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4 Days Phuket Honeymoon with James Bond Island (flights Included)

4 Days Phuket Honeymoon with James Bond Island (flights Included)

4.0 37 Reviews
20910 16100
5 Nights Honeymoon Trip to Bangkok & Phuket 25% off

5 Nights Honeymoon Trip to Bangkok & Phuket 25% off

0.0 35 Reviews
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6 Days Romantic Honeymoon Tour of Thailand Flat 20% off

6 Days Romantic Honeymoon Tour of Thailand Flat 20% off

4.0 39 Reviews
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5 Nights Phuket Honeymoon Package with Krabi 30% off

5 Nights Phuket Honeymoon Package with Krabi 30% off

4.0 33 Reviews
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3 Nights Bangkok Pattaya Tour Flat 24% off

3 Nights Bangkok Pattaya Tour Flat 24% off

3.0 32 Reviews
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4 Nights Phuket and Krabi Tour Package with Phi Phi Islands

4 Nights Phuket and Krabi Tour Package with Phi Phi Islands

3.0 28 Reviews
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7 Days Thailand Holiday Package: Phuket Special 28% off

7 Days Thailand Holiday Package: Phuket Special 28% off

5.0 35 Reviews
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5 Days Thailand Tour Package with Airfare Flat 26% off

5 Days Thailand Tour Package with Airfare Flat 26% off

4.0 27 Reviews
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3 Islands Hopping Tour with Snorkeling - Flat 25% off

3 Islands Hopping Tour with Snorkeling - Flat 25% off

4.0 37 Reviews
The Sanctuary of Truth Admission, Pattaya

The Sanctuary of Truth Admission, Pattaya

3.0 26 Reviews
Safari World Bangkok - Flat 26% off

Safari World Bangkok - Flat 26% off

5.0 139 Reviews
Krabi 4 Islands Tour - Flat 30% off

Krabi 4 Islands Tour - Flat 30% off

3.0 25 Reviews
Bangkok Floating Market Day Trip - Flat 35% off

Bangkok Floating Market Day Trip - Flat 35% off

4.0 39 Reviews
Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise, Bangkok - Flat 35% off

Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise, Bangkok - Flat 35% off

5.0 62 Reviews
Phi Phi and Khai Islands Day Tour - Flat 30% off

Phi Phi and Khai Islands Day Tour - Flat 30% off

4.0 39 Reviews
Tour to James Bond Island - Flat 28% off

Tour to James Bond Island - Flat 28% off

4.0 41 Reviews
Mangrove Kayak Trip in Krabi - Flat 30% off

Mangrove Kayak Trip in Krabi - Flat 30% off

3.0 36 Reviews
Dream World Amusement Park Ticket, Bangkok - Flat 20% off

Dream World Amusement Park Ticket, Bangkok - Flat 20% off

4.0 25 Reviews
Water Activities at Coral Island, Phuket - Flat 15% off

Water Activities at Coral Island, Phuket - Flat 15% off

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Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World - Flat 20% off

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World - Flat 20% off

5.0 61 Reviews
Colosseum Show Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 15% off

Colosseum Show Ticket, Pattaya - Flat 15% off

4.0 41 Reviews
Safari World Bangkok - Flat 26% off

Safari World Bangkok - Flat 26% off

5.0 139 Reviews
Phuket Dolphin Show Ticket with Transfers - Flat 25% off

Phuket Dolphin Show Ticket with Transfers - Flat 25% off

5.0 38 Reviews
Kaan Show Pattaya - Flat 15% off

Kaan Show Pattaya - Flat 15% off

4.0 23 Reviews
  • Thailand honeymoon packages - Browse through a wide range of Thailand honeymoon tour packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book Thailand Honeymoon Tour With Phi Phi Island Tour at Rs.16,100 and our best seller 6 Days Romantic Vacation Package at Just Rs.23,810.

    Apart from being one of the most popular beach destinations, Thailand is also a delight to the honeymooners. Avail Honeymoon Packages Thailand to get the best deals on your honeymoon. Honeymoons across the world are considered to be extremely special. Some prefer secluded beaches; some explore the mountains and the jungles, while some head to busy cities to get a taste of the happening nightlife. Well, let Thailand surprise you with its spread. 

    Today's Offer: 
    Mangrove Kayak Trip in Thailand (Flat 30% off)

    Special Offer: 
    Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise (Cashback Upto INR 1000)

    Thailand has so much to offer that you’ll be spoilt for choices. Find clear water beaches or have Safari World Tour in Thailand (Flat 30% Off) to witness wildlife, if you read further to the north, you’ll be mesmerized by beautiful mountains covered with forests. The bustling city of Bangkok is dotted with luxury Thai restaurants and world-class spas for the tourists to indulge themselves.

    Steal Deal:
     Water Activities at Banana Beach in Phuket (Cashback Upto INR 550)

    Happen to go clubbing in Bangkok with the better half? Look no further, the party culture of Bangkok is sure to blow your senses. Here is our guide to help you plan your honeymoon in Thailand with the best of the best beaches, restaurants, and spas, things that you can include in your itinerary or choose from our Thailand Honeymoon Packages.

    Thailand will astonish you with its pristine beaches, clear skies, thriving flora and fauna, and warm people; back in the sea breeze, dive in the plethora of adventure activities, discover secret islands, enjoy the happening night culture or relax in a Thai Spa, let Thailand amaze you and make your honeymoon memorable. Also, check out our Floating Day Trip in Thailand (Flat 35% Off) to do shopping in a way, you have never imagined. 

  • Best Selling Thailand Honeymoon Packages

  • 014 Days Phuket Honeymoon with James Bond Island (flights Included)

    4 Days Phuket Honeymoon with James Bond Island (flights Included)
    • d4 Daysn3 Nights
    • lPhuket
    • NNNNN37 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7683456

    About Phuket:

    Got married recently? Looking to spend some quality time with your partner? Well, look no far, ‘cause this honeymoon package is the answer to all your queries. Consisting of serene beaches, temples, grand oceans, and luxurious stays, Phuket is just the enchanting paradise for your love story.

    About the Tour:

    - In this 4 days and 3 nights honeymoon tour to Phuket, enjoy some time alone with your partner while enjoying the astounding FantaSea show, the culture of Thailand, and nearby beauties like Phi Phi and James Bond island.

    - Relish the cuisines together and shop at the local markets,

    - Stay in comfortable resorts together and make memories worthy of a lifetime.

  • 025 Nights Honeymoon Trip to Bangkok & Phuket 25% off

    5 Nights Honeymoon Trip to Bangkok & Phuket 25% off
    • d6 Daysn5 Nights
    • lPhuket
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7683456

    Why a Honeymoon in Phuket and Bangkok?

    - This is a perfect five-day honeymoon tour destination for you and your partner as there are tons of activities to do and a lot of leisure to enhance your budding love.

    - You can visit various surrounding beaches and islands for on-point candids or watch the popular ladyboys show, Alcaraz, with your hubby or wife.

    - The next destination on the list is Bangkok, which is blessed with ancient history, magnificent temples, grand palaces, mouth-watering local Thai cuisine, street food, and a vibrant nightlife-  add that ‘wow’ factor to your honeymoon.

