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One of the most enjoyable ways to enjoy a Phi Phi Island Trip is to choose between one of the many exciting Phi Phi Island Tour Packages offered by Thrillophilia. Phi Phi Island is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Thailand to visit, and it is dotted with spectacular beaches and an amazing nightlife. Whether you are traveling with your family or with your partner, our Phi Phi Island packages are designed to cater to all kinds of travelers and age groups.

Phi Phi Island Tour Packages provide you with an option to pick between a luxurious holiday including a stay at a posh hotel and a budget-friendly option so you can invest more on activities and sightseeing around the island. Create everlasting memories on your holiday to Phi Phi Island with Thrillophilia as we help create the perfect itineraries to meet your requirements and to ensure that you leave here with a heart full of great memories.

Home of the famous Maya Bay, the location of the super Hollywood movie, The Beach, Phi Phi Island is a place like no other. It combines the peace and tranquillity of surreal landscapes and excitement of a thriving nightlife to bring you an experience of a lifetime. Thrillophilia brings you a wide variety of Phi Phi Island Tours to choose from, but all of them guarantee that you and your loved ones will have the time of your life traversing through the crystal blue waters around the island, enjoy local food and culture, shop to your heart’s content, and party like there is no tomorrow.

Thrillophilia’s Phi Phi Island Holiday Package brings you a world of opportunity to witness the serene beauty of the island and at the same time, you get to enjoy your moments of peace and tranquillity. Indulge in an adventurous shark spotting tour or enjoy a day of learning Thai delicacies. With Thrillophilia, you get to enjoy a holiday at your own pace and yet come back wanting more.

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Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour @ Flat 20% off | Book Now! 6H ₹ 6455 3.0 star View Details
3 Days Phi-phi and Railey Beach Romantic Sailing Trip with Rock Climbing 3D/2N ₹ 57012 4.0 star View Details
Phi Phi Island Tour by Big Boat 10H ₹ 0 4.0 star View Details
Phi Phi Island Boat Tour | Book Now & Get Flat 20% off 9H ₹ 3231 4.0 star View Details
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Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour @ Flat 20% off | Book Now!
Phi Phi Island Half Day Tour @ Flat 20% off | Book Now!


Phi Phi

Trip Location- Phi Phi IslandWith clean tropical beaches, natural caves and colourful marine lives, this is the perfect heaven for the beach lovers who were looking for a quick trip from Phuket. Phi Phi Island half-day tour will let you spend some amazing time in the clean and alluring beaches and unspoiled reefs.It will take just 45 minutes to reach this group of splendid islands if you are taking a speedboat from Phuket. Phi Phi half-day tour is the most suitable tour for the vacationists who are interested in a quick trip to this pleasant island. This small tour will let you enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the ocean and also you can go sightseeing in all the other beaches and caves.What to ExpectEnjoy snorkelling in the briny waters surrounding the islands:You will get to swim or snorkel in the waters for a huge amount of time. And obviously, when there is water all around you, how can we not include a single water activity in it? So indulge yourself in the blue water bodies and spend some amazing moments creating memories for a lifetime.Relish the time spend amidst the water:From visiting the island in a speedboat to sitting at the clean attractive beaches by dipping your legs in the waves, this tour will let you enjoy the complete tour in your own preferable way.Discover the hidden beauty of the beaches and caves:A visit to the Viking Cave will really make you get goosebumps by its peaceful ambience. This place is one of the notable sightseeing places of the island located on the northeastern part.Note:The tour schedule may change depending on the weather conditions and tides.The people prone to seasickness are recommended to avoid this journey.
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25 Ratings


25 Ratings

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INR 8,069

INR 6,455

3 Days Phi-phi and Railey Beach Romantic Sailing Trip with Rock Climbing
3 Days Phi-phi and Railey Beach Romantic Sailing Trip with Rock Climbing


Phi Phi

About the Activity:Brace yourself for a stunning 3 days sailing trip to Phi Phi island and Railey beach along with a rock climbing.Start your trip around 09:00 AM from Chalong Pier near Phuket and enjoy the relishing sight of the famous island.Travel to the northern tip of Phi Phi don and then indulge in swimming or snorkeling at a specific spot where the catamaran anchors for a while.Aftermath, enjoy Maya bay en route, spend your night on Phi Phi don beach with music, drinks and dancing.Head to find some other attractions of the package; the rock on Railey beach. Visit Krabi, listen to climbing lessons or just relax on the beach.Rivet in the amazing view of a Hindu temple situated in a cave before you return to Phuket and wind up the tour at Chalong Pier around 06:00 PM on the last day.

