Siam Serpentarium Overview

Siam Serpentarium is peerless and the first of its kind in Asia for having a snake world inside. This place overtures snake edutainment, which serves as a fantastic experience of snake civilization.

Siam Serpentarium is peerless and the first of its kind in Asia for having a snake world inside. This place overtures snake edutainment, which serves as a fantastic experience of snake civilization. Mainly, this place consists of three core engaging activity areas to groove in for a whole day. It has a Snake Museum, Snake planet and Naka Theatre. Each section promotes educational and insightful displays and demonstrations on these mesmerizing reptiles. The vivid Snake Museum gives you an incredible journey through a snake life cycle from birth to raptorial life. Snake Planet has an entrance that resembles the mouth of a snake. This path leads the visitors to a museum that unveils more than 75 species of snakes, from small to large. With Thailand travel packages, visitors can approach a lab where scientists illustrate how venom is drawn from the snake to make antivenom and serum. 

Finally, Naka Theatre organizes some interactive sessions with the snakes. Many snake charmers hypnotize a king cobra (one of the deadliest snakes amongst the species) by playing and waving around with a snake charmer. The traditional street dance performers show off their staple moves with a five-headed Nag puppet and snake exhibition. 

Siam Park Recreation is a new business module established 40 years ago, which aims for producing and merchandising traditional medicines based on snake constituents for visitors. Tourists are accompanied by a guide to having a great excursion throughout the day. 

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• Get mesmerized by the dazzling audiovisual performances of talented dancers at Naka Theatre.
• Enjoy once in a lifetime experience and learn about the life of a snake in an interactive jungle at the Immersive Snake Museum.
• Relish delicious bites at teh snake-themed restaurant inside the Siam Serpentarium

How To Reach

By Rail: You can take the airport rail link to reach Lat Krabang Station and then you can take exit 2 to proceed to your chosen destination. 

By Road: The best way to reach the Siam Serpentarium would be by taking a rental cab or self drive vehicle. You can drive down the road with the help of navigation and reach your destination without any difficulty.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Siam Serpentarium would be in the early morning when there would be less crowd. If you come here around 10 a.m., you'll find the reptiles to be more interactive.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit near Siam Serpentarium

1. Suan Luang Rama IX: Suan Luang RamaIX is popularly known as the ninth king palace garden. It's a colossal yard with a pretty botanical garden, a lake and a canopy that deserves a conscious heavenly gaze for a minute. It's the most significant public park located on the outskirts of Bangkok city and was built to celebrate King Bhumibol's 60th Birthday. Everything would seem harmonious and can achieve a state of tranquillity in this elegant site.

2. Srinagarindra Train Night Market: Srinagarindra Train Night Market happens to be a bustling outdoor night market that is especially famous for its antiques and vintage memorabilia products. Apart from all these, you will also come across plus bars and eateries. 

3. Airplane Graveyard: The Airplane Graveyard is located on Ramkhamhaeng Road, a well-visited road in Bangkok. It's a whole kind of three dumped planes by the road which is a centre of attraction for tourists. These junked plane bodies serve as a home for three abandoned families who reside in it. These devastated aeroplane parts have been at that specific land from 2010 and have likely spotlighted visitors. 

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4. Kwan-Riam Floating Market: This iconic floating market is linked by a bridge over a canal and happens to be a favourite spot for tourists. This market is located at the outskirts of Bangkok on the bank of Khlong Saen Saeb, occupying many traditional Thai foods, clothes, handmade crafts and household items. It's absolutely an eye stealing place as both the banks of the bridge have an ancient Buddhist temple. People love to gather at the canal early in the morning and give food to the monks passing by boats across the channel.

5. Hua Take Old Market: Hua Take Old Market happens to be a community marketplace located in the Lat Krabang Subdistrict of Krabang District. You will find a confluence of three Khlong Prawet Burirom, Lam Pla Thio, and Hua Take. Heading over to this place, you will come across many wooden shophouses dealing with garments. Agricultural equipment, beauty products, and many others. 