    About the tour:

    - A five days and 4 nights Phuket and Bangkok Honeymoon tour to have a memorable vacation.

    - The trip starts with a  pick up from the airport on a private basis.

    - Discover the cities with our Honeymoon Tour and see what the local cities looks like and take a stroll to grab quickies form the streets.

    - Visit the famous Gems Gallery in Bangkok, known for its largest collection of rare stones and

    - The Phi Phi Island tour via a boat is the most interesting activity as you can shoot a video in time lapse to and fro, to enhance the experience and enjoy the lunch accompanied.

    - Overnight stay in a three star accommodation or a similar hotel.

  • 03Best Offers on Thailand Honeymoon Packages: Enquire Now

  • 046 Days Romantic Honeymoon Tour of Thailand Flat 20% off

    6 Days Romantic Honeymoon Tour of Thailand Flat 20% off
    • d6 Daysn5 Nights
    • lPhuket
    • NNNNN39 ratings
    • Thrillophila Vendor
      Thrillophila Vendor

    About the Destinations: 

    : Known as the City of Angels, Bangkok with its ancient history and magnificent temples, and grand palaces is a must-visit for anyone looking for a vacation from their daily scheduled life. Its other perks include their mouth-watering local Thai cuisine, street food, vibrant nightlife, and amazing options when it comes to shopping. Too alluring to miss out on, isn’t it?

    This island is a peace away from the hustle of regular life having white sand beaches, mountains, clear waters, spa resorts and more so the duo can relax in their own aura and get inspired by the natural surroundings. 

    Another beach destination that sways away its travelers into the mountains, cliffs, limestone karsts, boulders and more. Moreover, the place is famous for taking adventure sports as well as leisure in its land; indeed a perfection for honeymoon goers.

    About the Tour:

    - In this honeymoon package, spend 6 days and 5 nights discovering the spice of romance Thailand adds to your trip

    - Travel to Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Phi island, James Bond island, Krabi and islands around Krabi with your spouse and witness the classic beauty of Thailand's tropical climate.

    - Stay in comfortable hotels while also relishing the meals on this tour.

    - Interestingly, your entry fees to National parks are also part of the package, giving you unhindered passage.

  • 05Splendid Krabi Couple Special Tour - Flat 24% off

    Splendid Krabi Couple Special Tour - Flat 24% off
    • d7 Daysn6 Nights
    • lKrabi
    • NNNNN33 ratings
    • Thrillophila Vendor
      Thrillophila Vendor
    About the Destinations:
    Get ready to groove with your spouse this honeymoon tour in islands of Thailand!
    If you are fond of clean and azure blue waters, Krabi is the perfect location for you! Home to limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, offshore islands and boulders, Krabi calls its visitors from all over the world for a mesmerizing and soothing time.
    James Bond Island:  With the original name of Khao Phing Kan, it is famous because of the old movie based on James Bond, this island is full of picture perfect views and clear waters within.  The tower islet within the mid of sea is a major attraction to look and click.
    Phi Phi Island: This isolated piece of land is a superstar, to say the least, in terms of calm waters, beach sands, and luxury places to hit it during the vacation time. Click multiple pictures at lagoons and get mesmerized with its enchanting beauty.

    About the Tour
    - This 7 days tour will let you get sunkissed all the way on beaches of Krabi, James Bond, and Phi Phi island.
    - You will also be taking part in kayaking and visiting National Parks within the zone.
    - Explore Thalane while taking a kayaking trip, James Bond island and Phi Phi island with speedboat ride.
    - Stay in comfortable hotels and enjoy the meals along.
    - Surely, you will be getting back home with lovely pictures and memories, worth to cherish for life together. 

  • 06Thailand Honeymoon Package from Delhi

    Thailand Honeymoon Package from Delhi
    • d6 Daysn5 Nights
    • lPhuket
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    • Thrillophila Vendor
      Thrillophila Vendor
    About the Destinations:
    One of the most exciting places to spend a subtle and fun loving honeymoon in Thailand will bring you closer to Phuket and Krabi, the magic land on its own.
    Phuket is loaded with beauty wherever your eyes fall, including beaches, shopping markets, hills, and verdant green and blue sceneries. Similarly, Krabi is another wonder having crystal clear water, white sands, and luxurious stays.

    About the Tour
    - In this 6 days and 5 nights honeymoon tour, you will be exploring Phuket and travel to nearby islands like James Bond and Phi Phi.
    - As you reach Krabi, dive in the beauty of another level and visit 4 islands around this pristine land.
    - Stay for 3 nights in Phuket and 2 nights in Krabi and relax while savoring delicacies.
  • Romantic Thailand Beaches for Honeymooners

  • 07Koh Libong, Trang

    For all the couples, who like to enjoy moments of quiet, Koh Libong beach would be a perfect beach destination for them. Koh Libong is the largest island in the Trang Province. The beach offers unusual landscapes leading to a limestone cave, there are gravel paths and trekking trails to the nearby mountains from where people can experience breath taking a view of the shore below. The crystal clear water of this beach will make your mesmerized so add up in your list of places to visit.

    Though swimming here is only possible during high-tides, one can enjoy deep starry nights lying on this much secluded pristine beach. Well do stock up on cash when visiting the island, the beach does not house any banks or ATMs.

    How to Reach: The province of Trang is widely connected to all major cities of Thailand by air, buses or trains. Minibusses run directly to the pier in Hat Yao from Trang, every hour.  One can then avail ferries from Hat Yao to Libong, the cost of which will be roughly around INR 110/THB 50

  • 08Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi

    Koh Phi Phi Leh is a renowned surfing and snorkeling heaven where thousands of visitors are seen every day. The small sister island of Koh Phi Phi is regarded as the Maya Bay. As the name suggests, Maya Bay is an intrinsically beautiful bay on the coastline of Koh Phi Phi, surrounded by 100m high cliffs on its three sides. Maya Bay has always been a major tourist attraction in Thailand where the famous movie of Leonardo Di Caprio, “The Beach’ was shot. 

    The main beach at Maya Bay which will roughly be 200 m long, is characterized by its white sand and clear waters. The whole bay is a big reef where you can find exotic fishes and pretty colorful corals. If you want to avoid the rush, try visiting the beach at wee hours of the day. You might just get the perfect honeymoon picture here.

    How to Reach: Koh Phi Phi Don in the Krabi Province is highly accessible from Krabi. One can then avail a long tail or a speedboat to reach Phi Phi Islands. A 4-hour long longtail rental will cost INR 2250/1000 Bahts whereas for the full day it will cost around INR 4555/THB 2000.

  • 09Sunset Beach - Koh Lipe

    To escape the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, most of us look out for some peace and quiet when we venture out on a vacation. For honeymooners who want to enjoy moments of serenity and just want to spend some quality romantic time together away from all the hustle, Sunset Beach or as they say, Pramongin Thai, must be on your bucket list.

    Sunset Beach is one of the quietest beaches on Koh Lipe. And as the name suggests, one can experience splendid sights of the sun setting along the coastline every evening at the Sunset Beach.

