20 Best Restaurants in Abu Dhabi for a Culinary Experience!

Abu Dhabi Restaurants

Are you someone looking for the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi that can give a perfect respite to your cravings for immaculate food? If yes, then Abu Dhabi is flooded with the culinary masterpieces that can make your mouth drool with hunger.

The quintessential international cuisines that perfectly mingle over here are a major reason travellers can’t stay away from the charm of this place. It perfectly mingles cuisines from across the globe leading to international flavours that are not just a treat for your mouth but your eyes too.

Whatever taste palate you have we bet you’ll get addicted to the exquisite food glossary over here. Some of the most raved restaurants like Villa Toscana, Li Beirut, Prego’s and many more are serving the best culinary masterpieces in Abu Dhabi. So let’s together explore all these landmark restaurants over here are that are turning eating into a giant feast.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi:

Latest Information on Travelling to ABU DHABI?

Leisure travel is allowed with some restrictions. Flights are functional from India, United Kingdom, Germany, Egypt, China, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Jordan, Switzerland, Serbia, Japan, United States, Maldives, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Canada, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, South Korea, France, Philippines, Oman, Kuwait, Indonesia.

  • Wearing masks and following social distancing in public areas is mandatory for all travellers
  • Capacity of malls and restaurants are limited to 30%
  • Reopened beaches and museums are allowing 40% of the previous capacity
  • Seating allowance in restaurants is limited to 2-4 customers per table and the tables are separated by 2 metres
  • Individual outdoor sports like cycling, cricket, golf, etc are allowed for people aged 12-60 years
  • Travellers arriving at Abu Dhabi are advised to self-qurantine themselves at home for 14 days
  • Travellers must not allow any visitors to visit them during this period
  • Travellers self-quarantining are advised to follow all safety measures, practice personal hygiene and monitor their symptoms and report to a medical facility if feeling unwellRead more.

Flights to Abu Dhabi are available from England, India, Thailand, Germany and 50+ other destinations.

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Thrillophilia recommends you to follow all guidelines issued by the government in Abu Dhabi to stay safe. If you're travelling to Abu Dhabi, make sure you have a recent COVID-negative certificate. We also recommend you to practice personal hygiene to ensure your safety.

Indian Citizens with “Any Valid UAE Visa” Can Now Travel to the Arab Nation Updated: 14 Aug 2020

Indian citizens holding any type of UAE visa will now be able to take a flight to the country from India. Read more.

COVID-negative certificate mandatory for arriving travellers in Abu Dhabi Updated: 13 Aug 2020

All travellers arriving in Abu Dhabi need to present a COVID-negative certificate from a government-authorized lab, issued not more than 96 hours before departure

Travellers to submit a health declaration form & register on the ALHOSN app Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Travellers arriving at Abu Dhabi need to fill a health declaration form at immigration counter and also need to download and register at the ALHOSN app

Parks & Beaches in Abu Dhabi reopen with limited capacity allowed Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Several parks & beaches in Abu Dhabi including Bani Yas Ladies Park, Shahama Park 2 and 3, and Al Bahia Park have been reopened with various safety measures in place. It is mandatory for visitors to wear masks and follow social distancing as they enter in the premises. Read more.

Food & beverage outlets in Abu Dhabi reopen Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Several food & beverage outlets in Abu Dhabi have been reopened with various safety measures in place. The outlets will operate at a 30% capacity, a maximum of 4 people allowed per table and a minimum distance of 2.5 m between each table.

Malls in Abu Dhabi reopen with limited capacity allowed Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Several malls in Abu Dhabi have been reopened to the public with 30% of the capacity allowed to enable visitors to follow social distancing.

Various luxury hotels & resorts reopen in Abu Dhabi with safety measures in place Updated: 13 Aug 2020

Various hotels & resorts including Fairmont, InterContinental, Le Méridien, etc, have reopened for travellers visiting Abu Dhabi with enhanced sanitizations and safety protocols to keep their guests safe. Read more.


Villa Toscana

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Image Credit : villatoscana-abudhabi.com

Perched in the heart of Seogwipo, Jeju Villa, Toscana is a gem for those who find respite in the Italian cuisine.  If you’re someone longing to have the authentic Italian flavours in Abu Dhabi, then this restaurant creates the feel of entering into the home of an Italian noble where the chef welcomes you, and the flavours greet your senses for an explicit overdose of amazement.

You can have the best of handcrafted authentic Italian specialities over here. The setting of the restaurant seems to be inspired by the Tuscan villa, and the menu keeps on changing, keeping in mind the food festivals and preferences of the customers.

Timing: 12-3 pm & 7-11 pm

Cost for Two People: AED 365

Location: National Towers-Corniche Rd W- Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Italian.

