Langkawi Sky Bridge Overview

Situated at a staggering height of 2,170 feet and hanging in between the two mountains, the Langkawi sky bridge, as the name suggests, makes you witness Malaysian beauty from heavenly heights. You can reach this bridge after ending your sky cab ride, only to witness more enchanting views of the forests and mountains. Stretching up to 410 feet with transparent sections, this bridge gives you a rush of adrenaline with a feeling of almost standing in the sky!

A ride on a cable car takes tourists to Langkawi Sky Bridge - a true highlight of the region, elevated at a height of 2300 feet above sea level. From the top of this bridge, the mesmerising views of the rainforest along with the Telaga Tujuh waterfalls make sure to leave visitors spellbound.

It attracts nature lovers, photographers, and adventure enthusiasts alike. Here, tourists can also indulge in some shopping at the number of stalls that sell souvenirs, toys, drinks, and snacks. The bridge certainly is one of the top Langkawi tourist attractions.

Location: At the end of the cable car, alan Telaga Tujuh Teluk Burau, Langkawi, Kedah

Timings: 10 am to 10 pm

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• Board a sky cab/cable car ride to reach this infamous bridge of the sky at a whopping height of almost 2,170 feet.
• Witness panoramic views due to the beautiful curved architecture of the bridge that lets you catch every detail.
• Experience the rush of adrenaline by standing on the transparent floor of the bridge to experience hauntingly beautiful heights as you look beneath.
• Capture stunning photographs and videos from this high point of the Malaysian island.
• Witness the beauty of the mountainous region, lush green forests, and adorable tree tops.
• Catch the glimpse of mesmerizing waterfalls such as the Seven Wells waterfall and Temurun waterfall from the top.
• You can grab tasty international meals at the German food corner, Mare ably Italian Restaurant, and Pahn Thai restaurant,
• Enjoy the taste of Malaysia at the infamous Tapaz food outlet.

How To Reach

Situated on an island, Langkawi Sky Bridge gives you various convenient options to reach the place. Here is a breakdown of all the means you shall consider to reach the place:

By Air:

You can take a flight to Langkawi International Airport from any part of the world and then commute the 13.3 KM distance by road or rail. It would not take more than 20 minutes to reach the Sky Bridge from the airport.

By Water:

If you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur, then it is advised to catch a regular daily ferry from the port of Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis to sail until Kuah Jetty which is on the main Langkawi Island. It would take around one hour and fifteen minutes to complete your sail to the jetty.

From here, you can commute the rest of the 31.5 KM via road or railways, whichever suits you the best. It would take around 45 minutes to cover this entire distance.

However, you should note that you would need to take a cable car ride from the Oriental Village in Pantai Kok to reach the peak of Mt. Mat Cincang where the bridge is located. From there, you will have to take the stairway to reach the ultimate parapets of the Langkawi Sky Bridge.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit this bridge is in the early morning as this place only accommodates 200 people at once. Mornings usually witness less crowd and evenings are known to be overcrowded with spectators.

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Other Essential Information

Places to Visit Near Langkawi Sky Bridge

1. 3D Art Langkawi: Having an area of 21,000 sq ft near the infamous oriental village, this is the biggest 3D museum in Malaysia. Featuring more than a hundred 3D interactive paintings owing to the international expert artists, this museum has an enchanting gallery of digital artwork on display. This museum contains 9 different themed zones including the interactive zones, the illusion zone, safari zone, fantasy zone, etc.

2. 6D Cinemotion: Asia’s first outdoor entertainment 6D cinemotion, this place gives you one of the best experiences of watching a 3D movie. You can check out the 3D stereoscopic movie and sit on the seats with 5D special effects. Each day after every 15 minutes a show runs in this cinemotion, witnessing large crowds enjoy and chill.

3. Oriental Village: Lying beneath the Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park, the Oriental village amazes you with its scenic beauty. Every spot in this beautiful village is Instagram-worthy due to its charm and liveliness. Just 20 minutes away from Langkawi International Airport, this village is a hub of operation of Sky cab and sky bridge rides. Ranging from casual clothing to the tastiest food in Malaysia, this village is a hub of 95 useful outlets, kiosks, and stores.