    How to Reach: The easiest way to get to Koh Lipe is to fly to the Hat Yai airport, from where one can take a shuttle bus to Pak Bara pier for INR 560/250 baht. After reaching Pak Bara, one can avail a ferry to Koh Lipe for roughly INR 1460/ 650 baht.

  • 10Haad Rin, Koh Pha Ngan

    The broad shoreline which makes a cove flanked at the tip by volcanic peninsulas is what makes Haad Rin Nok, the most beautiful beach on Koh Pha Ngan. Since this beach do not have a reef, snorkelling is almost dead here, which makes for a perfect setting to lie and sunbathe. 

    In the night the beach of Haad Rin, famous for its epic full-moon parties, gets transformed into a heavenly party abode. If you are on a lookout for a party scene straight out of a movie set with a lot of music, drinking and dancing to offer, Haad Rin is the key to that heavenly getaway.

    How to Reach: Koh Samui is well connected to all major cities in Thailand. From Koh Samui, one can easily take a ferry from the Big Buddha Pier to reach Haad Rin.

  • 11Lamai Beach, Koh Samui

    The Lamai Beach area is plentiful of resorts, world-class restaurants, and spas. Unlike Chaweng, Lamai does not attract a lot of attention. Head to Lamai beach to find the essence of peace coupled with the luxury of resort stay and dining in nice restaurants. 

    If you are up for some soulful honeymoon shopping,  Lamai Beach also offers a flourishing spread of quaint shops and flea stores to stock up on some Thai souvenirs.

    How to Reach: Koh Samui is well connected by air, train, buses, and ferries. Lamai Beach is around 15 km away from Samui airport and can be easily reached by taxi.

    The ultimate guide to help you plan an island hopping adventure in Thailand:- Thailand Island Hopping For Couples

  • 12Kata Noi, Phuket

    Phuket is a number one hotspot for tourists visiting Thailand. Thailand Honeymoon Packages may deem incomplete if there is no mention of the most popular beach capital of the Phuket Province. Not very far from the busy and lively Kata Beach is the beach of Kata Noi, a small sandy stretch of a beach overlooking the blue waters. 

    Kata Noi is almost hidden from the rest of the beaches here, the road leading till the beach ends there. One must visit this beach to enjoy some good sunshine and to witness surfing, very popular around Kata Noi.

    How to Reach: Kata Noi Beach is close to the popular Kata Beach area in Phuket. From the airport, one can easily take a cab or a shuttle bus till Kata and then walk to Kata Noi Beach.

    Planning for a romantic honeymoon? Then, don't miss out to check the list of best activities to do in Phuket.

  • 13Koh Nang Yuan, Surat Thani Province

    Image Credit :

    Koh Nang Yuan is a popular beach island; very close to the island Ko Tao, also known as the Turtle Island. Nang Yuan is popular amongst tourists who usually come down from close by areas of Koh Tao and Koh Samui, for a day trip. Nang Yuan offers great diving spots for honeymoon couples to indulge in swimming and is a perfect beach for snorkeling too. 

    At the beach, one may find limited food options as there is only a single restaurant offering Thai and Western food. If you are on a lookout for some fun adventure, do check out Island to Island Zip Lining, which is gathering a lot of popularity in Koh Nang Yuan recently.

    How to Reach: Tourists can avail high-speed Catamaran, very similar to Yachts. Catamarans operate one-day snorkeling tours from Koh Samui to Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan for 2500 Bahts. The price includes snorkeling equipment, a buffet lunch and the entrance fee to Koh Nang Yuan. You can ask your travel operator to include this in your honeymoon packages to Thailand.

  • 14Railay Beach, Krabi

    Railay also pronounced as Rai-Leh, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is a small peninsula having four eye-catching beaches. The beach is no less than a living fairy tale where one can only reach via boats. If you are in search of wanderlust, there are many truly amazing places to visit in Thailand.

    The paradise is just around the South end of Ao Nang, the busiest beach destination in the Krabi Province. This place is also a hub for the rock-climbing fanatics who indulge in climbing the towering limestone cliffs surrounding the peninsula.

    How to reach: Krabi is easily accessible from Bangkok by air, bus or train, from where one has to take a cab or a shuttle bus to Ao Nang. From Ao Nang Beach one can avail a quick 15-minute longtail boat ride to reach Railay.

  • Thailand Luxurious Spas for Honeymooners

  • 15Banyan Tree, Phuket

    The Banyan tree Resort is nestled along the enclave of Laguna Phuket. The resort is a different world in itself placed neatly upon the sun-kissed sands embracing the clear waters and deep blue skies. The resort houses a one of a kind luxury spa with a number of soothing Ayurveda treatments on offer. 

    The treatments offered in the spa are performed by a professional masseuse and the treatments are complemented by the highest quality of herbs and natural oils sourced from India. The guests can choose from a variety of rejuvenation rooms on offers, like the open air or the air-conditioned Spa Pavilions to the double rooms where Yoga and Meditation take place. 

    Rejuvenate your body and mind and experience sheer peace along with your partner at the Banyan Tree. Couples can add the resort stay to their honeymoon itinerary in Honeymoon Packages Thailand.

    33, 33/27 Srisoonthorn Rd, Choeng Thale, Thalang District, Phuket

    Timings: 10 AM - 12 AM

  • 16Royal Natural Spa, Bangkok

    Tourists usually flock to Thailand to look for some relaxation and rejuvenation. Thai massages are renowned world over and every year Thailand receives a great number of tourists owing to the Thai massage frenzy. The popular city of Bangkok is huddled with many massage parlors and spas, some decent ones and some over the top luxury ones. 

    Royal Natural Spa in Bangkok is a renowned spa adorning a great ambiance. The spa offers a full range of authentic Thai therapeutics where they use plants, herbs, aromatic oils etc. sourced from rural areas and imported to the Royal Natural Spa exclusively. 

    Honeymoon couples on a look out for some post-wedding relaxation must indulge in the Royal Thai massage or the Aromatherapy massage here in Royal Natural Spa.

     878 Rama IV Rd, Khwaeng Si Phraya, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500

     10 AM - 12 AM

  • 17Let’s Relax, Hat Patong

    Let’s Relax Spas are located at terrific locations all over Thailand. They’re a standalone day spa which offers excellent service. All branches of the spa chain are decorated distinctly from each other to reflect the taste and culture of the location. They have two branches on Phuket’s most popular beach of Patong, surrounded by fine restaurants, and posh malls.

    On your honeymoon, indulge yourselves in an experiential spa journey by choosing from the extensive line up of massages and body treatments on offer. One must try the soothing Foot and Hand Reflexology and the Aromatic hot stone massage for some divine rejuvenation. The honeymoon couples can avail the “dream package” which consists of a foot massage, hand massage, back massage, and a shoulder massage.

    199 Thanon Ratuthit Songroipi Rd, Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket

    Timings: 10 AM - 12 AM

  • 18The Dheva Spa and Wellness Centre

    The moment you walk into Dheva Spa and Wellness Centre, immediately you get transcended to a bygone era. The Spa is a grand structure of 3,100 square meters which took 3 and a half years to be built. The walls of the spa are festooned with ornate moldings and sculptures depicting sacred animals or symbolic Buddhist motifs, recreated from the original Burmese temple in Mandalay, Myanmar.  

