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Guwahati is the largest city in Assam and Northeast India. Dispur, the state capital, is situated within the city. The city is the second-largest metropolitan area in eastern India after Kolkata and one of the fastest developing cities in India. Thousands of tired, over civilized people are beginning to find that wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity. Guwahati has a rich biodiversity with its jungles, grasslands, and wetlands which are teeming with many exotic and endangered species of animals and birds. Embark on the best wildlife tours in Guwahati and drive through lush grasslands, thick semi-evergreen jungles to witness the regional flora and fauna from a convenient vantage point. The thick canopied jungles dotted with streams and ponds are home to no fewer than 5 wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks.


The region with its unspoiled natural beauty, teeming wildlife and verdant jungles is undoubtedly the best wildlife destination in India. Take a close peek at the huge yet utterly adorable one horned Rhinoceros in Kaziranga National Park, the world’s Rhino capital. The Kaziranga National Park is a world heritage site and arguably India's finest wildlife sanctuary. Get up close and personal with herds of Indian Elephants, water buffaloes, leopards, swamp deers and exotic resident and migratory birds in these windswept expanses of Savannahs. Assam is home to the Hoolock Gibbon, the only species of Ape in India. So set out on the best wildlife tours in India on the back of an elephant or an open jeep to soak up the sounds, sights, the smell of an awakening jungle and you are almost bound to see a big game.

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Visit if you wish to see wildlife, you would be pleased by the never-ending natural beauty of this mesmerizing place.
It was my first visit, The moment I reach the park I was amazed by the beauty of it. A jeep-safari is really a good-option to explored the park to get closer to the amazing animals. We saw the Royal-Bengal-Tiger, wild-buffalos, elephant, rhinos, etc, and as well as you would hear the sounds of the birds this park has various-types of birds as well. If you want a fulfilling-experience in the amidst-nature then what are you waiting for... Visit Manas-National-Park.
Famous tourist spot. When you plan for a visit you better take with the jungle safari but I would like to suggest you go with the elephant safari because through this rides you'll get close distance watching the amazing creatures on earth that without disturbing them, at the same time along the way this park caught the eyes by its natural beauty. The whole park is well-kept and well-maintained. Supportive people and it is truly a heaven for nature lovers.
If you want to avoid standing in a long line at the park counter then you better book online the price also was cheaper if you compared. The staff there was friendly and approachable, we had the amazing jeep-safari at Kaziranga the park has many amazing animals the entire rides would give you a special surprise for sure. The park is beautiful with hills, lakes, and lush greenery. Well-kept and well-maintained. You must visit the place it is truly paradise.
You should check out and visit the place and experience it yourself about the wild. Lots of amazing things you would see and for sure it would surprise you and you'll witness it from this elephant safari and definitely it would be an unforgettable experience ever. I can't describe it just go and have a look at it by yourself.
It was one of the most beautiful place to spend your vacation in. The beauty North Eastern states are eternal and truly surreal. We visited various nature oriented places. The team was very cooperative and reliable
I visit Kaziranga with my family, No words to describe my experience but it was a truly satisfying experience ever.
The amazing experience fully packed wildlife-experience can be seen clearly from the jeep along with valuable information from the guide.
It is the best place to visit for nature and wildlife, the environment is peaceful with full of amazing things inside the park, The park is large, we felt great being in the forest and enjoyed the nature, That day we spot the one horn rhinos, elephant, and birds and many more... Jeep-safari is a good option for this adventure
It's really a nice place and all facilities available in this park, The forest was truly amazing along with stunning one horn rhinoceros of the whole world found here at this park which make the place popular, This jeep safari make us see closer to the amazing animals. I felt with the beautiful sceneries would definitely love to visit again.