Ayutthaya City Park Overview

Ayutthaya City Park, Thailand's largest shopping complex in the city of Ayutthaya. It stands out because of its modern design, which contrasts sharply with the remainder of the town's lovely old charm. It's a lovely spot to escape the heat in the afternoons and spend some time shopping and resting. Its serene, beautiful vibe comes from its simple modern style, wide spaces, and fountains.

This humongous modern marvel is the biggest shopping complex in Northern Thailand, situated in the heart of Ayutthaya city. The contemporary architecture and outlook of this unique complex sets it apart from the traditional city of Ayutthaya. It is not only one of the best places in the whole of Thailand for shopping lovers but also a great place to spend some leisurely time, with its quaint fountains, landscape, and soothing vibe. This huge shopping complex not only houses high-end brands but also features endless pop-up vendors. 

Another unique feature of this shopping mall that sets it apart is its amazing football field where you can have some fun and play around with your companions or even strangers. Also, in addition to shopping your heart out for products ranging from organic food, clothing, accessories, electronics, and much more, you can also plan to indulge in a relaxing spa treatment or get yourself the tattoo that you had been dreaming of for ages. All in all, the place is a perfect place to take a break from exploring the tourist attractions of the city and spending some fun time shopping, eating, and packing in some fun.

If you are a foodie, the Ayutthaya City Park is surely going to take you to a completely different world with its endless fast-food outlets, fine dining restaurants, and its popular sushi train. Not only does its food court feature the best Thai street food vendors but also the most prominent brands serving the finest international cuisines. In conclusion, Ayutthaya City Park is a must-visit destination for all the tourists out there who wish to satisfy their shopping needs and take back home some bundles of joy that would help them remember their trip in a great way forever.


• One of the most important attractions of the City Park is the City Arena, which is actually an artificial football field that has been designed for the visitors to have some outdoor fun all day long.
• The exclusive gemstone and jewelry shops situated on the first floor of the shopping complex are no less than a paradise for unique and antique jewelry hunters.
• The mall also features some of the most prominent brand outlets for baby products, dietary supplements, clothes, as well as souvenirs for you to take back home.
• The massage centers and Thai haircut salons situated in the shopping complex are one of the major highlights of this venue and can add a whole lot of relaxation to your holiday itinerary.
• Food lovers are surely going to fall in love with this place with an abundance of food outlets selling some of the most authentic Thai street food, sushi, as well as dessert.

How To Reach

To reach Ayutthaya City Park, you can take a direct tuk-tuk from any of the locations in the city. If you have a rented car, the place also offers ample parking space where you can park your car and head to the main shopping complex to get the adventure started. You can easily get a tuk-tuk from the exit situated near Robinson.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Ayutthaya City Park would be in the evening hours as you can get a chance to enjoy some of the nighttime activities like shopping from a wide range of outlets and relishing some of the exotic local recipes at the food stalls.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit Near Ayutthaya City Park

1. Ayutthaya Floating Market: One of the most exciting places to visit near Ayutthaya City Park, you can take a tour of this floating market with a boat from the pier and grab your hands on some scrumptious food items or shop around for some unique souvenirs and explore the traditional structures around the market.

2. Klong Sra Bua Weekend Floating Market: Contrary to what the name suggests this beautiful place is actually a dinner theatre with food vendors selling items from their pop-up carts and boats. There is a huge center stage where the folk dances are organized that you can enjoy whilst enjoying some local Thai cuisines.

3. Krungsri Market: Also known as the Ayutthaya Night Market, the place is known for its quaint environment and beautiful seating spaces by a pond where visitors can sample some scrumptious local dishes. You can also shop for endless items at the market to take back home.

4. Ayutthaya Temple: The Ayutthaya Historical Park is home to endless ancient temples that will take you on a trip to the past. This place falls under the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This place allows you to peek into the lives of 35 kings that ruled from this capital of Ayutthaya before the Burmese invasion.

