Pulau Beras Basah Overview

Hopping off from the Langkawi Island tour to the exotic beach of Pulau Beras Basah is an experience that is one of its kind. Popularly visited by international tourists as part of an island tour, these beautiful white sandy beaches are visited by localities as an idea of Staycation. Untouched by the human hands, this beach offers light-hearted fun activities such as sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing by the serene sea.

A place that promises to offer you the most relaxing getaway, Pulau Beras Basah locates itself at the western point of Langkawi. Flaunting its pristine beaches and lovely greenery this destination is considered as a top notch holiday spot to chill out.

Pulau Beras Basah is one among the most well known peaceful islands that entices its visitors by beholding the view of crystal blue sea and the calming white sand. A place where one can solace in silence as you hold your book and read calmly while getting sunkissed.

This tranquil beach is surrounded by lush green forests that add up to the fresh cool breeze and atmosphere of this island. The island is not yet touched by commercialisation. However, it provides you the serene views along with the required peace and calm.

One can find basic amenities like washrooms, a small stall selling soft drinks and food items here. Whereas one who searches for some adventure fun activities the place will not disappoint you. It offers you the fun of snorkelling while you can also enjoy banana boats, parasail and jet-ski rentals.

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• The clean white sandy beaches letting emerald waters flow through them is one of the best sights you will ever see in this wonderful Malaysian tour.
• The beach is surrounded by lush green forests letting you explore and relax with your loved ones.
• Sunbathing, and swimming are some light-hearted activities that you can indulge in.
• The island isn’t much touched commercially, which makes it an ideal romantic escape.
• Visit Cactus restaurant to have a taste of Europe and Italy.
• Eat at the Arang BBQ and Grill to quest your hunger with the tastiest grilled food.
• Grab a slice of unshareable pizza and put the yummiest momo in your mouth at the Yam Yam Cafe and restaurant.
• Taste the tastiest Korean food at Haroo Haroo Korean restaurant.

How To Reach

Searching for conveyances to reach out to the mind-boggling Pulau Beras Basah from the Langkawi city center? Then one has several options to choose from. For one to commute from the City Centre to the Pulau Beras Basah there are options for conveyance like, the local cabs, online cabs, rental cars and also boat rides will make it an easier way out for you.

1. By Car: The Pulau Beras Basah is at a distance of 15 km from the Langkawi city center which can be reached by way of a rental car, online cab, or one can also grab a local taxi which will easily commute you to the Pulau Beras Basah.

2. By Cab: One can also reach the destination by way of cab to Pantai Tengah Resort, from where the island hopping tour starts. Beginning from Pulau Dayang Bunting followed by Pulau Singha and stopping the session at Pulau Beras Basah.

3. By Speedboat: One can also rent a speedboat with friends and share the cost which makes it cost effective and also easier for one to reach the island.

4. By Boats: One can also simply just reach the Pantai Cenang from where one shall find boats ready to pick and drop to the Pulau Beras Basah. However the boats also operate from other locations that include Awana Porto Malai resort.

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Best Time To Visit

Pulau Beras Basah being an island of peaceful waters and calming white sand can provide you warmth and bliss at any time of the year, however the best time to visit the spot is considered to be during mid summer. The tourists start to show up from October and November as well but prefer the months of January till April. The place experiences all of the seasons in a different way:

1. Pulau Beras Basah in Summers: The island spot in summer season is found to be ideally a good relaxing spot for visitors. One can experience the sunny time swimming and enjoying picnic time on the beach. The preferred months are from January to March and in fact the tourist flow actually starts from October end or November beginning and continues well into April.

2. Pulau Beras Basah in Monsoons: The place during monsoons is found to be a little wet and windy. The rains make it a little difficult to relax and explore the place. There are not many sunny hours to soak in. However the rains happen for about 2 hours but it is still avoided by the tourists to visit during the months of September and October.

3. Pulau Beras Basah in Winters: This island location is not advisable to be visited during winters. One can not soak in the sun and refresh themselves because of the windy atmosphere. The months of November and December are not so preferred months to visit this spot.

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Other Essential Information

Places to Eat in and near Pulau Beras Basah

While your hunger strikes you after a long day travelling and exploring all one needs is a good place to grab a bite or properly dine in with friends and family. Well, Pulau Beras Basah has some great options to choose from where you can find amazing ambience and savouring food options. Some of them are:

1. Cactus Restaurant- This eating place will serve you the most savouring meals to treat your taste buds post beach visiting. The place will serve you with great ambience and cultural meals of different cultures like that of Italian and European.

2. Arang BBQ and Grill- Providing you the most amazing BBQ meals this restaurant will satiate your hunger. After a long day of adventure island jumping this BBQ place will suffice your atste buds with this savouring grilled food.

3. Yam Yam Cafe and Restaurant- It is located at a distance of 6 km approx. from the main island and serves you with some great snacks like pizzas and momos. One should check out this place as the staff and ambience are both amazing.

4. Haroo Haroo Korean Restaurant- One who would like to try out some Korean meal and variety then you should visit the Haroo Haroo restaurant. The place will treat your taste buds with some magnificent variety.

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Places to Stay near Pulau Beras Basa

Pondering about the places to stay near your exotic island location then worry not you will find many lavish options to choose from. Serving you with best quality stays here are some places that one should consider to plan a stay:

1. Resort World Langkawi- This resort offers one a perfect stay along with sophisticated hospitality and 24/7 service staff. One should consider this resort for a memorable stay when visiting Pulau Beras Basah.This resort also serves you with comfy rooms with a lovely view of the beach located near to it.

2. Ambong Pool Villas- This lavish palace like villa locates itself at a distance of 5 km approx from pulau Beras Basah. One will find the most comfy and homely stay at the lovely villa space.

3. Ambong Ambong Rainforest Hotel- This resort provides you the rainforest theme stay which will make you feel relaxed. Refreshing you with all the greenery and nature’s warmth one will have an amazing memorable stay at this hotel.

4. Dash Resort- The Dash resort offers you luxurious stay along with many variable amenities and services. This unique resort will keep you with warmth and serve you the best comfort.

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Tips to Visit Pulau Beras Basah

Before visiting a new spot or travelling to a place you have never been before there are many things one should keep in mind. Some of those few traveller’s tips are given as follows:

1. When visiting the Pulau Beras Basah one should know that the island is a spot for a lot of monkeys as well. So, one should be aware and take care of their stuff and food items especially when visiting the place.

2. One should also know that the place is still a hidden treasure and not a commercialised spot yet so one should carry their essentials along with them as you may find it difficult to find things at this spot.

3. One should pack along some food stuff with them as one might not find a proper place to grab a bite like a cafe.

4. One should carry an extra pair of clothes and some basic medical aid.

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Pulau Beras Basah FAQs

Why is Pulau Beras Basah famous?

Pulau Beras Basah is famous for the expansive sandy beaches, lush green and swaying palm trees, and clear blue waters against a verdant mountain backdrop. The place is also known for magnificent white sand that looks like rice. It is because of that, it’s known as Pulau Beras Basah that means wet rice.

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What is the best time to visit Pulau Beras Basah?

The best time to visit Pulau Beras Basah is during the summer time when people can enjoy the soaking sun, cool swimming time and the peaceful beach itself. One can also enjoy snorkelling at this lovely beach island. The preferable months to visit the spot are October, November and January till April.

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