6. Summit Windmill Golf Club: Discover the Golf arena, where an unparalleled green field expands to commit spectacular views to the visitors. It is available for short and long term stays and residences within it. This site is located on Bangkok's Bangna-Trad highway. 

7. Prasart Museum: This private museum in Bang Kapi district, Bangkok, manifests historical Thai antiques and souvenirs. It contains a facsimile of renowned Thai architecture. It is set amidst beautifully landscaped gardens and a lake, which make it more splendid.

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Places to shop near Siam Serpentarium  

1. Siam paragon: Tourists looking for value for money should purchase and explore this mega mall. Southeast Asia's most extensive shopping complexes with over 250 shops and high-end brands like Versace, Prada and Louis Vuitton. This mall is no less than a fancy treat for shopaholics. 

2. Gaysorn village: A massive shopping complex with exquisite boutiques and even more mesmerizing architecture. This luxurious and highly innovative retail shopping complex houses international brands like Gucci, Prada etc. and features a glamorous shopping experience. 

3. Srinagarindra Train Night Market: This is an open-air bustle market encompassing a large variety of tokens and collectables. This particular buzzy bazaar is more exclusive than all other night markets. This market zone has a mighty collection of more than 2000 stalls selling daily products and foods. Even if you aren't buying anything, the charm of the place, the greeting atmosphere and the ethos of people hovering there would bound to make you purchase some goods indeed 

4. Khwan Nam floating market: This market is a perfect combination of beautiful sightseeing locations and awe-inspiring collections of items. This shop performs a traditional ceremony of almsgiving in the morning by monks. Apart from a great shopping experience, travellers can also enjoy at a boat restaurant offering mouth-watering authentic Thai dishes. 

5. Hua Takhe Old market: This shopping complex has old wooden stores, selling many exciting items like TVs, clothing etc. This community is ancient and also hosts arts and crafts workshops that attract tourists

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Places to eat near Siam Serpentarium  

1. Baan Khainta by the River: This beautiful river view restaurant is perfect for dining. With a wide-ranging sumptuous menu like seafood, authentic Thai food, gluten-free meals, this restaurant provides a satisfying dining experience. The staff is very generous and quick, and the ambience is perfect. 

2. Pongskaron boutique restaurant: This restaurant is situated about 0.3 miles from the serpentarium. This restaurant is famous for thirst-quenching mocktails and fantastic dining experiences with tasty Thai dishes. 

3. Zaab Eli: This undiscovered gem is about a 5 mile trip from the museum. This favourite tourist restaurant has mouth-watering dishes like dried beef, papaya salad and chicken soups which are a must-try. The staff is highly attentive and services are quick. 

4. The coffee club: If you are looking for a break from the usual Thai dishes,and want to have luscious and sumptuous continental appetizers, then this is the place you have been looking for. This is moderately priced and the ambience is perfect. 

Banana leaves restaurant is located in the Silom complex.his restaurant is famous for serving delicious seafood items, don't forget to try their chef's special Panang chicken curry and chicken cashew nut. This is a busy restaurant which is proof of its fine establishment and best-reviewed dining experience

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Tips to Visit Siam Serpentarium 

1. Be extra gentle when dealing with these reptiles. Some of these are poisonous, although they are also very harmless and do not get provoked unless harsh handling. However, tourists are advised to maintain a safe distance and take all necessary safety steps.

2. Don't forget to watch the snake show, where trained experts perform a concert with cobras. This is a marvellous show and kids will learn a lot about these reptiles and their behavioural patterns.

3. Refrain from feeding these reptiles any outside packaged stuff. These reptiles feed on a special farm-made diet, and therefore tourists are strictly prohibited from doing so.

4. Try not to bring any snacks or beverages, and enjoy the best that snaka café offers. They have a wide-ranging menu catering to all types of cuisines for different visitors.

