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  • Rishikesh, a small city in Dehradun district of Uttrakhand state, is known as the adventure capital of India. Uttarakhand is also known as Devbhoomi as it is situated at the feet of Himalayan ranges. It is astounding to see how this small town carries the reputation of being a holy land and also enthralls its tourists with spellbinding adventure activities. Surrounded with beautiful locations, rivers, and valleys, Rishikesh has more than enough places and potential to push you to get into the adventure spree.

    With the never ending list of activities that you can try out at this abode, Rishikesh is also a place where you can visit several destinations, which include temples, historical attractions, and surreal nature hubs. It is one such destination that will overwhelm you with its list of adventure sports in Rishikesh and you are sure to return to explore them a second time.

    Here are some of the best adventure sports in Rishikesh:

  • 01River Rafting

    River Rafting

    Rishikesh is the God for river rafting or white water rafting in India. It will not be wrong to say that this is the best adventure sport that you will get to try in this city of adventures. River rafting is a water sport where you have to fight through the water and feel the fun in it. 

    In Rishikesh, you try this with the mother of all rivers in India, River Ganga. Off late this adventure has become extremely popular making this sport the best among the long list of other thrilling Rishikesh adventure sports. This adventure sport can be tried out at multiple destinations in Rishikesh and is an easy affordable one. There is no room for you to say no but delve into the best adventure sport in Rishikesh.

    Rafting with Red Chilli Adventure (with Safety Kayaker)

    Rafting with Red Chilli Adventure (with Safety Kayaker)

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  • 02Camping


    Camping is not a new experience for many of us, but river side camping and especially in the foot of Himalayas is something worth remembering! Rishikesh has numerous campsites for one to spend a night or so alongside the river and in the jungle. 

    For solo travellers there are adventure clubs that promise a group that will be doing the camp with them. These adventure clubs sometimes also offer adventure activities as a part of camping that will enhance the visiting experience for you. With a number of adventure sports in Rishikesh, this is one resort to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of this place.  

    Ravers Beach Camp, Rishikesh

    Ravers Beach Camp, Rishikesh


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  • 03Kayaking

    Image Credit : Abhishek Singh Bailoo - Flickr
    Adventure in Rishikesh just gets better and better with every step into it! Kayaking is a water sport where the rider can navigate through the water as he wants. Here you can choose your level of rapid that will suit your physical strength.

    Kayaking is also called canoeing and it requires a certain level of preparation along with physical stamina. Hence rough rapids are not preferred for the first timers. But never the less, may it first or n’th time; one is sure to rejuvenate by the experience of this adventure sport in Rishikesh
    Kayaking in Rishikesh

    Kayaking in Rishikesh


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  • 04Rappelling


    Descend down the majestic Shivalik Himalayas and experience the best of rappelling at Rishikesh. The town has enough and more destinations for tourists and adventure lovers to try out rappelling as it is blessed with steep valleys and rock formations. 

    The best among them should be Shivalik Himalayas which is also quite famous for the same. The vertical declines are the most exciting part of this sport where once gets to challenge his/ her own levels of endurance and get some chills down the spine during the sport. Being a home for such pure forms of adventure, Rishikesh is definitely bound to be entitled for being the adventure capital of India. 

    Rappeling, Rock Climbing and Trekking in Rishikesh

    Rappeling, Rock Climbing and Trekking in Rishikesh


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  • 05Bungee jumping

    Bungee jumping
    Rishikesh, known for being the best home for adventure sports in India could definitely not leave bungee jumping. Jumping off from a certain height with just a rope tied to keep you hanging in there will give you the adrenaline rush in just a snap. One of the oldest bungee jumping spots, Mohan Chatti is located in Rishikesh. The jump here is from a fixed platform and about 83 meters above the ground level. It is one of the most extreme adventure sports in Rishikesh which is worth an experience.

