Bamboo Island Overview

A perfect location for a day trip and some snorkeling, Bamboo Island is one of the six islands that comprise the Phi Phi island group. It is called so because of a thick growth of bamboo trees right in the middle with pristine white beaches surrounding it. Enjoy the lush greenery reflecting in the clear waters at this unspoiled locale. 

Located in the north eastern side of the Phi Phi archipelago at about 5 km away from the northern tip of Koh Phi Phi Don, Bamboo Island is one of the most scenic islands to visit on a Thailand trip, that has dramatic landscapes and a tranquil atmosphere.

The island was originally known as Koh Pai and got the tag "Bamboo Island" due to the presence of lush and dense Bamboo forests at the center of the island. The island is uninhabited and so small that you can cover the entire island on foot in just about 30 minutes. You can reach this island using longtail boats and speedboats from the Tonsai Village pier.

The island is one of the least explored ones in the Phi Phi island group and is famous for its white-sanded, clean, and sparsely crowded beaches. The beach sand looks a little pinkish due to the broken coral structures found here. The waters of the island look crystal clear and clean and thrive with rich marine life that swimming here might make you feel like swimming within a perfectly set aquarium tank. 

Coral reefs are found flourishing in the waters close by the beach and are best explored by snorkeling. Tourists can carry their own snorkeling gear and dive deep into the Andaman Sea to explore the underwater world. The beach is a great spot to spend hours getting sun kissed and there are facilities like toilets on the beach.

You can even carry your own tents and pitch them to picnic. There is a small bar in the north eastern part of the island set under the canopy of trees that sells refreshing drinks to beat the scorching sun.


• Marvel at the beauty of the tropical island that is blessed with immaculate white-sanded beaches, lush and dense bamboo forests, crystal clear waters, and abundant sun.
• Explore the underwater life of the island that has abundant coral reefs by snorkeling.
• Swim to your heart’s content in the warm and clear waters of the Bamboo island.
• Sip a refreshing drink at the island’s tiny bar.
• Walk through the length and breadth of the island which hardly takes about half an hour.
• Get sun kissed as you soak in the glowing sun rays abundantly spread on the island.
• Click as many pictures as you can in this paradise that has plentiful backdrops for Instagram.
• Relax and rewind as you do nothing watching the waves washing the beach sand, the passing ships and boats, and the vastness of the sea ahead.

How To Reach

Bamboo island is connected to the rest of the Phi Phi archipelago by waterways.

Take a speedboat from Tonsai village pier which takes about 40 minutes to reach Bamboo island. Or you can book boat tours that stopover at Bamboo Island for sightseeing.

Other Essential Information

Places to Visit Near Bamboo Island

1. Ko Phi Phi Lee: One of the pristine, uninhabited islands in the Phi Phi archipelago, Koh Phi Phi Lee is also the second largest. The island lies about 1.5 km away from the southernmost tip of Koh Phi Phi Don and is popular for its clear waters, diving and snorkeling activities, and huge limestone cliffs that are covered with lush greenery. Koh Phi Phi Lee is popular for various attractions like viking Cave, Phi Le lagoon, Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, and Monkey Bay. 

2. Viking Cave: This Viking cave is located on the northeastern side of Koh Phi Phi Leh at the bottom of a big limestone cliff. The cave gets its name from the painting of Scanadivian vestige ships that are found on the walls of the cave. The cave is also home to many swiftler birds whose nests are sold for a ransom to make the Chinese delicacy, birds’ nest soup. While tourists are not allowed inside the cave, the longtail boats take the tourists as close as possible to the cave.

3. Phi Le Lagoon: Phi Le Lagoon is a popular spot for water babies as the lagoon has an extensive coral structure. Tourists can enjoy snorkeling and diving here and enjoy the rich marine life of the lagoon. Phi Le Lagoon is surrounded by cliffs on all sides and these cliffs cast their shadows on the lagoon which makes it shady and pleasant for most times of the day. One can reach the lagoon by longtail boats and most boat tours to Koh Phi Phi Le include this picturesque place in their itinerary.

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4. Ton Sai Beach: This is one of the least explored beaches of Railay peninsula whose 600-metre shoreline is fringed by huge rocks. Rock climbing is the major activity on the beach and there are many rock climbing trails. There are also shacks where you can hire rock climbing gears. During low tides, swimming is not possible here as the water gets really shallow and the beach floor is extremely rocky. One can reach Ton Sai Beach by taking a longtail boat ride from the Railey Pier. 

5. Monkey Bay: Located on the north eastern part of Koh Phi Phi Leh to the north of Koh Phi Phi Leh, this cove is a hidden destination that brims with virgin beauty. The waters of this baby look more green and the bay has so many monkeys. 

6. Ko Bida Nok: This islet lies along with Koh Bida Noi is the southernmost island in the Phi Phi archipelago. The islet is known for its rich marine life with several species of colorful fish, abundant coral reefs, and other aquatic animals. The northern part of the islet is known for wall diving activities.

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Best Places to Eat Near Bamboo Island

1. Royal Rasoi: This restaurant in Ao Nang serves a curated list of Thai and Indian dishes like Dal Makhani, Tikka masala, and seafood cooked in tamarind sauce that are made from finest ingredients and freshly caught fish. The portions of the food served are also sumptuous.

Distance from Bamboo island: 4.00 km

2. Jasmine Restaurant: Serving Asian and Thai cuisine, this restaurant at Laem Tong Beach is known for its delicious seafood menu items that are steamed in banana leaves. The restaurant also has the finest choices of drinks and beverages that are served even after hours. The staff here are welcoming and courteous.

