive, world famous diving locations in crystal waters - all contrive together to present tourists with a number of places to visit in Langkawi - Malaysia’s most popular beach destination. The jewel of Kedah, the paradise of 108 islands in the Arabian sea has something for every kind of visitors - whether backpackers or luxury-seeking tourists or adventurers.

The Sky cable ride takes visitors to Langkawi’s second highest peak, while the Underwater world introduces them to over 200 species of fishes and corals. Dataran Lang showcases Langkawi’s artistic man made creations, while a trek through the Sky jungle leaves visitors in awe of Langkawi’s naturally fed beauty. The endless count of beaches take care of long humid days in Langkawi, while the night markets offer abundance of tourists and local interaction.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Langkawi:

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Situated at a staggering height of 2,170 feet and hanging in between the two mountains, the Langkawi sky bridge, as the name suggests, makes you witness Malaysian beauty from heavenly heights. You can reach this bridge after ending your sky cab ride, only to witness more enchanting views of the forests and mountains. Stretching up to 410 feet with transparent sections, this bridge gives you a rush of adrenaline with a feeling of almost standing in the sky!

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Discover the iconic Dataran Lang, also known as Eagle Square, in Langkawi, Malaysia. Marvel at the striking 12-meter-tall statue of a majestic eagle poised for flight. Uncover the cultural significance of this landmark, representing Langkawi's status as the "Jewel of Kedah." A must-visit destination for travelers seeking to admire the grandeur of Eagle Square and embrace the vibrant spirit of Langkawi.

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Lying 10 kilometres away from Kuah, in Langkawi Islands, is the Langkawi Wildlife Park and Bird Paradise. It is a natural habitat for birds and animals bought from the continents like Southeast Asia, Africa, South, and America. This exotic park of Malaysia takes care of a whopping number of 2500 birds with over 150 species of animals and birds. You can come to the aviary or enter the cages to feed these exciting birds and animals with a token of the tastiest love.

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One of the most beautiful natural formations of Langkawi, Telaga Tujuh is an awe inspiring view to observe. According to the island’s myth, the waterfall had captivated the hearts of fairies and hence they transformed it their bathing place. Therefore, it is believed that the waterfall and its springs have several healing powers and medicinal value. You can either hike up to the Gunung Mat Cinang or use a cable car to reach the place.

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Pulau Payar Marine Park is a collection of smaller islands famously known for adventurous water activities. The real essence of this island lies in the depths of the waters, explored by international tourists coming from far and wide. From beginner to the pro levels, you can try all sorts of water activities allowing you to witness the underwater beauty of stunning corals and old rock formations. Lionfish, baby sharks, lobsters and other fantastic aquatic creatures are found in the waters beneath the exotic island of Pulau Payar Marine Park.

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Immerse yourself into the lush green flora and fauna of Malaysia and witness the largest collection of Malaysian sea water crocodiles at Crocodile Adventureland in Langkawi. This crocodile farm, also known as Taman Buaya, spans 20 acres, housing over a thousand crocodiles and alligators. While half of the area is off-limits to visitors, the other half is divided into areas where you may observe, feed, interact, watch shows, and learn more about crocodiles and alligators.

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Gunung Raya is the highest mountain in Langkawi. It peaks at 881 metres in height. Said to be the dense forest reserve it is a home to huge wildlife like the leaf monkeys, flying foxes, macaque monkeys, squirrels, mountain hawk eagles, white bellied sea eagles, and great hornbills.

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Langkawi Arts in Paradise 3D Museum is the largest 3D art museum in Malaysia and the second largest in the world. This museum has over 200 impressive artworks that look just lifelike when photographed.

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Lying 3 km northeast of Tanjung Rhu Beach, Kilim Geoforest Park is the first Geopark in the South East Asia region that offers 100 square kilometres of mesmerising archaeological landscapes. Along with its historic beauty, this park offers beautiful mangrove swamps, breathtaking beaches, and magnificent hills. Famous animals like the brahmini kite, monitor lizards, monkeys can be spotted quite often.

