Shark Bay Beach Overview

Shark Bay Beach is undoubtedly the most beautiful and popular beaches in the Langkawi. It gets its name, Shark Bay Beach because of the presence of few sharks made of stone. These sharks on the display at the side of the beach promenade. You’ll not get to see any real sharks here and the water is definitely very calm here. Not too long, the beach is said to be the continuation of the Black Sand Beach.

Shark Bay Beach is among the most popular and beautiful beaches in Langkawi, Malaysia. It is known locally as Teluk Ye, which translates to Shark Bay, and makes you wonder how many sharks live in the waters of this beach. Surprisingly, there are no real sharks on Shark Bay Beach. It has only been named so because of the presence of a few sharks made in stone.

The waters of Shark Bay Beach are exceptionally calm and clear. Although the bay area is not long and is considered an extension of the Black Sand Beach, it is a perfect spot for a family picnic by the beach. The water is also quite shallow, allowing you to easily swim in the cool water and relax on the picturesque golden and white sand beach. There are also various food kiosks and seafood hawkers along the coast where you may indulge in delectable Malaysian foods.

In short, from swimming in the clear blue waters to hosting a picnic, there are numerous activities you can enjoy with your friends and family at this beach. So, if you are looking for an ideal tropical holiday with family, this destination should definitely be on top of your bucket list!

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• Enjoy swimming in the turquoise shallow waters of Shark Bay Beach, which is free of real sharks.
• Marvel at the fascinating sharks made of stone resting on the sandy beach and check out the stunning circular rock formations that border the coastline.
• Indulge in mouthwatering seafood and Malaysian snacks by heading to the food vendors and food stalls dotting the coastline.
• Plan a memorable family picnic by the seaside and have a good time with your family.
• Take a seat on the promenade and take in the beauty of the picturesque Shark Bay Beach. Capture mesmerising sunset views as the Sun descends over the blue waters of the calm beach.
• Go on a romantic date with your partner in one of the beach restaurants or inside the cosy huts and cabanas, surrounded by the sweet music of the sea.

How To Reach

Shark Bay Beach is located on the Jalan Teluk Ye road, opposite the Cultural Craft Complex, on Langkawi's northern seashore. You may get to Shark Bay Beach by renting a car or taking a taxi. It is around 21 kilometres from Kuah Town and 24 kilometres from the airport. On the route, you will find the Black Sand Beach towards the east and the Tengkorak Beach to the west.  

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to take a trip to Shark Bay Beach in Langkawi is between the cool months of November and March. During this period, the weather is pleasant and ideal for relaxing on the beach. Since Langkawi weather is best in these months, you may also find a lot of tourists in the bay area. Avoid visiting the beach in September and October as you won’t be able to enjoy the beach due to heavy rainfall.

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Other Essential Information

Tips To Visit Shark Bay Beach

- If you want to avoid tourist crowds, arrive at Shark Bay Beach via the Jalan Teluk Yu and look for a low concrete yellow and red coloured fence. Just before the fence, you will find a secluded park which is a highly secluded section of the beach and not known to most tourist crowds. 

- Shark Bay is essentially a family beach. So, if you are travelling with kids, make sure to stop by this beach as there are plenty of things they can do here, including swimming in shallow seawater. 

- There are a lot of cosy huts and romantic cabanas around the beach, which get occupied at a very fast rate. If you want to enjoy a private spot with your partner, arrive at the beach and book your cabana as soon as you can. 

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