5. Baan Hollanda: Situated along the Chao Phraya River, Baan Hollanda, also known as the Dutch Quarters was transformed into a museum in the year 2013. This Dutch compound showcases antiques and historical collections that recite the relations of the Dutch with Siam during the 17th and 18th Centuries.

6. Wat Samana Kottaram: This Buddhist monastery is famous for its statue of Buddha in the “halting evil” pose. The monastery complex also houses some ancient buildings that will help you explore the history of the amazing city of Ayutthaya. The surroundings of this monastery is quite peaceful and tranquil.

7. Japanese Village, Ayutthaya: A former Japanese compound, this place has been transformed into an exhibition of historical artifacts and videos. The Village allows you to peek into Ayutthaya’s migration history. It is a perfect place to explore for photography enthusiasts as well as history mongers. It will allow you to learn about the Japanese settlements that migrated to Ayutthaya during ancient times.

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Places to Eat at Ayutthaya City Center

1 .Café Amazon: Famous for its amazing bakery products and delicious cakes, Café Amazon is one of the best places to get yourself recharged for the day after spending some time shopping and exploring the amazing City Park complex. The place also serves delicious coffee to get you pumped up for further explorations of the day.

2. Mezzo: There is no place better at the Ayutthaya City Park than Mezzo to grab a cup of coffee, sit by, and relax! Grab a sizzling appetizer and let your hunger sink down with a mouth-watering taste. The venue is also famous for its pork burgers, cheesecake, baked waffles, cheese brownies, and much more!

3. Shinkanzen Sushi: If you wish to try out exotic sushi preparations on a pocket-friendly budget, this is the very place for you. The place is known for serving high-quality sushi, with raw materials all exported from Japan!

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Places to stay near Ayutthaya City Park

1. Klong Suan Plu Resort: An amazing place, carved out of natural wood, is surely one of the coziest places to stay in the near vicinity of Ayutthaya City Park. This cute little resort features amazing outdoor spaces, is nestled in beautiful surroundings, and is also known for serving delicious meals throughout your stay.

2. Baan Thai House: If you wish to experience a blend of luxury and tradition, there could not be a better place for you to stay. The resort features a grand swimming pool, a beautiful tropical garden, and a little pond. The resort has 12 different villas and bungalows for you to pick from.

3. Pludhaya Resort and Spa: This amazing resort will make you fall in love with its tastefully done interiors and the exquisite outdoors. The humongous lily ponds at the resort are surely a plus point. The resort also features a swimming pool and a huge water body in the center which looks out to each of the private cottages.

4. The Old Palace Resort: If you are looking out for a budget-friendly yet comfortable stay near Ayutthaya City Park, staying at this resort would be perfect for you. It features all the basic amenities and has a beautiful natural surrounding, making your stay at this place even more special.

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Rentable Hall Service at Ayutthaya City Park

The City Park also features a number of rentable conference halls as well as Banquets that are perfect for organizing different kinds of events. In all, there are 4 meeting halls that have a capacity of catering to 60-100 people easily. Apart from the small conference rooms, there are also 3 bigger halls that can accommodate up to 600 people each, perfect for grand weddings, seminars, sports events, launches, as well as sports events.

All the halls and conference rooms combined can easily accommodate more than 2000 people. These rentable spaces are effectively equipped with all the basic amenities, including drinking water, washrooms, electricity, as well as lifts for ease of movement. There are more than 500 stores and shops surrounding these halls, which make them perfect for promotional purposes as well. These rentable halls also feature their very own separate parking space to provide added comfort for the visitors.

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Tips to Visit Ayutthaya City Park

-If you wish to try out some genuine Thai food preparations, instead of spending a fortune on the restaurants or food courts of the shopping complex, try out their temporary stalls, which serve delicious food at much less prices.

-The flea market and the night market at the City Park can help you pick amazing items at much cheaper prices than the shops.

-If you are traveling through public transport, remember that tuk-tuks are available only from one of the exits of the City Park, the one close to Robinson.

-Parking your rented car at the City Park can be quite expensive as well as time-consuming. It is advisable to get onto a tuk-tuk from the main city to easily reach Ayutthaya City Park.