    Apart from the mesmerizing ambiance, the spa is equipped with 11 spacious treatment suites, each with a private bath, steam shower, heated marble scrub table, and private relaxation area. 
    Honeymoon Couples visiting the spa would be spoilt for choices as the spa offers a selection of aqua therapy areas and a bundle of other therapies to choose from.

    The spa provides European, Asian, Indian Ayurveda, and North African relaxation therapies and holistic treatments.

    51/4 Chiang Mai - Sankampaeng Road Moo 1 T. Tasala A. Muang

    Timings: 9 AM - 8 PM

  • 19Chiva-Som, Hua Hin

    Chiva Som is a 21-year-old destination spa which has consistently appeared in the top three of the Conde Nast Traveller (UK) Reader’s Travel Awards. The world-class spa promises you a happy indulgence and absolute integration of the mind and body. 

    The journey at the spa begins at the male or female Water Therapy Suites where cleansing and heat treatments are offered. The Water Therapy rooms are where one can find the Sauna, Steam room and the Jacuzzi. 

    If you choose rather to just relax on the sprawling heated waterbeds, the spa will offer a refreshing Lemongrass Tea for you to sip and relax. Chiva Som further offers a wide variety of massages with a unique blend of traditional and advanced therapies.

    73/4 Petchkasem Road, Hua Hin

    Timings: 11 AM - 9 PM

  • 20Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Spa, Koh Samui

    As the name suggests the wellness center in Koh Samui is a holistic spa resort the essence of which is expressed by its name ‘lotus’ (Kamal) and ‘Realm’ (Alaya), an ancient symbol for the growth and unfolding of the human spirit. The resort is built around a monk’s cave where Buddhist monks used to meditate many years ago. 

    Transform your honeymoon to a health spa holiday, choose from their numerous wellness solutions for stress, burnout, detox or yoga. They have a team of international naturopaths who offer personalized wellness experience on special request where they work with the guests and suggest unique health and wealth programs available at the spa.

    102/9 Laem-Set Rd, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 

    Timings: 8 AM - 7 PM

  • Adventure Activities for Honeymooners

  • 21Zip Lining in Chiang Mai

    Zip Lining in Chiang Mai

    One of Asia’s longest single Zipline flights is in Chiang Mai. Take a day tour with your partner and tread upon the offbeat route to Zipline across forests, walking down a waterfall and van rides inside a jungle. How better can a honeymoon get? Flight of the Gibbon, one of the trusted Zipline tour operators in Thailand offers action-packed adventure experiences to everyone. 

    Also, they take special care when it comes to safety. The best part is that you need no experience for Ziplining. 

    This activity can be availed at various places - Dragon flight zipline, Eagle track zipline etc.

    Timings: 8 AM to 9 PM

    Price: Starts from INR 8230
               Starts from THB 3765

    Flight of the Gibbon Chiang Mai - Flat 13% off

    Flight of the Gibbon Chiang Mai - Flat 13% off

    NNNNM35 Ratings

    h8 HourslChiang Mai


    Starting from


  • 22Skydiving in Pattaya

    Romance is not laidback anymore, wining and dining is fun in a honeymoon, sure! But these days, more and more couples are drawn towards exciting adventure activities on their honeymoon. The famous beach town of Pattaya is not restricted to its flamboyant resorts and malls; it is big on the very adventurous Skydiving activity as well. Tag your partner along and ready yourself for your next big jump.

    Skydiving in Pattaya is very interesting and absolutely safe where the instructors attach you to a highly experienced diver using a dual harness parachute designed for two. This helps in boosting the motivation of the amateur diver. You can do many exciting activities in various places in Pattaya. One can book for the skydiving trips directly from their website or customize it on our Thailand Honeymoon Packages.

    Thai Sky Adventures - Skydive, Pattaya

    Timings: 7 AM - 6 PM

    Price: INR 19330 to INR 23790
               THB 8900 to THB 10950

  • 23Sea Kayaking in Phuket

    There are many beautiful stretches of sea kayaking in Thailand. Many tour operators offer regular sea kayaking tours in Phuket. Take your partner along on a kayak tour to explore the Hongs, which are collapsed cave systems in the interior of each island. 

    There you can visit islands after islands of crystalline limestone caves each with distinct characteristics, on a specially designed canoe, all along witnessing the wonderful ecosystem. Each boat on the tour is accompanied by experienced guides who lead the way and share trivia about the nature hub. 

    A full day canoe and speedboat tour with meals is a superb deal for Honeymoon couples which includes sea kayaking in Thailand Honeymoon Packages to create an experience of a lifetime.

    Location: This activity can be availed at various places like sea cave canoe, john gray's sea canoe

    Timings: 8 AM - 8 PM 

    Price: INR 7600 approx. 
    3500 approx.

  • 24Snorkeling in Koh Samui

    In Koh Samui, one may find decent spots for diving and snorkeling. Snorkeling is a fun and adventurous activity where one gets to experience the astounding beauty of the world underwater. Witness amazing landscapes below the surface and experience the tropical marine life up close. 

    For couples who are venturing out on a tour to Thailand for their honeymoon must include Snorkelling in Koh Samui in the itinerary as this will be one unforgettable experience. Snorkeling in Koh Samui undertakes in hidden underwater coves which creates an aquarium like environment making the whole experience much more exciting.

    Beaches in Koh Samui where snorkeling can be done are Ao
    phang Ka, Taling Ngam, Silver Beach, Choeng Mon and Coral Cove.

    Location: This activity can be availed at various places like 
    Coral Cove, Taling Ngam, Ao Phang Ka etc

    Timings: Best before sunset

    Price: INR 4780 approx. 
    2200 approx.

  • 25Mountain Biking in Chiang Mai

    Adventurous souls out on their honeymoon prefer taking the road less taken to create wonderful and everlasting memories. Mountain Biking is one great adventure sport enough to give you and your partner the much-wanted adrenaline rush. 

    Planning a visit to Chiang Mai? Well, you must know that Chiang Mai is a mountain biking heaven with splendid trails and downhill runs. Many tour operators in Chiang Mai specialize in Mountain Biking Tour activities where they provide good suspension bikes to the riders. 

    The riders are sent with the instructors and safety gears to the top of the mountain on a 4x4 vehicle, where the instructors help the riders riding downhill. All kinds of riders are allowed on the tour after understanding their comfort levels.

    Sam Lan, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai

    Timings: 7 AM - 10 PM

    Price: INR 650 to INR 1750
               THB 300 to 800

  • 26White Water Rafting in Phuket

    The thrill to white water rafting along the rapids on the main Phang Nga river, 80 km north of Phuket cannot be described in mere words. The river with gradual drops has smooth current and many tour operators specializing in the rafting sport offer daily rafting tours around the Phang Nga Province. 

    The river stretch in itself is gorgeous and offer scenic natural beauty in its spread. While river rafting in Phang Nga is available year round, it is enjoyed best during the months of June to November when the areas receive rainfall. 

    The rafting stretches small ranging according to levels from 5, 7 and 9 km. Your honeymoon can turn into a fun adventure if white water rafting gets added to your bucket list.

    Location: This activity can be availed at Phuket white water rafting, phuket rafting tour etc.

