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Sea Life Ocean World Bangkok - Flat 25% off

Sea Life Ocean World Bangkok - Flat 25% off

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Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise, Bangkok - Flat 35% off

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Bangkok Sky Dining Buffet - Flat 35% off

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Pattaya City and Coral Island Day Tour - Flat 34% off

Pattaya City and Coral Island Day Tour - Flat 34% off

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  • Filled with everything lovely and romantic, these Bangkok honeymoon packages are here to give you couple travel goals for the next many years to come. The best trip that you can ever take with your spouse is your first honeymoon, and it is extremely important that everything goes perfectly for you to cherish the memories of these days for a lifetime to come. And being such a beautiful, spiritual and serene city, Bangkok is just the perfect destination to celebrate something as special as two souls coming together to live as one. Take your partner to Sky Dining Buffet in Bangkok (Flat 35% Off) to have a great dinner at one of the best restaurants in Bangkok.

    And if your question is why, it is because every one of these Bangkok honeymoon tour packages brings to you an element of the Thai culture, hospitality or beauty that will not just bring you two close, but will also become fond memories. Imagine the delight you will see on each other’s faces as you sit back on the deck of a cruise sailing on Thailand’s biggest river, passing through the biggest city of the country, and going past some of the best sights of the city, than book Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise in Bangkok (Flat 34% Off ). Or if you two are someone who would rather like to stay away from the world for a while and enjoy a quick escape, then a stay in a treehouse in Bangkok does sound a lot like something you would like to go for. 

    And for the couples who love experiencing everything together, then a honeymoon tour in Bangkok with a romantic milk bath or a couple spa are just made for the two of you. Everything said Bangkok is surely going to top your list of dreamy honeymoon destinations that can be made real and enjoyed as the best ever experience one's life.  Also checkout our Day Tour in Pattaya and Coral Island (Flat 34% Off) which will be a great add on in your trip.

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  • Best Bangkok Honeymoon Tour Packages

  • 01Bangkok Honeymoon Escapade Tour with Romantic Dinner Cruise

    Bangkok Honeymoon Escapade Tour with Romantic Dinner Cruise
    Image Credit :
    Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is the biggest and culturally richest city in the country. And the experiences curated here make it one of the top choice of honeymooners. Starting from Pattaya, this special Bangkok honeymoon package includes VIP tickets to the Alcazar Show and takes you to the Underwater World before transferring you to the romantic streets of Bangkok.

    Where the first thing you will experience is the lovely candlelight dinner on a cruise gliding on the Chao Phraya River. After spending an amazing time on the cruise with your significant other, you can spend the next day seeing the sights of Bangkok on foot and buying each other gifts for the love you share, before you leave for your home with a mindful of memories, wishing to come back again.

    - Sightseeing
    - Dinner cruise

    Places- Pattaya and Bangkok

    Price- INR 35,000/- per person

    Days- 6D/5N
  • 02Bangkok Pattaya Romantic Retreat with Private Pool

    Bangkok Pattaya Romantic Retreat with Private Pool
    Image Credit :
    What is a honeymoon package without you getting the feel of being in a new place and yet stay cut off from the rest of the world when you need that the most? This honeymoon tour taking you to cities like Pattaya and Bangkok is the best way to feel the connection that you two have. Build a special bond as you visit the Wong Amat Beach, Royal Garden Plaza and the Sanctuary of Truth before getting transferred to your hotel in Bangkok.

    Now, this hotel has been specially selected for you honeymooners to enjoy some ‘you time’ as it has private pools attached to your accommodation. With such luxury and space, the beauty of the city around you is an add-on to the whole Bangkok Honeymoon tour package. After seeing the places like the Royal Grand Palace, Wat Arun and many other attractions of Bangkok, you can rest assured that your honeymoon can’t get any perfect than this.

    Activities- Sightseeing

    Places- Pattaya and Bangkok

    Price- INR 51,000/- per person

    Days- 6D/5N
  • 03Bangkok Phuket Honeymoon Tour with Trip to Phi Phi Island

    Bangkok Phuket Honeymoon Tour with Trip to Phi Phi Island
    If there is any place in Thailand that is just as beautiful as the capital Bangkok, it surely is the island of Phuket and the nearby areas. And if you wish to make your Bangkok honeymoon package to be absolutely perfect, then a trip to the pearly white beaches here is a must. And that is what you shall be experiencing soon after your arrival in Phuket.

    After seeing the famous Siam Niramit Show in Phuket, you will take a speed boat tour the next day to the famous Phi Phi islands. The pristine beaches of pearly white sand and the diving spots with the riches of underwater life, Phi Phi islands have a certain beauty that you two will sure fall in love with, as you come close to each other also.

    The tour then takes a turn towards the capital, where you two will be embarking on a beautiful dinner cruise, explore the temples of the city the next day, before checking out and leaving to cherish the memories of Thailand forever.

    - Sightseeing
    - Speed Boating
    - Diving & Snorkeling

    Places- Phuket, Phi Phi and Bangkok

    Price- INR 46,000/- per person

    Days- 6D/5N
  • 04Bangkok Phuket Krabi Romatic Escape with Couple Spa

    Bangkok Phuket Krabi Romatic Escape with Couple Spa
    Nothing opens doors for love in a couple’s life than experiencing the most romantic and exciting adventures together. This honeymoon tour takes you to the Capital Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi in Thailand. Start from Phuket and enjoy at the dreamy Phang Nga Bay and Phi Phi islands tour via a speedboat, before you get transferred to the equally beautiful province of Krabi by a ferry.

    Krabi is famous for the mesmerizing sights of the Chicken Island, Koh Poda and Phranang Cave Beach. After spending an amazing night sleeping to the sounds of the lapping waves, you will be leaving for Bangkok where after a dinner cruise, you will go for taking an amazing couple spa experience.

     A result of this spa will be another relaxing night that will follow, so you wake up all refreshed to see the temples of Bangkok before leaving on your next journey, which is your married life.

