Temurun Waterfall Overview

Being the tallest falls at about 200 meters - Temurun waterfall is one of the popular Langkawi attractions; especially amongst groups of families and friends who like to take a day off and come here for a picnic, play games at natural grounds, bathe in the clear water and rest in the lap of nature. The rocks here are made of limestones and shale and are believed to be over 500 million years old. The waterfalls are 5 minutes walk away from the car parking area, another factor that makes the place a popular pick, courtesy of its accessibility.

This walk is through the rain forest of Mount Mat Cincang, that makes the experience even better. Moreover, Macaque monkeys are found here in plenty, enjoying their time at the third tier of the falls. Along with them are many butterflies, squirrels, and other birds.

Location: Jalan Datai, Datia area

Temurun Waterfall is located at the Mat Cincang Nature Park in the Datai Bay area of Malaysia. It cascades from the northern incline of the 850 m high Mat Cincang Mountain. The fall is one of the tallest and a three-step natural waterfall. The collective height of all the 3 tiers of the Temurun Waterfall is about 200 meters.

The stream coming from the steep slope forms a small pond at the footsteps of the hill. The pond is not very deep but good enough for swimming and bathing. Most tourists and locals enjoy diving off the adjacent cliff.

The first tier of the waterfall is at a walkable distance (5-minute walk) from the car parking area, located on the main road. Visitors take the paved pathway to reach atop the first tier. The cemented pathway with railing on one side through the thick woods provides a romantic touch to the surroundings. The pathway rises gradually upwards although some steps are steeper than the others.

The several summerhouses or canopy styled structures located along the way provide shade and comfort to the visitors. Visitors enjoy taking a break at these gazebos and soak in the scenic vistas. Tourists climb 10m to reach the top tier. The 30 m waterfall at the top tier, which forms a 100 ft natural pool entices the trekkers. The stunning panoramas, the myriad colorful butterflies, birds, and squirrels allure the visitors.

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• Visit Malaysia’s one of the largest natural waterfalls on all three levels.
• Witness the enchanting waterfall at a whopping height of 200 meters.
• Experience the charm of dense forests while railing on the other side to freshen up your soul.
• Awaken your adventurous soul by crossing difficult steps leading to this mesmerizing waterfall.
• Take yourself higher to look back in satisfaction at the steepest steps you just crossed in the rising path that leads to this ultimate waterfall.
• Hop off to the sides in the cute little canopy-styled structures to relax and re-energize yourself.
• Catch the beautiful sight of playful monkeys enjoying their own natural habitat.
• Splash, swim, play, and bathe in the 100 ft natural pond at the top most part of the waterfall.
• Give your heart a dose of thrill by scuba diving off a cliff near the waterfall.
• Eat the yummiest meal of Malaysia at The Beach Club & Beach Bar restro-bar lying under the shade of blissful trees near the Andaman sea.

How To Reach

1. By Road: The distance between Langkawi and Temurun Waterfall is approximately 40 km. Taxis are the most popular type of transport on the island. Though they are expensive, they can transport tourists to their preferred destination (TemurunWatefal or their hotel).

Rentals (self-driven) are another option. If visitors know driving and manage left-hand driving, then this mode of transport is cheaper than taxis. Plenty of car rental services are available on the island.

Visitors have a driving license in their country, another choice to try out is the rental motorbikes, scooters and bicycle rentals.

2. By Bus: There is no proper public bus transport system in Langkawi.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to experience the wonders of Temurun Waterfall is during monsoons in the months of October-March. During the monsoon the waterfall comes to life due to rainfall.

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Other Essential Information

Places to Stay near Temurun Waterfall

1. Berjaya Langkawi Resort: A resort set at the edge of the rainforest and extending into pristine waters, the place is a dream that comes true. A range of luxurious chalets built on stilts offers an unbelievable experience.

2. The Datai Langkawi: An array of accommodations, each better than the other, puts the visitors under pressure over selection. The 54 canopy collections, 40 rainforest villas, 14 beach villas coupled with many dining options, Spa and wellness center make it a paradise.

3. Hideout Langkawi: The 11 beachfront chalets built on stilts with patios amidst beautiful landscape offers visitors an insight into nature and unique experience. The rooms with conventional amenities and free breakfast offer a basic yet comfortable stay for the budgeted class.

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4. Padimas Village Inn: The 11 air conditioning rooms featuring fully furnished kitchen and wide range of facilities like satellite TV, private bathrooms, etc. offers money’s worth comforts. Its proximity to various tourist places and availability of cycle and car rental services makes it a viable hotel for the economy class.

5. The Andaman Resort, Langkawi: The Andaman is engulfed between lush green rainforests on one side and the azure Andaman Sea on the other side. Words fall short to explain the beauty of the surroundings. The accommodation, dining, Spa & Wellness are world-class.

6. The Danna Langkawi: The 5-star luxury retreat, located in the vicinity of the enchanting Andaman Sea, offers customized services and exciting accommodation.

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Places to Eat near Temurun Waterfall

1. The Beach Club & Beach Bar: The Beach Club & Beach Bar is a heaven for revelers and social drinkers. Its open bar and restaurant seating area under shaded trees with the Andaman Sea in the background or canopied dining section with outdoor kitchen enhances the experience multifold. Freshly grilled seafood, artisanal pizzas, delicious snacks, and signature cocktails gratify the visitors' taste buds.

2. Jala Seafood Restaurant: An Al-fresco sand floor Jala restaurant at the Andaman resort offers native Malay and western-type seafood cuisines. Its la carte menu consisting of poultry, beef, and seafood prepared according to visitor’s bespoken cooking method, condiments, and sauces satisfies the stomach and heart.

3. The Pavilion: The Pavilion built on 30 m stilts gives the hotel a semblance floating on the rainforests. Gourmets can look forward to a journey of epicurean delights of authentic Thai cuisines cooked with exotic herbs by Thai chefs.

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4. Mare Blu Italian Ristorante: It is an open informal restaurant on the beach, which allures visitors with Italian delicacies such as pizzas, sandwiches, etc coupled with a variety of drinks.

5. The Gulai House: The conventional Kampung interior decoration, pastoral dining tables, subtle lighting blends with the natural environment and heightens the dining experience. Gastronomical dishes and a variety of wines satiate the senses.

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Tips for Visiting Temurun Waterfall

1. It is difficult for people who cannot climb or trek.

2. Travelers are requested to carry their own bottled mineral water & snacks.

3. It is advisable to wear proper comfortable shoes.

4. The 3-Tiga restaurant near the car parking lot provides local Malay food at affordable prices.

5. Visitors are advised to be wary of overcharging by taxi drivers. Visitors should do preliminary research about the place they desire to visit and its approximate tariff rates. It is better to engage a metered taxi or haggle about prices before hiring.

6. Tourists should keep their valuables and cash tucked in a safe place. Theft and burglary are common.

7. Visitors should always carry a copy of their ID with them.

8. Vacationers are advised not to indulge in excess alcohol consumption or narcotics.

9. Trekkers should beware of monkeys. They are notorious for snatching eatables and mobiles from the unsuspecting visitors.

10. Visitors are requested to keep the surroundings clean and not litter  plastic bottles and waste in the area.

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