    9 AM to 9 PM 

    Price: INR 1750 to INR 2000
               THB 800 to THB 915

  • 27Waterfall Abseiling in Chiang Mai

    Certain Travel curators in Chiang Mai offer unique adventure activities like abseiling or rappelling down a waterfall. Couples who wish to give their wild instinct a boost can include this fun yet adventurous activity in their honeymoon itinerary. 

    The abseiling is undertaken on a 100 meters high waterfall situated inside the depths of a mysterious jungle in Chiang Mai, 1300 m above sea level. Also rappelling around here is done under completely safe surroundings and guided personally by experts. 

    Location: Bua Thong Waterfalls, Chiang Mai

    Timings: 8 AM - 5 PM

    Price: INR 1750 to INR 460
               THB 800 to THB 1000

  • 28Jungle Trekking in Pai

    Thailand, a well-known beach country but it also has much more to offer if one chooses to explore the rustic side to it. If you want to give your partner a thrilling experience and make your honeymoon memorable, pick your rucksacks and head to Pai situated in Mae Hong Province of northern Thailand. 

    Pai is well suited for people who prefer to be close to nature and explore offbeat. With gorges, hot springs and jungles in its spread, hiking to the beautiful Mo Paeng Waterfall is a popular activity around this region. Many tour operators in Thailand specialize in Jungle Trekking Tours and conduct regular trips to Pai. Contact your tour operator or ask the trip to be included in your Honeymoon packages for Thailand.

    Pai, Thailand

  • Best Theme Parks & Rides in Thailand

  • 29Cartoon Network Amazone

    The kids channel Cartoon Network is appreciated by audiences all around the world. The giant network has its own family entertainment theme park called The Cartoon Network Amazone in Pattaya, completely based on Cartoon Network shows and characters. Opened in 2014, the theme based waterpark have already gathered a lot of popularity and boasts of a decent regular footfall. 

    The waterpark is divided into 10 exciting entertainment zones with enthralling rides in all the zones. The guests can choose from 150 different water attractions for guests of all ages. The adventure park also houses themed rooftop restaurants from where one can enjoy the daily live shows that start around sunset. 

    If you are spending a couple of days in Pattaya for the big honeymoon, make sure you give the theme park a visit for a great fun adventure. Many tour operators offer an all-inclusive Amazone visit, you can also avail Thailand Honeymoon Packages and include Cartoon Network Amazone in your honeymoon schedule.

    Open daily 10 AM - 7 PM

    Cost: INR 2,691 
              THB 1183

    Cartoon Network Amazone Ticket - Flat 15% off

    Cartoon Network Amazone Ticket - Flat 15% off

    NNNNM35 Ratings

    d1 DaylPattaya

    Starting from


  • 30Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

    Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

    The Ocean World entertainment zone situated in Bangkok is one of the most visited tourist attractions. The Sea Life Ocean World is vast and has an enviable infrastructure for catering entertainment to their guests. 

    Couples visiting the ocean world can choose from a variety of exploration options such as a 270-degree glass-bottomed boat from where one can see the vast ocean world and its 6000 exotic creatures. There are many other fun-filled and exciting activities like the Ocean Walker where you get to walk among underwater creatures. 

    The Ocean World also offer 4D Cinema experiences and boasts of an underwater tunnel from where one can experience a 180-degree vista of the ocean world.

    Open daily from 10am to 9pm

    Cost: INR 1,490
              THB 654

    All Luxuries under one roof:- Thailand Honeymoon Resorts

    Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World - Flat 20% off

    Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World - Flat 20% off

    NNNNN61 Ratings

    h10 HourslBangkok


    Starting from


  • 31Dream World

    Dream World

    The adventure theme park in Bangkok is well known for its sprawling snow world which attracts a lot of tourists. Visitors can explore 4 unique zones inside the park- Dream World Plaza, Dream Gardens, Fantasy Land, and the Adventure Land. The park boasts of 40 exciting joy rides and family attractions like the Haunted Mansion and the Space Mountain. 

    Spend a happy and satisfying day at the Dream World Bangkok with your loved one, experience the feel of Arctic snow at the Snow Town, hop on in one of the American style adventure rides or maybe just explore the 7 wonders of the world at the Dream Gardens. All in all its one activity you cannot give a miss.

    Open every day from 10 am to 5 pm

    Price: INR 950
               THB 417

    Dream World Amusement Park Ticket, Bangkok - Flat 20% off

    Dream World Amusement Park Ticket, Bangkok - Flat 20% off

    NNNNM25 Ratings

    h8 HourslBangkok


    Starting from


  • 32Ramayana Water Park

    Ramayana Water Park

    The water park situated in Pattaya promises a fun and frolic filled day out for the whole family. The theme park is built on an ancient city where one still can explore the remainders of the past by visiting the ancient ruins of buildings, walls, and waterfalls. Ramayana Water Park is built in nature’s trove surrounded by hillocks, lakes, and rivers. 

    The park offers more than 21 thrilling water rides in addition to their massive wave pool, the lazy river and the floating market. Visiting this water park on your honeymoon will guarantee a day well spent.

    Open daily from 10 am to 6 pm

    Cost: INR 1600
              Baht 703

    Ramayana Waterpark in Pattaya - Flat 20% off

    Ramayana Waterpark in Pattaya - Flat 20% off

    NNNMM34 Ratings

    h8 HourslPattaya


    Starting from


  • 33Splash Jungle Water Park

    Phuket is not behind when it comes to adventure entertainment parks for tourists. The Splash Jungle water park offers multiple fun attractions like a wave pool, adventurous slides, water play area coupled with a fine dining restaurant and a swim-up bar. The waterpark offers activities suited to all age groups, one can relax at the spa situated inside the park or just laze around and sunbathe on the gazebo if it gets too tiring after a point.

    Open every day from 10 am to 6 pm

    Get complete information about Thailand tours, Clik Here Now:- Honeymoon in Thailand Travel Guide

  • 34Black Mountain Water Park

    The Black Mountain Water Park is not very far from main town Hua Hin. Spread across a sprawling 40,000 sq. meters of land, Black Mountain Water Park offers a frenzy of tourist attractions within its park limits, guaranteeing complete safety to its visitors. The park boasts of a 17 meters high tower consisting of 9 unique water slides to choose from. 

    Visitors love the park’s massive wave pool which makes the biggest wave in Thailand. The water park also has other pools like the infinity pool, the children’s pool and the relaxing lazy river.

    Open daily from 10 am to 6 pm

    Entry Ticket Prices: For an adult, the ticket would cost INR 1350/600 Baht

    Make the most of your honeymoon, Our Top Picks For The Best resorts in Phuket:- Best Resorts in Phuket for Honeymoon

  • Shopping Places for Honeymooners

  • 35Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

    The night bazaar at Chiang Mai is every shopper’s dream haven which is open all around the year regardless of any weather brutality or other important holidays. The string of shops that are lined across the streets offer all kinds of goods on display, from the original one to the first copies; one can find every designer good at the night market if explored properly. 

    Also do remember to wear your bargaining shoes before you get to the market, all for the sake of fun. The Night Bazaar is not only restricted to its flea shops, the street is also lined with big brands and food eatery, Bangkok’s first Mcdonald was also established here in Chiang Mai. 