    - Sightseeing
    - Dinner Cruise
    - Couple’s spa

    Places- Phuket, Krabi and Bangkok

    Price- INR 65,000/- Per Person

    Days- 7D/6N
  • 05Bangkok Honeymoon Tour with Romantic Milk Bath

    Bangkok Honeymoon Tour with Romantic Milk Bath
    Honeymoons don’t happen every once in a while. They are a one-time thing and that is why people don’t think too much of everything when it comes to choosing a destination. This romantic trip takes you to two amazing cities of Thailand, Pattaya and Bangkok.

    Starting from Pattaya, the tour takes you on some of the most romantic experiences together, like the visit to the Alcazar Show, Coral Island and the Nong Nooch Tropical garden, before transferring you two to Bangkok. 

    And what can be a better day to wash off the tiredness of a long journey and to spend some of the best intimate moments together than to take a couple’s milk bath? The next day you can visit the famous Golden Buddha Statue before bringing the trip to an end, and leave from here with a bagful of souvenirs and a heartful of memories

    - Sightseeing
    - Milk Bath

    Places- Pattaya and Bangkok

    Price- INR 40,000/- Per Person

    Days- 6D/5N
  • 06Bangkok Honeymoon Tour with a Dreamy Tree House Stay

    Bangkok Honeymoon Tour with a Dreamy Tree House Stay
    Image Credit :
    Bangkok is always a dazzling place to visit in terms of the variety of cultures that one sees here. And as a couple on their honeymoon, Bangkok is just the perfect place to be because of all the options that are available in terms of experiences for couples.

    This tour starts from Pattaya as you visit the Underwater World and witness the magnificent Alcazar Show before you get transferred to Bangkok for a wonderful experience of a candlelight dinner on a cruise gliding on the Chao Phraya River.

    The stay this night will not be a normal hotel, however. You would instead be taken on a unique experience of sleeping in a lavish tree house, complete with all the facilities that you can imagine.

    When you wake up the next morning here, the sunrise that greets you here is sure to take your breath away. After taking a temple tour of the city of Bangkok, you will be bringing the Bangkok honeymoon tour package to an end with loads and loads of memories.

    - Sightseeing
    - Dinner cruise

    Places- Pattaya and Bangkok

    Price- INR 50,000/- Per Person

    Days- 6D/5N
  • 07Bangkok Honeymoon with Dinner Date High in the Twinkling Sky

    Bangkok Honeymoon with Dinner Date High in the Twinkling Sky
    Image Credit :
    When a lifetime of perfect dates and dinners waiting for you ahead, it is the perfect idea to start that life with the perfect date imaginable, and this date takes you on a long honeymoon trip into the beautiful country of Thailand. Starting from the brilliant island of Phuket, where you can see the amazing FantaSea show and take a tour of the James Bond and Hong islands from the majestic Phang Nga Bay, the tour proceeds to Pattaya.

     An amazing beach location, experience the amazing chance of scuba diving together and get mesmerized by the beautiful life underwater, together. And then when you move to Bangkok together, keep your spirits high as you will be getting the amazing chance of dining on the 37th floor of Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, at the Scarlett Wine and Bar Restaurant.

    After this amazing high wine and dining experience, you can enjoy Bangkok at its most beautiful as you visit the Safari World and Marine Park. On the last day of this Bangkok honeymoon package, as you checkout, feel the connection that the last week has brought about in you and promise each other that you will keep things the way they are.

    Activities- Sightseeing

    Places- Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok

    Price- INR 65,000/-

    Days- 8D/7N
  • Best Places to Visit on Bangkok Honeymoon Tour

    If you have availed a honeymoon package for Bangkok, then there would be nothing more romantic than exploring this city as a couple. And one of the first things that you can see and do in any new city is to explore its various landmarks.
    The landmarks in Bangkok include many historic and cultural references which will give you the full scale of its exotic bearings. So take a look at some of these exotic landmarks to know more and to plan your list of Bangkok honeymoon places, accordingly.
  • 08Grand Palace

    Grand Palace

    Grand Palace is one of the best place to visit in Bangkok, This is a labyrinth of many buildings and it enjoys prime real estate right in the centre of Bangkok. The Kings of Siam have enjoyed this structure as their official residence, and now, the palace is used as an administrative centre. It also acts as the perfect venue for most of the official events that are carried out in the city. 

    The dazzling workmanship and the exotic quality of this structure will leave you utterly spell bound even as you learn about the various kings who commissioned and created the various blocks of this structure.

    Opening and closing hours: A private tour of the palace should be conducted between 8.30 in the morning and 3.30 in the afternoon. Near the outer court, one will find the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is a worthwhile feast for the sense.

    Cost: The tour will cost you anywhere between 500 to 1000 Baht.

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  • 09Wat Arun

    Wat Arun

    This beautiful temple of dawn is also known as Wat Arun. If you are in Bangkok and wondering what to see in Bangkok, then this is a must see landmark. It is situated on the west bank of the well known Chao Phraya River. You can take a ferry and reach the spot from the Sapphan Takshin Boat Pier.

    Opening and closing hours:The visiting hours are 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM.

    Cost: The tour can be conducted with 1000 to 1200 Baht and you will also get a beautiful tour of the waterways and the canal. The architecture of the temple is beyond stunning and should ideally be enjoyed at sunset when it shimmers with its artistic beauty.
  • 10Wat Pho

    Wat Pho

    Among the best-known tourist attractions in Bangkok, you will also find the Way Pho Buddhist Temple Complex which is situated on the South side of the Grand Palace, Phra Nakhon district. With gilded interiors and intricate art, this is a must see place in Bangkok.

    This is one of the few temples which carries the figure of the reclining Buddha. The statue is a 46-meter wonder and the temple itself has 95 pagodas!

    Opening and closing time: The visiting hours are between 8 AM and 5 PM, while

    Cost: entry for a single person costs 100 Baht.