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38 Ratings

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INR 57,012

Phi Phi Island Tour by Big Boat
Phi Phi Island Tour by Big Boat


Phi Phi

Make your heart content through this snorkelling tour that will take you to some of the most popular destinations through a larger size boat. You will visit the Maya Bay, the Monkey Beach and Viking Cave while discovering this tropical island. Colourful marine life with an innumerable species will provide you with an experience that will leave an indelible imprint in your mind for years to come. In addition to this, there are fun-filled water activities like snorkelling, swimming and speed boating providing the adrenaline rush to all the participants who love the thrill of such activities.A guide that will accompany you throughout the Phi Phi Island Tour by Big Boat will enhance your knowledge and give you in-depth insights about various things. Offering you everything right from the beautiful island, to water activities, to non-alcoholic drinks and delectable lunch, the Phi Phi Island by Big Boat tour covers everything you can imagine. Relax while you are on this tour, forgetting about all your worries and make this vacation worth remembering. Take a break from your responsibilities and make enough memories that will keep you refreshed after this trip is over. Enjoy the beautiful beach, take in the beauty of the seas with this all in one tour. The mesmerising surroundings around you will satisfy your desire for a perfect vacation and will entice you while you cruise on Big Boat. A mask snorkel and life jacket will be provided, ensuring that you are safe at all times. The sight where the earth and sky seem to meet is enchanting and unforgettable. This tour is an absolute delight, a perfect family getaway with all kinds of activities to engage you and your family and unbelievably beautiful nature, always leaving you in awe. So, keep this on your bucket list and plan a trip to Phi Phi Island by Big Boat if you want an amazing getaway with your family.

29 Ratings


29 Ratings

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Phi Phi Island Boat Tour | Book Now & Get Flat 20% off
Phi Phi Island Boat Tour | Book Now & Get Flat 20% off


Phi Phi

About the Activity:The trip to Thailand is incomplete without visiting the beautiful Phi Phi Islands.Start your trip at around 07:30 AM and travel to Rassada Port where you can enjoy the ferry ride to reach Phi Phi Islands at around 10:00 AM.Indulge in various water activities like snorkeling (for 30 minutes only), swimming, etc. or just relax on the white sand of the beautiful beaches.Explore some of the most beautiful tourist destinations of Phi Phi like Bida Island, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Bay, and Viking Cave.Enjoy a lip-smacking lunch at Phi Phi Don before heading back to Phuket from at around 2.30 PM and pack up the tour by 05:00 PM holding reverberating memories.

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

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INR 3,231

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People Also Ask About Phi Phi Tours

  1. What are the best Day Tours in Phi Phi island?

    1. Phi Phi & Bamboo Islands Trip - One of the most popular Phi Phi Island Tours include a visit to the famous Bamboo Islands which is renowned for a special and rare breed of Bamboo. The best way to witness them is from the top of a mountain. You would also have plenty of time to swim and snorkel on the island before heading to Phi Phi Don to explore Monkey Beach and enjoying a hearty lunch buffet by the seaside. The trip includes return transfers from the hotel, lunch and soft drinks, and snorkeling gears.

    2. Phi Phi Island Tour from Phuket - A day trip to Phi Phi from Phuket is among the most sought after Phi Phi Island Tour Packages among travelers. The tour essentially starts with a transfer from your hotel to the Rassada Pier in Phuket from where you can either choose to take a ferry or a speedboat to Phi Phi. Enjoy the stunning views of Monkey Beach, Phi Phi Leh, and Viking Cave while your boat makes its way to Phi Phi Don. Enjoy a swim or go snorkeling in the soothing waters at Phi Phi Don before indulging in a delicious lunch.

    3. Phi Phi sunrise tour - Enjoy a spectacular Phi Phi sunrise while cruising through the limestone caves and phenomenal islands. Be picked up from your hotel in Krabi or Phuket and make your way to Maya Bay in a boat. Spend time exploring the nearby attractions such as Phi Phi Leh, Viking Cave, and Monkey Bay before sitting down for a buffet lunch. Wrap up your day after visiting a few more popular attractions around the island including but not limited to Bamboo Island, Chicken Island, Poda Island, and Koh Kai.

