Go Karting in Thailand

Thailand is one of the safest and widely preferred destinations for adventures like go karting. Go Karting in Thailand has some of the safest and comfortable indoor-outdoor go karting tracks that are designed for kids and adults. Fast racing racks are also available for speed lovers. There are ample of go kart models and tracks to choose from and spend a day boosting your adrenaline making your trip to Thailand unforgettable.

Push your adrenaline with the fun go karting activity in Thailand. There are 3 types of karts 120, 160, and 200 cc karts available for drivers of all ages. With the high tech tracks and systems, you will be able to witness the competitive details of your rides. On the other hand, the skilled trainers will make sure that all the participants wear the safety gears right and understand the safety measures to drive comfortably.

All the vehicles are tested regularly for the safety of participants while the safety gears like helmets, gloves and suits are also tested to ensure that the drivers remain safe and have a thrilling experience. There are no extreme weight or height restrictions and kids from age 7 years to adults; everyone can enjoy the incredible experience of Go kart Thailand.

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Thailand Go Karting FAQs

What is the best time to visit Thailand for Go Karting?

Thailand has a tropical and pleasant climate and it is open for travelers all around the year. However, the best time to visit Thailand for go karting activity is from November to April as during these months, the weather is cool and dry.

Especially if you want to avoid extensively hot temperatures or rains, visit Thailand to go karting from November to April and enjoy the activity.

What is Go Karting?

The go-kart is an open-wheel car or vehicle that comes in different sizes and models. Go Karting is a motor sport or racing done with the high-powered racing go-karts or motorless go-karts. These racing activities are organized with special racing racks and all the safety measures are taken to prevent injuries and accidents.

Thailand is a place with special indoor and outdoor racks designed for go karting and thus, it makes a great destination for go karting.

Is Go Karting safe?

Although go karting in Thailand is considered safe, some accidents might happen if safety measures are not taken seriously. In Thailand, for the gokarting activity, safety gears are provided to participants for preventing any accidents. Tried and tested helmets are given, durable and lightweight racing suits are provided along with anti-slip and comfortable gloves for better driving experience.

Not only for adults, this activity is also organized for kids and a roll bar with 360 degree impact protection system and seat belts are also provided for additional safety.

How much does Go Karting in Thailand cost?

Thailand is one of the famous spots for go karting and all the travelers from kids to adults can enjoy go karting in Thailand. The cost of go karting activity varies as per the track length and speed you choose. For the beginner’s track of around 350m and the carts of 100, 160 or 200 cc, you will have to pay anywhere between 500BAHT to 800BAHT.

For the racing track, which is 800m, there are 200cc karts available and you can choose a 2-race package or a 20-race package and it will cost you anywhere from 1,300BAHT to 7,000 BAHT.

Is there any age limit for Go karting in Thailand?

There are junior karts for beginners with 100cc engines available for children of age 7 years and above. The regular kart is available for kids of and above 12 years age while the racing track which is of 800m length is available for teenagers of age 15 years or above.

Safety gears are provided for children and all the important safety measures are taken to keep the children safe.

How much time is required to experience this activity?

The time of the Thailand go karting activity depends on the length of the track, the speed and the package you choose. Ideally, one race lasts 8 minutes (covers approximately 10 laps).

Do we need any instructor to explain safety measures during go karting?

Yes. Instructors are present around to explain all the safety measures and other important instructions to follow while go karting. The skilled trainers will make sure that you have worn your safety gears properly and are also aware about the driving instructions before starting the activity. The trainers will instruct not only the kids, but also the adult participants.

Is there any weight limit for Go karting in Thailand?

There is no specific weight restriction for go karting but very heavy drivers might find it difficult to fit in and drive the karts. Maximum weight of 18 stone is advisable although drivers heavier than this limit can also participate in go karting.

The recommended height for 7-12 year old participants is 1.30m, for regular kart the height limit is 1.40m and for racing fast kart, the height is 1.50m maximum. Sometimes, if the participant is bulky but is short, they can comfortably fit in the karts and can drive smoothly.

What type of clothes should I wear for Go Karting in Thailand?

The participants are advised to wear comfortable and lightweight clothes for go karting. Don’t wear tight clothes as it might cause discomfort for you while driving. The participants are also required to wear sport shoes to perform this activity. If you are not wearing sport shoes, you can rent them on the site for 50 BAHT or above.

What are the best places to Go kart in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the favorite destinations for go karting in the world and tourists from all around the world visit the place and enjoy go karting. The two most prominent destinations for go karting in Thailand are Pattaya and Bangkok. Go Karting at these places is extremely safe and fun and both indoor and outdoor tracks are available for go karting.

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