Elephant Safari in Thailand

Elephant safari in Thailand is a thriving attraction, contributing extensively to the country's tourism industry. With the majority population being Buddhist, elephants in Thailand have a deep cultural significance. After logging got banned in the 1980s, these benign creatures were rendered unemployed and henceforth got sucked in, to promote tourism and safari in different parts of Thailand. 

Earlier, these animals were inconsiderately used for recreational purposes. However, recently, initiatives are being taken to foster a more meaningful relationship between elephants and man, going beyond their usual trekking and elephant safari tours in Thailand. Thailand tour packages will provide you with an incredible opportunity to observe the elephants and to understand their sacred bond with their mahout. If you happen to love animals and want to establish a warm and friendly bond with the elephants, then Thailand is the ideal destination. Though the animals are not gifted with any speech, yet they are capable of understanding and reciprocating your affection. 

There are several places to visit in Thailand like the Elephant Haven in Kanchanaburi, Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in Chiang Pai, Elephant Hills in Khao Sok National Park, Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary in Sukhothai and others. If you are planning a recent vacation in the Southeast Asian country, then do keep elephant riding in Thailand in your itinerary. Do pay a visit to the nearby elephant sanctuaries and get to know more about these playful pachyderms. From riding, bathing, feeding, trekking, watching a show, you can engage in a lot of fun-filled activities with these speechless souls. Venturing through the forest on an elephant's back can indeed be a thrilling experience. It's not just about riding on an elephant, make efforts to reach out to these animals, and try establishing a meaningful encounter with them.

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Thailand Elephant Safari FAQs

Which are the must-do activities with Elephants in Thailand?

Regarded as the country's national animal, as tourists you can engage in several jocose activities with these amusing beings. Here is a list of activities you can lay your hands on while you are visiting Phuket.

1. Elephant Bathing & Fish Spa, Phuket

Want to know more about Asian elephants? In Phuket who can plunge into a mud spa and bathing experience with these adorable creatures. The interaction you will have with the elephants while playing, rolling and splashing around in the waters will remain etched in your memory for a lifetime. Along with this, tourists can also avail the famous Fish Spa by the 'doctor fish' to rejuvenate their nerves.

Location- Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, Phuket.

Cost- Ranges between Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 per adult.

2. Feed, Paint and Ride the Elephants, Phuket

Thailand brings you the very unique opportunity of spending quality time with the elephants. Cooking facilities are available for tourists on safaris, where you can even cook and feed these lovable mammals. While having an ethical encounter with elephants, you can watch them do some painting and help them with some strokes. Last but not least is the thrilling ride on the animal's back. Sway along and enjoy yourself in the embrace of nature.

Location- Kok Chang Safari, Phuket.

Cost- Elephant riding starts from Rs.1500 per adult.

3. Watch The Greatest Elephant Show In Thailand

Maesa Elephant Camp near Chiang Mai is one of the largest elephant camps in Thailand, offering tourists a variety of elephant shows. You can sit back, relax, and watch them play in a buoyant mood. These lovable mammals will present to you their entertaining tricks like throwing hula hoops, kicking a ball and myriad others. In the end, each elephant engages in a painting endeavor, and their drawings depicting varied Thai scenes will leave you amazed. Take your kids along and revel in the company of such insightful beings.

Location- Chiang Mai.

Cost-. Entry fee is Rs 470 per adult.

4. Elephant Trekking, Phuket 

One of the best things to do in Thailand is to go trekking on elephant back. The journey at Kok Chang Elephant Safari is a mesmerizing one. As you trek through the jungle sitting atop on the elephant's back, the sprawling view of Kata Noi Bay will greet you with its picturesque beauty. You can also stop by the banana kiosk to feed and spend some time with the elephants. 

Location- Kok Chang Safari, Phuket.

Cost- Prices starts from Rs 1220 for each person.

