Democracy Monument Overview

Democracy Monument is famous for its dramatic symbolism, superb construction, and vital position, which is connected to significant sites in the capital city. It is a historical attraction in Bangkok, a symbol of modern Thai history's revolutions, as well as a memorial to honour the Siamese Revolution of 1932, situated on the busy intersection of Ratchadamnoen Avenue, at Dinso Road.

The Democracy Monument is a historic landmark located at the intersection leading up to Dinso Road. The monument is surrounded by a busy network of roads, offering a visual treat to anyone who comes to visit or drive by it.  If you're planning a Thailand trip, make sure to include the Democracy Monument in your itinerary to experience the rich history and architectural beauty it has to offer. This historic landmark is a reflection of the idea of a Westernized Bangkok, which comes from the dynamic but exquisite architecture of the monument.

The monument was commissioned in 1939 as a way to commemorate the infamous coup of 1932. It includes various design elements which are indicative of various measures of symbolism. Over the years, the true essence of the installation of the monument has been forgotten, which is why it serves as a demonstration in the present day but also large numbers of tourists visit this monument on their Bangkok tour

In spite of the number of years which have passed since the installation of the monument, it is frequently visited by tourists in large numbers, who come here to observe the marvel of its fine details. 

History of Democracy Monument 

The Democracy monument was erected in 1939. This historic landmark was put in commemoration of the 1932 coup when the people’s party and the military staged a coup that would come to change the shape of politics in Thailand for the years to come. With this coup, the absolute monarchy was put to an end while Thailand shifted to being a constitutional government. The monument was designed by Italian artist Corrado Feroci in the spirit of the events which led to the overthrowing of the monarchy. 


• The Democracy Monument is a public attraction at the centre of Bangkok city, erected to commemorate the transition as Thailand adopted a system of democracy and liberty.
• Surrounded by four wings, the democracy monument is a design of Thai architect Mew Aphaiwong while the other structures are a creation of Italian sculptor Corrado Feroci.
• Each of the four wings surrounding the main monument stands at a height of 24 metres, which are a symbol of the 24th of June when the constitution for the adoption of democracy was signed. Also, they are representative of the four branches of the Thai armed forces.
• The base of the monument is surrounded by 75 cannonballs, which is a recognition of the Buddhist era. The chains linking each one of them are a representation of the unity of the revolutionists.
• The turret is complete with a total of six gates, each one of them representing a policy regime such as independence, internal peace, economy, equality, freedom, and education.

How To Reach

With its central location in the heart of Bangkok, the Democracy monument lies halfway between Sanam Luang and Khao San Road. You can take bus lines 509 and 511 to reach the destination. Another way to reach this place is via the Chaophraya River Express boat. 

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Democracy Monument Bangkok would be in the morning hours when there would be less crowd and you would be able to explore and learn more about the heritage.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit Near Democracy Monument Bangkok 

1. Mo Chit BTS Station: This is a Skytrain station in Bangkok that lies on the Phahon Yothin highway, running between Soi Phahon Yothin 18 and Soi Phahon Yothin 20. Named after the former Mo Chit bus terminal, the station can help take you to adjoining areas. 

2. Queen’s Gallery: Open since 2003, the gallery is a platform for the display of the works of many Thai artists. The works on display are relatively new, coming from artisans who are not as popular as their seniors. With a modern display, the gallery attracts tourists in heavy numbers all-round the year. 

3. Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall: Popular heritage museum with a minor entrance fee, the hall combines the elements of a learning centre offering historical knowledge, information on arts and culture and more. You will find exquisite exhibitions from the Rattanakosin era. The hall exhibits a collection of four-dimensional media using technology models and display media. 

4. Giant Swing: At a height of 90 feet, the giant swing in Bangkok is a teak archway that was constructed in the latter half of the eighteenth century. It was originally used as a part of religious ceremonies but today, it is a major attraction for tourists who come to admire its beauty. 