  • 11Wat Suthat

    Wat Suthat

    This is known as the temple of the Giant Swing and it has a grand and towering swing which stands on guard at the very entrance of the temple.

    Opening and closing time: Like all other temples, the visiting hours are between 8 AM and 5 PM

    Cost: the entry is 20 Baht per adult. This temple is also known for its beautiful wall fresco art.

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  • 12Wat Traimit

    Wat Traimit

    This is another Buddha temple and it is well known because it carries a rare 5.5 Tonne and 15 feet tall statue of the Buddha carved out of solid gold.

    Cost: The entry fees is about 40 Baht per head

    Opening and closing time:  8 AM to 5 PM. This temple lies at the end of Chinatown and is known to be at the confluence of two very rich cultures.

  • 13Visit National Museum and Wang Na Palace

    Visit National Museum and Wang Na Palace

    The National museum in Bangkok is set on the ancient grounds of the Wang Na Palace. This palace was reportedly established in the 18th Century. The National Museum now holds wonderful relics, texts and one of the largest collections of Thai art.

    Cost: So, get prepared to enjoy a day spent in the company of history, culture and art with an entry fee of 40 Baht per adult, and 20 Baht per child.

    Opening and closing time: The visiting days are from Wednesday to Sunday, between
    9 AM and 4 PM.

  • 14The Giant Swing

    The Giant Swing

    At the entrance of Chinatown, this Swing is supposed to bring plenty of good luck which makes it an ideal attraction that should be included in your Bangkok honeymoon package!

    Cost:  At just 20 Baht per adult and with day-long visiting hours, you can easily enjoy this attraction and visit Chinatown as well, preferably for a walking tour.

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  • 15Lumphini Park

    Lumphini Park
    This is a park without any entry fee, and it is a true paradise set in the middle of Bangkok with the city’s skyline all around it. The abounding greenery and the beautiful lake built in the centre makes this the perfect romantic spot for couples on their honeymoon.

    The park is open at all times. Word of caution - do not litter, as the law does not take kindly to the same!
  • 16Victory Monument

    Victory Monument
    Image Credit :

    Located at the end of the well known BTS station, and next to the user-busy commercial district of Bangkok, this monument rises above the buildings in the Bangkok skyline. It was built as an ode to the victory of the Thai people in the Thai - Franco War in 1941. 

    This is also the area where you can enjoy unparalleled shopping, nightlife and bustling activity.

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  • 17Wat Phra Kaew

    Wat Phra Kaew
    Home to the Emerald Buddha statue, this world-renowned temple is located in the outer court of the Grand Palace, right in the heart of Bangkok.

    The meditating Buddha statue here is a must-see because of its emerald detailing.

    Cost: Take in this sight at 500 Baht.
  • 18Wat Saket

    Wat Saket
    Image Credit :

    Built during the historic tenure of King Rama I, this temple is a must-see attraction that should be there in the itinerary of your Bangkok honeymoon package. It is open throughout the day. The Golden Mount in this complex is a must see, and one must take a guided tour to find out about the true history of this beautiful temple.

    It is set on a man-made hill with a great vantage point. It also carries many historic relics of Buddha.

    Cost: admission only costs 10 Baht per adult.

  • Things to Do on Bangkok Honeymoon Tour

    Your Bangkok honeymoon package will not be complete with a good dose of adrenaline pumping adventure activities. In case you are looking to bond with some exciting things to do in Bangkok, then this area is right up your alley! From go-karting to water sports and entire parks dedicated to those bouncy trampolines - there is little left to the imagination during your honeymoon in Bangkok. Try this list for size!

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  • 19Wake Boarding At Taco Lake

    When it comes to action oriented sports for fun and frolic in Bangkok, this is where you need to start. The spot is a mere 40 minutes from the airport and you will need to wear the lifejackets and helmets provided, before you get towed on your wakeboard, by a boat in front.  

    Cost: The calm waters of the Taco Lake usually get to witness much ripple and wave creating action thanks to the wakeboarding fun which you can avail for a mere 500 Baht.

  • 20Go Karting

    Go Karting

    Couples that race together, stay together! If you have a need for speed, then you can try the various tracks around Bangkok for some good old racing fun with your soul mate.

    Take to the tracks at RCA Plaza’s Easy Kart, or try MSL Sportsland.

    Opening and closing hours: The rates generally depend on the engine power that you choose and the tracks close by 1 PM.

    Cost: The prices start from 450 Baht and go unto 850 Baht.

  • 21Learn Surfing At Flow House

    Learn Surfing At Flow House

    If you are a water baby at heart, then take your loved along for a few surfing lessons at Flow House. This state of the art water studio also has separate areas for kids with splash pools and water slides. The artificial wave machines make the surfing fun even more enhanced.

    Cost: You can try the lessons for 550 Baht on weekdays before 6PM and 650 Baht after 6 PM and on weekends.

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  • 22Sky Diving At Nong Ho Reservoir

    Sky Diving At Nong Ho Reservoir

    Take your adventurous spirit to a whole new high with sky diving activities at the Nong Ho Reservoir.

    Cost: You will find a number of sky diving outfits that offer you various levels of experience from 3000 baht to 10,000 Baht.

  • 23Trampoline Jumping At The AMPED Trampoline Park

    Trampoline Jumping At The AMPED Trampoline Park

    You can bounce up to over 10,000 square feet on various trampolines that are interconnected. These areas are also taken up on rent for birthday parties and other fun events.

    Cost: For a mere 80 Baht a pair, you and your partner can easily enjoying and relive the joys of childhood at this wonderful trampoline park.

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  • 24Fantasia Lagoon Water Park

    Fantasia Lagoon Water Park
    Image Credit :

    This is a spectacular water park which has been built atop the Mall in Bangkok. It is divided into various age appropriate areas which can help people splash around to their heart’s content! This attraction in Bangkok also has many food stalls and restaurants where you can recharge your energy!