4. VR Universal: This high-end virtual theme park is one of the most famous attractions of Langkawi. Containing 12 attractions in 12 thousand square feet, this place will make you befriend the ones from the other world. Either turn yourself into a fighter for humanity or a demonic entity, the choice is yours but the experience is amazing! Beat your enemies to win the game of virtual reality, an adventure with a surreal experience. 

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5. Machinchang Petland Langkawi: The coolest experience of petting the rarest animals is another thing Malaysia presents you with. In 24,000 sq ft of area, catch a glimpse of more than 81 species of different animals and birds. You will be able to say hello to the deadliest reptiles such as Python and sailfin dragon. Spend some quality time with the miniature donkey and miniature goat and feed them along with the raccoon, Nancy Ma’s night monkey, and many more animals.

6. Sri Kandi: Check out the empowering collection of Sri Kandi based on the heroic women playing their part in the history of Malaysia. Whether it is to fight injustice against women or atrocities, the women in Malaysia like Tun Fatimah or Tun Teja, have always stood up for rights. Sri Kandi collection speaks in the same way showing its elegance and a stronghold enough to be applauded, both by men and women.

7. Selfie Museum: As the name suggests, this infamous museum lets you take your life’s best shot with the best background. Neon-lit backgrounds along with themed ones make every selfie clicked, Instagram worthy. The 300 LED ight lit star and galaxy selfie museum highlights every detail of your picture. Cool dessert-themed backgrounds such as large donuts, Ice cream, and cupcakes are there to make your picture lip smackingly beautiful.

8. Skyrex: One of the most thrilling experiences on the island, Skyrex makes you sit in their tram-styled stimulator. The simulator gives you the real-life chills and thrills of being in the same scenario for real. Feelings of dropping from heights, platform falling, dynamic movement, air blasts and so much more are delivered to make the experience closer to reality.

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Places to Eat near Langkawi Sky Bridge

Food is the essence of any place and being a tourist attraction, Langkawi island is flooded with various small and big food joints alike. Here is a list of some of the renowned cafes and restaurants, where you can enjoy some steaming and juicy dishes:

1. German Food Corner

Blushing with the shades of pink, German Food Corner is a semi-open restaurant. Locally known as GFC, the food corner offers some amazing delicacies from an array of lip-smacking German cuisines. 

2. Mare Blu Italian Restaurant

Nestled amidst the tropical vegetation of the island, Mare Blu offers its visitors an outside seating to enjoy their food. One can relish on some excellent delicacies from Italy paired with some hot and cold beverages of their choice.

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3. Pahn-Thai Restaurant

Decorated with dark wood and bright lanterns, Pahn-Thai Restaurant is facing the endless Andaman Sea. People can enjoy their Thai food sitting out and glaring at the calm blue waters in peace.

4. Tapaz

A simple setting of red and brown furnishing, Tapaz is the place where one should go to try the local delicacies of the place. The place is known for its fresh and hot Malaysian cuisines which will leave an everlasting imprint on your taste buds forever.

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Places to Stay near Langkawi Sky Bridge

Choosing the place to spend the night is the most important part of planning a good vacation. Here is a breakdown of some standard places to stay near Langkawi Sky Bridge to make your planning a little easier:

1. Berjaya Langkawi Resort

Settled on the coast of the Burau Bay, Berjaya Langkawi Resort offers small cottages. Some of them are on the sandy beach whereas the others are partially submerged inside the Andaman Sea offering you unobstructed views.

2. Alia Residence Business Resort

Alia Residence Business Resort is an elegant resort where you can find a comfortable room with modern facilities. It also features a gleaming swimming pool and a lush lawn to spend some quality time inside the resort.

3. Langkawi Lagoon Sea Village

Built amidst the calm turquoise waters of Andaman Sea, Langkawi Lagoon Sea Village is literally hovering over some wooden planks inside the sea. Which makes it an architectural treat to the eyes along with being an amazing resort with excellent facilities.

