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13 December 2019
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People Also Ask About Nightlife in Thailand

  1. Which are some of the best nightlife experience in Thailand?

    It is a small 1 kilometer stretch of beach road that allows people to roam freely from 6 in the evening to early hours of the morning checking out go-go bars, beer bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and discos. It has few of the hottest clubs in Pattaya and offers a huge variety of things to indulge in.

    Known to have some of the most lively parties of the Thailand nightlife, this beach gets lit up with people on every full moon night of the year. It’s a night of music, dance, and alcohol. The bars on these nights can be found open all night long, playing pumping music which ranges from psychedelic trance, House to Dance, and Reggae.

    Koh Tao Pub Crawl is easily the coolest way to explore the bars in Koh Tao. The tour begins with a bucket full of alcohol and 4 shots of vodka, after which, you can go from one pub to another, drinking with strangers and enjoying games over drinks while you talk to them. This is surely one of its kind of nightlife experience, which can only be relished in Thailand.

    This is a theatrical show which brings together entertaining performances along with the ancient art of Muay Thai boxing. It reveals the fine details of the Thai culture. The performers are some of the highly skilled and world-class warriors who are trained in this field. The story of the show begins in ancient Siam region, tracing the routes to the martial arts.

    Spend a typical Thai style evening, relishing the food and live performances with a complete view of the city around you. The enchanting view of the scenery here will send goosebumps down your skin and leave you in awe of the surroundings around you.

    With a pleasant Thai or international buffet, this is one stage show designed along the lines of 700 long years of rich history and the deep history of Thailand. The complete show is displayed on the highest stage at the Ratchada Theatre. Here, the seating capacity exceeds 2,000 people. In totality, There are three acts that enthrall you through the history, culture and deep-rooted tradition.

    Thailand's Ladyboys or katoeys are some of the most beautiful in the world. The Ladyboy Show is a must watch for a night of glamour, glitz, and humour. You will witness renowned performers grooving to some very enticing performances you would ever come to see. The fascinating and impeccably artistic performers grip the audiences with their charm, creativity, and impersonations.

    Phuket Fantasea is a show that beautifully portrays the customs, values, and the heritage of Thailand. The show is stimulated with state of the art technology over a large themed complex which also holds many games and shows.

    The cabaret show is a premier form of entertainment for tourists. Designed with massive sets and costumes, it portrays performances which are no less than amazing. This Vegas-style ladyboy show that has gained immense popularity.

    Amidst the colourful bars, nightclubs, and exciting restaurants in Pattaya, this is an altogether different experience that will leave you in complete awe. In this huge Muay Thai Stadium, you will get to watch live fights which take place between international as well as local fighters. Have fun while you cheer for the fighters and watch them fight.

  2. What are the other things to do in Thailand?

    Whether you are a sport for an adrenaline rush, an all-time foodie or simply a history buff, there are many fun and exciting things to splurge on, in Thailand. Other than a zest of the typical Thailand nightlife, there are many things that you could do here:

    -Experience Chiang Mai’s Flight of the Gibbon
    -Go rock climbing in Railay
    -Go sea kayaking
    -Book tours of the Golden Triangle, the point at which Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand meet
    -Visit the 200-year-old Grand Palace
    -Go island hopping in the 5000 miles of Thailand coastline
    -Experience adventure activities like paragliding and snorkelling
    -Shop like never before

  3. What are the best night clubs and pubs in Thailand?

    This is another famous club in Pattaya. The club has a European touch, with plenty of Techno and House beats. They also offer food, unlike many other nightclubs, and some nights you might be able to smoke shisha too.

    This is a blues and jazz bar in Bangkok, featuring live music, a cocktail bar, restaurant and jazz and blues instruments. It is one of the best live music pubs and the oldest jazz club in the city and is internationally renowned for its music.

    Located on the 64th floor of State Tower, Lebua is the highest open-air bar in the world and gives a view of the city like no other rooftop bar. You can gaze far and wide with a view of the Chao Phraya River that adds to the scenic beauty. Lebua was also featured in the popular movie Hangover 2.

    This club on Walking Street is the most happening club in Pattaya and is crowded throughout the week. You can be all ears to bass and techno music over here. The club is visually stunning and has many lasers.

    All through the week, visitors get to hear brass and heavy music in this EDM house, which also houses performances from international DJ’s and artists as well as local artists. Performers from all over the globe come here to give their performance.

    This is one of the latest underground dance clubs in the city, bringing underground house and techno music to Bangkok’s bass heads. The music style here is minimal and deep tech-house in the bare, dark main room that is reminiscent of European dance clubs.

    The Pier is a very high-class venue, featuring a state-of-the-art sound system, a huge LED screen, a multi-level design. It has a chic and modern interior which is usually packed with young party-goers and many of the more high-society locals. Trance and house music are usually played by excellent local and international DJs here.

    If you are looking for glitz and glam for the night, this is the place to head to. With ample space to accommodate all party lovers, this night club offers the best jazz and groove to party lovers. The ultra-modern and upmarket ambiance of this place will definitely craze your senses.