    The market is a treasure trove; one can find many quirky and trendy products at dirt cheap prices. Make sure you don’t miss the famous night market on your honeymoon visit to Thailand.

    Opening Hours: 6 pm to 12 am

    Discover Phuket With Your Partner:- Places to Visit in Phuket on Honeymoon

  • 36MBK Center

    Tourists who love to shop on their vacation must know that Bangkok houses one of the legendary shopping malls in the world. The MBK Centre in Bangkok is an eight-story high shopping paradise which consists of 2000 stores selling all kinds of lifestyle goods starting from clothes, fashion accessories, handbags, shoes to different leather goods. 

    There are many shops selling eye-catching furniture pieces, trendy mobile phones, and electrical appliances, collections of cameras, stationery products and DVDs. During weekends the mall receives an incredible number of footfalls as the goods sold in this mall is relatively cheaper than its other counterparts.

    Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00

    Know More About The Best Area To Stay:- Best Area to Stay in Phuket for Couples

  • 37Jungceylon Shopping Mall

    Phuket is a hub of visitors, the province boasts of new age shops and restaurants, and some really good shopping malls like the Jungceylon Shopping mall. The mall is huge and has clearly added its own charm to the town of Patong. The shopping arcade has over 200 shops selling all kinds of brands ranging from apparels to various other lifestyle goods.

    Tourists flock to the mall to experience movie watching at the 5-Screen SF Cinemas, situated inside the mall. The mall scores brownie points for accommodating a 16 lane Bowling alley inside the premises. The mall is sure to delight every shopper visiting it.

    Opening Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
  • 38Hua Hin Night Market

    The Hua Hin night market is not your conventional market. The market is situated at Hua Hin centre along the railway line. The flea market opens after 6:30 in the evening when the whole street wakes up to hordes of people selling variety of goods and delectable street food. 

    The street shops sell many products like apparels, decorative, art and crafts and is famous for its spread of many street food stalls. If you have a happy spot towards seafood, the street is lined with a lot of fine seafood restaurants.

    Opening Hours: 18:00 to 23:00

  • 39Central Festival Samui

    Located at a prime location of Samui islands and spread across 90,000 sq. meters of retail space stands the eye-catching shopping complex called the Central Festival which has changed the face of Chaweng. The complex is a premium lifestyle mall divided into four different sections - Chaweng Port, Bird Cage, Fisherman Village, and the Beach Town Market. 

    Apart from having endless shops and restaurants, the 3 stories high complex also has one open-air atrium, a large garden, and a kids’ play area. Visitors can enjoy fine dining at one of the many international restaurants present inside the mall.

    Opening Hours: 11:00 – 23:00

  • 40Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya

    If you find yourself roaming about in Pattaya, head towards Central Pattaya where you can find the Royal Garden Plaza, a huge mall spread across two streets. The entrance at the 2nd Road boasts of a mock airplane hanging from above. This massive plane grabs a lot of eyeballs of people visiting the mall. 

    The mock structure belongs to the house of Ripley’s Believe it or not, present inside the mall, is a museum of interesting curios and surprising finds. The four-storeyed mall has several shops housing international and expensive brands of lifestyle stores and restaurants. 

    The complex also gives ample opportunity to family entertainment, from the regular Cinemas to haunted mansions, the mall has it all. Visitors can also explore the Tussaud’s Wax Works which features wax statues of famous celebrities.

    Opening Hours: 10:30 - 23:00

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  • Fine Dining Restaurants For Honeymooners

  • 41Eat Me

    The story behind the restaurant goes many years back to 1998. Being a veteran, Eat Me still has kept its fresh charm intact. Spread across 3 floors, the restaurant and its staff impart impeccable class the moment you step inside the restaurant. The platter that they serve looks delightful and is a fusion of many influences gathered from various places across the world. 

    The restaurant houses a decent bar and a veranda which is illuminated with many candles in the evening time. Dining in this delightful restaurant is an experience in itself. Enjoy the romantic evening sitting at the veranda with a glass of tasteful cocktail, much acknowledged here. Full kitchen & bar available

     Convent Rd, Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak

    Opening Hours:
    3 pm to 1 am.

  • 42Blue Elephant

    Add a little charm to your beautiful honeymoon story by spending a few moments dining at this restaurant. Talk of fine culinary culture in Thai cuisine, Blue Elephant has a reputation of authenticity and sheer excellence in this area. The restaurant is elegantly made in a Sino-Portuguese style of architecture which makes the ambience look very relaxing. 

    Experience an unforgettable dining experience at the Blue Elephant, their food spread will amuse you with its interesting dishes; also all ingredients are of the best and freshest quality. It is recommended to make your reservations prior the visit.

    233 S Sathorn Rd, Khwaeng Yan Nawa, Khet Sathon

    Opening Hours: 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM

  • 43Anchan Vegetarian Restaurant

    All vegetarian souls rejoice as we have for you the perfect place to try out delectable veg cuisine. Anchan vegetarian restaurant is situated in Chiang Mai is a delight for vegetarian food lovers. With a lavish spread of delicious, classic Thai dishes, every preparation is made with the freshest of vegetables available in the market. 

    The ambiance is pretty decent where every table is adorned with fresh flowers. The neat restaurant also sports an open-air area, if you are early, you might just get to eat your meal while enjoying the beautiful sunset of Chiang Mai. 

    Location: Hillside 2 Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai

    Opening Hours: 11:30 AM to 8:15 PM

    Explore Here For More Information:- Best Places to Stay in Thailand on Honeymoon

  • 44Suay Restaurant

    Suay is one restaurant in Phuket that defines class. The cosy style setting of the ambience is enough to lift the mood of the visitors. Suay is a charmer when it comes to palatable North-Eastern cuisines, with a twist in the traditional Thai dishes, the restaurant clearly wins people’s hearts. 

    The restaurant pays special attention towards its quality, and also maintains a very healthy menu. One can find a mix of healthy salads, drinks made out of fruits and herbs to delicious desserts, Suay will surprise you in many ways.

    Location: Takuapa Rd, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat

    Timings: 5 PM to 11 PM

  • 45Feuang Nara

    Well, they say in Bangkok that if you ever want to taste the best Tom Yum Potah Soup then you should head to Feuang Nara. The restaurant strikes a pretty picture, refurbished from an old house; the restaurant will soothe your eyes with its old school architecture.

    The house, in which the restaurant thrives today, belonged to a family who lived there for generations before coming up with the restaurant. Get to taste the best of the seafood experience and delight your taste buds by dining at Feaung Nara.

    Location: 3 Naradhiwat Rajanagarindra Rd, Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak

    Opening Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM

  • 46Le Vendôme

    Wondering where to go out for the authentic Thai experience on your honeymoon in Thailand? Look no further, Le Vendome in Bangkok serves authentic Thai food in addition to its Western and Swiss delicacies. Situated at the heart of Bangkok, Le Vendome provides a great outdoor seating ambience decorated in jungle style setting dominated by light colours and sober furniture. 

