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Best Trekking Tours in Rishikesh

Himalayas mean adventure to most who wish to visit here and these trekking tours in Rishikesh are one of the best bets that anyone can play to get all the adrenaline rush through their bodies at the mention of their names. Rishikeh, small religious town in the state of Uttarakhand is famous for the spiritual experiences that one can go through here. But what this place is more famous for are the adventurous experiences that are sure to bring about a kind of enthusiasm that will change the way one lives and also for its best places to visit. Amongst all that is the prominent and strong name of the adventure of trekking. And while there are a lot of places in the Himalayas to trek in or around, the reason why Rishikesh should be chosen as your next favourite for trekking is that of the variety in the landscapes, difficulties and beauty of all these treks.

Talking about variety, Rishikesh trekking routes include the majestically beautiful waterfall treks nearby. At just 5 km from the famous Lakshman Jhula lie the famous Garud Chatti and Phool Chatti waterfalls, which are also amongst the most famous picnic spots around Rishikesh. Lying on the well-known Neelkanth road, the place is easily accessible and the trek is filled with photo ops of the serene beauty around the place. Some 3 km away from Garud Chatti on the same way lies the Phool Chatti, which is a rather difficult trek because of the trail is slightly slippery. Also equally famous are the names of the Neer Garh and Patna Waterfalls treks for being a short trek or hike away from the city. Where the former is famous for being a rather challenging trek, the other one is famous for being a short walk in the park to naturally beautiful falls.

Apart from Camping under the starry nights and rafting in the hold of Ganges, trekking in Rishikesh also takes you through the amazing green mountain trails and onto some of the most amazing temples located amidst panoramic views of the mountains. Take the Nilkanth Mahadev, for example. Located on the top of a mountain at a height of 1,330m above sea level, the route up to the temple is one of the most beautiful stretches of trekking routes, spanning up to 14 km. When you look down from the top, the scenery of dense forests rich with a diverse variety of trees and animals that inhabit the place. Imagine walking in the forests and coming across some of the most amazing sightings of wild animals and birds. The long yet easy trek seems to be worth it all.

Treks in Rishikesh may be an adventure that you might never forget, especially when you are greeted by the colour green as far as the eye goes, but another whole new experience that everyone expects while trekking in the Himalayas and must have is walking in the snow, amidst clouds laden with raindrops. And although you may not find these in the city, most of these treks have Rishikesh as their starting point. Take for example the Roopkund Trek. The experience of trekking amidst the snow to a lake that is home to hundreds of Skeleton and to a horde of mysteries is an experience that many find hard to put into words. Exhilarating, daunting, adventurous and mystical are probably the first words that come to anyone’s mind. Experiencing some of the most beautiful sunrises during the 8-day trek, Roopkund Lake offers unbeatable views of the famous mount Trishul, as well.

Uttarakhand is lovingly called the abode of gods. The religious importance of a lot of places in and around Rishikesh have a fame that attracts people from afar throughout the year. This also includes the names of the Gangotri Glacier and the pilgrimage of Kedarnath. You get to know about many things you can enjoy here, Trekking from Rishikesh may not take you to these places but can take you to one place from where you can get unbeatable views of both of these marvels of Himalayas. The Nag Tibba trek starting from Rishikesh and Dehradun takes you to the top of the hill with a halt at the Nag Tibba Temple for an amazing camping experience. When you trek to the top the next day, the majestic view of the Kedarnath Peak and the Gangotri are sure to take your breath away.

One of the most coveted and equally famous treks from Rishikesh is the famous Valley of Flowers Trek. As the name suggests, the trek takes you to a beautiful valley situated deep in the heart of District of Chamoli in Uttarakhand. Often mesmerizing to the point of disbelief, the Valley of Flowers trek brings to you a majestic sight of a Himalayan valley covered with flowers of different shades and hues. And even more beautiful than the destination is the trek that leads there, starting from Govindghat, to Ghangaria, and then finally in the arms of the beautiful Valley of Flowers

Another famous trek from Rishikesh is the famous trail to Kuari Pass. As you start on the trek through the ages-old Rhododendron forests, you will be greeted by views of some of the most majestic hills of the Himalayas, including India’s highest mountain, the Nanda Devi Peak. After leading you to the Kuari Pass top, the trek leads you to the amazing skiing destination of India, Auli. Famous for an up-close view of Nanda Devi, this trek just keeps getting better with time.