    4. Phi Phi Island Tour In An Express Boat - A more relaxed option, Phi Phi Island Packages comprising tour in an express boat usually starts early morning ferry ride from Rassada Pier to Phi Phi. Once on the island, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or just relaxing by the beaches of Phi Phi. Head out to explore Bida Island, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Bay, and Viking Cave. Fill your stomach with a delicious lunch and relax some more before calling it a day.

    5. Phi Phi And Khai Islands Day Tour - A day trip to Phi Phi and Khai Islands begin by picking you up from your hotel in Phuket to the Pier from where you depart for Pileh Cove or Pileh lagoon for swimming and snorkeling. Take time out to visit Monkey Beach and Viking Cave. Enjoy a lavish lunch at Phi Phi Don. At this point, you can either choose to relax or swim and snorkel some more at Rantee Bay. Head to Khai Nok Beach and traverse around for a couple of hours before heading back to your hotel.

    6. Phi Phi Island Tour By Speedboat From Phuket - A perfect day trip for leisure travelers, this tour begins with a relaxing cruise from Phuket around 9:00 AM followed by a nice breakfast. Once in Phi Phi, you will be taken to the famous Maya Beach so you can spend time swimming, snorkeling, and indulging in other popular beach activities at Pileh Lagoon. Relish your lunch at Andaman Beach and head over to Monkey Beach for some more fun and adventure. Take in the spellbinding landscapes around you before heading back to your hotel.

  2. What is the best time to visit Phi Phi island?

    The best time to visit Phi Phi Island is during the dry months i.e. between December and April. November is the unofficial start to the tourist season. The weather during this time is cooler and pleasant. There are no major storms or rain showers to hinder your travel plans. Most travelers come to Phi Phi in December and January to enjoy the holiday season.

  3. How to reach Phi Phi island from Phuket?

    Most Phi Phi Island Packages either start in Phuket or Krabi. To get to Phi Phi Island from Phuket, you can either take a ferry or speedboat from Rassada Pier located in the main town. The trip takes around a couple of hours and is the most popular way of traveling to Phi Phi from Phuket. 

    There are no airports in Phi Phi Island so air travel is not an option. If you are traveling from another part of Thailand or the world, the best way to get to Phi Phi Island is to take a flight to Phuket International Airport and make your way to the pier for a ferry/speedboat to Phi Phi.

  4. How do I get from Bangkok to Phi Phi Island?

    The fastest way to get to Phi Phi Island from Bangkok is to take a flight to Krabi or Phuket International airport. Most Phi Phi Island Tour Packages offer complimentary transfer to the pier in Krabi or Phuket from where you can get a ferry or speedboat to the island. Alternatively, you can also take a bus to Krabi or Phuket and take the ferry/speedboat to Phi Phi.

  5. What are the best sightseeing places to visit in Phi Phi island?

    1. Maya Bay - Famous as the filming spot of Leonardo Di Caprio’s The Beach, Maya Bay is easily the top attraction in Phi Phi. Surrounded by 100-meter high cliffs on three sides, Maya Bay is most famous for its astonishing beaches, brilliant underwater life, and majestic limestone cliffs. 

    2. Pileh Lagoon - The best way to enjoy the lagoon is to jump straight in for a swim or go snorkeling. The waters here are fairly shallow and the marine life is in abundance, but be careful not to injure yourself as the waters here have sea urchins.

    3. Bamboo Island - Almost shaped like a heart, Bamboo Island is most renowned for the rare species of Bamboo that grows on the island. Climb up the mountain to enjoy a view of the island or unwind yourself laying on the white, shimmering sands.

    4. Mosquito Island - A favorite hotspot for travelers wanting some fun and adventure in Phi Phi Island waters, Mosquito island gets its funny name from the hordes of mosquitoes that appear out of nowhere after sunset. 

    5. Long Beach - If you dream of spotting sharks but don’t have the courage to swim next to them, a trip to the Long Beach is your best shot. Climb up the Shark point (a rock popping out of the beach waters) and enjoy a view of blacktip reef sharks.

  6. What is there to do on Phi Phi Island?

    1. Shark Spotting – If you are looking into Phi Phi Island tours, look for one that offers you a chance to get up, close, and personal with these dreaded creatures.

    2. Long Tail Boat Tour – Irrespective of whether you choose to visit the Bamboo Island, Mosquito Island, or Maya bay for that matter, a nice, relaxing ride on a long-tail boat is a must. 

    3. Thai Cooking Class – Thai cuisine is one of the most favored cuisines in the world. Get a chance to indulge in a Thai Cooking class as a part of your Phi Phi Island Holiday package and learn about the various techniques and ingredients that make Thai food so delectable.