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Bord Eau

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This is one of the best places to eat in Abu Dhabi, where you can indulge in a unique dining experience. Located in the lobby level of La Shangri-La hotel, you can find it bustling with exceptional aura where eating seems like a melange of extensive selection.

The French cuisines overpower the menus over here, and the extensive wine selection is also something that will make you feel spoilt for your choices. The bespoke menu, exclusive pairing packages and insight into the MasterChef kitchen are some of the unique aspects of this restaurant.

It has bagged several awards like best French restaurant award in 2018, BBC good food awards in 2013 and many other notable awards. The la carte French menu of this place will give you a true feel of how the French people have royalty in their traits as well as their dishes. So get hooked on to this mind invigorating place where flavours truly speak.

Timing: 6:30-11:30 pm (Mon-Fri & Sun)

Cost for Two People: AED 510

Location: Lobby level, level 3, Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri Khor Al Maqta, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: French.

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Byblos Sur Mer

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This highly reckoned restaurant is located in Marina Walk. The spectacular backdrop of this place stuns the travellers to rejoice into its stunning views. You can gorge into the authentic Lebanese cuisines over here that will truly satisfy your taste buds.

It excels in every aspect of flavour, innovation and experience and you’ll feel enraptured into pure magic spread over here once you step your feet over here. Indulge in the lavish delicacies fit for your royal palate looking at the marina and swear by forever it’s live environment and stylish décor.

The grilled meat and mezze platters are especially a delight that you can’t miss over here.

Timing: 12:30-1:30(Sat-Wed) & 12:30-03:00 (Thu-Fri)

Cost for Two People: Dh 800 for first meal & Dh 325 for the second meal

Location: King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, Al Kuberiah, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Lebanese.

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Image Credit : zumarestaurant.com

Layered by the essence of Japenese architecture, this upscale restaurant is a paradise for food lovers. You can indulge in a leisurely meal over here while gasping into the magnificent waterfront view that can tickle your soul to enter into the gateway of utmost luxury.

With divine Japenese cuisines, you can sit back and enjoy the pure bliss that is served over here. The menu depicts the variation in the dishes from three intricate kitchen areas that have been diversified as sushi counter, robata grill and the main kitchen.

Timing: 12 pm-3:30 pm & 7 pm-2am

Cost for Two People: AED 600

Location: The Galleri Mall, Al Mryah Island, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Japenese.

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Finz Restaurant

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If you’re someone who can smell the sea in his dishes, then Finz restaurant is the perfect place for you where you can nibble into the underwater beauties freshly cooked just to please you.

Located near Beach Rotana, you can enjoy the view of the sea while having the scintillating seafood over here. From the yellowfin tuna to red snapper, you can spoil your taste buds with every variety of seafood here.

Timing: 12:30-3:30 pm & 6-11:30 pm

Cost for Two People: AED 640

Location: 10th St- Beach Rotana, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Seafood.

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Image Credit : hakkasan.com

Abu Dhabi restaurants are known for their grandeur and compelling aroma, but Hakkasan is a stretch to the world beyond your dreams when it comes to satiating your taste buds. It’s known for its authentic Chinese multi speciality dishes.

The Cantonese cuisine with world-class artists of mixology over here can race your heart for an unparalleled experience. It’s located in the royal Emirates Palace and boasts of its bespoke cocktails and cabanas lined up in the stylish bar area. Some of the signature dishes include noodle, tofu, meat, fish and vegetable specialities.

Timing: 6pm-12 am

Cost for Two People: AED 500

Location: Emirates Palace-Corniche Rd W-Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Cantonese & Chinese.

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Li Beirut

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Image Credit : jumeirah.com

Li Beirut is one of the most popular restaurants in Abu Dhabi, where you can indulge in authentic Lebanese cuisine. With the ultra-modern setting, scrumptious food and tranquil ambience, you can adorn every aspect of this restaurant.

The palpating Lebanese dishes served over here can increase your hunger pangs and can leave you wanting for more even till the last bite. Located in Etihad Towers, you can walk your way into a magical escapade for your tummy over here.

Timing: 12-3 pm & 7-12 am

Cost for Two People: AED 475

Location: Eithad Tower, Corniche Road West, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Lebanese.

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Almayass Restaurant

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Image Credit : almayass.com

Abu Dhabi restaurants are known to be veteran and posh but do you know the place where you can enchant your senses with the beguiling old age recipes? Almayass is reckoned for the age-old charm of it’s authentic American and Lebanese cuisines that can ring a hunger bell in your tummy.

With a traditional setup and intricate servings, this place is full of liveliness. The star dish of this restaurant is batinjan harr about which people don’t stop raving.