Distance from Bamboo island: 5.9 km

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3. Columbus Beach Bar and Restaurant: This restaurant serves Asian and Cambodian food and is located in Marina Road in Sihanoukville province. The restaurant is just off the beach and relishing tasty food here at delightful ocean views is truly what a beach dining experience is!

Distance from Bamboo island: 6.8 km

4. Ren Restaurant: This restaurant is popular European, Asian, and Cambodian cuisine that has broader menu options for vegetarians too. The seafood and cocktails at this beach hotel are a no-miss thing.

Distance from Bamboo Island: 6.9 km

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Places to Stay Near Bamboo Island 

1. Phi Phi Phu Chalet Beach Resort: This resort is located in Phi Phi Don and has air-conditioned guest rooms with safes, a pool, BBQ facilities, complimentary Wi Fi, and a lounge area to relax. Distance from Bamboo Island: 65 km

2. Phi Phi Sunset Bay Resort: Nestled a little away from the bustling city, this resort has modest non air-conditioned rooms with comfortable beds, fan, refrigerator, and a desk. The rooms have amazing sea views and the resort offers free boat rides from the city pier from 8.00 AM - 6.00 PM.

Distance from Bamboo Island: 8.0 km

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3. Phi Phi Ba Kao Bay Resort: This resort is built on the coast of Bakao Beach with simple air-conditioned rooms with flat screen TV and are spacious, clean and airy. The resort also has a medium sized lounge with lounge chairs to swim and relax.

Distance from Bamboo island: 7.0 km

4. Phi Phi ViewPoint Resort: Perched besides the Loh Dalum Bay, this resort features individual beachfront and hillside bungalows with private terraces and stunning views of the ocean and garden. The resort extends top-notch hospitality to its guests and the restaurant here is famous for flawlessly cooked Thai cuisine.

Distance from Bamboo island: 8.5 km

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Insider Tips for Visiting Bamboo Island

-Always carry your ID proofs like passports with you.

-Do not forget your swimming costumes, googles, hats, and sunscreen lotions.

-Book your book tours and speedboat rides well in advance so that you can skip the queues.

-Carry basic first aid like antiseptic creams, band-aids, and insect repellents handy.

-Do not feed the monkeys on the island as the monkeys at tims turn hostile to tourists by biting and scratching them hard..

-Bamboo Island is a part of the National Park and tourists are advised not to litter around while on the island and not to disturb the coral reefs.

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Point of Interest for Bamboo Island
Enjoy a day like a tropical fish by swimming

Enjoy a day like a tropical fish by swimming

The greenish blue waters of the Bamboo island beaches blend perfectly into the dark blue waters of the ocean and are clear, clean, and warm with abundant marine life that you will not find a better place to swim than here. The shoreline is pretty shallow and there are toilets and bathrooms in the beach for a quick shower or dress change. The island falls in the Tsunami Hazard Zone and hence, pay utmost attention to your tour operator while venturing in the ocean.

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Snorkel in the crystal clear waters

Snorkel in the crystal clear waters

The exotic coral reefs found thriving in the ocean beds near the Bamboo island and the pristine, clear waters make Bamboo Island a Heaven on Earth for snorkeling. As you dive in the waters of the Andaman Sea, you can spot many schools of colorful fish and other fanciful aquatic creatures playing a game of hide and seek through the corals. One can also spot broken coral structures on the beaches of Bamboo island which gives the sand a pinkish hue.

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Sun bath in the whimsical island

Sun bath in the whimsical island

The white sanded beaches of Bamboo island glisten in the bright day sun and have a tropical, laid back backdrop. So, as you revel in the beauty of the island that is covered with lush Bamboo tree, the rumbling waves of the Andaman Sea, and the picturesque sight of speedboats and longtail boats passing by, immerse yourself in the tranquility engulfing the place and get sun kissed abundantly.

Treat yourself with a drink at the tiny bar

Treat yourself with a drink at the tiny bar

There is a small bar at the Bamboo island where you can get fresh tender coconuts or some refreshing drink to sip on between fun in the warm or as you get tanned sunbathing on the white sanded beaches.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Bamboo Island FAQs

How do I get to Bamboo Island?

Bamboo island is connected to the rest of the Phi Phi archipelago by waterways. Take a speedboat from Tonsai village pier which takes about 40 minutes to reach Bamboo island. Or you can book boat tours that stopover at Bamboo Island for sightseeing.

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Is Bamboo Island worth visiting?

Yes, absolutely. Bamboo island is one of the best islands in Phi Phi that is preserved from human exploration and flourishes with dense bamboo vegetation, serene beaches, abundant corals, and a rich marine life.

What will we see at Bamboo Island?

At Bamboo island, you will see abundant Bamboo forests fringing the coastline unlike most other tropical islands that are usually fringed by palm or coconut trees. The island is least explored and uninhabited; so, you will see nature in its virgin form here. The coral structures at the island can be witnessed by snorkeling.

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What is the best time to visit Bamboo Island?

Bamboo island lies in the tropical regions and the best time to visit this island is during the winter months from November to March. During this time of the year, the temperatures are pleasant, humidity is less, waters are warm, and the skies are clear.

What is Bamboo Island famous for?

Bamboo island is famous for its pristine beaches, relaxed environment, clear waters, rich marine life, lush green bamboo forests, and water activities like snorkeling and swimming.

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