5. Elephant Training Show, Pattaya

You can have the most memorable 2 hours of your life watching the cuddly elephants perform themselves on the beats of lively music. With their trainers giving them lessons with special care, you can also have a hearty interaction with them. The villagers also engage in this synergistic interaction to render the best from these sagacious beings.

Location- Pattaya Elephant Village.

Cost- Starts from Rs 4000 per adult.

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Which are the best places to see elephants in Thailand?

Some of the popular places to see and engage with elephants in Thailand are:

- Situated in Sukhothai, the Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary will offer you an enriching experience with these animals. The sanctuary serves as a rehabilitation center for those hapless souls who have been victims of labor and cruelty. Amidst the grace of nature, these rescued animals are being protected, and you can also lend your helping hands. Spend a night at the sanctuary's homestay and take back some treasured moments.

- Thailand's The Wildlife Friends Foundation is also an ideal place for any animal lover. Besides elephants, you can also meet other protected animals and help them to overcome their past days of oppression.

- In The Elephant Nature Park also, you will come across these rescued beings. Spend time with them getting to know about their history, feed them, bathe them, shower them with your affection.

- Phuket Elephant Sanctuary also gives you the golden opportunity to interact with the elephants ranging across different age groups. Pamper them with love and watch them bask in your kindness.

- The famous Elephant Hills located in the scenic Khao Sok National Park is another place to observe the Asian elephants in Thailand. As you explore through the verdant jungles, you are bound to have a purposeful encounter with the creatures and also engage with them in different fun games.

- In Chiang Mai's The Happy Elephant Home, you visit these creatures dressed up in traditional garbs so as not to disturb them with unfamiliar smells. You can feed them bananas and have an exuberant time with these frisky creatures. This culturally rich indulgence paves the path for some indelible happenings.

- In the small scale setting of Phang Nga Elephant Park, as a visitor, you can look forward to a learning experience related to the animals. Asian Elephants here roam around freely in a natural atmosphere. Watch them perform some tricks as you feed along and contribute towards their well being.

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How much does it cost to ride an elephant in Thailand?

In Thailand, you can avail an elephant ride at an affordable range. The comprehensive package including the ride, feeding and taking photos with the elephants will cost around 950 Baht ( Rs 2230) per person. You can ask for more details from your safari guide if you want to engage in some more activities like bathing the animals, watching them perform and others.

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Which is the best time to go for Elephant Safari in Thailand?

If you are planning for a vacation and want to embark upon an elephant safari in Thailand, then the favorable times for the excursion lasts between November to March. The weather is cool and dry and will aid towards a more comfortable journey. Avoid taking the safari during the monsoon months of July and August, as the heavy downpour might intend to spoil your entire trip. So plan your trip well in advance and seize some unforgettable moments with the lovely elephants.

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What is the significance of the Elephant in Thailand?

Adorned with a rich legacy and historical significance, the elephants in Thailand invoke reverential gratitude. Symbolizing strength, valor, longevity, elephants have had a cultural vitality amongst the Thai people. The white elephant holds a special royal essence, and the Buddhist population treats them with deep veneration. In recent years these profound beings are being conserved in ethical settings all across Thailand and have been liberated from the clutches of logging and relentless labor.

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What can I bring to Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand?

If elephant safari in Thailand features in your itinerary, then let us learn about the things you can carry along when you set on the journey. Always make sure that you carry an extra set of light clothing as the elephant bathing activity might require you to change into something fresh. Bring along refillable water bottles and refrain from using plastic ones. Bug sprays and mosquito repellants will be handy during your trip. Don't forget your camera and most importantly a photocopy of your passport.

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Is it safe to do Elephant Safari in Thailand?

As you lay your feet on one of your chosen destinations in Thailand, many billboards will greet you with exciting elephant safari rides. Though it is a completely safe endeavor, and one can have a joyful ride, but it's important for you to realize the backs of the elephants aren't that strong to take the excess load. Thailand thus has come forward with a much engaging set of activities where you will get to spend some meaningful time with these endearing animals. So, just don't plan the ride, instead, leap beyond and try establishing a much more compassionate bond with the elephants.

