Ganga Aarti Overview

Experience Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh, a captivating ceremony performed every evening at Parmarth Niketan Ashram. As the sun sets, priests offer prayers and light candles to the sacred Ganges River. People gather by the river to watch a spiritual event, feeling peaceful as they listen to beautiful chants that inspire reverence and devotion.

Experience the famous Ganga Aarti ceremony in Rishikesh at Parmarth Niketan Ashram, right by the holy Ganges River. Alternatively, you can also visit Triveni Ghat for aarti as both ghats are famous for the biggest and holiest aartis. This daily ceremony is well-known for its spiritual significance and visually appealing spectacle. Devotees assemble to pray to Goddess Ganga, seeking blessings for purification and spiritual upliftment.

During Ganga Aarti, priests perform intricate rituals using lighted lamps, flowers, and incense, creating a magical atmosphere filled with religious chants and hymns. As the sun goes down, countless lamps light up the river, showing how people and nature are connected in a beautiful way. Experience the soul-stirring Ganga Aarti as part of our crafted Uttarakhand trip packages, blending spirituality with scenic marvels.

Travellers at Ganga Aarti can join in this sacred tradition, feeling the peaceful atmosphere and a deep sense of devotion firsthand. Along with the event, guests can tour Parmarth Niketan Ashram and its peaceful surroundings, which provide a refuge for meditation, yoga, and spiritual introspection.

Joining the Ganga Aarti ceremony lets you connect with India's traditions and spiritual past, helping you understand the Ganges River's importance in Hindu culture.


• Witness Ganga Aarti where priests execute complicated ceremonies with lighted lamps, flowers, and incense amidst the spiritual atmosphere.
• Immerse yourself in an exquisite ambience filled with devotional chants and hymns devoted to the Goddess Ganga.
• Participate in prayers to Goddess Ganga for your benefit for purification and spiritual rejuvenation.
• Explore India's historical customs and spiritual legacy to gain a better grasp of Hinduism's cultural significance.
• Experience the miraculous link between humanity and nature as the river lights up with floating lanterns at sunset.

How To Reach

By Car: Ganga Aarti is approximately 2 km away from the city centre and you can easily reach there in about 5 minutes via Dehradun Road.

By Shared Auto: You can catch a shared or private auto to reach Ganga Aarti. These autos are readily available as well as are pocket friendly.

Best Time To Visit

You can choose to experience Ganga Aarti any time of the year as it is open every day.

1. Best Day of the Week: Consider visiting during the weekdays to avoid large crowds and have a surreal Ganga Aarti experience.

2. Best time of the day: Ganga Aarti happens each day in morning and evenings. However, Aarti experience in the evening hours is exceptionally incredible. The ambience at that time is out of the world and a must see event to witness when in Rishikesh.

Other Essential Information

Visitor Tips:

1. Secure a good spot by arriving early to witness Ganga Aarti comfortably without the crowds.

2. Maintain silence and respect during the ceremony to honour the spiritual significance of Ganga Aarti.

3. Wear modest attire out of respect for the religious and cultural atmosphere of the event.

4. Bring cash for donations or offerings during the ceremony, as electronic payments may not be accepted.

5. Listen to instructions from ashram staff or volunteers for seating arrangements and protocol during the ceremony.

6. Keep your belongings safe and secure to avoid loss or theft during the crowded event.

7. Respect photography restrictions and refrain from using flash photography during Ganga Aarti.

8. Use designated bins for trash disposal to keep the area clean and respect the environment.

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