    Enjoy their lip smacking fish grills from the fish grill section where the guests can choose their fish directly out of a fish tank. Sounds amazing right? Find this experience in Thailand Honeymoon Packages. One can also sit indoors in the air-conditioned section. While enjoying the nightlife places of Pattaya you will fall in love with this country.

    Location: 267/2 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Khwaeng Khlong Toei Nuea, Khet Watthana

    Opening Hours: 8:30 AM to 11:30 PM

  • 47Chez Francois

    Chez Francois solves your query to the pressing worry of where to get the best fine dining experience when on your honeymoon to Thailand. The restaurant reflects the absolute class with its hip and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant serves upscale French cuisine that will suit the taste of any food lover. 

    People in Ko Samui recommends Chez Francois for its romantic ambiance, the delicious food can magically port you miles away to one of those quaint restaurant cafés beside the French Rivera. Try your hand upon their delectable platter of classic French cuisine and get a fairy tale dining experience here at Chez Francois.

    33/2 Moo1 Fisherman's Village, Bophut, Surat Thani

    Opening Hours: 6:30 PM to 11 PM

  • 48Indian By Nature

    Indians who travel abroad always stay on a lookout for good Indian meal options. Pattaya, the world-renowned tourist destination won’t disappoint when it comes to its Indian cuisine affair. Indian by Nature in Pattaya is a popular Indian restaurant that serves a great affair of delicious Indian dishes and boasts of a scrumptious Indian dessert menu. 

    The restaurant has a comforting ambiance and elegantly decorated with a sprawling outdoor patio to sit too. The restaurant has a well-stocked bar open kitchen which serves the best tandoori fare and finest spices in Pattaya.

    06/64-68 Thappraya Rd, ???? ???????? Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri

    Opening Hours: 5:30 PM - 11 PM

  • 49Raitalay Terrace

    Raitalay Terrace in the Rayavadee resort, situated next to the Railay beach is a great option if you are looking for some relaxed and mood lifting dining experience. Overlooking the beautiful Railay Beach, the restaurant is decorated well and gives its guests the feel of a proper beachside setting yet maintaining its classy charm, touché!

    The restaurant serves mouth-watering Western and Asian fare made of locally sourced fresh ingredients with a fusion of Thai style of cooking. They also offer a wonderful array of cocktails and fine wines. Spend a dreamy day looking at the beach or get a taste of the International spread while looking at the amazing sunset of the Railay Beach, make sure you don’t give Raitalay Terrace a miss while on your honeymoon to Thailand.



Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi, a small archipelago of six islands is the most beautiful and widely popular tourist destination in Andaman. Beautiful bondage of two islands together by a narrow isthmus is something that makes this place this pretty. 

The postcard picture-perfect beaches, unending thickets and craggy cliffs of this island have been known for seducing people from all over the world. Often visitors find it a herculean task to detach themselves from the just flawless beauty that this place offers. Planning a holiday in Krabi? Add this in your list of places to visit in Krabi.

While in Phi Phi Islands, you just cannot miss the viewpoint which is around 186m above sea level and allures you with the breathtaking views of the entire region. Relax and unwind yourself at Lane Beach, take a leisure walk in Yao Beach and enjoy some spectacular views at Hin Kho Beach.

 Phi Phi Islands, Krabi

Getting There: 
The best possible way to reach Ko Phi Phi islands is by a ferry from Phuket, Ao Nag, RaiLeh, Krabi Town, KoLAnta s per the nearest location. Tonsai Pier is the island’s main pier and supports good frequency of boats from all the mentioned places.


Railay Beaches & Caves

It is yet another secluded beach in Thailand, situated in the city of Krabi. Railay beach is a beautiful seashore with tranquil white sand and clear seas. The beach is located in just one small peninsula with large limestone cliffs, lagoons, caves, and viewpoints.

This spectacular peninsula is just cut off from the main Krabi city because of it being covered with the limestone headlands and deep jungle valleys. 

:  If you are in a search of a lazy and peaceful day or chilled-out evenings, heading on to Railay beach will be a good option.  All the lagoons, caves, and cliffs are within walking distance so that you can enjoy anywhere on the beach. 

 In between Krabi and Ao Nang 

Getting There
: With no roads, no buses, no cars, the only way to reach the Railay beach is via longtail boats because the beach is accessible only by sea.

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The Emerald Pool

Rejuvenate each and every segment of your body at the emerald pool, where the water comes from the hot springs and the entire zone is hot bedded. From all the four corners it is surrounded by the trails of greens and hails out to nature lovers.

Highlights: The key features of this emerald pool is its location, which is, it is seated right in the heart of lush green forests and is surrounded by a wooden track which adds up to the charm of the place.

Location: Khlong Thom Nuea, Khlong Thom District, Krabi 81120, Thailand

Getting There: Reaching out to the emerald pool is very easy, one can take a private cab to the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, from here you have to take a small walk of 10 minutes to reach to the exact point.


Tiger Cave Temple

The kind of place that demands some efforts, and then rewards you with pretty sights in return, Tiger Cave Temple is a revered Buddhist temple in Krabi. The name of this temple is attributed to the prominent tiger paw prints inside the cave. In order to reach the summit, one must climb up a staircase having 1237 steps which makes a visit all the more exciting.

If you want to soak in a 360 degree panoramic view of Krabi, this summit offers you that – a visual treat indeed. All in all, Tiger Cave Temple is undoubtedly one of the best tourist places in Krabi.

Highlights: Apart from breathtaking views of Krabi and tiger paw impressions, the site also features a giant statue of Lord Buddha.

Location: Krabi Noi, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi

Timings: 12 am to 12 pm (open all days)

Getting there: There are sharing and private taxis are available to reach the base from where the hiking starts.


Klong Thom Hot Springs

Marking its place in one of the most serene places to visit in Krabi, Klong Thom Hot springs stretches all over and is an epitome tranquil settings. Here you can take a dip in the hot springs and refresh each and every vertical of the mind and soul.

Highlights: The most impressive feature of these hot springs is that here you can feel close to nature and this place extends ideal surroundings, which are a blend of greens and soothing environs.

Location:  Khlong Thom Nuea, Khlong Thom District, Krabi 81120, Thailand

Getting There:  Reaching out to the Klong Thom Hot springs is very easy, one can take a private cab to the Khao Phra Bang Khram Nature Reserve, from here you have to take a small walk of 5 minutes to reach to the exact point.

Koh Lanta Island

Stretching from Klong Dao on the northern side and Bamboo Bay on the southern, Koh Lanta is probably amongst the most favored beaches in Thailand. The sheer size of the coastline is what attracts most beach bums to this stunning getaway. 

For the adventurists, the popular places for diving are on the coasts of Hin Daeng, Hin Muang, and Ko Haa. Lanta is the pride and joy of Krabi and can be easily reached thanks to its relatively flat and accessible geology. The island is located in the Krabi province.

Highlights: Visit the Ban Saladan Tourist Centre, Khao Mai Kaew Caves, Visit Ko Lanta Noi and the Lanta Old Town, a diverse and culturally rich village.

