Sailing in Thailand

The beautiful Islands of Thailand have umpteenth number of adventure related to water. One of them is Sailing on these crystal clear waters and getting lost in this paradise on Earth. There are plenty of sailing tours offered from main inlands like Phuket, Pattaya, and Chon Buri and Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay Islands. There are romantic sunset cruise on a private boat in Phuket, where you and your loved one can enjoy a whole day in the midst of the ocean ferrying around from one island to another and exploring the uniqueness of each islands while indulging in some one on one sailing with a private guide and basking in the comfort of just each other. If you are planning a trip to Thailand, don't forget to enjoy the lovely sunset and its various play of colors while you gently sway in your sail boat.


You can also enjoy other water sports like snorkeling, swimming, exploring the beaches and other activities like exploring the bat caves, eagle feeding etc.. You can also go for the Koh Samet Speed Boat tour in Pattaya and enjoy some sunbathing, swimming and local lip-smacking cuisine. You can also start your day by enjoying a lovely breakfast on a luxury boat in Phuket, where you can relax on sailboat while being served the best of cuisine for breakfast and enjoy in a little bit of sailing, swimming and snorkeling while the boat halts in between for a lazy relaxed exploring of the Island. Also remember to explore the cultural aspect of this beautiful islands and do visit the Bang- Pa In Summer Palace which was originally built by an Ayutthaya King and explore the beautiful temples in the ancient Ayutthaya city. Beauty of Thailand is in this very eclectic mix of culture and nature and the beauty of the ocean world makes us realize the importance of doing every bit to save it.

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