Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls Overview

One of the most beautiful natural formations of Langkawi, Telaga Tujuh is an awe inspiring view to observe. According to the island’s myth, the waterfall had captivated the hearts of fairies and hence they transformed it their bathing place. Therefore, it is believed that the waterfall and its springs have several healing powers and medicinal value. You can either hike up to the Gunung Mat Cinang or use a cable car to reach the place.

Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, commonly known as seven wells waterfalls, referring to a series of seven natural pools connected to each other in Mount Mat Cincang are one of the best tourist places in Langkawi. The flora surrounded around the pools makes the space stunning and magical - like in fairy tales! Lime plants and Sintuk - a unique type of foliage grows abundantly in the region.

It is a great spot for families to spend some quality time at, taking a dip into the natural pools as well as for hiking enthusiasts to climb the steep hills around the region.

Location: Gunung Mat Cincang, Kuah

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• Watch the breathtaking view of the infamous Seven Wells Waterfalls rumoured to be a bathing place for fairies.
• Climb up 640 steps to the top most pool of the waterfall to witness strong water movement.
• Make your taxi/cab wait at the car parking location as you would find returning transportation with great difficulties
• Check out the enchanting view of Burau Bay and Pantai Kok from the waterfall.
• Experience the freshness of Sintuk plants along with other lush flora dating back to hundreds of years near the waterfall.
• Meet the cutest and most cheerful monkeys along with Great Hornbills and Giant Squirrels.
• Drink the freshest coconut water at the car parking to calm your soul.
• Grab a few snacks and refreshments at places like the load, Dropstone Cafe, and Eagle fruit juice snacks.
• Explore the nearby Pantai Kok Beach and the oriental village.

How To Reach

Located 2 kilometres north of Pantai Kok Beach, you have to reach the car parking area as this place is a mountainous climb. The car parking can be reached very easily by taxi/cab on a drive of 27 kilometres from Kuah Town. 

You can hike up to the lower section of pools climbing up to 200 steps.

You can hike up to the upper section of the pools with the waterfall by climbing up 638 steps.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the waterfall is in the monsoon season September-October. At this time, rain makes the waterfall experience the best with much more watered pools.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

1. Art in 3D paradise museum: Presenting the most stunning optical illusion of Malaysia in an interactive 3D artwork, this place is a fun place to explore. Painted by 23 fabulous Korean artists, this place encompasses 9 interactive zones. This museum is the largest 3D museum in Malaysia and ranks second in the whole world. Kuala Lumpur skyline painting is one of the most popular things to see in this museum.

2. Langkawi Sky Bridge: Connected in between two mountains lies the infamous Sky bridge at a height of 2,170 feet. The sky bridge is one of the most popular places on Langkawi Island Chains which stretches up to 410 feet on a curved route making sure every view is showcased. The transparent floor of the bridge makes you witness the enchanting views of the beautiful island and emerald waters.

3. Langkawi Cable Car: Popularly known as Langkawi Cable Car, this place is the most popular ride in Malaysia. Taking you from 650 meters to almost 708 meters high in the sky via stopping at its different stations, this cable car is a ride sought for pure thrill and enjoyment. The cable car offers stunning views of the dense forest, large rocks and beautiful waters. Click Here to Book: Langkawi Cable Car Tickets

4. Oriental Village: A hub to the place from where the people board Langkawi Sky Cab and Sky bridge, the beautiful Oriental Village, lying 20 minutes away from the Langkawi international airport, offers you captivating views at each spot. Holding 95 useful outlets as the ultimate stop for the shoppers, this place has everything in its basket ranging from the coolest clothing to the yummiest Malaysian foods.

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Tips to Visit Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

- Keep yourself hydrated as the journey involves a large number of steps that might consume energy.

- Wear comfortable footwear throughout the journey as it involves climbing up long steps in the hilly ascending path. 

- Don’t stand close to the rocks near the waters as they are quite slippery and may cause deadly falls.

- Don’t try to indulge deep in the highest infinity pool at the centre of the waterfall as it may cause unfortunate accidents.

- Don’t go beyond the Barricade area as it possesses warning signs with the chances of 65 meters fall having no chances of survival. 

- There is no changing room for the swimmers and the washrooms aren’t in good condition.

- Be careful around monkeys as they are known to snatch away things and play around.

- Don’t forget to eat near the parking space as it is a long journey ahead.

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Point of Interest for Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls
Mount Machinchang

Mount Machinchang

Formed by the oldest rocks dating back to 550 million years, this 850 meters long mountain is a hub of adventurous activities. Home to the most popular rides of the country, the sky cab and the overbearing the sky bridge, this place offers the most captivating views of the Langkawi island chain and Southwest Thailand. The mesmerising views of the turquoise sea, beautiful forests and elegant rock formations from great heights are one of the top reasons why people visit Malaysia.

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