    4. Beach Hopping – Phi Phi has a lot of mesmerizing beaches. Though some of them can be a little crowded with tourists, it isn’t difficult to find your own quiet spot to chill. Ao Toh Ko, Phak Nam Bay, Ao Poh, and Long Beach are definitely worth a visit.

    5. Rock Climbing – For something more adventurous (and strenuous), go rock climbing in the limestone boulders around the island with one of the Phi Phi Island Tours.

  7. What are the best adventure sports in Phi Phi island?

    1. Diving – One of the most popular adventure sports in Phi Phi Island, diving is the best way to explore the mind-blowing marine life around the island. Phi Phi has some of the most renowned dive sites in the world.

    2. Snorkeling/Glowing Planktons – Snorkeling in the Phi Phi Islands is a lot of fun with plenty of playful fish and interesting marine life to experience. For something a little less cliché, there are a few Phi Phi Island Tour packages that provide snorkeling at night offering you an opportunity to witness bioluminescent plankton.

    3. Kayaking – A good way to indulge into an adventure sport activity in Phi Phi Island without feeling exhausted is to take a kayaking trip to the Monkey Beach. It takes less than an hour, and at the end of it, you get to enjoy a refreshing swim and relax in the shade.

    4. Hike to the viewpoint – Hiking in Phi Phi can bring you to some of the most remarkable viewpoints on the island. The hike can be strenuous so make sure you are not hungover and that you have the proper gear and enough water.

  8. How is the nightlife in Phi Phi island?

    The nightlife in Phi Phi Island is as famous as its glistening beaches. The island is known for its endless bars, restaurants, beach clubs, and drinkers. Most evenings, you will be able to witness an impromptu fire show and open-air dance parties. The best party places are located in Tonsai central.

    Most bars may stop playing loud music after 2:00 AM, but they still stay open as long as there are guests. The nightlife here is fun, vibrating, and entertaining, minus the sleaziness that you may encounter in some touristy locations.

  9. Is Phi Phi island Safe?

    Phi Phi Islands are known for their laid back atmosphere, away from the crowded, noisy cities such as Bangkok. The roads are not motorable, meaning that you are safe from any motor-related accidents. Do not indulge in excessive drinking, any kind of drugs, and be safe when indulging in extreme activities such as cliff jumping.

  10. Which are some popular places to eat in Phi Phi island?

    1. Anna’s Restaurant – A long-established culinary institution, Anna’s restaurant offers a great fusion of Western and Thai dishes. Almost all dishes are prepared with a healthy twist and are easy on the pocket.

    2. Tonsai Seafood – Arguably the best beachside restaurant on the island, Tonsai Seafood is best known for its amazing array of seafood delicacies, a fancy dessert menu, and it’s an outdoor-seating-only location that gives an unperturbed view of the glorious Phi Phi sunset.

    3. Aroy Kaffeine – A slightly off-the-beaten-path venue, Aroy Kaffeine is easily the best brunch spot in the town with an amazing variety of local as well as international dishes. Come for the food and stay for the impressive beverage menu that features over 17 cocktails and more.

    4. Unni’s Restaurant – Located in the heart of all of Phi Phi’s action, Unni’s is the best spot to grab a bite before heading out for an eventful night on the island. Come early in the evening to be seated at the restaurant’s most favorite spot, the patio. While at it, give their cocktails a try – apparently, they are some of the best in Phi Phi.

  11. How much time do I need to explore Phi Phi Island?

    Most travelers visit Phi Phi Island as a one-day trip from Krabi or Phuket. While this may be enough to see the main attractions on the island, culture buffs and nature lovers would claim at least a three-day Phi Phi Island Holiday package to sink in everything that this place has to offer. However, if you don’t have time restrictions, you could easily spend a week exploring the island life on Phi Phi.

  12. Which airport is closest to Phi Phi?

    Krabi International Airport and Phuket International Airport are both very close to Phi Phi, but Krabi is the closest. From Krabi Airport, you can easily take a taxi to get to Klong Jilad Pier (more commonly known as Phi Phi Pier) for a ferry to Tonsai Pier, Phi Phi Island. If you have pre-booked your ferry ticket for your Phi Phi Island Trip, it is best to check if it comes with a complimentary pier transfer (as most of them do).

  13. What is Phi Phi island famous for?

    One of the most famous islands in Thailand, Phi Phi island is famous for its stunning beaches, uninhabited islands, several world-class diving sites, exquisite limestone caves, and of course, a thriving party scene.

