Galeria Perdana , Langkawi: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Galeria Perdana

Whether a history aficionado or a political wizard, Galeria Perdana has everything to suit your penchant. The Museum is a massive treasure trove of gifts and souvenirs received by the distinguished Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad during his official tenure.

The massive building houses everything from exotic jewellery pieces to antique cars and artefacts gifted by the distinguished statesman of the world to Mahathir.The most notable feature of Galeria Perdana is its campus spreading over an area of 5.3 square kilometres and consisting of three interconnected two storied buildings.

It has a landscaped garden dotted with many shrubs Herbs and local trees providing green escapade to the visitors of the museum.There are over 9000 exhibits in the galleries of the museum among which only 2000 are displayed at a time in rotation giving you a chance to see different collections every time you visit the museum.

There are different sections of the museum dedicated to collections of copper, silver, brass, porcelain, glass, crystal, tapestries and wooden knives, daggers and ceremonial swords.The section of car houses of vintage Roadster and a Pontiac Catalina belonging to the 1950s.

The intricate artwork at the interior dome of the museum and the hanging chandeliers will simply Blow Your Mind off. In short Galeria Perdana museum is a pride of Malaysia which upholds the country's cultural, artistic and aesthetic heritage to the world.

How to Reach Galeria Perdana

You can take a taxi from Kuah Town and reach Galeria Perdana. Inside the museum you have to walk to the galleries.

What Not to Miss at Galeria Perdana

1. Langkawi Nature Park-
Langkawi Nature Park is a sanctuary which extends up to 25 acres along Jalan Ayer Hangat. It is home to more than 2,500 birds belonging to 150 different species. Inside the park there is a walk-in aviary which is home to 1,500 birds in natural habitat with a 15 metre high artificial waterfall providing water to the inhabitants of the park.

2. Durian Perangin Waterfall- You can reach the summit of the small waterfall by an easy climb up to 100 metres. Surrounded by lush rainforest it is a popular picnic spot for the locals. You can also enjoy swimming in the refreshing water of the drop pool of the waterfall.

3. Kilim Karst Geoforest Park- A perfect green haven near Galeria Perdana where you can enjoy river tour on boat and other adventure sports amidst the greenery of mangrove forest. The floating restaurant inside the GeoPark is a nice retreat for dining in the backdrop of forest and lagoons.

4. Eagle square Langkawi- The Eagle square is one of the highlighted attractions at Galeria Perdana. Sited next to a jetty, the 13 ft. high massive monument of a reddish brown eagle facing the sea in a ready-to-fly is one of the best known architectures of Langkawi. The monument is placed on a star shaped platform overlooking the bay. Inside the premises of the square there are miniature footbridges and fountains, terraces and covered pavilions where you can relax and appreciate the beauty of its surroundings.

5. Idaman Suri Kuah- A great place to satisfy your shopping spree at Galeria Perdana. A wide range of kitchenware and household products are available at duty free prices.

Things to do in Galeria Perdana

1. Half-day mangrove boat safari-
Explore the exotic biota of Langkawi mangroves in a 4 hours' boat ride along the creeks. You can spot kingfishers, eagles, dolphins, otters and other animals in the dense forest skirting the water bodies.

2. Langkawi SkyCab- In a thrilling cable car ride between the Mat Cincang Mountain and Oriental village, you can get a bird’s eye view of the entire archipelago and Southern Thailand. In the cable station there is a 3D Art Museum which you can visit during this ride as a part of the packag.

3. Sunset Party Yacht Cruise- Going for a cruise in a beautifully decorated and well equipped yacht? If yes, you are guaranteed a fun filled day and its happy ending. Good food, good music and excellent service by the crew set the right tone for a perfect yacht party. The bonus is watching a stunning sunset on the skyline of the Andaman Sea.

4. Jet Ski Tour around Langkawi Archipelago- In a Jet Ski tour around the Langkawi archipelago you can visit eight islands and spot wild animals on the land as well as in the sea waters. It is a small group tour led by an experienced guide in which you can undertake adventure activities in different islands.

Other Essential Information About Galeria Perdana

- Location:
Jalan Ayer Hangat, Kampung Kilim, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia, Langkawi Island

- Timings: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The best time to visit Galeria Perdana is 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

- Distance from the city centre: Galeria Perdana is located Kilim about 11 kilometres from Kuah town.