    Cost: At only a 100 Baht per adult, you can enjoy many hours of fun in the man made islands and ponds as well as the waterfalls and much more.

  • Amusement Parks to Go on Bangkok Honeymoon Tour

    Imagine going back into your childhood days and enjoying life with your partner. The amazing amusement parks in Bangkok give you just that. You can enjoy the various amusement parks with your Bangkok honeymoon package for a memorable time indeed. Come and have a look at the various amusement and theme parks that are worth a visit.
  • 25Art In Paradise

    Art In Paradise

    This is a three dimensional museum which creates various optical tricks and illusions for you to enjoy. You can visit this amusement park which is located in the Esplanade Mall in the outskirts of the city.

    Also, you will find some amazing paintings which have been rendered with great 3D detailing. You can also pose and have your own painting made here!

    Cost:  The entry is 300 Baht per adult and 200 Baht per child.

    Timings: The ticket booth closes at 9 PM and the visiting hours are from 10 AM to 10 PM.

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  • 26Dream World

    Dream World
    Image Credit : Dream World

    Take your partner into a world filled with a dream like quality for a romantic yet fun filled time! The world renowned Dream World amusement park in Bangkok offers you vibrant areas that have been inspired by well loved animated movies.

    Cost: This ride based park offers you entry at a little over 1000 Baht per adult.

    Opening and closing time: It is open from 10 AM to 5 PM everyday and up to 7 PM on holidays and weekends. You can ride up to a spot in an aircon bus from the Victory Memorial.

  • 27Dinosaur Planet Theme Park

    Dinosaur Planet Theme Park

    This park is located in Phrom Phong, Sukhumvit and is a pre historic lover’s paradise. It is filled with life like snarling beasts in the form of various dinosaurs and you can have many adventures here with over 200 beasts.

    Cost: The entry fee is 600 Baht per adult and 400 Baht per child.

    Timings: The timings are 10 AM to 6PM, on all days.

  • 28Funarium Indoor Playground

    Funarium Indoor Playground

    With over 2000 square meters of fun areas and playgrounds, you can actually bring your childhood back for a few hours! It is in the same vicinity as the Dinosaur Planet Theme Park, and can be reached easily via bus. You also have plenty of eating options in the cafe which is set up here.

    Timings: The timings are 9 AM to 7 PM.

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  • 29Imaginia Playland

    Imaginia Playland

    This amusement park is located at the Emporium Mall at Phrom Phong, Bangkok. This fun and imaginative space has many activities and levels where you can indulge in entertainment, music, learning and much more.

    Cost: The rates are 200 Baht per adult, and 480 to 100 Baht, depending on the height of the child.

    Timings: The park is open from 10 Am to 8 PM. However, you should try and visit the park during the weekdays to avoid a long queue!

  • 30Leoland Water Park

    Leoland Water Park

    Located in the Central City Bangna shopping mall in the outer parts of the city, this water based theme parks brings in many vibrant and larger than life elements for a host of fun rides and splash worthy activities.

    Timings: The timings are from 10 AM to 6 PM on weekdays, and the park is open until 7 PM on weekends.

  • 31Safari World

    Safari World

    This is the perfect spot where you can see some roaring animals and get some jungle fun! One can take a drive through the safari park, or take a ride through the marine park. You can reach this park with the help of a bus or a taxi.

    It also has an aviary and the marine world has many shows at various timings. It is one of the best places to visit on your Bangkok honeymoon package.

    Opening and closing time: It opens at 9 AM and closes at 4.30 PM.

    Cost: Entry per adult is 1000 Baht and 900 Baht per child. One will need to pay extra for certain rides. You can also get many eating out options at the various cafes here.

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  • 32Siam Park City

    This is a huge amusement park with many wonders and delights. You can enjoy the Waterpark, the X Zone, the Family World rides, Fantasy World and Small World.

    Cost: Children below 100 cm get free entry while adults have to pay 30 USD and other children have to pay 25 USD. At these rates, you can get a day pass to explore the entire park.

  • Shopping Places to Visit on Bangkok Honeymoon Tour

    When you are on your honeymoon, you will always want to come back with some tangible reminders of the wonderful memories that you first made as a couple. In Bangkok, you will find a shopping paradise which gives you something in every corner. The commercial district of Bangkok is filled with shopping avenues dedicated to fashion, electronics, antiques and much more. Have a look at this shopping guide for your honeymoon in Bangkok!

  • 33MBK in Siam

    MBK in Siam
    Image Credit :

    The MBK mall like structure is a huge shopping area that combines 7 floors of stores and shops selling everything from fashion products to souvenirs and gadgets. This dazzling space brings in all kinds of global brands and is a must see commercial hub in Bangkok.

    Opening and closing time: It opens for business at 10 AM every morning and closes at 10 PM. So you have 12 hours to sift through all the stores and products for a great shopping experience. You can also find hair salons and restaurants here.

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  • 34Chatuchak Market

    Chatuchak Market

    This weekend market is a well known one where people from all over the city as well as nearby towns flock. It is more of a landmark for tourists who are visiting Bangkok and this is the best place where you get some great bargain buys. The 35 acre area of Chatuchak accommodates 8,000 stalls. 

    There are numbered alleyways that go from Soi 1 onwards, for easy navigation. You can plan a day trip here for a fun flea market vibe and to pick up garments, handicrafts, books, antiques and more!

  • 35Siam Paragon

    Siam Paragon

    With over 200 stores, the Siam Paragon shopping complex is located right across the Siam Bus Depot. Therefore, getting here is simply a matter of hopping onto a bus from any part of town, or you can even ride in on a taxi. In the same vicinity, you will also find the sprawling mall called the Central City Mall

    The Siam Paragon Mall has a number of high-end luxury brands starting from Jimmy Choo to Chanel, Burberry, Versace and much more. While the first floor has all fashion items, you can find lifestyle goods on the second and third floors, with an entire section dedicated to luxury cars!