    One can also try reverse bungee jumping at the same spot in Rishikesh. The jump can be tried out by people within the age group of 18-60 that don’t possess a phobia for heights or any other serious health issues. It is quite special that all the adventure junkies that try out bungee jumping at Mohan Chatti are offered a certificate for successful completion of the adventure sport. 
    Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

    Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

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  • 06Flying Fox

    Flying Fox
    Rishikesh is not just a home for multiple adventure activities but the best of them as well. Flying fox is an adventure sport where the participant gets to descend through a valley while he/ she is attached to a chord. The best part about Rishikesh is that it possesses Asia’s longest flying fox track.

    This fact doubles the fun of trying this adventure sport as you get to do this on a one kilometre stretch. This adventure sport in Rishikesh can be ticked off as a single participant, in couple or even a trio. There are also combinations and packages that you can look up to take part in multiple height based adventure activities at the same spot. 
    Flying Fox in Rishikesh

    Flying Fox in Rishikesh

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  • 07Giant Swing

    Giant Swing
    Similar to the experience of bungee jumping, giant swing is another rope based adventure sport in Rishikesh. Tourist don’t have to look for a lot to tick this one off, you can try this at Mohan Chatti itself while you are up for the bungee jumping adventure.

    The long elastic chord will swing you across the valley from a height of 83 meters and you hang in there for a while to grove in the fun of it. It is quite an amazing experience for those of you that love adventures involving height. 
    Giant Swing in Rishikesh

    Giant Swing in Rishikesh


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  • 08Mountain Biking

    Mountain Biking

    Ride through the charm and mist of the bewitching destination, Rishikesh and satisfy the adventurer in you! Rishikesh is known for having a geographical base that is extremely hilly, steep and complex. This feature of the small town makes it perfect for adventure sport like mountain biking. One has to register with any of the adventure clubs and can then select an adventure package that the club offers. 

    Tourists can do this in groups, solo or in couple format as they can be fixed with a larger group if they are less in number. This adventure sport is more about exploring the real Rishikesh and can be done by anybody. There is no age limit for this adventure in Rishikesh. 

    Outdoor Mountain Biking in Rishikesh

    Outdoor Mountain Biking in Rishikesh


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  • 09Cliff Jumping

    Cliff Jumping

    Jumping off the cliff into the river or otherwise is one among the favourite adventure sports in Rishikesh for the tourists that visit Devbhoomi. A land of several beautiful natural peaks and valleys, Rishikesh has enough and more destinations that can accommodate this adventure sport. There are also several clubs with exclusive Rishikesh adventure packages that offer to be a guide to the tourists and help them explore some of these adventure activities. 

    In Rishikesh, one gets to choose the height to take part in this adventure activity based on their endurance level. What is motivating is how well the sport is accepted by the locals as well as the tourists of this place. They leave not a chance for you to say no to the sport. 

  • 10Waterfall Trekking

    Waterfall Trekking
    Image Credit : amitd - Flickr
    Trekking is a usual experience to most of us, but it’s quite unique in Rishikesh. Rishikesh adventure sports is one of its kind and waterfall trekking is one of the many thrilling adventures sports you witness in this town. In this sport one can trek up the water fall and feel the gusting water. This activity can be paired up with a picnic and then you can trek your way to glory alongside the waterfall. The activity is a mixture of fun and adventure.

    It is also easy to be ticked off by all the age groups and can be carried out as a group or alone. Tourists have an option to pair up with adventure clubs, book some Rishikesh adventure package and undertake multiple adventure activities. One can explore numerous destinations to do the same.
  • 11Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing
    Image Credit : Maria Ly - Flickr

    Rock climbing is one among the many exciting adventure sports in Rishikesh. Several Rishikesh adventure packages consist of this sport as it is also one among the most practiced here. 

    Shivalik Hills is considered to be the best destination for rock climbing and rappelling in this town. With magnificent view of the surroundings, this steep and glorious rock is a home for the thrilling rock climbing activity. 

