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Taman Agroteknologi MARDI, located on the magnificent Cameron Highland, is one of Langkawi's most popular ecotourism destinations, attracting over 100,000 tourists each year. This agro-technology park is surrounded by the beautiful Gunung Raya Forest Reserve and is separated into multiple zones dedicated to various types of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. On a guided tour of the attraction, you may see 20 different types of tropical fruits, 40 varieties of roses, 100 citrus fruits, and much more. At the end of the tour, you’ll also be treated to a delightful tropical fruit buffet.

One of the greatest attractions of Cameron Highlands, the Agro Technology Park in MARDI can be broadly divided into six major areas the Herb Garden, English Garden, Rose Garden, Orchid Garden, research centre and an information centre. The Latter sells some of the best souvenirs for the tourist to buy and one can find MARDI’s latest technological and publication details here.

The greatest attraction is the collection of 40 varieties of roses, 100 citrus fruits, 10 varieties of strawberries, four significant types of apples, and many other versatile fruits. This is a 42 acre park which is known to have almost 100000 visitors every year. It is the brainchild of Malaysian Research and Development Institute (MARDI) and the oldest research centre of the country.

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• Check out rare tropical fruit varieties like locally-grown Malaysian grapes, durian, and rambutan and also get a chance to taste them.
• In a 30-minute tram ride, explore the 42-acre complex, including its orchards and several zones, and learn about rare fruit, vegetable, and herb varieties.
• Visit the greenhouses to see a wide range of succulents and pineapples.
• Enjoy a mouthwatering fruit buffet at the end of the tour.
• Climb up the four-level observation tower and catch breathtaking views of Langkawi island and the surrounding sea.
• Feed deers and giant catfish by buying food packets from the park.
• Go on a guided jungle walking experience and walk around the beautiful Gunung Berembun mountain area.

How To Reach

To reach Taman Agroteknologi MARDI Langkawi in the Cameron Highlands District via car, you can take three major routes. If you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur, use the Tapah exit and go 60 kilometres east to Tanah Rata. If you are driving from Ipoh (north), take the Simpang Pulai exit and proceed 90 kilometres east to Tanah Rata. If driving from Kelantan State (East), follow the Gua Musang-Lodging road for 130 kilometres west to Tanah Rata. Once in the Tanah Rata region, follow the signs to Taman Agroteknologi MARDI Langkawi, which is only one kilometre away.

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Best Time To Visit

The best season to visit Taman Agroteknologi MARDI Langkawi is between May and July when there are maximum varieties of fruits and vegetables. Regarding the timings, visiting the park between 9 AM and 3 PM is ideal as there is ample daylight which allows you to explore and see all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and flowers that are grown in the park. 

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Other Essential Information

Tips To Visit Agro Technology Park In Mardi

- Entrance to the lush green recreational area inside the park is included in the entry fee. So, make sure to relax there and enjoy your natural surroundings. 

- Shop interesting souvenirs and goodies from the souvenir shop located at the park.

- If you love camping, you can also book a campsite or rent a tent at the agrotechnology park and make the most of your time at this tourist site. Up to four people can be accommodated in the tent. 

- Small market kiosks around the greenhouses provide fresh fruit, refreshments, and plants and seedlings. You can also try a glass of freshly squeezed coconut water.

- Taman Agroteknologi MARDI Langkawi is open every day from 8.30 AM to 5 PM except on Friday and other public holidays. 

- The entrance ticket does not include access to guided tours, jungle trekking, the educational centre, and several other facilities offered at the park. 

- The average time taken to tour the entire Taman Agroteknologi MARDI Langkawi is around an hour. 

- There is no audio commentary on the tram. The driver/guide will pull over at major attractions and let everyone out for a better look and explanation of the flora.

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