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  • 36Chinatown Market

    Chinatown Market

    Shopping in Bangkok’s Chinatown is a lot more about taking in the vibrant sights and sounds around you. It is best if you take on this area in a walking tour in your Bangkok honeymoon package to get a true taste of the exotic Oriental.

    The rustic quarters and the various ware will bring in a whole new flavour for your home, whether it is food or decor. You can buy many fashion items, household goods and even herbs here at Chinatown.

  • 37EmQuartier, Phnom Phong

    EmQuartier, Phnom Phong
    This swanky mall is a part of the million Baht club which has brought in a number of luxury stores within easy access for Bangkok shoppers.

    You can enjoy the brilliantly futuristic style in which this mall has been created even as you enjoy the water atrium with a waterfall nearby. You can easily walk across the road from the Phrom Phong BST station to reach this mall.
  • 38Central World, Siam

    Central World, Siam

    This is one of the largest lifestyle destinations where one can find avenues for shopping, entertainment, food and so much more. 

    You can head here for a globally renowned environment which borrows influences from the posh and the urban quarters of global cities and fashion capitals.

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  • 39Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam

    Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam
    This is a huge flea market which is based indoors. You can get a cool environment to shop in even as you find affordable fashion ware from all over the world. In case you are looking to create a whole new wardrobe, this is the place where you should start.

    This mall consists of four floors of wholesale fashion bargains along with a four star hotel on the top most floor. You can take a bus from Chidlom to get here.
  • 40Asiatique, The Riverfront

    Asiatique, The Riverfront

    This huge open air mall is one that also has a beautiful sky wheel which can be seen in the skyline from various quarters of the city. 

    Asiatique, The Riverfront is known for the night shopping bazaars as well as 1,500 boutiques that stock the latest trends from the fashion world. You can easily get to the mall by boat. 

    This is also a good way to go back from here as the taxi services stop after 11 PM, but the boats are still around to ferry you back to your hotel.

  • Restaurants to Go on Bangkok Honeymoon Tour

    Which holiday or honeymoon is complete without a beautifully romantic meal where one can exchange sweet nothings and take home some wonderful memories? Bangkok has some of the finest and most romantic restaurants where honeymooners can revel in their new love’s glow. Here’s a list of restaurants that you should not miss in your Bangkok honeymoon package. 

    Most of them will require prior reservations, so one must cater for the same while making plans for the day. It would also be a worthwhile experience to go restaurant hopping while in this city, which also offers many culinary options.

  • 41Sala Rim Naam

    Sala Rim Naam

    This restaurant is located in the famous and very posh Mandarin Oriental hotel. The ambience creates a golden glow while the ornate richness of the decor makes you sit back and take in all the decadent delights. 

    You can try traditional Thai cuisine along with an exotic show where Thai performers will leave you with some memorable sights. You should ideally call in the morning to make your reservations in order to secure a table in the restaurant for dinner or lunch. 

    Also, during weekends, you can expect a long queue of hungry diners who can vouch for the food offered here! This posh restaurant calls for some designer style dressing - so remember to pack your Sunday best for this outing!

    Timings: The buffet lunch is from 12 noon to 2.30 in the afternoon, while dinner is from 7 PM to 10.30 PM.

  • 42The Gardens of Dinsor Palace

    The Gardens of Dinsor Palace

    The Gardens of Dinsor Palace is indeed a treat for all the senses. Apart from the amazing food, you can also revel in the outdoor inspired and paradise like decor of the space. 

    The romance is apparent in the elements that have been used in this restaurant, which also boasts of a small pond with swans and a bridge over which you can take a walk with your loved one or even pose for that mandatory honeymoon selfie!

     Styled like a gourmet cafe in the woods, the paved stones and clearings bring you to your table under the watchful eye of the abounding and well groomed greenery. Pretty lamps make this the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, while garden umbrellas give you shade during the day. 

    The aesthetics and aura of this space may actually make you forget that you are in the middle of a throbbing, bustling city - such is its tranquil beauty. 

    You can zone out with your loved one and enjoy a wonderful meal of well prepared seafood and other Thai delights. You can also follow some white rabbits and peacocks around the space to work up an appetite!

  • 43Chakrabongse Villas

    Chakrabongse Villas

    Set in the old part of the city, this hotel and its restaurant will take you back into history for a magical aura. This is the perfect spot for the couples who are enjoying their honeymoon because it literally transports you to a whole other time. 

    On one side, you will enjoy the stunning view of the Chao Praya River, which literally forms the backbone of the city of Bangkok, even as it keeps the old part of the city on one side. 

    It is one of the major tourist attractions of Bangkok, and if you are on your honeymoon, you should definitely make reservations and have a sumptuous and delicious meal here. 

    After the Revolution of 1932, this structure became home to HRH Prince Chula Chakrabongse, who was a well-known historian and literary figure of the time. This is a perfect place that must be there in the itinerary of your Bangkok honeymoon package. 

    Later, his daughter Narisa converted the property into a well equipped and beautiful boutique hotel which retains its rich cultural and historical heritage. It has also been featured on some of the top travel platforms like Fodor’s.

    Steal Deals for Krabi Honeymoon packages:- Krabi Honeymoon Packages

  • 44Sala Rattanakosin

    Sala Rattanakosin
    Set on the riverfront, this restaurant enjoys prime location across the famed Temple of Dawn. In fact, if you have planned a day trip to this temple, then you would do well to make reservations well in advance and stay on in the area for a meal at this magnificent restaurant.

    It would be a good idea to book a table for dinner because that will be the best time to enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful skyline of Bangkok city.You can sit down here by the river and talk about the vacation and the day with your loved one even as you enjoy Thai and Mediterranean style dishes alike.