  • 12Valley Crossing

    Rishikesh’s adventure is the most exciting and enthralling experience to an adventure junky. One among the never ending list of Rishikesh’s adventures sports, is valley crossing. The city is blessed with destinations that are a great deal for any adventure lover. Valley crossing is one such loved adventure that can be tried by people of any age group. Adventure clubs of the town form groups and take them on this activity. It helps the tourist explore the land of God in a much better way. 

    Rishikesh’s Adventure packages combine a few other adventures like trekking and mountain biking with the same, offering it to the tourist at reasonable prices. Witness the majesty of River Ganga, cross it, trek up the valley and bag an experience for a lifetime.  

  • 13Trekking

    Image Credit : Christopher Porter - Flickr

    One of the easiest and relaxing adventure activities in this abode is trekking. It is a definitely one among the most alluring experiences in Rishikesh. Walk through the mystic trails of this mesmerising city and explore the city in a different way. Rishikesh is geographically well blessed and has a number of natural attractions that one can explore while trekking. Some of the popular trekking routes are to Dehradun and other famous destinations in Uttarakhand. 

    These treks begin from Rishikesh and make a loop back to the city. Chandrashila and Panch Kedar are the most popular among the regular treks. Tourist can also ice trek if they sign up for Gaumukh Nandavan trek and a few others. 

  • 14Body Surfing

    For all the water lovers, Rishikesh has a bucket full of activities that you can try and enjoy. For those of you that just love to laze around and be in the water, body surfing is the best kind of adventure. This adventure is suitable for all age groups and is guided by professionals. 

    Best of Rishikesh’s adventure clubs offer this sport and promise absolute safety to the participants. Let yourself lose in the ice cold water of River Ganga and add an experience to your Rishikesh adventure diaries. 

  • 15Zorbing

    Rishikesh’s adventure sports includes zorbing, which is a kind of mild adventure that is suitable for any kind of tourist. The adventure usually is ticked off by families and kids that visit Rishikesh. Although, Rishikesh is known for a lot of extreme adventure activities, it has not limited itself to just them but has accommodated activities of every kind. 

    One of the famous locations to try out zorbing in Rishikesh is Garhwal Himalayas. The destination is also known for hot air ballooning and para sailing activities. 

  • 16Hot Air Ballooning

    Hot Air Ballooning

    One of the most desired and comfortable adventure sports is Hot air ballooning in Rishikesh. The activity is extremely popular and gives a beautiful view of the Himalayas. Nested on the foot of the majestic ranges, the activity a treat to one’s eyes. 

    Yet again, one can register or look though the special Rishikesh adventure packages and find combinations of good two to three different adventure activities. The aerial view of this bewitching city is sure to mesmerise all the tourists that take a trip on the hot air balloon.

  • 17Para Sailing

    Para Sailing
    Image Credit : Shahnawaz Sid - Flickr

    Also known as parascending or para kiting, parasailing is an adventure activity much explored in Rishikesh. With a number of other activities, parasailing can be explored on Garhwal Himalayas in this city. Extreme or normal, Rishikesh is a hub for all kinds of adventure activities. 

    Rishikesh adventure activities are quite affordable for the tourists and parasailing is one among them. With this adventure one can explore the land of God in a completely different dimension. Rishikesh adventure is an absolute fun factor because it has activities that suit all age groups. 

    Known for being the best destination for adventure in India, Rishikesh truly lives up to the expectation of its tourists. Covering adventure activities of all kinds, this small city is an absolute treat to both nature and adventure lovers. With panoramic view of the Himalayas and numerous destinations to visit, Rishikesh is an ideal holiday getaway. It would not be wrong to say that this destination is one among the best in the country that accommodates all kinds of travellers and tourists.

    A number of foreigners also visit Rishikesh to try out some of the adventure activities. All in all Rishikesh adventure sports live up to the standard of being the adventure capital is definitely the most thrilling escapade in India.