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Tanjung Rhu Beach is one of the clearest and cleanest beaches in the entire country of Malaysia. This beautiful beach has white sands with emerald blue waters, rightfully owning its title as one of the cleanest beaches of the Langkawi island chain. Away from much commercialization, this beach is a home for relaxation and light-hearted activities. Frequently used as a place for picnics and staycations, Tunjung Rhu Beach is also known as the Bird watcher’s paradise possessing 20 different species.

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Mahsuri Tomb and Museum is the crypt of the legendary Princess Mahsuri. Also known as the Makam Mahsuri, almost all the natural attractions of the museum have fables attached in true Malay style and Mahsuri’s Tomb is definitely the most famous legend here.

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Being the tallest falls at about 200 meters - Temurun waterfall is one of the popular Langkawi attractions; especially amongst groups of families and friends who like to take a day off and come here for a picnic, play games at natural grounds, bathe in the clear water and rest in the lap of nature. The rocks here are made of limestones and shale and are believed to be over 500 million years old. The waterfalls are 5 minutes walk away from the car parking area, another factor that makes the place a popular pick, courtesy of its accessibility.

This walk is through the rain forest of Mount Mat Cincang, that makes the experience even better. Moreover, Macaque monkeys are found here in plenty, enjoying their time at the third tier of the falls. Along with them are many butterflies, squirrels, and other birds.

Location: Jalan Datai, Datia area

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Galeria Perdana is a treasure trove of valuable presents and souvenirs that former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad received during his 24-year reign. This museum has over 9000 exhibits of items like antique cars, priceless artefacts, ceremonial swords, and antique jewellery, but only 2000 are on display at a given time. In addition to its massive collection of rare objects, Galeria Perdana is also renowned for its splendid architecture featuring intricate artworks, hanging chandeliers, and beautifully landscaped gardens.

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Explore the natural wonder of Pulau Dayang, also known as Dayang Island, in Malaysia. Admire the breathtaking beauty of its freshwater lake, surrounded by lush rainforest and limestone hills. Uncover the mystical legends and cultural significance of this captivating island, which translates to "Princess' Island." A must-visit destination for nature lovers and travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the serene beauty and folklore of Pulau Dayang in Malaysia.

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Taman Lagenda Langkawi is an artistically beautiful landscaped folklore-themed park. Commenced in 1996, this open-air ‘garden museum’ has the Kuah waterfront as well as several colourful statues. Spread all across the park, these statues have signboards in English that presents the details of myths that are associated with every specific sculpture.

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Hopping off from the Langkawi Island tour to the exotic beach of Pulau Beras Basah is an experience that is one of its kind. Popularly visited by international tourists as part of an island tour, these beautiful white sandy beaches are visited by localities as an idea of Staycation. Untouched by the human hands, this beach offers light-hearted fun activities such as sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing by the serene sea.

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Feel the thrill of flying above the lush green dense rainforests of Langkawi and its waterfalls from an astonishing height on a zipline course. Choose from among a plethora of zipline courses and enjoy incredible views of the island, its forests, beaches, waterfalls, mountains, and of course, its flora and fauna. All zipline experiences are completely safe and are carried out under professional guidance.

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Spend an entire day in the lap of nature by heading to the surreal Durian Perangin Waterfall, which cascades from the northern slope of Gunung Raya, Langkawi's highest mountain. A visit to this hidden treasure will expose you to the magnificent natural beauty of Malaysia. Here, you can stroll amidst the Durian trees, witness rock formations, observe the beautiful flora and fauna of the country, host a picnic, and engage in many more adventurous activities.

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Going by the official name of Langkawi Sky Cab, this is Malaysia’s most iconic ride. The cable soars up to 650 meters high in the sky offering you amazing views of the island from the top. The sky cab tours the three stations- the base from where it starts, the middle station where you reach 650 meters above sea level, and the Top station to halt at the 708 meters. Just in 15 minutes, you will be able to experience a whole lifetime of joy on seeing the stunning views of dense forests, age-old rock formations, and lush green tree tops.