Trekking tours in Rishikesh are sure one of the best things that anyone can try their hands at and must try, too. And for your next adventure in the Himalayas, this guide is going to be the best of places to find where to head next for your fill of adventure through trekking.

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    Rafting Adventure Camp in Rishikesh
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    Rafting is a sport of adrenaline and the best spot to feel that adrenaline are the rapids near the religious town of Rishikesh. The River Ganga, as it passes through here rages on creating great avenues for rafting. This tour takes you to an amazing adventure camp on the...

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    Rishikesh Daredevil Tour: Rafting and Bungee Jumping Combo
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    About the Activity: Pangarchulla Peak Climb, Joshimath is one riveting trek that has been known for enticing trekkers from all over the world. One of the most fascinating thing about this unique trek is its well-rounded trail that provides you with a fun-filled tre...

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    Departure Date: 6th,13th, 19th and 27th Jan 2018                            3rd,10th, 17th and 24th Feb 2018Pickup and drop point: Haridwar Bus Stand/ Railway StationMulti-Adventure Package without Bungee Jumping: INR 18250/- ppMulti-Adventure Package with Bungee Jumping...

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    About the Activity:Imagine picturesque mountains, beautiful valleys, a rushing stream of pure mountain water and a city so beautiful, it feels like a dream. Welcome to Rishikesh.Rent a guide and embark on a fun trekking day trip in Rishikesh which starts from Laxman Jhul...

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    About the Activity:Chopta- Chandrashila trek is something always seeking for real adventure junkies out there. If you are one among them, then don't hesitate anymore but choose this three day trekking trip to the most splendid scenery of the Himalayas.Starting from Rishi...

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    About the activity: Experience an adventurous rafting session in Rishikesh with your friends on your next holiday. Embark on a grueling rock climbing session and learn the basics of this adventure activity. Participate in a 16 kms day trekking experience all the way to t...

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    About the Activity: Experience a thrilling series of adventures in Rishikesh with your friends and family and embark on an exciting 8 hour camping experience at Camp Sandpiper.Participate in a series of grueling activities in this camp, located 30 kms from Rishike...

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    About the Activity:Known as the source of the mighty Ganges, surrounded by tranquillizing mountain peaks parented by the Himalayan ranges, Gangotri and Tapovan are in the hit list of the Himalayan Trekkers for a long time.A moderate trekking expedition is inviting you to...

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    About the Activity:Embark in this exciting outing along with your team and feel the fun and thrill while enjoying the stay at the Camp Shivpuri.Start your tour in Delhi and reach the tour locality in Shivpuri, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.Enjoy your stay at the camp at the mos...

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    d5 Days n4 Nights

    About the Destination: A haven for nature lovers and adventure addicts: the state of Uttarakhand attracts visitors from all over the world! The spiritual city of Rishikesh, the picturesque town of Deoria Tal, the blissful villages of Chopta , ultimately give way to th...

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  • d3 Days n2 Nights

    About the Activity:Embark in this exciting trekking expedition in Kuari Pass and get a chance to explore the enduring beauty of this region.Arrive at Joshimath at anytime during the day and check into hotel with a introduction to your team in the evening.Start at around ...

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    About the Activity:Valley of Flowers is situated high in the Uttarakhand Himalayas at an altitude of 3,600 m and above. Here you are happily invited to visit this splendid natural spot where an incomparable phenomenon happen at certain point of time a year.The hundreds o...

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    About the Activity:A perfect place to explore adventure and Ramganga Valley, Ramganga Beach Camp, Naachni takes you to secret cave explorations, high waterfall splash and body surfing with life jacket into a river gorge. Given its modest elevation, enjoying the warm s...