    This restaurant is known for having a wide culinary range, which ensures that there is something for all kinds of tastes and palates. It is also a double level restaurant with seating on the top floor which accords you an even better view of the area around. Do not forget to try the tempura style dishes and the Tom Yum soup for sure!
  • 45Red Sky

    Red Sky

    Much like its chic and trendy name, this restaurant has a trendy and urbane feel. You can walk in and instantly feel at home thanks to the global decor which matches the contemporary with the exotic to bring you the world on a platter of culinary delights. 

    It is located in the Centara Grand Hotel and the restaurant rises up and finds its home in a cocoon of sorts, giving you a dizzying view of the city below. Held in a beatific red glow, this super trendy space has a modern charm and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. 

    You can book a table over phone or even online. You can start by heading to the bar to try their exhaustive wine list, before you try out some delights from their menu. 

    The menu has some cold appetizers which you can start with, and a seafood bar which is one of the best known in the city, as per numerous reviews. 

    It carries some amazing European fare along with traditional delights. There is also some global fusion food which can appeal to a number of taste buds.  

    Opening and Closing time: Dinner starts here at 6PM and it is open until 1 in the morning, which makes it perfect for those who are on their honeymoon and simply want to lounge around - somewhere in the sky!

  • Best Spas to Visit on Bangkok Honeymoon Tour

    There is nothing more relaxing on a honeymoon than unwinding in a spa, with massages and serenity all around you. Prepare to get engulfed in this calming environment with wonderful hotels and spas in your Bangkok honeymoon package, as they are the best place to head to, while you are deep in the Oriental world. Take a look at these luxurious destination spas for honeymoons, and take your pick for some classic Oriental wellness therapy!

  • 46The Oriental Spa At The Mandarin Oriental

    The Oriental Spa At The Mandarin Oriental

    The Mandarin Oriental is one of the best-known hotels, especially for a honeymoon in Bangkok. Set within this hotel is a spa which has world-class amenities for its guests. The spa offers a variety of treatments which will make for some calm couple time and much relaxation.

    It brings together an exotic yet urban flavor which makes it a huge hit! The spa offers tailor-made treatment sessions which also combine contemporary techniques with the old Oriental methods.

    Cost: At 7500 Baht for a customized spa treatment, you will get your money's worth!

  • 47Sukhothai Spa

    Sukhothai Spa
    Image Credit : Sukhothai Spa

    This is also a well known spa that brings in a tranquil aura with spa treatments for various parts of the body.

    Cost: While a simple treatment for the eyes will cost you about 1700 Baht, there are more complex and day long treatments that can go from 3000 Baht to 6000 Baht.

    Opening and closing time: It is open from 10 AM to 8PM, every day.

  • 48Chi, the Spa

    Chi, the Spa

    This is a luxury spa set in the well known Shangri La Hotel in Bangkok. The stone and water elements have been used to create an oasis of sorts and one can find a number of treatments at reasonable prices.

    Cost: The simple massages for half an hour to one hour can be availed at a mere 1700 Baht, while the hot stone massages and harmony inducing treatments for honeymooning couples, can be availed at 4500 Baht. One will need to book an appointment for the therapy here.

  • 49Away Spa

    Away Spa

    This spa is placed in the world chain of W hotels, which also has a property in Bangkok. The Away Spa on the sixth floor has about four zones that take you through various levels of relaxation and treatment.

    Opening and closing hours: The visiting hours are 10 AM to 1 PM, daily.

    ALL INCLUSIVE honeymoon packages:- Koh Samui Honeymoon packages

  • 50So Spa

    So Spa
    Image Credit :

    The So Sofitel Hotel in Bangkok is the location of the renowned So spa and its chic yet serene aura. In fact, it can be found right across the Lumphini Park, which makes it a pretty central location.

    The spa has Swedish, Thai, Balinese, Five Senses and various other kinds of treatments that use products from France and Northern Thailand. It is a perfect place to rejuvenate in your Bangkok honeymoon package.

  • 51Asia Herb Association Spa

    Asia Herb Association Spa

    This spa makes use of herbs and their various properties in order to conduct treatment on various body parts.

    Cost: You will need to make a reservation for a relaxing time at this spa where the rates go from 1,100 Baht to 2,200 Baht, depending on the type of treatment that you want to avail.

  • 52Breeze Spa Amari, Watergate

    Breeze Spa Amari, Watergate

    The breeze spa is a trendy yet tranquil place where you will a range of treatments starting from mood treatments to scrubs and retreat packages.

    Cost: The rates start from 1800 Baht and go all the way up to 3800 Baht. One has to take an appointment for a treatment here.

    Popular destination in Phuket, check our top picks here:- Places To Visit In Phuket On Honeymoon

  • 53Health Land

    Health Land
    Image Credit :

    This is a large spa which has dedicated areas for various types of treatments starting from full body to mood massages and other forms of spa and water based treatments. Hair care is also on their menu in case you are looking for beautiful and lustrous locks!

    Cost: The menu has various reasonably priced services starting from 750 Baht to 4000 Baht with world class amenities.

  • 54Let’s Relax Spa

    Let’s Relax Spa

    You will find a number of branches for this spa all over Bangkok and the rest of Thailand. You can avail their well known services which have also been endorsed by The Lonely Planet.

    Cost: The rates typically start from 500 Baht and go up to 3000 Baht. The chain has been established since the past two decades and comes with well experienced experts who use their expertise and experience to give you a soothing treatment.

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Saxophone Pub

One of the most popular and sought after live music bar which has been entertaining the people of Bangkok for years have been is none other than Saxophone Pub. Near the Sky train station and close to BTS Victory Monuments this place has been ruling the hearts of Bangkok locals and visitors for the last 30 years. Some of the greatest events of live music have been hosted here and almost every night there is some performances which make the place so special. Acoustic, Jazz, Blue, soul all can enjoyed in this live music bar. Popular bands of the city have been known to perform in Saxophone Pub. A mix crowd of both locals as well foreigners can be seen here. Music plays from 7:30 in the evening and continues till 1o clock at night.

