Wat Hua Lamphong Overview

Nestled in the Bang Rak District of Thailand, the Wat Hua Lamphong is a unique Royal Buddhist Temple. It attracts a lot of visitors because of its beautiful architecture, and representation of the local culture and history. It is also very popular among the local population of Thailand for its distinct nature of benevolence and charitable initiatives.

Wat Hua Laphong is known for its distinct style and design and is easily accessible from any part of the capital city. The local Thai population throng this temple to make monetary donations that are then used by the temple authorities to buy coffins for the deceased who have no worldly relations to take care of their last rites. 

The temple is an oasis that stands in clear contrast to its surroundings which is replete with skyscrapers and all other aspects of bustling city life. It offers a respite to visitors wishing to get an experience of the atypical Thai culture and history.  For those planning a Thailand trip package, this serene sanctuary provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich cultural tapestry amidst the modern urban landscape.

The structure of the temple itself represents a classic Thai Buddhist temple design with its vibrancy and intricately decorated features. Like other Buddhist temples, it also has a compound with an ubosot and a vihara. However, unlike other temples, here both are placed on a raised pedestal which also holds a chedi or a stupa and is accessible through a wide staircase. 

The temple is home to a number of shrines, each dedicated to different Thai or Hindu deities. These include shrines for the Hindu god, Lord Ganesha, and King Rama V (King Chulalongkorn). There is also a crematorium and quarters for the Buddhist monks within the temple.


• Visit the main hall of the compound and witness the beautifully decorated walls with traditional paintings and a brilliant chandelier above.
• Witness the beauty and workmanship of the time especially after its remodeling in commemoration of the monarch’s fifty years on the throne.
• If you are especially interested in the country’s history and its system of monarchy, you can look for the royal seal of the Kanchanapisek Year (a multi-tiered elephant flanked by two elephants) which has been used generously in the temple.
• Explore the several other older buildings within the complex which are equally interesting, and beautiful.
• The place is also famously known for their charitable initiatives of donating Coffins for people who have no one to look after them after their demise.

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