Terminal 21 Bangkok Overview

Designed like a modern-day airport, the Terminal 21 mall is an architectural marvel with a curvilinear glass and steel façade. For those who enjoy shopping, collecting mementos, and sampling local cuisine, it is the ideal destination to have some unique experiences. Discover the world in a different way by exploring this unique travel theme shopping mall in Bangkok.

Terminal21, designed after a modern airport, serves as a global marketplace. Based on the world's seven best shopping cities, it boasts a unique and entertaining shopping experience. The world's highest escalators, curved glass and steel façade, and computerized display boards are just a few of the stunning features that make this building so appealing. For those planning a Thailand trip, Terminal21 is a must-visit destination, seamlessly blending the excitement of travel with the joy of discovering global trends and unique treasures.

The market is spread across nine floors and is themed after the top seven metropolises, allowing shoppers to take in the sights of world-famous landmarks. Each floor caters to the different needs of the shoppers and is themed after the Caribbean, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, and San Francisco. Everything from clothing, shoes, and accessories to boutiques, local stores, restaurants, ice cream parlors, food courts, cinemas, and supermarkets is available here. 

The 42-story Grande Center Point Hotel, a renowned five-star hotel in Bangkok, has a direct connection to Terminal 21. SF Cinema City, located on the sixth floor, shows films in English and Thai languages. Pier 21 is one of the city's largest food courts, located on the fifth floor of the building. The mall has a plethora of dining establishments. The numerous restaurants serve everything from Japanese, Korean, and hotpot buffets to Western fare.


• Terminal 21 is a nine floor travel-themed shopping mall in Bangkok with more than 600 stores, eateries, a multiplex, supermarket, and a directly connected five-star hotel.
• A double-decker bus with a sumo wrestler inside adds to its appeal.
• Longest escalators, computerized display boards, and desk receptionists dressed as air hostesses all add to the shopping experience.
• Visitors can easily navigate the mall by using the shopping guides, which are available at information counters and look like passports.
• Based on seven metropolises themes, every floor has a different country or city theme offering visitors a unique atmosphere to enjoy their shopping experience.
• Pier 21, the food court on the fifth floor, is one of the city's largest and a foodie's paradise, with more than 50 establishments offering a wide range of cuisines.

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