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  • Add a tinge of history and serenity in your travel plan with these amazing places to visit in Jalgaon. Snuggled in the northern part of Deccan Plateau, Jalgaon is famed as the “Banana city” as it caters to the 2/3rd bananas of Maharashtra.

    With places like the Waghur Dam, Patna Devi, Hatnur Dam, and several others you can explore the beautiful side of this quaint city. If you are travelling with the family the Mahatma Gandhi Garden, Omkareshwar temple, and Mehrun Garden are the perfect places for you.

    But if you are a history lover and wish to take a deep insight into the culture and traditions the Parola Fort is the place for you. The religious tourist places in Jalgaon include several temples and each one features something unique about the culture of the locals.

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Jalgaon:

  • 01Patna Devi

    Patna Devi
    One of the most sought in the list of places to visit in Jalgaon, Patna Devi is a historic point. From all the four corners it covered by the trails of lush greens and bounties of Sahyadri range. In the older times, it was the capital of the province because of its serene beauty.

    Whether you are a nature lover or a history buff, this is the perfect place for you as it showcases the relics of the Yadav King era and a collection of the high mountain range.

    Location: Patna Devi Mata Temple, Chandikawadi, Maharashtra 424108
  • 02Waghur Dam

    Waghur Dam
    Another on the array of places to visit in Jalgaon is the Waghur Dam that is the perfect place for reviving the soul. Located right on the Waghur river this dam plays an important role in the water supply of the region.

    The water splashes on the edges and the beautifully flowing canals that meet the irrigation needs are a delight to the eyes. This scenic spot sprawls over 64,000 acres and is a good picnic spot. So, if you wish to rejuvenate your body with fantastic views and a cool breeze, then this is the place for you.

    Location: Near Nandgaon, Jalgaon
  • 03Mahatma Gandhi Garden

    Mahatma Gandhi Garden
    Snuggled in the heart of the city, Mahatma Gandhi Garden is famed for its exotic collection of vibrant flowers. Once you enter this garden, you can whiff in the fresh aroma of blooms and feast your eyes with trails of different colored flowers.

    The classic displays of flowers make this place one of the most beautiful tourist places in Jalgaon and that is the reason it remains crowded. If photography is your passion then don't forget to get your camera as you will be treated with a number of wonderful frames.

    Location: A-1, Bund Garden Rd, Bund Garden, Sangamvadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
  • 04Hatnur Dam

    Hatnur Dam
    Next, in the array of tourist places in Jalgaon is the Hatnur Dam where you breathe in the fresh air and watch the water flow by. With a capacity of 9.3 cubic meters, this dam is a major source of water for the city.

    If you are looking for a good picnic spot along with nature, then this place will just melt your heart away with its beauty. Get your camera along with you and have an amazing time at Hatnur Dam.

    Location: Mangalwadi Road
  • 05Mehrun Park

    Mehrun Park
    Famed as one of the oldest parks of Jalgaon, Mehrun Park is located on the Shirsoli Road. The entire park is adorned with a number of vibrant flower beds and lush green trees that enhance its beauty. When here, you can whiff in the fresh aroma of a clean environment blended with the fragrances of flowers.

    Each one of the gardens is well-manicured one can have a gala time here with friends and family. If you wish to avoid the crowds then make sure that you visit on the weekdays, as that is the time when you can relax away from the hustling places.

    Location: Mehrun Road, Jalgaon
  • 06Parola Fort

    Parola Fort
    Are you a history lover? Add Parola Fort in your list of Jalgaon tourist attractions as it one of the finest examples of the bygone era. It was built back in the 16th century and showcases the elegant architectural styles that will never fail to amaze you.

    The fort features seven entrance doors and the “Delhi Darwaza” is the classiest one.  Something that adds up to its beauty is its location as it is located on the banks of Bori river.

    Location: Dharangaon - Parola Rd, Shelave Bk., Maharashtra 425111
  • 07Changdev Temple

    Changdev Temple
    Settled in the Muktainagar taluka the Changdev temple is one of the most serene places to visit in Jalgaon. The temple gets its name from the holy saint Changdev Maharaj who is believed to stay here for about 1400 years.

    From showcasing the grandeur of the bygone era to the extraordinary achievements of the saint, here one can find everything. The temple lies on the National Highway 6 and is dedicated to the powerful Yogi who defeated the death 14 times.

    Location: Shri Krishna Temple Road, Maharashtra 425306
  • 08Omkareshwar Temple

    Omkareshwar Temple
    Image Credit : Ankit Purohit
    One of the holy places to visit in Jalgaon that draws devotees from various verticals of India is the Omkareshwar temple. This is a Hindu temple and a deity of Lord Shiva is established here. On the southern bank flows the Narmada and the sides are surrounded by the Vindhyachal mountain range.

    In accordance with the Hindu religion, the goddess of transgressions, Vindya pleased Lord Shiva and since then the temple was established here. If you are a solace seeker then this the place for you as the environs are calm and soothing.