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Point of Interest for Siam Serpentarium
Snake Museum in Bangkok

Snake Museum in Bangkok

This fantastic museum is a once in a lifetime experience. This is a very engaging and absolute masterpiece for all animal lovers. one gets to learn so much about these creatures and their lifecycle, growth, and reproduction in a fun and educative way. Visitors can truly enjoy the feeling of being a serpent themselves; as they go through different forest-like environments and indulge in the mystical beauty of the environment. The museum provides an interactive experience with exciting displays. There is a collection of more than 70 deadly and vicious snake species in this museum, from tiny and poisonous rattlesnakes to mighty and savage-looking anacondas. It is indeed a fun and refreshing trip for adults and kids alike.

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Naka Theatre

Naka Theatre

Siam serpentarium offers excellent audiovisual performance to take you through an amazing, educative and video graphic journey of the lifestyle of snakes. Visitors, especially those interested in snakes, will better understand their habitat, lifestyle, reproduction, and what they eat and how they breed. This entire trip is a family-friendly experience and highly educational. This spectacular show is conducted in a vast auditorium with 400 seating capacity.

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Snaka Snake Café

Snaka Snake Café

After an electrifying day at the museum, visitors can relax in the well-lighted cosy café at the serpentarium. Unlike many other dog or cat cafes, this snake café has these reptiles in transparent glass boxes on display. There are snakes of all different breeds and species, of striking colours and patterns over their skins. These snakes are harmless, and if visitors wish to get a more close-up interaction, the staff will let you play and photograph these reptiles. Get a chance to admire these slithery cute creatures whilst you enjoy the fantastic lattes and snacks this cafe offers. The staff are amiable and English speaking, the ambience is excellent, and the services are rapid

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Souvenir and Gift Shop

Souvenir and Gift Shop

When at Siam serpentarium, do not forget to take away souvenirs for your loved ones! This souvenir shop is well stocked and has many impressive collections of gift items and snake-shaped souvenirs. Apart from this, visitors can also take away tasty candies, antique jewellery, packaged food, spa products, apparel and more. Overall, a trip to this snake serpentarium is such a heartening outing, educative and full of enjoyment. 

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Snake Farm

Snake Farm

Watch these reptiles in their natural habitat and learn about their significant contribution to biodiversity. Here, at the snake farm, these vicious snakes are provided with breeding grounds. This snake farm is also a part of the Thai red cross institute. The staff at the farm explains the tedious process of venom extractions from snakes, with English and Thai narration. This farm has been doing excellent breeding and taking care of these reptiles with utmost care. They house several deadly poisonous snakes open to the public, keeping these tourists engaged in a very informative tour of the farm without worrying about their safety.

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Snake Maze Playground

Snake Maze Playground

After a tiresome day, families with kids can enjoy a stroll through the snake maze playgrounds. This playground is suitable outside the snake cafe and offers several cute attractions and rides for kids, like slides with snake murals and sculptures over them and colourful and zigzag mazes all over the ground for kids to enjoy. This playground is a perfect end to your trip. The maze also has specific instructions and offers challenging dares for the kids, like crossing the snake to reach the other side without stepping on any snake.

Tourism Board Alliances

Siam Serpentarium FAQs

What are the Siam Serpentarium opening hours?

The Siam serpentarium opening hours are from 10 am to 6 pm. This serpentarium remains open on weekends and public holidays. The last ticket admission is at 5 pm.

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Are we allowed to take photographs?

Yes, tourists are allowed to take photographs. This serpentarium lets the tourists click pictures and play with these reptiles. It has over 70 different species of snakes, and the café also has these reptiles on display. Tourists can take photos with the snakes and pet them.

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Is it safe to visit Siam Serpentarium?

Yes, it's safe to visit the Siam serpentarium. They have exceptionally well trained and experienced instructors who take utmost care in protecting these reptiles and dealing with them. The reptiles are entirely harmless. Tourists can enjoy these reptiles at a safe distance or get a close-up interaction with the snakes. The trained experts put on an exciting show, where they show many tricks with the serpents. This is a very informative and educational tour. This serpentarium also has a cafe with the reptiles inside safe boxes on display.

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