: 3/8 Victory Monument, Bangkok

Timings: 17:00pm to 2:00am

Tuba Bar

What does a colossal Yoda statue, a nineteenth Century plunging cap and Spiderman have in like manner? They are all part of the furniture at Tuba, a bar and eatery in Bangkok where resistance is a design proclamation. From the naked representations on  the dividers to the vintage confounding furniture, Tuba is similar to no other bar in  Bangkok – or Thailand. Part classical display, part bohemian home base, with a differed  Thai­Italian propelled menu and one of the longest cocktails records in the city, Tuba  feels more like a whimsical companion's home than a bar and restaurant. Come here with a gathering of companions, get yourselves anunfastenedniche, sink Into an old fashioned couch.The choice of European draft brews on offer puts most  different bars to disgrace, with Boddingtons, Paulaner, Guinness and Hoegaarden to  look over for around 230 baht a half quart.

Location: Address: 34 SoiEkkmai 21(SoiChamchun) or Thong Lo Soi 20, Sukhumwit Road, Bangkok

Timings: Every day 11:00 AM – 02:00 AM

Iron Fairies

Iron Fairies is a mystical bar that is outlined like an ironsmith's workshop: dim and broody, with fashioned iron staircases, uncovered pipes and broken down timber and block. Bottles pixie dust are stacked in lines, and all over you look, you could risk upon minimal iron dolls of the winged animals that give the bar its name. Open subsequent to 2010, Iron Fairies moved in 2013 (however just three entryways down the road) and extended its operation so now it is a labyrinth of staircases, mystery entryways and dim recesses. The previous premises were tiny to the point that it was a steady fight to get in or out, keeping in mind it is still a tight crush, however, no matter you are standing or sitting you will certainly be in awe with its stylistic theme.

Location: 394 Thonglor Road, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok

Timings: Every day from 06:00 PM – 02:00 AM

Fat Gutz Bar and Saloon

The reputation Fat Gutz Bar in Thong Lor precedes its reputation that is far beyond the popularity that any other bar enjoys. The décor is all black and the hooks will remind of being at a Docker’s yard.  The vintage furniture and lighting is reminiscent of an easier time of the 1920s. The bar boasts of a hige collection of signature cocktails and a varied and yet cool crowd. The bar is famous around town for its good selection of music and its servings of fish and chips. The dimensions of the bar being a little smaller than most other bars, early reservations are highly recommended. The atmosphere is excellent on the weekends and everyone ends up being a part of the entire scene.

: Thong Lor

Highlights: Cozy, warm atmosphere amidst a highly reputed interiors.

Chatchak Market

Once only popular among wholesalers and traders, Chatuchak Weekend Market has reached a landmark status as a must-visit place for tourists. Its sheer size and diverse collections of merchandise will bring any seasoned shoppers to their knees – this is where you can literally shop ‘till you drop’. If you have one weekend in Bangkok, squeeze in a day trip to Chatuchak Weekend Market and you will not be disappointed. There is a system to help you navigate your way through Chatuchak. Inside, one main walkway encircles the entire market, and it branches off into a series of numbered alleyways called Soi 1, Soi 2, Soi 3, and so on.

: There is an information centre along with ATMs and foreign-exchange booths at the Chatuchak Park Office. Schematic maps and toilets are located throughout the market. The whole
market is divided into sections to make it easier to explore.

Location: The Phahonyothin, Bangkok

: Open from Saturday to Sunday from 9:00 to 18:00


Cloud 47 (Rooftop)

Cloud  47  is  one  of  the  latest  and  best  additions  to  Bangkok’s  booming  rooftop  bar scene.  A  stunning  270­degree  view  of  Bangkok’s  skyline.  Along  with  the  incredible panorama, Cloud 47 is set apart from all the other rooftop bars in Bangkok with is its huge terrace, providing ample space for visitors to move around at their own leisure.The cocktails here are pricey, but beer including draught beer and beer 'towers' are relatively good value for money. Location: Located in the financial city near United Centre.

Timings:Opened from 5pm to 1am daily.

Price:Cost for two may approximately be 2260 BHT.

The Roof @38 Bar - Mode Sathorn Hotel

To enjoy the real feel of being way above the buzzing city and to appreciate the Bangkok skyline and its 360 degree panoramic view, one of the best options is to try out the new rooftop bar at the classy Mode Sathorn Hotel on its 38th floor. One can enjoy the cosmopolitan look of the city with sights of Sky Bar, Lebua Tower, Sathorn Avenue, Limpini Park etc. Modern designs and chic furniture decorates the interior of the roof top bar.

One of the key attractions of the place is local and international DJ music which creates a throbbing vibe and tempo creating the mood for the evening. The cuisines offered here include French, Moroccan, Mexican, and local cuisine. Unique dumplings and delicious Sushi are popular dishes here.



Based in Thong Lor Street Soi 10 , Bangkok’s high society row, Demo is one of the preferred nightclubs of the city. Majorly catering the high profile localites and throbbing young crowd, this place remains quite full from Wednesday to Sunday. There are two specified rooms in the club, one closer to the entrance designed with orange neon, playing hip hop and the other main room which focuses on electro. Base heavy beats, R &B tunes and tech music energizes the dance floor. There is no entry free but drinks are chargeable starting from 250 Baht and beers from 220 Baht. The ambience of the club is quite friendly and welcoming though the same remains quite fill with Thai’s and seldom with foreigners.

Location: Thong Lor Street Soi 10 , 20 mins walk from nearest BTS Thong Lor.

