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Looking for some relaxation, calmness, and meditation? Why not try yoga in Goa? Goa, for all its worth, is the smallest state in India. It is located on India’s western coast. It is not only famous for its sandy beautiful beaches and lanky coconut trees but is also a great place for relaxation and calming your stressed mind. You can try yoga in Goa thanks to affordable yoga tour packages. Yoga and Goa have a unique connection! Goa attracts a large number of tourists from all around the globe. It is the best place to relax, rejuvenate and get some peace of mind by detoxifying yourself with yoga and meditation. Tourism in Goa is increasing and yoga is a great contributor to it. Goa is home to various retreat centres and various yoga tours in Goa take place at prominent places and each centre offers something unique.

There is a yoga retreat and meditation fest that is held at the Mandrem Beach in Goa. This is usually held in the last week of November or in the first week of December. An individual can participate in yoga sessions with trained professional yoga gurus, who guide in learning and doing meditation and yoga steps in a proper way. During a session of yoga, you can actually relax your mind and feel the calmness through meditation. A yoga session for an entire day, for an individual adult or child, costs approximately between INR 4000 and INR 5000. This amount is inclusive of meals and you also get an access to the swimming pool, while at the resort. However, there are no charges for children below the age of 6.

Various yoga retreat tours are held in Goa. These packages are personalized and also include a wellness yoga retreat, eco yoga retreat, yoga, and meditation. These tour packages range from various prices depending upon the inclusions and number of days you want to enrol in for a yoga tour. It could start from approximately INR 3500 and go up to even INR 40000 and INR 60000. This will all be within a 10-day yoga tour in Goa. The yoga tour in Goa includes yoga treatment practices orchestrated by trained and professional guides or teachers. They guide you and train you to not just perform the personal yoga exercises well but also meditation, relaxation of your mind and so on.

Goa is a small state; however, it offers an ideal platform for gaining peace of body and mind with its immense beauty. Travel operators provide special yoga tours in Goa designed as per the needs of tourists from Europe. Beach yoga is also held in Goa i.e. yoga on the beach, which is carried out in both North Goa and South Goa. Yoga is held on famous beaches such as Palolem beach, Agonda beach, Arambol beach, Mandrem beach and Anjuna beach. These are just a few of the great spots to take part in yoga retreats. Yoga is held as early as sunrise in order to worship the sun and meditate. It can also be at sunset. If you are coming to experience Yoga in Goa as an individual, part of your family or a group of friends, then Goa is the best place to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea along with yoga at the beach. Again, the price of a yoga tour on the beach differs based on the number of days and inclusions provided. It can range anywhere between INR 4000 and INR 30000 or more, depending on the number of days.

It is always better to book the yoga tour package beforehand, but only through reputed sites online. Eco yoga tours are also conducted in Goa. Pranayama, meditation, and sessions are held to calm your mind. These yoga classes start at about 8 am in the morning and also at 5 pm in the evening. You can choose to attend the session in the morning or evening. You can even choose to attend both the sessions in a day. Yoga, as you know, helps you lose weight tremendously. It helps you keep your calories in check. A few minutes of yoga on the tour itself will help you get rid of your stress. The postures you learn such as pranayama and meditation will help you release stress. We all live a stressful life anyway. Imagine going to a serene and peaceful place such as Goa and participating in yoga tours. It is like a mini-vacation and yet you come away with it with enhanced self-control and boost in confidence.

Our entire system is a mixture of mind, body, and spirit. Restlessness can manifest itself as an ailment. Yoga is a strong tool to boost your inner bodily workings. Yoga tours in Goa can help you solidify the internal organs, improve you breathing through techniques and meditation helps you enhance your immunity. If you successfully complete a yoga tour, you leave with improved relations with your parents, friends, spouse and loved ones. Your mind will get relaxed and will be able to deal with relationships in a great way. The yoga tour in Goa can also increase your drained energy. Your job and life make you exhausted. Just a few minutes of yoga can provide an enhanced fillip to your energy. Regular practice of yoga makes your body strong, flexible and supple. The stretches make your body muscles strong. Your intuitive ability will improve, thanks to yoga in Goa!

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