    Location: Ward No 11, 12, Khandwa - Indore Road, Mandhata, Madhya Pradesh 450554
  • 09Padmalaya

    Famed as the Padmalaya Kshetra, this is a part of the two and a half Ganapati Peeths. The temple features two “Swayambus” that are idols of Lord Ganesha and each one of them are elegantly carved. Apart from this, there are several small temples in the premises of the Maharajas.

    It even has huge bell that weighs about 440 kg and is right next to the padukas. 
    This temple is regarded as one of the serene Jalgaon tourist attractions and is a worth-visiting.

    Location: Padmalaya, Erondal, Maharashtra
  • 10Swinging Towers

    Located almost 16 km away from Erandol, the Swinging towers are one of the finest structures that were built 250 years ago. The size of the towers is about 15 meters and both of them keep waving. As soon as one of them waves the other waves automatically. Also, this is one of the best tourist places in Jalgaon that you must visit on vacation.

    Location: On The Banks Of Utawadi River, Jalgaon, India.



Uksan Lake

Uksan Lake is one of those places that promise to take you into a peaceful and blissful space, away from the chaos of city life. This is a small oasis-like place that is framed by hills and forests, lending it a beautiful appearance.

It is a great place to hike, swim, night camp, barbeque, or just sit by the lakeside and hear the water rustling around you. Seeing the sunset or sunrise here is also a great experience. 

The lake waters swell up and the surrounding greens look even more luxuriant during and after the rains. 

Location: 14 kilometres from Kamshet.  

Best time: The lake is best visited after the monsoon months of June-September.

Shinde Wadi Hills

Shinde Wadi hills is famous among the Kamshet attractions as one of the best paragliding spots. However, it is also known for its ravishing sunrise and sunset view. One should surely visit this place early in the morning to get a look at the enthralling sunrise providing you with peace.

Traverse along with the bounties of Shinde wadi hills as the greenery and refreshing cool winds will make you fall in love with this spot. Places to visit in Kamshet are numerous yet this place will never disappoint you in any way. Spotted at a height of 200 feet, the hills will enchant you with the best experience of paragliding.

Location: 2 kilometers from Kamshet

Best Time: February-May and October-December


Bhairi Caves

These caves, one of the oldest in Maharashtra, are one of the most popular places to visit in Kamshet. Located on a high rocky area, they are reachable through a hike on very rocky terrain. 

Once there, you will be rewarded with beautiful and majestic views of these intriguing caves. An ancient site for animal sacrifices, it is said that the practice is still followed here. 

You can even see some utensils kept here. Spend some time here taking in panoramic views of the twin forts of Rajmachi, Shrivardhan, and Manoranjan surrounded by the tranquillity of nature.  

Location: The caves are located in Jambhivali, which is 20 kilometres from Kamshet.

Best time: February- May, and October- December.

Pavana Lake

One of the most revered tourist attractions in Khandala is the Pavana lake where you can witness a range of activities like zip-lining, rappelling, campfire, and a whole lot more. The Lake is snuggled on the Pawna Dam and the magical aura that is picturized is just beyond one’s imagination.

The entire region is brimming with soothing vibes and is just the right place for a weekend getaway.  Pawna is approximately 15 to 20 km away from Lonavala and is a perfect combination of thrill and solitude. Apart from this, you can relax along the lake or can gape at the star-studded sky with camping.

Essential Information:

Location: Pawna Lake, Lonavala, Maharashtra

Best Time: Throughout the year

Timings: All time open

Price: Starting from INR 900 per person.

Bedse Caves

Cave exploration in Kamshet is incomplete without visiting the Buddhist Bedse Caves, which are said to be built in the first century. Like most caves, these also have a dark, damp, and mystic allure about them. 

As you enter, you will see a temple with ancient carvings of elephants, horses, etc. on the walls. A beautifully carved ceiling and pillars arch the monastery inside, which is a must-see. 

This is one of the best 
places to visit in Kamshet to spend time meditating or simply being with oneself in the silent & serene environs of the caves. 

Location: 10 kilometres from Kamshet.

Best time: Monsoons months of June-September.

Kondeshwar Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this ancient temple is famous for its location in the midst of a dense forest. Reachable after a rocky hike, its black stone architecture never fails to astonish. 

The serenity of the temple is only broken by the sounds of cascading water from a nearby waterfall. Spend time cooling down in the misty water sprays from the falls. 

Don’t miss the Shri Kheteshwar Maharaj Samadhi located near a charming little pond, one of the top attractions in 
Kamshet places to visit

Location: The temple is located in Jambhivali, which is 20 kilometres from Kamshet.

Best time: 
February- May, and October- December. The temple remains open from 6:00 am- 8:30 pm every day.

Bhandar Dongar

Charming you with its dense vegetation and plush surroundings, Bhandar Dongar is a hilltop that will leave you all hearts. Wondering still about what all will keep you entertained at this highly majestic place? Then know that it attracts people to go for a hike up the hill as well as paragliding.

Amidst all the tourist places in Kamshet Bhandara Dongar is a hilltop that will never fail to enchant your souls. Located near this hilly spot is a divine temple Sant Tukaram whose ancient and rustic presence adds up a heavenly bliss to this place.