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Black Sand Beach is also known as the Pantai Pasir Hitam. In Malay, Pantai stands for beach, Pasir means the sand and Hitam stands for black, hence the name. There are several stories explaining the blackness of the sand. Swimming or sunbathing is not recommended here.

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Langkawi's Paradise 101 is a sustainable and environment-friendly island resort where guests can unwind during the day, thrill themselves with water sports, and then dance the night away. Langkawi's Paradise 101 is conveniently located just a quick boat ride away from Telaga Harbour, on the island's Pantai Kok.

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Embrace the captivating world of Atma Alam in Langkawi, Malaysia. Step into a haven of batik artistry, where skilled artisans bring intricate designs to life with their creative expertise. Witness the mesmerizing process of batik-making and learn about the cultural significance behind this traditional craft.

Explore the gallery's diverse collection of batik masterpieces and unique handicrafts, offering a glimpse into the rich heritage of Langkawi. From vibrant paintings to delicate textiles, Atma Alam showcases the beauty and artistry of batik in all its forms.

A must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and travelers seeking to immerse themselves in Langkawi's artistic legacy. Delve into the world of Atma Alam and be inspired by the captivating beauty of batik art at this cultural gem in Langkawi.

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Experience the enchantment of Sky Dome Langkawi, an immersive 3D art installation in Malaysia. Step into a world of optical illusions and stunning visuals as you interact with the larger-than-life murals. Capture amazing photos that blend reality and art seamlessly. A must-visit destination for art lovers and travelers seeking to embark on a visual journey and create unforgettable memories at Sky Dome Langkawi.

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Nusantara Gamat Factory, located in Langkawi, Malaysia, is a place where you can learn about and experience the healing powers of Gamat, a special sea creature known for its medicinal properties. Gamat has been used for centuries by locals for various health benefits like treating wounds, easing joint pain, and improving skin health.

When you visit the factory, you'll see traditional Malay-style buildings surrounded by the fresh smell of the sea. Inside, you'll learn all about how Gamat is collected from the ocean and turned into different products. Guides will show you the process step by step, from harvesting Gamat to making oils, creams, and other remedies.

One of the best parts of the tour is getting to try these Gamat products yourself. You can feel firsthand how they soothe and improve your skin or ease any discomfort you might have. It's a great way to understand why Gamat has been valued by Malaysians for generations.

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Stretching across 25 kilometres from the Pantai Kok beach, Batu Hampar white sand beach lies on the western coastline of Langkawi. Decked up with lush green forest and plenty of coconut and mangrove trees, Batu Hampar is the perfect destination if you want a peaceful beach holiday away from tourist crowds. This beach, in addition to its vegetation and clear blue sea, offers spectacular rock formations that are worth having a look at.

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Taman Agroteknologi MARDI, located on the magnificent Cameron Highland, is one of Langkawi's most popular ecotourism destinations, attracting over 100,000 tourists each year. This agro-technology park is surrounded by the beautiful Gunung Raya Forest Reserve and is separated into multiple zones dedicated to various types of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. On a guided tour of the attraction, you may see 20 different types of tropical fruits, 40 varieties of roses, 100 citrus fruits, and much more. At the end of the tour, you’ll also be treated to a delightful tropical fruit buffet.

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A trip to Langkawi is incomplete without embarking on the fascinating mangrove safari across Kilim Nature Park. Spanning an area of 100 sq km, the Kilim Nature Park is home to thick mangrove forests, white sand beaches, and lagoons. In a boat safari across the park river, witness incredible sights of Malay flora and fauna, impressive limestone rock formations, fish farming sites, and the spooky Bat cave. 

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Shark Bay Beach is undoubtedly the most beautiful and popular beaches in the Langkawi. It gets its name, Shark Bay Beach because of the presence of few sharks made of stone. These sharks on the display at the side of the beach promenade. You’ll not get to see any real sharks here and the water is definitely very calm here. Not too long, the beach is said to be the continuation of the Black Sand Beach.