    With a strict underground venue, this place is popular for heavy grooving and dancing, all around the day. The air rings with heavy beats and music which is just perfect to relish authentic nighttime experience. If you are ready for such fun, walk right in for a thrilling experience which is hard to forget.

  4. Where can we eat in Thailand at night?

    The Thailand nightlife bustles with food lovers who come down to eat scrumptious Thai delicacies from around the world. Every street corner has a row of carts lined up offering delicious food options. For authentic Thai street food, Yaowarat, or Chinatown in Bangkok is the place to go to. Soi Rambuttri offers some really good and cheap Thai food.

    You can also indulge your taste buds to cheap banana pancakes with chocolate here, which is one of its famed delicacies. You could also check out Sukhumvit Soi 38, which is a charming indoor food court but serves some of the best and authentic typical Thai street food. The Prachak Pet Jang is another go-to place famous for its Chinese-style roasted duck.

  5. Which are the best Islands and cities in Thailand to enjoy nightlife?

    Bangkok is one of the best cities to enjoy the nightlife in Thailand. With open-air rooftop bars and nightclubs, which are always alive with the best dance and music, there is no reason why you won't enjoy the nightlife here.

    This place is the heart of Thailand nightlife. The nightlife scene here is popular all over the world. The bright neon signboards which mark the numerous clubs, discos, and bars in the city, are a treat not only to look at but also to be at. The entertainment scale here is top notch and quite hip.

    Phuket is where the beach and partying are synonymous. Phuket is reputed as a partying destination, some of the best to enjoy the Thailand nightlife. Enjoy at the best spots here in Pattaya at the Bangla road, Illuzion Discotheque, Phuket Fantasea, Simon Carabet and more.

    Krabi has its own distinctive nightlife. It is a beautiful blend of beauty and friendliness, with a wicked sense of fun, humour and natural charm with drinks and great food. Phi Phi Island and Railay beach have their own styles and are quite opposite.

    Chiang Rai offers something else when it comes to nightlife in Thailand. Rather than enjoying in clubs or pubs, you get really take it one notch at a time and relish a cool experience. Most of the sea bars also have television screens where you can watch live sports broadcasts and play at pool tables.

  6. Is Thailand a safe place to party at night?

    Thailand is known all around the world for its amazing nightlife. Although it is a safe place to party at night, one should be cautious about where they are going to a party. Most parties, nightclubs, and pubs in Thailand are safe and reliable, so you can always cut loose without having to worry a lot.

  7. What are the famous night markets in Thailand?

    Thailand nightlife offers a hard to forget holiday experience to anyone who comes here. Every night market in the country offers an amazing collection of local street foods and meals, along with unique hand-crafted items. You will find enthusiastic vendors and a wide variety of dupes for designer goods at discounted prices. Some of the famous night markets in Thailand are Roi Fat Market and J J Green Night Market in Bangkok, Rong Kluea Market in Aranyaprathet, Fisherman’s Village Walking Street in Koh Samui, Chiang Mai Walking Street, Chiang Rai Night Bazar, and Phuket Walking Street among others.

  8. Which are the bars in Thailand open whole night?

    There are many beach clubs and sunset bars in Phuket offering great views of the sea. They are very relaxing and are comparatively less crowded than other bars. Open all night long, they offer live music with good food.

    Go Go Bars are a friendly and lively place to grab a drink and enjoy Thailand nightlife. These places are filled with loud music, dance and a party vibe for the adult crowd. Most of the popular Go-Go bars offer a lively atmosphere to the party lovers.

    Maggie Choo’s is a restaurant cum bar like no other in Thailand. This chic night club has an old and small wooden Chinese door that opens up to great music and entertainment, one of the best forms of nightlife in Thailand. The background music is fabulous, and the dimmed lighting sets the mood for a great night of fun and drinks.

    Bada Bing A Go Go is a fun-loving Thai Go-Go bar located in Patpong area and has over 25 dancers on the stage on any given night who put up a lively performance. The design of this bar is chic, service is prompt and the food served is mouth-watering.

    This is supposedly the best beach bar in Thailand that has great vibes and plays great reggae beats. It is a laid back and friendly club that offers brilliant views and great Thai seafood.

  9. Where can I go to Thailand with family at night?

    Traveling with family is always fun. In Thailand, you can visit Chiang Rai’s Night Bazaar, perfect for shopping and eating amazing street delights. You can also go to shows like Phuket Fantasea and Siam Niramit in Phuket, for a cultural experience. You can also pick up souvenirs from the Chiang Mai night market and visit the many different night markets. You can experience the Elephant Show as well as the Alcazar Show which is very entertaining. For an even better experience of the nightlife in Thailand, you can also head for a night time safari at Safari World and Marine Park.

  10. Can we get local buses or transportation facilities in Thailand at night?

    You can easily get local buses and other transportation facilities in Thailand at night. Although taxis are the cheapest and most convenient forms of transport available at night, you can also get buses, tuk-tuks, and songthaews. Besides these, you can find ferries, shuttle boats and night boats available for convenient traveling.