Gunung Raya Overview

Gunung Raya is the highest mountain in Langkawi. It peaks at 881 metres in height. Said to be the dense forest reserve it is a home to huge wildlife like the leaf monkeys, flying foxes, macaque monkeys, squirrels, mountain hawk eagles, white bellied sea eagles, and great hornbills.

The highest mountain on the Langkawi island, Gulung Raya mountain stands straight at 881 meters. A dense forest known by the people to climb up and explore, this mountain is home to fantastic flora and fauna. The local legend behind Gunung Raya is a giant known as Mat Raya. The two mountains Gunung Raya And Gunung Mat Cincang are separated by a small hill known as Bukit Sawar, the two mountains were the homes of giants Mat Raya and Mat Cincang. Unfortunately, both are said to be each other’s enemies and a crash occurred when Mat Raya’s son married Mat Cincang‘s daughter. This led to a fight-ending up in a curse.

Nevertheless, the Langkawi islands are a hub of mystical claims and urban legends. People visit Mountain Gunung Raya for trekking and enjoying along with frequent car drives as a subject of staycation. The journey to the top involves 4200 steps going through the dense forests of the mountain. Animals that can be seen here are flying foxes, squirrels, macaque monkeys, leaf monkeys, great hornbills, and white-bellied eagles. The 881 meter high mountain makes you meet the clouds at the top along with different picnic spots available to sit and relax in peace.

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• Park your vehicle or drop at Thousand Memories Eagle Stairs to climb up large steps above in the Langkawi Sky.
• Travel through the 30-minute road journey taking you 881 meters high.
• Stop at various sites to experience the captivating views from the heights along with regular signage for guidance.
• Climb up the 4200 steps in the small staircase to challenge yourself.
• Walk through the dense forests and beautiful banana trees.
• Challenge yourself to climb beyond the Big Gunung
• Catch the playful sights of cute monkeys trying to hinder your journey mischievously.
• Reach the peak of the mountain made up of the homogeneous granite formation.
• Say hello to the clouds as you reach the peak.
• Stand at the observation deck to see the Langkawi’s magical emerald waters and dense forests.

How To Reach

By car: You can reach Gunung Raya by renting out a cab/taxi. You can park your car and the free parking at Lubuk Semilang near the thousand memories eagle stairs and start to climb up the hill.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit is in the months between November and March as this place witnesses least to no rainfall for proper hiking and exploration.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit is in the months between November and March as this place witnesses least to no rainfall for proper hiking and exploration.

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Other Essential Information

Places to Visit Near Gunung Raya

1. Dataran Lang: The Eagle-shaped statue situated in the star-shaped structure in the Langkawi island chain, is known as Dataran Lang or the Eagle Square. This place is one of the most popular places on the island and is frequently visited by people to catch the mesmerizing view of the enormous eagle ready to fly. This place offers scenic views with the sound of water as it is known for Instagram-worthy shots.

2. Langkawi Sky Bridge: Starting from the Oriental Village, the Langkawi Sky bridge follows a path of curvature making sure to provide detailed views to the spectator. Being at the staggering height of 2,170 meters, the sky bridge possesses a transparent floor enough to fill your heart with thrill. Turquoise waters, flourished islands with forests and old age rock formations appear breath-takingly beautiful from the sky bridge.

3. Langkawi Cable Car: Ranging from 650 meters to 708 meters, the cable car travels you through its base station to the top station. Starting from the infamous Oriental Village, the cable car ride is popularly known as the “Sky Cab”. Traveling from the base still to the middle station reaching you up at the whopping height of 708 meters, the Sky cab offers the highest Malaysian views of the Langkawi island from this place. Click Here to Book: Langkawi Cable Car Tickets

4. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls: Known as the Seven Wells Waterfall, this place is yet again a mesmerizing place to visit in the Langkawi Islands. A series of seven pools divided by two sections connecting a gushy river is encompassed in this waterfall. A popular hang-out spot for hikers, this place is believed to be magical and rumored to be the favorite of the fairies. 

5. Underwater World Langkawi: Without even diving deep into the sea, witness the beauty lying beneath the waters through the Underwater World. 500 species of different aquatic animals are here to make your day. You can catch the breathtaking looks of the calmest green turtles and the fiercest sharks. Click Here to Book: Langkawi Underwater World Tickets

6. Wildlife Park and Bird’s Paradise: Located 10 kilometers from Kuah in the Langkawi Islands, this place is home to 150 species of animals and birds. The exotic park of Malaysia offers you to interact with 2500 birds in the aviary. You can choose to feed eagles and other birds of your interest. The main highlights of this place include pythons, monkeys, donkeys, eagle carrion and many more. Click Here to Book: Langkawi Wildlife Park Tickets

Tips to Visit Gunung Raya

- If you wish to drive to the location, it would take 25 minutes to reach from the bottom to the top.

- Drive cautiously as this place is known to have frequent trees and rocks covering up the area due to winds.

- Stay hydrated and carry water bottles with you throughout the journey as it involves 4200 steps.

- The climbing may take up 2-3 hours on average with 4-5 hours round-trip.

- Wear comfortable clothes and most importantly, comfortable shoes for ascending the hill.

- Don’t use stairs in the wet season owing to slippery surfaces disturbed by fallen materials by the wind. 

- Carry food on your own as this place has no food stalls in between the roads leading up to the hill.

- Don’t enter abandoned places as they might be broken or slippery during rains. 

- Reaching the top would make you come across the clouds or fogs, make sure to be prepared for the same.

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Point of Interest for Gunung Raya
Thousand Memories Eagle Stairs

Thousand Memories Eagle Stairs

These are the stairs located in Lubuk Semilang, in Kedah-Malaysia for reaching out to the top of the Gunung Raya. At the start of the stairs, a gushy river along with a beautiful park is there to explore. These stairs consist of 4287 steps made up of stones, covering a distance of 3.1 kilometers with an ascent of 732 meters. 

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Little Gunung Raya

Little Gunung Raya

The journey of the Gunung Raya is divided into two parts with the first part being called little Gunung Raya. Little Gunung Raya takes up two-thirds of the journey reaching up to the next phase. 200 meters through this place, the first obstacle is reached, a dense jungle. A lot of trees and plants make the path difficult as they block the stairs challenging you to cross them.

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Big Gunung Raya

Big Gunung Raya

Journey to the top almost seems like a complete vertical climb happening from the start of Big Gunung Raya. A challenge and thrill to the adventurous souls, this climb makes each step feel like a ladder with the usage of metal rails for climbing up and down. 

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Gunung Raya Peak

Gunung Raya Peak

The peak of Gunung Raya is 881 meters high. After a long trekking journey of about 2.5 hours crossing the Little Gunung Raya and Big Gunung Raya. The peak has mesmerizing views of the entire Langkawi island with mint waters and dense forests. The peak is so high that it has clouds existing in the form of fog blurring out the vision. There are a few picnic spots to sit and chill, witnessing the charm of Langkawi Island from the heavenly sky.

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Monkeys and Hornbills

Monkeys and Hornbills

Chances of coming across Black monkeys through the journey are beyond high as they are frequently roaming around, some other species are leaf monkeys and macaque monkeys. These monkeys are found to be hindering their journey with their playful movements and mischief. Hornbills are traceable at the high points certainly above the canopy.

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