5. Sahachat Memorial: Popular as a pig shrine, the memorial was constructed as a monument for a queen. What you will see here is the statue of a golden pig that is mounted on a lid plinth, at a busy roadside location. What is remarkable about this statue is the fact that it gains inspiration from the Thai zodiac. 

6. Jok’s Kitchen: Offering the most delectable Thai and Chinese cuisines, this popular eating outlet is hidden away in a small wet market. The special food served at this restaurant is seafood, cooked with basic daily ingredients. Some of the best dishes that you must relish while you are here are Shrimp wonton and deep-fried snow fish. 

7. Wat Mahathat (Temple of Great Relic): The ancient temple was founded even before one could mark Bangkok on a map. It has undergone several alterations over the years. Today, this temple serves as the headquarters for the Mahanikai school of Buddhism. It also serves as a centre for Monastic learning for the members. 

8. Bangkok City Library: It happens to be the largest public library, settled across three floors. The interiors of the library are inspired by the neoclassical era, offering more than 40,000 books across a variety of languages. The library offers free entry and is equipped with a free WiFi facility. 

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Tips to Visit Democracy Monument Bangkok

-Visit during off-peak hours, when the rush of pedestrians and traffic is less intense. You may not be able to see the monument during rush hour. If you are planning to visit the Democracy Monument, consider going in the morning or in the evening. 

-Take care of your belongings if you are carrying personal documents and cash since there are few chances of a robbery on the busy roads. 

-Do not stop at any point on the road to haggle with anyone trying to sell something to you.

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Point of Interest for Democracy Monument
Architecture and Design of Democracy Monumen

Architecture and Design of Democracy Monumen

There are several striking elements of the Democracy Monument, which you can get to know here:

I. Protected by a four-wing structure, the monument is constructed as a representation of the first constitution. Symbolically, these wings represent the armed wings of the government, including Navy, army, police and air force. 

II. The monument also depicts six different gates, which are symbolic of the ideals of the Phibunsongkhram government. These include equality, internal peace, independence, economy, freedom and education. 

III. The relief sculptures on the monument are also representative of a political symbol, the Thai people and democracy. 

IV. The monument is built with four curved columns which can be seen arching inwards. Each one of them is 24 meters high. 

V. The monument depicts a European influence which has been depicted in the form of a sport, showing a naked man and a game of shot put. 

VI. A panel is also depicted on the monument, which is symbolic of the personification of balance and good life. It is believed that the panel holds a metaphorical representation of the ideals of the military regime in ways of their social and political thinking. 

VII. The grand monument stands on a plain base, led upon by a flight of stairs. The centrepiece of the monument holds a historic and symbolic significance. A protective ring of 75 cannons was also built at the base of the monument. 

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Democracy Monument FAQs

What is the Democracy Monument famous for?

Democracy Monument is the central point of the Ratchadamnoen Klang, which is a European style boulevard. The Monument was erected to commemorate the transformation of Thailand from an absolute to a constitutional monarchy. The militaristic homage to the democratic form of governance makes the democracy monuments famous . 

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Is it worth visiting Democracy Monument Bangkok?

Yes, the Democracy Monument is an impressive and spectacular marvel which depicts a historical event with its fine architectural details. The monument is embellished with several symbolic details, which make it worth a visit for history buffs. 

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Which are the best places to stay near Democracy Monument?

1. The Quarter Hualamphong by UHG: Decorated with very classic and upscale interiors, this place carries a very opulent vibe. It is located at a mere distance of 2.2 km from the Democracy monument and is available for booking at a very reasonable amount. Expect to meet the friendly staff and courteous facilities at the accommodation. 

2. Riya Surya Bangkok: Located at a mere 700 meters away from Democracy Monument, this place is as close to home as you can feel, away from your home. The interiors are decorated lavishly and every facility is made available for the guests for a comfortable stay. 

3. Dinsomon: Also located merely 800 meters away from Democracy Monument, this accommodation is one of the luxury places where you can settle for a friendly and memorable experience. You can also look for breakfast and meal options at the accommodation, where you will be served local delights. 

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