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Underwater World Langkawi, one of Malaysia's largest aquariums, is a magnificent destination to see more than 4000 different species of aquatic animals up close. It educates visitors about the importance of marine life through themed zones such as Freshwater, Tropical Rainforest, Sub-Antarctic, and Temperate. From witnessing exotic aquatic life in a 15-meter-long tunnel to touching and feeding sea creatures, every experience at the aquarium is exhilarating.

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Splash Out Langkawi is the very first water park on the famed island of Langkawi and is located about 20 minutes from the island's airport in Kuah Town. The park's 12 thrilling rides and attractions cover 12 acres and promise an experience unlike any other. 

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Decked with swaying palm and coconut trees, Pantai Tengah is yet one of the popular beaches in Langkawi, Malaysia. It is the island's longest beach, measuring 700 metres. While it does not have many tourist attractions, the crystal clear blue waters and tranquil atmosphere are enough to captivate your heart. Pantai Tengah also offers a variety of water sports, dining options, shopping avenues, and massage parlours, making it an ideal destination for a romantic or family vacation.

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Pantai Cenang Beach is said to be the busiest beach town on Langkawi Island. It has a range of cafes and restaurants, as well as souvenir shops, and duty-free outlets placed significantly along the picturesque beach strip. Ideal for the locals, expats, backpackers as well as the foreign tourists since there are a number of budget hotels, high end resorts and chalets along with magnificent views of the Andaman Sea

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People Also Ask About Langkawi

  1. What are the best places to visit in Langkawi for couples?

    1. Langkawi Sky Bridge: What can be more romantic than taking long walks across this bridge while marvelling at the panoramic sceneries surrounding you. The bridge stands at a height of 328 m above the ground and you can easily feel the vibration as anyone sets foot on it. Here, you can take plenty of photographs with your lover while standing in the middle of the bridge.

    2. Pulau Payar: Famous for hosting adventurous activities like snorkelling and scuba diving, Pulau Payar is blessed with an abundance of marine life, thus making it one of the best places to visit in Langkawi. Here you can enjoy a thrilling session of scuba diving with your partner while marvelling at the mesmerising and colourful sea life.

    3. Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market: No couples trip is complete without visiting a bustling flea market which offers numerous items at sale prices. In Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market, you will get a chance to shop for items like handicrafts and other souvenirs while chomping on local delicacies from food stalls.

    4. Ayer Hangat Village: Offering you with some time to rejuvenate and indulge in spas together, Ayer Hangat village is famous for being home to natural salt water Jacuzzis. Around these jacuzzis, numerous spa parlours are set which offer you a chance to indulge in some recreational times together.
  2. What are the best places to stay in Langkawi?

    1. Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort: Located in Pantai Cenang, this beautiful resort sits on a pristine beach whose breeze can be felt while staying in your rooms too. From wooden chalets to spa treatments, the resort is dotted with numerous facilities one can wish for. In addition to this, many places to visit in Langkawi are located at a closer proximity to this resort.

    2. Nadias Hotel Cenang Langkawi: Sitting on the beach and facing towards the beautiful shore, the Nadias Hotel Cenang Langkawi has been offering a comfortable and chic atmosphere. From beachside shacks to the rooftop bar overlooking the sea, here you can enjoy numerous entertainment options.

    3. The Ocean residence: As the name suggests, this resort lies close to the ocean and provides its visitors with some spellbinding scenery of the sea straight from their room windows. From sun terrace to a swimming pool, every kind of luxurious amenity can be availed here.

    4. The Smith House: Located in Padang Matsirat, this budget hotel is located close to many famous places to visit in Langkawi and offers all basic amenities including a rooftop pool too. The super clean rooms here are well decorated with modern architecture and the surroundings are filled with beautiful landscapes.
  3. Which are the best places in Langkawi to visit at night?

    1. Dash Beach Club: If you're seeking a romantic atmosphere or a swim in the pool, head straight for the Dash Beach Club. This elegant beachfront hotel welcomes guests to its wonderful pool for cocktails, a midday tan, or a sunset viewing. Its infinity pool overlooks the Andaman Sea and is encircled by dense vegetation and tall palm trees, providing breathtaking views.