    Most Phi Phi Island Tour Packages feature all of these attractions and activities, but it is easy to pick and choose what you prefer. That being said, a visit to the postcard-perfect Maya Bay is a must for anyone traveling to Phi Phi Island.

  14. Is there any airport in Phi Phi Islands?

    There are no airports in Phi Phi Islands. The closest international airport to Phi Phi Islands is in Krabi and Phuket. Krabi Airport is approximately 46 kilometers from Phi Phi Island and Phuket is around 70 kilometers. Phuket and Krabi are both well-connected to the rest of the country as well as all major cities in the world.

  15. How much does it cost to go to Phi Phi Island?

    The most cost-effective way to get to Phi Phi Island is to get a ferry from Phuket or Krabi. Tickets cost between 250 to 400 Baht (600 to 1000 INR). If you book this as a part of your Phi Phi Island Holiday package, it most likely would also include a pickup from your hotel in Phuket/Krabi.

    If you are traveling from Bangkok, you could either take a bus or a flight to Phuket (closer to Phi Phi than Krabi) and make your way to the pier. If you are traveling in a group, you could also take a speedboat for as little as 600 baht per person (1,400 INR approx.).

  16. What about the temperature in Daytime/Nighttime in Phi Phi Island?

    Phi Phi Island enjoys a tropical climate which means that it mostly stays sunny throughout the year. The year is divided according to two main seasons – the dry season which starts in December and lasts till April, and the west season that starts in May and lasts till November. The average maximum temperature during the day on the island stays close to 30 ?C while the average nighttime temperature hardly ever falls below 20 ?C.

    Rains can come and go as they please, however, the average precipitation level is the highest in the months of May, September, and October (over 300 mm). The island gets a total average precipitation level of 2,380 mm in a year.

  17. What kind of accommodation I can find?

    Being one of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand, Phi Phi Islands are visited by travelers of all kinds. Hence, the island boasts a wide range of budget to luxury accommodation options. If you are a backpacker or a budget traveler, it is best to book one of the many hostels for your Phi Phi Island trip.

    If you are traveling in a group and don’t mind sharing the cost of stay with your group members, you can also book mid-range resorts and hotels. For honeymooners and leisure travelers, the island has plenty of fascinating beach hotels and resorts.

  18. What sort of public transportation is there in Phi Phi Island?

    Simply put, there are no transportation options within the island. You can only get transportation to and from the island. There are no motorable roads in Phi Phi Islands because of which there are no buses, cars, trains, or taxis. Motorbikes and bicycles can be seen but the numbers are very few.

    The island is set up in a way that it is extremely easy to walk around to most places. If you need to travel a longer distance within the island, a longtail boat is the only option.

  19. Are there any restrictions regarding anything which I need to take care of?

    1. If you are headed to the beach, beware of jellyfish. Box Jellyfish are poisonous, and their sting can cause major burns. Unfortunately, there are no signs on any of the beaches, so you just have to be cautious. 

    2. Be cautious of not feeding monkeys on your Phi Phi Island trip. While being close to these wild beings can be fascinating, monkeys can sometimes be extremely aggressive, especially the bigger ones. 

    3. Avoid drinking buckets. They are mostly made out of mixing various kinds of alcohol all at once and can be highly potent. 

    4. Most Phi Phi Island packages include a visit to Maya Bay. Keep in mind that there is a designated smoking area. Smoking elsewhere can cost you 2,000 Baht (4600 INR) in penalties.

  20. Which are some famous places to shop in Phi Phi island?

    The best places to shop in Phi Phi Island are:

    1. Phi Phi market – Located in the heart of Tonsai Village, Phi Phi market is the best place to experience the local lifestyle and shop for a wide variety of local products. However, the primary attraction here is the amazing range of ready-made snacks and favorite Thai street food at unbelievably low prices. 

    2. Tonsai East Shopping Alleyway – Located on the main road just before Andaman Legacy Resort, Tonsai East Shopping Alleyway features a dozen stalls showcasing souvenirs, jewelry, apparel, and other accessories. Phi Phi Mosque, situated on the same lane, is another popular attraction in the market. 

    3. Namlily – Located in central Tonsai and owned and managed by a French lady, Namlily is one of the high-end boutiques in Phi Phi island which is known for selling tailor-made vintage dresses as well as vintage silver and stone jewelry, classy handbags, and other trendy accessories.

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