Location: Ko Lanta Yai is in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Thailand

Getting there:
 There are no direct regular ferries from Phuket to Krabi although it is possible to charter a speedboat or similar transportation. Daily ferries operate between Phuket and Krabi via Phi Phi Island

Tab Kak Hang Nak Nature Trail

There are several ways to enjoy an intimate experience with nature in Krabi, and trekking at Tab Kak Hang Nak is one of them. Hang Kak is a mountain park teeming with rich collection of tropical flora and offering spectacular views of the sweeping landscapes around. Due to its lavish verdure, the park is one of the most enticing places to see in Krabi.

Tab Kak Hang Nak is well-known for its hiking trail that leads one to a point where photography becomes a heavenly affair. There are several stretches with steep ascent on the trail but the path is paved in most parts and can be considered by novice hikers.

Highlights: The most fascinating thing about the nature trail is a vantage point presenting exceptional views of Krabi and the bay.

Location: 4024, Sao. Krabi 2007, Nong Thale, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 

Timings: 8 am - 3 pm

Getting there: You can either hire a cab or rent a motorbike from any part of Krabi to reach the base.


Krabi Elephant Sanctuary

Are you a wildlife lover? Then this is your place to be.! Ranging from all ages of Asian elephants, here you can pick from various packages. While some of them are inclusive of just the observation while in the others you can interact with the mighty elephants, and even play with them. Make sure you pre-book your visit and make the trip even more hassle-free.

Highlights: This place is a true haven for the elephants, and has a remarkable count of them.

Location: 83/13 Ao Luek Tai, Ao Luek District, Krabi 81110, Thailand

Getting There: Reaching out to the Krabi elephant sanctuary, is pretty easy, and one can opt for a private taxi or cab from Krabi town.


Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

Add up a new chapter in your book of experiences, and visit this natural park which is one of the best places to visit in Krabi. This well-renowned attraction of this province posses a plush of scenic wonders and draws tourists from all over the map. Here you can also jump from one limestone cliff to another, which contrast with the green thickets of the bewildering jungles.

Highlights: At this place, you can enjoy the emerald pool, hot springs, and apart from this, it is all covered with dense jungles which are home to the wilds and birds.

Location: Khao Pra-Bang Khram, near Bang Teao Village

Getting There: The Thung Teao Forest Natural Park is easily accessible, as it is located at a drive of just one hour from Ao Nang, and can be visited by a cab or taxi.


Kai Island or Chicken Island

Based on the southern part of Poda and Tup islands, Kai Island is also been popularly known as Poda Nuk Island or Hua Khawan Island. The rooster shaped rock on the island is a symbol of the beautiful Krabi Sea. The pleasant climate and the harmonious ambiance, fascinating coral reefs and white sandy beaches are key attractions of this island. The chicken island is one of the most popular places to visit in Krabi. 

It is a perfect blend of dense vegetation on one side and turquoise blue waters and sandy beaches on the other. For all the adventure seekers it is a great location to enjoy swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. With stunning beauty and mesmerizing views of the Krabi coastlines, this is one of the pictorial locations and a must visit the island for the tourist.

: Sandbar that emerges from water during low tide connecting Koh Mor and Tup islands

: 30 mins longtail boat ride from the west coast of Krabi.

Getting There: The only way to reach here is by boat.


Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang beach is part of a small peninsula located between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang beach. Phra Nang beach is also beside Railay beach which is accessible only by boat due to the high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access. Phra Nang Beach is one of the most popular places to visit in Krabi.

There is the famous "Princess Cave" or Tham Phra Nang Nok in Phra Nang beach. It is believed by local fishermen to be the home of a mythical sea princess.  Phra Nang beach is so spectacular that you can just lie there and soak in the sun. If you are adventurous it is possible to hike to the top of the headland to get spectacular views of the entire area. Swimming and snorkeling can also be enjoyed off this pristine, white sandy beach.

Highlights: There is a shrine built inside the limestone cave which is dedicated to an ancient fertility goddess. Inside the limestone cave is a collection of strange phallic symbols, offerings and objects believed to help with fertility. Local fishermen still leave offerings although it's now becoming a local tourist attraction.

Location:  Phra Nang Beach is located a short walk from Rayavadee Resort.

Getting There: To reach Phra Nang from Ao Nang, you'll need to take a Longtail boat from Ao Nang

Phi Phi View Point

One of the most rewarding hiking trails you will find in Krabi, this adventure has its own special charm throughout. Although you can rent a bike or taxi to reach this popular viewpoint, it is not as fun as hiking up the steep slope because the vistas you get to witness from up here are worth all the hard work.

You will truly be mesmerized to see the tiny sandy stretch of Phi Phi with sweeping views of the vibrant bay. Due to the exceptional photo-op, Phi Phi View Point is also frequented by photography enthusiasts and tourists who love to get clicked.

The viewpoint feature three excellent vantage points that let you admire and capture the beauty of Phi Phi Island.

Location: Trail starts near Reggae Bar, Phi Phi Island

Getting there: Hiking up the paved path is the recommended way. But you can also hire a vehicle to reach here.


The Mud Crabs Sculpture

The grandeur of Krabi Province goes beyond its pristine beaches and tropical forests, and The Mud Crabs Sculpture is the proof. Counted among the best places to see in Krabi, this sculpture is located on the bank of the Krabi River, and is an important landmark in Krabi.

It is not just a sculpture of crabs but an embodiment of a fable popular in the region called “Crab and Its Mother”. In essence, this product of fine craftsmanship is a visual representation of motherhood and respect.

Highlights: The only highlight is the sculpture, but you can also rest here as the river view from here is pleasing.

Location: Along Krabi River

Getting there: Since it is located in Krabi town, there are multiple options of transportation including local buses and shared taxis.


Krabi Island

Laying in southern Thailand, the Province of Krabi Island is a beautiful landscape, covered with hills, mangrove swamps, limestone rocks, and forests of oil palms. With eight districts in its pocket, Krabi island is one of the major tourist destinations in Thailand.

Some of the major attractions here are its beaches, located at the west of Krabi town. Apart from this, there are various caves, viewpoints, and waterfalls worth visiting for all of its visitors. The other major tourist spot on the island is The Tiger Cave temple aka Wat Tham Sua which is very popular among the tourist list of places to visit in Krabi.

: From the hilltops of Krabi Island, a huge golden Buddha overlooks the landscape giving you spectacular views of the town, Limestone Mountains, and the Andaman Sea.  The mountains of Krabi island are also famous amongst the climbers who constantly come here to test and challenge themselves. 

Location: Krabi

Getting There
: There are many daily flights from Bangkok. The flight duration is about 70 mins.

Koh Poda

Koh Poda, part of a tiny extensive group of islands in Krabi province off the west coast of Thailand, ranks among the most picturesque of the many uninhabited and semi-inhabited islands that line the coast.

Long tail boats drop visitors off along a stretch of sugar soft, white sand beach, famous for its clear waters and stunning views off offshore limestone formations. Thanks to its west-facing beach, the area is particularly lovely around sunset.

: Tropical fish are visible in the waters just off the beach. Just a little further out of the island is an excellent spot for snorkeling with corals reefs.

Location: Situated at a distance of 8kilometerss from Ao Nang

Getting There: The only way to reach Koh Poda is by boat. The visitors are required to pay a small fee to the operators who arrange their journey to the island.

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