-If you wish to visit only the Futsal Area, it has its very own separate entry and exit. You do not need to roam around the entire humongous shopping complex if you are not interested in shopping.

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Point of Interest for Ayutthaya City Park
Shopping at Ayutthaya City Center

Shopping at Ayutthaya City Center

  • Ranging from fashion to electronics, and organic products to classy footwear, you can shop for almost anything and everything at the Ayutthaya City Park.
  • If you are searching for that perfect backpack to carry with you while traveling or looking out for some cool new clothing, you can try out Body Glove or head on to Mc Jeans for a comfy pair of jeans.
  • If you love to watch out for your skin and wish to try out something safe, you can try out some cool products at The Klinique and the V Square Clinic.
  • For getting all-time footwear, you can grab a pair from the most trusted brands like Bata and Taywin or head on to Happy Girls to experiment and try out something funky and unique.

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The Futsal Area

The Futsal Area

  • Also known as the City Arena, this amazing artificial playfield has endless games to offer to visitors for spending some fun time at the Ayutthaya City Park.
  • It is a football playground that has been designed keeping in mind the FIFA standards. 5-7 people can play inside the artificial field easily at any given point in time.
  • There are 3 indoor turf football fields within the Futsal Area. The Arena itself provides t-shirts to the players to make the playtime even more fun and exciting.
  • Space also features lockers, showers, and ample parking space to allow you hassle-free playtime and a refreshed mood thereafter.
  • To take back a souvenir, you can also shop for t-shirts, and other sports-related wearables and accessories at the Club House situated within the Futsal Area.
  • To grab a bite after shedding out all that energy and sweat, the Futsal Area also features an amazing dining space for all the visitors to gorge on some heart-warming food items.

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Temporary Shops and Events

Temporary Shops and Events

  • You are certain to experience something different and unique every time you head towards Ayutthaya City Park. Apart from hosting the endless permanent shops, the shopping complex also keeps hosting temporary pop-ups as well as events.
  • You may even bump upon a flea market or a glittering night market at the complex where you can shop your heart out at dirt cheap prices.
  • The food festivals organized at the complex would also make you fall in love with the local Thai cuisines.
  • The space is also famous for hosting various local bands to lighten up the mood of the visitors.
  • You may even run across a temporary blood donation camp or motivational talks going on in the common area at times where you can sit around and watch all kinds of unique activities.
  • If you do not have a particular purpose visiting the Ayutthaya City Park and wish to be amazed by its unique features and temporary pop-ups, this place will surely not let you down. To experience the charm of this beautiful place, try visiting it during a famous festival season in Thailand.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Ayutthaya City Park FAQs

What is so special about Ayutthaya city park?

Ayutthaya City Park is the largest shopping complex in the whole of Northern Thailand and can fulfill all your different kinds of needs. Apart from hosting some of the best international brands, the complex also holds flea markets and night markets for budget-friendly shopping. The place is also famous for its indoor football field, also known as the Futsal Area. It also serves delicious food and can help you rejuvenate your body and soul with its amazing salons and spas.

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Is Ayutthaya city park worth visiting?

Yes, it is one of the most amazing places to visit in Ayutthaya, especially if you are a shopping enthusiast or wish to have some fun playing in the indoor football arena. The place also will help you taste the authentic food preparations of Thailand and allow you to explore its grand modern architecture. It is a perfect place to take a break from the historical attractions of Ayutthaya and refuel yourself.

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Which are the best places to shop near Ayutthaya city park?

1. Chao Phrom Market: This ancient market has been a part of Ayutthaya since it was the capital of Siam. This busy market features small shops that sell almost everything that you would be unable to find anywhere else in the city. It features ancient shop-houses made of wood and also serves cheap and delicious food items.

2. Ayutthaya Floating Market: The beautiful market is situated on a small island that is connected with wooden bridges. The market features 14 different zones from where you can buy the perfect souvenirs to take back home. Do not forget to try out traditional Ayutthaya “boat noodles” while you are at the market.

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