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What things/tips should I know before going for Elephant Safari in Thailand?

Before you venture into the much-awaited elephant safari, keeping in mind, certain measures will help you to enjoy your journey without a hitch. Here's the list:

- Always wear light clothes. Search your cupboard and find the lighter shades. Better not to disturb the animals with the glaring colors. Comfy shoes will be a blessing during the safari.

- Do remember to carry you insect repellants, sanitizers and toiletries( if you are spending the night at the sanctuary's homestay).

- Bathing suits will come handy if you are planning to bathe and play with the elephants.

- Since it is a group tour, be patient, and follow the instructions of your guide.

- Heard about the 'elephant's memory'? They are sensitive and highly rational beings, hence kindly do not mess with these creatures. They need your love and care. Shower them with your warmth.

- Parents should accompany their children on an elephant ride.

- It is advisable for pregnant women more than 12 weeks to not to take the elephant ride.

- Carry light snacks as every safari comes inclusive of an authentic Thai lunch.

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Apart from elephant safari, what other tours can be done in Thailand?

1. Phuket City Sightseeing Tour

Dotted with scenic attractions, Phuket is a traveler's paradise. If you are time-bound, then these spots- Kata, Nai Harn, and Promthep viewpoints are a must. Don't miss out on the Big Buddha sitting atop on the Nakkerd Hills amidst the bounty of nature. Take a stroll around the lively streets and grab some lip-smacking Thai dishes.

Location- In and around Phuket.

Cost- Starts from Rs 1500 or 641THB for adults.

2. Bangkok floating market day tour

Ever indulged in any shopping activity on a floating market? Bangkok will offer you this lifetime opportunity where you can witness the bustling scene that might have caught your eyes when you were watching the James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun. From daily merchandise to delicious edibles, you will get everything here. Your bargaining skills might be useful here.

Location- Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Ratchaburi Province.

Cost- Per person cost around Rs 1800 or 769 THB.

3. Khao Sok Discovery Day Tour 

A trip to the southern part of Thailand will be worthwhile. Khao Sok's lush rainforest, majestic limestone mountains, cascading waterfalls and a wide variety of flora and fauna will indeed mesmerize you. Bamboo rafting is another exciting endeavor to try out here. Try exploring the intriguing caves like the Nam Talu Cave, Diamond Cave, and others. 

Location- Khao Sok National Park, Phanom District, Thailand.

Cost- Rs 4620 or 1974 THB per adult.

4. Helicopter Tour

Why not indulge in some extravaganza while you are touring Phuket? The helicopter trip will be memorable as you catch a glimpse of the beautiful panorama of the azure waters and pristine beaches. Come, fly along and enjoy a scenic journey.

Location- Sa Khu Heliport, Phuket.

Cost- For adults, the cost is Rs 11000 or 4702 THB. 

5. Ayutthaya Day tour 

If you happen to be a retrophiliac and have a strong urge to visit historical places, then Ayutthaya with its 400-year-old history will surely fascinate you. Away from the rush of the city, this serene place is the home of several temples and structural ruins. As you walk around, you will feel the essence of bygone days sending chills down your spine.

Location- Ayutthaya, Bangkok.

Cost- Rs 3100 or 1325 THB per adult.

6. Krabi half-day City Tour

Located in the southern region, Krabi is another spectacular place comprising scenic caves and beautiful cliffs. The place is aesthetically rich with its numerous Buddhist shrines and appealing temples. The intricate designs and engravings on the temple walls and columns will surely amaze you. Adventure seekers can indulge in some thrilling water sports. Others can try out the local markets for some souvenir purchases. The half-day city tour with your dear ones will be a soothing experience.

Location- Krabi, Thailand.

Cost - Rs 1600 or 684 THB per adult.

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