4. Butterfly Jungle Lodge

Beautifully established amidst the tropical woods of Langkawi island, Butterfly Jungle Lodge offers homely rooms. The balconies and patios of the rooms face the lush vegetation of the woods giving some peaceful memories.

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Tips to Visit Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi Sky Bridge is located on an island 53.4 KM away from the main island which requires the travellers to be a little more prepared in comparison to the people travelling to other places. Here are some tips which might prove to be helpful in certain scenarios:

- In case of any pre-existing medical conditions, do not forget to carry the required medicines.

Do carry hats, scarfs and other materials to protect yourself from the bright sun.

While leaving for the bridge, do carry some warm clothes to protect yourself from the chilly breeze flowing at that height.

Do not forget to carry your camera and extra batteries as photography and videography are all you would want to do on your way.

Check for the latest update before heading to the bridge as the bridge is closed at many times due to strong winds and other times for maintenance.

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Langkawi Sky Bridge FAQs

How do you get to Sky Bridge in Langkawi?

You will have to reach the Kuah island of Malaysia and then reach the Oriental Village in Pantai Kok. From there, you will have to take a cable car ride to the peak of Mt. Mat Cincang to ultimately reach the Sky Bridge in Langkawi.

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How long is the cable car ride in Langkawi?

The cable car ride in Langkawi is 2.2 KM long which would take around 15 minutes to reach the top of Mt. Mat Cincang. You can catch this cable ride from the Oriental Village in Pantai Kok.

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What is there to do in Langkawi in 3 days?

You can do various things in Langkawi in the span of three days:

- Visit Langkawi Sky Bridge

Enjoy Langkawi Cable Car Ride

Langkawi Duck Tour

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling


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How many islands are there in Langkawi?

There are in total of 100 islands in the Langkawi group of islands. Considered as the ‘Jewel of Kedah,’ this group of islands houses a beautiful set of pristine beaches amidst the turquoise blue Andaman Sea.

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Where is Langkawi Sky Bridge located?

Langkawi Sky Bridge is located on the peak of Mt. Mat Cincang in Kuah Island. You can reach the Kuah Jetty of the island either by air or water from Kuala Lumpur. From there, you have to reach the Oriental Village in Pantai Kok where you can catch the cable car ride to reach the top of Mt. Mat Cincang.

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What type of bridge is Langkawi Sky Bridge?

Langkawi Sky Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge which is 125 meters long or 410 feet in length. It is a curved pedestrian in Malaysia which was open to the public in the year of 2005. The deck is constructed at a height of 660 metres or 2,170 feet above sea level.

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How much did the Langkawi Sky Bridge cost?

The kids can visit the bridge by paying a nominal amount of RM 4.00 whereas the adults have to pay RM 6.00. However, it did cost around 1.2 million dollars to establish the bridge which took 12 months to get into the phenomenal shape it is in right now.

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Langkawi Sky Bridge Reviews

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Abhai Prasad
Reviewed: 21 Jan 2024
Abhai Prasad
Abhai Prasad
Abhai Prasad
Abhai Prasad
Peter Ross
Reviewed: 06 Apr 2024
Wonderful experience. Long & high! Well organised and very helpful staff. Not busy so couples or 4s were given a gondola to themselves.
Nirmala Nirmala
Reviewed: 17 Oct 2023
It is a Must try experience
Peter West
Reviewed: 03 Apr 2023
Beautiful views of jungle and islands. Tropical paradise. Staff were all excellent, as always in Malaysia.
Irna Abdulghafar
Reviewed: 05 Sep 2022
It was a great experience. I was scared at first but alhamduillah i managed to ride till the end 😆 Buying tickets online is much more convinient and easy access and your staff also is very helpfull.
Irna Abdulghafar
Leah Mason
Reviewed: 14 Dec 2022
Majestic! The cable car ride was so thrilling and the views were simply mindblowing. We are so glad we got to experience this wonder. Shoutout to Thrillophilia’s hassle-free bookings which made our trip a reality.

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