Hot Air Balloon in Thailand

The Thailand Hot Air Balloon ride will fulfill your dream of flying high in the air, and watching everything down looks so beautiful. You will be charmed to see the wonderful view of the city from the top. It is a joyful ride, which is pretty much amazing and you must try it at least once in your life.

While enjoying a trip to Thailand, on a hot air balloon ride you will get to see a spectacular sunset that overlooks the Chiang Mai landscape. You will explore the mountains of Northern Thailand as you wander in the air balloon. One can see glimpses of the sprawling grasslands and the sparkling lakes of Thailand.

The city looks the best, especially, during the evening and night when the lights would be seen all over down in the city from mid-air. It will look extremely attractive.

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Thailand Hot Air Ballooning FAQs

What is the best time for a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Thailand?

There’s no specific time to get the best experience of going for a hot air balloon ride. You can go in any season or any time of the day. However, make sure you don’t book the tickets during the monsoon season as the flight of the balloon won’t be possible while it is raining.

Also, seasons with harsh weather conditions should be avoided. Although, the booking will be either delayed or canceled automatically in case of bad weather. But do consider the time of the year while making your plans to visit Thailand.

How much time will a single Hot Air Balloon ride in Thailand take?

A single Thailand Hot Air Balloon ride will take around 50-60 minutes. The time can increase or decrease slightly as per the weather conditions of the place.

How high will we go to the Hot Air Balloon in Thailand?

The weather conditions have a direct impact on the flight. So during pleasant weather, the flight would be quite high in the air. While during some harsh weather conditions, it won’t go as high as you would like it to.

Moreover, how high you go in the air will also depend on the location that you choose to fly from.

Is there also a charge for kids for Hot Air Balloon Thailand?

The adventure ride of a Hot Air Balloon in Thailand cost the same for kids and adults. You can buy a single ride at a price of INR 20,412. The Hot Air Balloon Ride in Thailand price is fixed appropriately, keeping the demand and the user experience in mind.

Is Hot Air Balloon Ride in Thailand available on weekends?

Yes, the Thailand Hot Air Balloon ride is available on weekends. In fact, the demand for the rides is quite high during the weekend time as more and more people travel to the city from their hometown to enjoy the joyful ride.

People who have tried the Hot Air Balloon in Thailand have always given praises for the amazing ride. This is because the ride offers an amazing and beautiful experience for the time being. You get to see wonderful mountains, mesmerizing sunset, lakes, grassland, and much more while flying high in the air.

Is it safe to experience a hot air balloon ride in Thailand?

It is totally safe to try a Hot Air Balloon in Thailand. The ride is managed by professionals who know how and when to operate it, keeping in mind the safety of the passengers. Each ride in the Thailand Hot Air Balloon carries four passengers, excluding the driver.

The driver is well-trained with the job of flying the balloon. They are trained in how to tackle and control the balloon even in harsh weather conditions.

What are the things to keep in mind while experiencing a hot air balloon ride in Thailand?

While experiencing a joyful ride in the Hot Air Balloon in Thailand, you must keep the following points in your mind:

-Make sure you follow the instructions of the driver.

-Stand carefully during the ride and do not create any nuisance with the other passengers.

-Do not lean more on a specific side; make sure you stand evenly in the balloon.

-Make sure you enjoy the pleasure of witnessing the beautiful sunset, forested mountains, rushing rivers, etc. while flying in the balloon.

What should I wear while doing a hot air balloon ride in Thailand?

While enjoying the ride of Hot Air Balloon in Thailand, it is advisable that passengers must wear long pants and long sleeve tops or shirts. This goes for both boys and for girls. No skirt, sandals, high heels are allowed inside the balloon.
So girls must take care of that.

Otherwise, the entry to the balloon ride would be restricted by the staff. Any other special kind of clothing is not required. This is because the temperature is usually the same in the air as it is on the ground. So any practical wear is recommended.

Who controls the safety standard of the Hot Air Balloon Thailand flight?

The safety standard of the flight of Thailand Hot Air Balloon is taken care of by the driver of each ride. The driver is always a trained person who knows how to handle and control the balloon after taking it high in the air.

The driver is also trained to control the balloon in different weather conditions, so the landing doesn’t seem to be difficult for him/her if any weather disturbance comes suddenly.

How much does a hot air balloon ride cost in Thailand?

The Hot Air Balloon in Thailand cost INR 20,412 for both adults and kids. The ride is extremely worth the price as it gives you a wonderful experience of going up high in the air and exploring the natural beauty of Thailand.

You get to see the beautiful landscape of the place while flying in mid-air. The city looks amazingly beautiful and enchanting from the top. So if you are looking for the Hot Air Balloon Ride in Thailand price, make sure you try this.

What are the best places for Hot Air Balloon Rides in Thailand?

Some of the best places to enjoy the hot air balloon ride in Thailand are:

-Balloon Adventure- Joined Basket Balloon Ride

-Balloon Chiang Rai- Soft Adventure and Nature Touch

-Half-Day Balloon Flight over Chiang Mai and Doi Suthep

-Chiang Mai Sunrise Balloon Flight and Luxury Spa Day

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