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Traveller Tales from Rishikesh


Nalini Sharma

25 June 2015

The trekking experience was fine and good. To be honest, the trek was really good. We had a great time. It was one of the really nice treks that I have had.

  • 1461585817_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_096.jpg
  • 1461585817_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_315.jpg
  • 1461585817_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_331.jpg
  • 1461585817_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_337.jpg
  • 1461585818_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_389.jpg
  • 1461585818_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_413.jpg
  • 1461585818_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_530.jpg
  • 1461585818_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_598.jpg+3

Ashlesh Varrier

13 June 2015

We were hoping to feel tired and worn out but surprisingly despite the tough trek it was nice and enjoyable and we were with high energy levels even after the trek. This was definitely a nice trekking ...

  • 1461585785_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_081.jpg
  • 1461585785_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_277.jpg
  • 1461585785_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_333.jpg
  • 1461585785_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_427.jpg
  • 1461585785_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_452.jpg
  • 1461585785_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_548.jpg
  • 1461585785_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_560.jpg
  • 1461585785_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_609.jpg+1

Kumuda Shah

10 April 2015

I am out of words. This was a great trekking in Uttarakhand. The place is splendid and classy beauty. This is what a perfect vacation looks like.

  • 1461585645_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_404.jpg
  • 1461585645_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_533.jpg
  • 1461585645_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_587.jpg
  • 1461585645_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_620.jpg
  • 1461585645_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_629.jpg
  • 1461585645_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_632.jpg
  • 1461585645_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_642.jpg
  • 1461585645_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_654.jpg

Sachin Pothuvaal

06 November 2015

Trek To Chandrashila Peak Via Tungnath was one of the good treks that I have ever been on in the past few years. Preiously, there were not these many treks. In the past few years, Indian Travel industr...

  • 1461585549_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_033.jpg
  • 1461585549_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_034.jpg
  • 1461585549_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_039.jpg
  • 1461585549_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_293.jpg
  • 1461585549_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_321.jpg
  • 1461585549_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_347.jpg
  • 1461585549_trek_to_chandrashila_peak_via_tungnath_379.jpg

Anal Pothuvaal

16 May 2015

WOW! Yes, the trekking was just wow. I had a really nice time with the trek. I loved it completely. I am spellbound by the fact that this trek was inexpensive yet so brilliantly. I recommend this to al

  • 1461327334_gangotri_trek_to_the_source_of_ganga_2_51.jpg
  • 1461327334_gangotri_trek_to_the_source_of_ganga_052.jpg
  • 1461327334_gangotri_trek_to_the_source_of_ganga_060.jpg
  • 1461327334_gangotri_trek_to_the_source_of_ganga_291.jpg
  • 1461327334_gangotri_trek_to_the_source_of_ganga_295.jpg

Anasooya Jain

15 December 2015

Gangotri Trek To The Source of Ganga is an amazing and out of the world experience. As a traveller, Gangotri trek is something that I always wanted to take. It is a really tough trek and it is even con...

  • 1461327389_gangotri_trek_to_the_source_of_ganga_2_33.jpg
  • 1461327389_gangotri_trek_to_the_source_of_ganga_050.jpg

Ayush Nad

18 March 2017

Rishikesh was planned in January with a group of 7 in mind, but unfortunately, only 3 of us could make it. We were on the verge of canceling the trip, but Mrinal suggested otherwise and egged us on to ...

  • 1489845307_rishikesh1.jpg

Gyan Kumar

02 April 2017

We planned a spontaneous adventure trip to Rishikesh in the month of march. It was a complete fun experience and very well organized.The camp is located 30 kms from Rishikesh, but it more then makes up...

  • 1491130702_img_2161.jpg

Devi Guha

19 September 2015

Visiting Kalpeshwar, Tunganatn and Rudranath was an awesome experience with my friends. Trekking in Kalpeshwar was though since the trials are not stiff and rocky. And Rudranath lies in the lap of jung...