Art In Paradise Overview

Art in Paradise is a fun and fresh take on an art gallery that has closed the divide between art and spectator with three-dimensional paintings that are interactive and laugh-out-loud funny. Through clever use of shading and borders, artists have painted directly on to walls to create stunning images that trick our eyes. The gallery has over 100 individual art pieces in ten themed sections, covering optical illusions, wild animals, nature, past civilizations and reproductions of classic art along with witty ones.

This 3D illusion art museum features an extensive collection of optical illusions, allowing visitors to become part of the artwork. Including Art In Paradise in Thailand packages ensures an unforgettable adventure filled with creativity and wonder for travelers looking to experience the country's vibrant cultural attractions. From vibrant landscapes to awe-inspiring scenes, Art In Paradise provides a fun and immersive environment for art enthusiasts and families alike. Exploring this creative haven is a must for those seeking a blend of entertainment and artistic inspiration.

Highlights: Photography is not only allowed but encouraged in this gallery. Art in Paradise also houses a small charming café where you can grab a bite.

Location: Banglamung, Chonburi

Timings: Open from 9:00 – 21:00

Price: 500 Baht for foreign adults and 300 Baht for foreign children. 150 Baht for Thai citizen.

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