Timings: 19:00pm to 2:00am


WTF Cafe

WTF Café and Gallery opened after four friends figured out that Bangkok was lacking some good places to eat, drink and be masterful. Its prosperity is down to the unwinding climate  they  have  made  ­  a  great  deal  of  good  things  originate  from  working  with individuals  you  like.  WTF  has  an  inventive  cocktail  list  and  some  delectable  tapas solace nourishment – two more reasons it has turned into a firm most loved for both local people and international guests. At first look the ground floor bar is reminiscent of a little nearby bistro in Europe. Behind  the  glass  shop  front  there  are  about  six  wooden  tables,  a  divider  in  dark  red  and finished solid floors. An individual choice of pictures and records are shown around the room, and in the event that you return frequently enough, proprietors will let you know the stories behind them.

Location:  7 SukhumvitSoi 51, 10270, Thailand

Timings: Every day 06:00 PM – 01:00 AM.

Khao San Road

Formerly a quiet local area with just a few budget guest houses, the Banglamphu area and famous Khao San Road have become an obligatory stop on the twenty-something travel trail, with cheap guest houses, street cafes, music shops, boutiques and bars. Over the last few years the area has become a tourist hotspot. It's untypical of Bangkok and yet the back streets nearby retain some of their old fashioned Thai charm. Accommodation used to be very basic but many guest houses are now upgrading with air-conditioning, pools and better quality rooms catering to a wider family market, at very reasonable rates.

Highlight: An extensive market, good cheap restaurants and the international mix of travelers and locals from different backgrounds make it an interesting place to visit or stay.

Location: Thanon Khao San Road, Phra Nakhon District


Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise is a fun and fresh take on an art gallery that has closed the divide between art and spectator with three-dimensional paintings that are interactive and laugh-out-loud funny. Through
clever use of shading and borders, artists have painted directly on to walls to create stunning images that trick our eyes. The gallery has over 100 individual art pieces in ten themed sections, covering optical illusions, wild animals, nature, past civilizations and reproductions of classic art along with witty ones.

Highlights: Photography is not only allowed but encouraged in this gallery. Art in Paradise also houses a small charming café where you can grab a bite.

Location: Banglamung, Chonburi

Timings: Open from 9:00 – 21:00

Price: 500 Baht for foreign adults and 300 Baht for foreign children. 150 Baht for Thai citizen.

The Golden Buddha At Wat Traimit

Wat Traimit is one of the most favourite tourist destinations in Bangkok. It has an impressive 5.5-tonne and 3m-tall, a solid-gold image of Buddha. The image is sculpted in an elegant Sukhothai style and was discovered around 40 years ago. The statue of Buddha in Wat Traimit is housed in a new marble structure, which is of four-storey. If you are interested in beholding the way the statue was made, there is Phra Buddha Maha Suwanna Patimakorn Exhibition on the second floor of the temple. On the other hand, the third floor of temple highlights the multimedia exhibits on the Chinatown of Bangkok and its inhabitants. It is said that the temple is dated back to early 13th century.

Location: The temple is located at Th Mittaphap Thai-China. There are various options to reach there. You can either take a metro or ferry from the Ratchawong Pier.

Timings: Open from 8 AM to 5 PM

The approximate price for the temple is 40 THB.

Live RCA

Live RCA is based in Bangkok’s famous RC Avenue, the biggest party street of the city. Competing with Route 66 and Onyx, Live RCA is the new kid in the block but come with a uniqueness that pushes it straight up the charts. Focussing mainly on Live dance music, this club is a huge hit. The club opens on specific events about once a week and focuses on EDM and calling in famous international DJ to rock the dance floor. Being quite spacious with capacity of 1000 people, the club is divided into three distinctive places, a disco room, a main room and a terrace. Giving the feel there are heavy bass sound systems with strobes, laser and LED screen setting the mood. One of the happening joints of Bangkok this place undoubtedly promises grooving music and entertaining evening.

Location: RCA, Rama 9 Rd. Bangkok


Tawandang German Brewery

Tawandang is one of the most famous and pioneering brewery in Thailand. Thereputation of this watering hole is such that it is packed every single day of the week. The décor is reminiscent of the traditional German Beerhouse with wooden ceilings and long snaking tables. There are also live shows and music to keep the patrons entertained. The brewery is a great place for getting together in a big group to have conversations amidst peals of loud and raucous laughter. You can taste a lot of frothy ales lager, weizen beet and dunkel and the menu is a mix of traditional Thai and German favorites. The live acts are also rich, varied and glittery.


Location: Rama 3 Road, Bangkok

Highlights: Traditional freshly brewed German beer amidst great live acts and German décor.

Hemingway's Bar and Restaurant in Bangkok

Hemingway's Bar and Restaurant in Bangkok is a by and large enchanting spot in downtown Sukhumvit to appreciate an easygoing supper or meet for beverages with companions. Involving an affectionately remodeled teak manor and encompassed by tall trees, a shifted blend of clients fill diverse segments of the house and grounds. The first floor of this elegant bar has an exceptionally European bar vibe, while upstairs on the veranda or inside the lounge area, a more casual mood permits visitors to appreciate the astounding menu of tapas nibbles, new world dishes and more generous mains. The really charming house, constructed in the 1918, itself has a long and celebrated history, having housed sovereignty, and all the more as of late the French  diplomat to Thailand. Hemingway's Bangkok has taken advantage of the house and 
grounds by making five unique ranges, every one mirroring an area connected with Ernest Hemingway; Cuba, Africa, France, Key West, and a lovely Spanish garden with a focal wellspring.

Location: 1 SukhumvitSoi 14, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Timings: Every day from 11:30 AM – 01:00 AM

Viva 8

Set amidst the hustling street of Bangkok Chatuchak, Viva 8 is just a next­door kind of  bar but its casual approach is the prime factor known for seducing the tourists from all  over the globe as well as regular from Bangkok. The DJ nights and a European styled menu – marveled by Spanish Chef is the icing on the cake that helps people in relaxing their wits after a burdened day with a drink and an amazing platter. The casual approach, easy menu and affordable prices together make this bar a must visit while in Bangkok.

Location: 10900, 800/2 KamphaengPhet 2 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

Timings: Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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