- Entry Fee: Adult RM 5, Child between (6-12) years RM 2, Ticket Price: 10MYR

- Photography Allowance: Camera RM 2, Video Camera RM 5

History of Galeria Perdana

Galeria Perdana was established in the year 1995 at the Kilim Village area to the northeast of Langkawi. The museum was built to showcase the awards souvenirs and gifts received by the Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad and his wife from the distinguished leaders of the world as well as from friends and other guests during his official capacity as the fourth and the longest serving Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Tun realised that the gifts and awards he received from the eminent personalities of the world are actually public properties that should be made accessible to public viewing. That inspired him to create the science museum where all his gifts as the representative head of Malaysia could be displayed under one roof. It was also his way of showing gratitude and appreciation to his patrons.

Mahthir's promising career began in the home state of Kedah at Langkawi as a doctor. At that time he had a disagreement with the hospital director in Alor Setar which led to Mahathir's exile to this secluded island on punishment. But, he embraced his exile life and life at Langkawi and the rest is history.

Places to Eat Near Galeria Perdana

Places near Galeria Perdana are crammed with restaurants and motels that will cater to your taste buds as well as your pocket. You can relish authentic Malay cuisines and other delectable platters in the following eateries around Galeria Perdana:

1. Cliff Restaurant and Bar- The restaurant specialises in Malay and Continental dishes with an innovative twist that certainly make one’s day. Don’t forget to try their signature cocktails such as Romantic Poison Rose and Espresso Martini. The spacious dining area holds a capacity of 120 heads while the bar accommodates 40 persons at a time.

- Address: Lot 63 & 40, Jalan Pantai Cenang (behind Underwater World), Ph: (04) 9533288 F: (04) 95532227, Opens daily between 11am- 11pm.

2. Debbie's Place Irish Pub- An ideal joint with a cosy interior. Their signature dishes include Banana Margarita, Chicken Nachos etc. which you can get at affordable prices. In the giant TV screen you can watch your favourite sport with a nightcap (a bucket of beer or two).

- Address: Jalan Pantai Cenang Ph: (04) 9559700 Opens every day from 5.30pm till late.

3. Istanbul Kabob and Seafood Restaurant: One of the must visit eateries near Galeria Perdana which promises you a gala dinner in a magical atmosphere. The meat platters and kebabs of this restaurant are highly recommended. Halaal meat is available here.

- Address: Jalan Pantai Tengah, Pantai Cenang Ph: (04) 9552100/ 3100. Open from Tues Sun between 9am- 11.30pm.

4. Artisan's Pizza: Food, ambiance, service and hospitality everything in superlative is what Artisan's Pizza is all about. If you are looking for continental platters, this place has to be in your bucket list. Their special platters include Spaghetti Bolognese, Pepperoni, Chunky Hawaian Chicken Pizza, Hot Chocolate etc.

- Address: Jalan Pantai Cenang Ph: (04) 9551232 Open daily between 9.30am- 2pm.

Places to Stay in Galeria Perdana

There are a number of deluxe and budget hotels where you can enjoy plush accommodation with the bonus of visiting the nearby attractions at downtown Kuah. We have shortlisted nearest hotels to Galeria Perdana:

1. Altis Hotel Langkawi- For a budget friendly accommodation along with comfort the hotel is a worthy choice of tourists in Langkawi. It comes with an array of amenities including air conditioned rooms, blackout curtains, concierge, complimentary toiletries, free Wi-Fi and others.

2. Hotel Bahagia- There are 160 rooms in this deluxe hotel with all the amenities of chic living at the heart of the city. Amenities include free internet, airport shuttle, 24 hour security, complimentary breakfast, free parking, 24-hour front desk etc.Hotel Langkasuka- Offers a family friendly environment and a great chance to visit the major attractions of Langkawi. Rooms are air conditioned with free Wi-Fi, 24-hour front desk, fireplace, private beach and other luxurious amenities.

3. Bayview Hotel Langkawi- The 4 star hotel property located at downtown Kuah is one of the best choices of business and leisure travellers. You will be spoilt of the number of recreations that lay within a short walking distance from the hotel.

Travellers' Tip Before Visiting Galeria Perdana

As a traveller our main objective is to make the most of our travel plan. Here’s a few insider tips for you to make your best itinerary :

1. Be polite and respectful to the locals, their customs and traditions.

2. If you are unsure of a place or something ask the locals for best advice.

3. Since the climate is generally warm and humid with occasional showers cotton or any other light fabric can be a good choice.

4. Do not touch things on display inside the museum as they are preserved meticulously for public view.

5. You can take pictures of the galleries only where photography is allowed.
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