Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) Overview

Discover the iconic Dataran Lang, also known as Eagle Square, in Langkawi, Malaysia. Marvel at the striking 12-meter-tall statue of a majestic eagle poised for flight. Uncover the cultural significance of this landmark, representing Langkawi's status as the "Jewel of Kedah." A must-visit destination for travelers seeking to admire the grandeur of Eagle Square and embrace the vibrant spirit of Langkawi.

Dataran Lang, known as eagle square is yet another commonly visited destination amongst many other famous Langkawi places to visit. It has gained popularity for holding the huge sculpture of an eagle, which is considered to be one of the best manmade creations in Langkawi. The statue of the eagle is postured like it is ready to fly and can be spotted from various points in Pulau. To see this 12 meters statue, along with the views of Kuah Bay, tourists have to ride on a ferry.

The miniature terraces, footbridges, fountains, eateries all together here make this place apt for a fun-filled day visit trip, enjoyable by all age groups. From eagle square, the view of numerous ferries plying in the ocean has also been appreciated by everybody who has ever visited!

Location: Southeast corner of Pulau Langkawi, Kuah Jetty

Timings: 24 hours a day, every day

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• Enjoy the 19 acres of land that has covered terraces, small ponds, footbridges and beautiful fountains.
• Witness the infamous Eagle Statue visible from your relaxing boat ride.
• Catch the stunning sight 12 meters long huge Reddish-Brown Eagle Statue.
• Relax at the star-shaped mosaic with your friends and family.
• Witness the serenity of waters with moving boats around Malaysia’s most popular Eagle.
• Witness the calm shadows of the large wings of the Eagle statue waiting to fly covering you from the sun.
• Click Instagram-worthy pictures and capture delightful videos posing near the inanimate Langkawi sea eagle.
• Buy chocolates and the tastiest ice creams from nearby shops that sell yum food items and snacks.
• Enjoy Lagenda park’s lush gardens and beautiful pavements lying in close proximity to Eagle Square.
• Buy Langkawi's infamous duty-free gifts from Jetty point mall located at the entry point Kuah Bay within the walking distance of the eagle square.

How To Reach

You can reach Dataran Lang or Eagle square by boarding a ferry or boat to Kuah Bay. This place is famously known as Kuah Jetty, where all the boats arrive and depart from. You can also hop on to this place as a part of the Langkawi island tour.

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Best Time To Visit

Open for 24 hours every day, the Best Time to visit Eagle Square is in the early mornings. This time is the best as the sunrise offers the best views along with fewer crowds that benefits in terms of proper sightseeing and clicking undisturbed photographs.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Dataran Lang (Eagle Square)

1. Cenang Beach: Located in Langkawi Islands, this is one of the most famous beaches lying in the western Cenang township of the island chains. One of the cleanest beaches possessing the softest sand, you can do more than your imagination at Cenang beach. You may indulge in the coolest water activities such as a banana boat, jet ski, parasailing etc. You can eat the tastiest Arabic and Malaysian food at different restaurants and bars on the less popular public beach. 

2. Pulau Dayang Bunting: Popularly known as the Lake of Pregnant Maiden, this is the second-largest island located in the south region of the Langkawi chain of 99 islands. This island possesses a clean lake of Guillemard encircled by dense rain forests lying in the close vicinity of the sea. It is known as the maiden lake due to a local legend as this place is believed to heal women who aren’t able to conceive but this legend is only a legend with no scientific background. However, local beliefs draw more tourists. Another reason for this title is the look of the hills resembling a pregnant woman, but this matter remains subjective. 

3. Pulau Singa Besar: A beach serving as a campsite, picnic spot and staycation, this place is a go-to place for quick relaxations. Situated between Pulau Dayang Bunting and Pulau Beras Basah, this island spreads across 636 hectares covering thick and huge stones. A hub to different types of fauna including different monkeys and eagles, this can be easily spotted. 

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4. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls: Situated in Mukim, Jalan Telaga Tujuh Langkawi island, this island offers one of the most scenic views in the entire region. Containing 7 stunning pools, this island is known as Seven Wells Waterfalls. According to an urban legend, the waterfall was a place where the fairies would bathe and eventually turn into the waters possessing healing characteristics.This place can be reached by climbing Gunung Mac cinag or the sky cab. 

5. Sky bridge: Located at 2,170 feet high between the two mountains, the Malaysian beauty can be witnessed through this infamous bridge. Stretching up to 410 feet, the curved route of the bridge makes you catch every look of the enchanting place. The transparent floor of the sky bridge will give you a rush of adrenaline along with captivating sightseeing including the mesmerizing views of beautiful landscapes, forests and mountains.

6. Langkawi Cable car: One of the most popular rides in Malaysia, the sky cab or Langkawi cable car, makes you experience Malaysia’s most beautiful views from the soaring heights. Rising to 708 meters high in the sky, the sky cab will make you witness age-old rock formations and lush forests of the island from heavenly skies.

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Tips to Visit Dataran Lang (Eagle Square)

- Visit Dataran Lang in the morning time to avoid crowds 

- Boarding a ferry to reach Kuah Jetty is the most used and convenient option. 

- Don’t forget to carry your camera for the best photography.

- You can buy affordable chocolates and snacks from the nearby shops.

- Check out Lagenda Park for spending more time at this place. 

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Point of Interest for Dataran Lang (Eagle Square)
Lagenda Park

Lagenda Park

Situated in between three hotspots, the Langkawi’s mascot, Dataran Lang-the Eagle Square and Pekan Rabu Pier, it has landscaped gardens with a whooping area of 50 hectares. Depicting local folklore and the Malaysian legends, this garden contains 17 beautiful and colorful sculptures. 4 man-made lakes along with Sandy beach, this garden is a combination of beautiful fountains, and pavements. Some of the main attractions of this park include the sculptures and the local legends behind them such as Giant cooking pots, 7 Wells Waterfall and playful weapon-bearing birds.

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