    2. Langkawi Night Markets:
    The most well-known and fascinating aspect of Langkawi's nightlife is undoubtedly the night markets on the island. Making up some of the top Langkawi tourist attractions, one shouldn't miss the unique sights, sounds, and smells that the Pasar Malam has to offer. Night markets are great locations to experience hawker food, and local specialties, and buy fresh produce and locally made products all in one spot.

    3. Pantai Tengah:
    With its laid-back seaside shacks and energetic clubs, Pantai Tengah is a significant component of Langkawi's nightlife. You will surely receive more from some of the best resorts in this area than you anticipate. You'll have a lot of great food options at this beach, and the nightlife is interesting to check out as well.

    4. La Sal Restaurant:
    La Sal is one of the most romantic places in Langkawi's nightlife because of its 5-star candlelight dining services. The Casa Del Mar resort's La Sal Restaurant on Pantai Cenang is a hidden gem that provides an incredible candlelight dining experience on the beach.
  4. What are the best places to eat in Langkawi?

    1. The Cliff Restaurant & Bar: From formal dining area to classy cocktails, this restaurant is famous for its varied options to choose from. Having all Langkawi tourist places closer to it makes it a popular stop for those going sightseeing.  Facing the Cenang beach, this restaurant bar lets you enjoy tasteful food and drinks with a charming view.

    2. The Nest Rooftop: Allowing you to bring your own booze, this rooftop is the best spot to enjoy local delicacies while marvelling at the panoramic sceneries. This gem is a favourite party place among the locals and stays open till late in the night.

    3. My French Factory: Famous for its delicious desserts, this beautiful and small cafe serves the best chocolate crepes. What makes this a perfect place to eat in Langkawi is the fact that it is pretty much affordable and closer to many famous Langkawi tourist places. Those who have a sweet tooth can relish numerous tasteful dishes here like donuts and handmade cakes.

    4. The Fat Frog: Loaded with vegetarian options, this restaurant serves some of the best foods and drinks of the town. In addition to the food, the surroundings of the cafe are loaded with panoramic vistas and eye catching sceneries. The vegetarian wings and Mexican burger are famous foods which you can try there.
  5. What are the famous beaches in Langkawi?

    1. Pantai Cenang Beach: One of the busiest beaches in Langkawi, this place is heaven for adventure lovers who want to indulge in activities like scuba diving and snorkelling. What makes it one of the famous Langkawi tourist places is its beauty and the shacks located here which serve famous local delicacies like prawn soup and beef spaghetti.

    2. Tanjung Rhu Soup: To reach this beautiful destination, tourists need to cross dense forests and walk through dark woods and upon arrival the tristine beauty of the beach makes up for all. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this beach aims to provide solace to the ones looking for a place to rest and rejuvenate for a while.

    3. Pantai Tengah Beach: Being the longest stretch of beaches in Langkawi, this place is home to numerous adventurous activities and entertainment options. From the sea side offering activities like diving and snorkeling to the shore loaded with cafes and restaurants, here you will get to enjoy the best holidaying experience of your life.

    4. Black Sand Beach: Staying true to its name, the beach actually has black sand which is said to be the residue of some natural chemical and rock formations. Water based activities are prohibited around this beach, but the shore is loaded with numerous shacks selling local goods.
  6. Which are the best islands to visit in Langkawi?

    1. Pulau Dayang Bunting: The second-largest island in Langkawi is called Pulau Dayang Bunting. Due to the island's resemblance to a pregnant woman, its name translates to "Isle of the Pregnant Maiden." It is surrounded by lush jungle and includes a huge lake that is said to give infertile women fertility. The Dayang Bunting Lake is regarded as one of the best Langkawi places to visit, and its  water is perfect for swimming, and little children and inexperienced swimmers can rent life jackets. 