23 kilometers from Kamshet

Best Time:
February-May and October-December


Visapur Fort

Resting on the lush green bounties, the Visapur Fort is one of the most popular places to visit in Khandala where you can whiff in the serenity. The fort is perched at an elevation of 1084 meters above the ground and the panoramic vistas it offers are just beyond one’s imagination. Whether you are a history buff or a nature enthusiast, this majestic fort is the right choice for you. The fort was built back in the 17th century by the Peshwas and is one of the iconic edifices of the Marathas. For much of your knowledge, this is a twin of Lohagad Fort and extends a combination of lush greens, sparkling waters, and misty views.

Essential Information:

Location:  Malavli, Maharashtra 410406

Best Time: June to September, Monsoons

Timings: 24 hours open

Price:  The average trip cost is about INR 1200 per person.

Bhaje Waterfalls

These humongous and beautiful waterfalls will take your heart away. The Bhaje waterfalls are named after the most prominent Bhaje caves. Among the places to visit in Kamshet, these waterfalls are a perfect spot for one to relish in the lush greenery and the pristine water that falls down from the high rocky hills.

Giving you the vibes of a perfect cinematic location, this spot of Kamshet will be worth every penny to visit and relish in nature’s exotic beauty. One can hike up the hill or take a dive in the sea and if not then set up a camp beside the sound of gushing waterfalls and make your visit to the Bhaje Waterfalls the most memorable one.

Location: 13.2 kilometers from Kamshet

Best Time: During the months of monsoon from June till September


Deeksha Bhoomi

Often referred to as the most peaceful place, Deeksha Bhoomi is likely to be on the top of your “places to visit in Nagpur” list. Relatively a new one - built in the year 2001, Deeksha Bhoomi is a monument with huge whitewashed dome and is the largest stupa in Asia.

It was erected in the memory of Dr. Ambedkar and his event of embracing Buddhism; wherein with him, 60000 others had also converted to Buddhism. The bronze statue of Buddha here, along with the sacred tree has made Deeksha Bhoomi one of the famous tourist places in Nagpur.

 Ambazari Road.

 All day.

Entry fee: None.


Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary

Home to “Jai” - one of the largest tigers and the only male in the entire sanctuary, Umred Karhandla has become a hub for tourists; especially for nature lovers and photographers. It  is a good option for a one day trip.

Other than tigers, animals like Gaur, wild dogs and other rarely found animals like pangolins and flying squirrels are often spotted here which has led to an increase in the numbers of tourists visiting the sanctuary.

The sanctuary is located about 58 kilometers to Nagpur in Nawegaon.

6 AM to 8 AM & 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM

Entry fee:
INR 250 onwards.


Ambazari Lake & Garden

As aforesaid, Nagpur is the land of many lakes - 11 to be precise, and Ambazari Lake is one of the most famous tourist places to visit in Nagpur, mainly because it is the largest one in the city. Its mere beauty and size call out for some peaceful time in the lap of nature.

Adjacent to the lake, the garden spread across 25 acres of land is like the cherry on top. Here, together there is plenty of flora and fauna that you would not want to miss if you are a nature lover.


 10 AM to 6:30 PM

Entry fee:
INR 10


Futala Lake

One of the most popular places to visit in Nagpur, Futala Lake is spread across over 60 acres of land and holds great historic relevance. The colorful fountains, halogen lights, and carriage rides attract thousands of tourists each year here; especially families with kids who are sure to enjoy the greenery and open space that comes with the opportunity for outdoor games.

The landscaped Chowpatty on one side of the lake adds on to the beauty.

Vayusena Nagar.

All day.

Entry fee:


Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench Tiger Reserve is home to 53 tigers. Spreading across two states - Maharashtra and Nagpur, Pench is famous for its flora and fauna. This park certainly qualifies as a must see amongst all other tourist places in Nagpur.

The best part is that there are government as well as private resorts that sort accommodation needs for visitors willing to have an overnight trip. Thus it becomes a great option for a weekend getaway.

96 kilometers from Nagpur.

6 AM to 11 AM & 3 PM to 6 PM

Entry fee:
INR 280 onwards.


Gorewada Lake

Gorewada Lake along with the dam supporting it can be considered as a full day picnic spot. The waterbody is the main source of water supply for the whole of Nagpur, so has great significance. The lake is surrounded by an abundance of lush green and thick trees, bushes and make for a great landscape.

The lake also attracts birds who come to drink water and can be spotted by birdwatching and nature enthusiasts.

10 kilometers Northwest corner of Nagpur.

Timings: All day.

Entry fee: None.


Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground

A cricket ground located in the city of Nagpur, this stadium has witnessed quite a few legendary matches ever since its inception. All the test series and international cricket matches are held on this ground with residents of the entire city proactively participating as attendees.

In terms of its field area, the stadium is the largest one in India.

Wardha Road, 2 KM from Khapri Railway Station, Nagpur.

As per the match.

Entry fee:
 As per the match.

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