    2. Pulau Payar Marine Park:
    In Langkawi, fans of diving and snorkeling frequently visit the Pulau Payar Marine Park. You may go to the island by catamaran or speedboat for around 45 minutes from the Kuah jetty. The largest island in the nature reserve, Pulau Payar, is one of the four scattered over two nautical miles. Pulau Kaca, Pulau Lembu, and Pulau Segantang are the names of the three smaller isles.

    3. Pulau Tuba: A group of traditional fishermen live on the lovely and secluded island of Pulau Tuba. You may remain on the island even if it's not very developed. You can choose between a homestay programme in the village or lodging at a modest resort. In Langkawi, Pulau Tuba is a fantastic location for rainforest trekking and birdwatching.

    4. Pulau Singa Besar: Pulau Singa Besar may be small in size, but it serves as a wildlife refuge for monkeys, deer, snakes, lizards, and birds. The island also has interesting rock formations and mangrove plants.
  7. What is the best time to visit Langkawi?

    The months between November to April are considered to be the best time to visit Langkawi as around this time, the weather is less humid and temperature is not too hot.

    However, the weather of Langkawi remains hot and humid all year round but around these months, the timely rains come and reduce the heat.

    Since the islands are located on the equator, thus the area here receives much more sunlight than other places of the world. The average temperature of the day stays between 30 to 35 degree celsius and in the night drops to 28 and 29 degree celsius.
  8. What is Langkawi famous for?

    Langkawi is famous for its pristine beaches and natural surroundings which have been catering to all kinds of tourists since ages.

    Many places to see in Langkawi are loaded with natural beauty and scenic vistas, thus attracting people from all over the world. Langkawi is also famous for the plethora of adventurous activities it offers and the tasteful cuisine which can be relished at any cafe and food shack.
  9. Is Langkawi worth visiting?

    Sand, sea, fun and a rush in adrenaline is what perfectly defines Langkawi and makes it a place worth visiting. Many famous places to see in Langkawi like the Black Sand beach and Langkawi Sky bridge offer spellbinding surroundings and make sure that you enjoy numerous beautiful panoramic views. From beachside resorts offering top notch facilities to the friendly locals, this place is a must visit when you are planning a trip with your friends, family or just alone.
  10. Is Langkawi safe?

    Langkawi is the safest neighbourhood of Malaysia, Langkawi has been offering a perfectly comfortable and beautiful vacationing experience to the tourists since ages. No tourist has ever experienced any threat to their safety and the crime rate of this group of islands is comparatively much less than many other parts of the world.
  11. How many days do you need in Langkawi?

    A trip of three to four days is enough to enjoy the partying vibes of Langkawi while indulging in numerous activities. All the famous tourist attractions can be easily covered in these three to four days and you will also get some free time to spend at leisure.
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Chandrabhaga Bhattathiri Sunset Dinner Cruise
It was a lovely experience. The speed of the cruise was just nice for participants to enjoy the view.It's the best way to have a view of entire landscape.
What a awesome experience to explore the jungle, as we climb up we learn more about the nature. Special Thanks to our tour guide.
Waterfall Zipline, Langkawi Geopark, Rare wildlife. What not in this amazing package. Totally worth it.
Totally in love with this place. Must visit here. Highly recommended! Very well maintained and the staff is very kind!
It was a fun-filled ride across the forest and rice fields...the guide is really professional and supportive..nice experience!
We had a fantastic experience I was a bit apprehensive about the safety aspects but I needn't have worried. The equipment is in good condition and the lines are well maintained
Anilaabh Somayaji Skytrex Adventure Langkawi
A complete package of exciting activities and a thrilling adventure throughout the time you spend there. One of the best in the world.
Once in a lifetime experience. Watching this variety of marine life with world-famous giant sea creatures is worthwhile. You never know how your time spent there. It’s an eye-pleasing activity to go for. Worth a visit in a lifetime.
Mesmerized by the beauty of different islands we had visited there and each island offers a different variety of views.
It was a nice experience we enjoyed the different islands there, had a great fun there in so much discounted rates from Thrillophilia, totally worth it.

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