Timing: 12-3 pm & 7-12 am

Cost for Two People: AED 475

Location: Sheraton Hotel & Resort, Corniche Rd E- Abu Dhabi

American & Lebanese.

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BOA Steakhouse

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Image Credit : boaabudhabi.ae

The journey of this LA celebrity favourite restaurant from Hollywood to Abu Dhabi has been successful in satiating, even the most distinctive appetite. Your hankering for seafood and meat comes to a halt at this renowned restaurant.

For the perfect steak house fare, you need to come over here. With a colourful, stylish and bold environment, you can relax and unwind over here having the choice cut of beef, Australian premium Blackmore Wagyu and many other medleys of flavours.

Timing: 12:30-1 am (Sat-Tue) until 2 am (Wed-Fri)

Cost for Two People: AED 600

Location: Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan St-Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Seafood.

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Asia de Cuba

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Image Credit : asiadecuba.com

Have you ever been to a restaurant that feels like home indulging you into the medley of flavours? Asia de Cuba is renowned for bringing the diverse Asian flavours at one place, giving you a homely feel and superb experience.

Located in St Regis Hotel, this restaurant got a revamp recently, and now it has opened its door with enhanced flavours and appealing ambience. The sheer invention in the culinary dishes over here makes it the hottest go-to spot for everyone.

Timing: 12 PM-12 AM

Cost for Two People: AED 320

Location: Corniche Road, St Regis Hotel, Nation Riviera, Beach Club, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Asian.

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Image Credit : catch.ae

The culinary wonder of this restaurant is enough to bring out the real carnivore inside you. Indulge in the extensive seafood cuisines that are served over here while enjoying the pleasing view of the Arabian Gulf.

The seductive mix of stylish décor and contemporary music transcends you into an exotic experience. With the gourmet seafood, exotic cocktails and extensive beer served over here you can have a blasting experience.

Timing: 12 PM-1 AM

Cost for Two People: AED 540

Location: Nation Riviera Beach Club, Corniche Road, Al Khubeirah, Opp Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Seafood.

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This is one of the first authentic churrascaria restaurants in Abu Dhabi where you can enjoy barbeque meat, smoky fish and myriads of other dishes. From samba to the salads and sides to the main course, everything is so tempting and appealing over here.

The entire setting reminds you of the Brazilian décor. You can sip in caipirinha upstairs in the bar savouring the views of the marina beach.

Timing: 6 PM-12 AM

Cost for Two People: AED 700

Location: Intercontinental Abu Dhabi, King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Brazilian & seafood.

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Tamba Restaurant

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Image Credit : tambarestaurant.com

Tamba is one of the best places to eat in Abu Dhabi with the reinterpretation of the subcontinental flavours having a contemporary twist. The main motive of this restaurant is to foster interaction and discover innovative flavours.

The dishes are an amalgamation of specifically selected ingredients with a beautiful representation and precise flavours. The signature cocktails over here infuse the spirit of Contemporary India in each sip.

Timing: 12 PM-2 AM

Cost for Two People: AED 375

Location: Central Market Project-The Hub at The Mall, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Indian & Subcontinental.

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The Terrace on the Corniche

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Image Credit : theterraceonthecorniche.com

This is a signature restaurant that operates day to night to satisfy your cravings. You’re sure to be flushed with a melange of international cuisines once you come over here. The colourful and hearty presentation of the dishes can make you go salivating.

The lavish spectacle of the culinary masterpieces all across the globe and theme nights that regularly occur over here can make you go crazy. You can choose al fresco or main dining room sitting for ultimate relaxation while having food.

Timing: 6:30-11am & 6-11 pm

Cost for Two People: AED 230

Location: The St.Regis-Corniche Rd-Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: International

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Punjab Grill

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Are you truly Punjabi from your heart? If yes, then this restaurant located in Venetian Village can take you back into the roots of Punjabi cuisines where rich texture, heavy seasoning and spices overpower your taste buds.

It’s a fine dining and gourmet restaurant where you can have signature bites of Salmon Tikka, Coconut Prawns, Raan-e-Sikandari and many other renowned Indian subcontinental dishes. It’s the first of its kind restaurant in the stretches of the Middle East.

Timing: 12:30 pm & 12 am

Cost for Two People: AED 380

Location: Venetian village, The Ritz-Carlton Grand Canal-Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Punjabi.

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India Palace Restaurant

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Image Credit : indiapalace.ae

Abu Dhabi restaurants are known for their delightful cuisines, but India Palace restaurant is especially a haven for those who miss the authentic Indian flavours over here. The rich and intricate heritage of Mughlai speciality truly reflects in the dishes over here.

With the classic Indian setting and rendezvous ambience, you can’t stay away from the maze of the traditional Indian indulgence over here. Brimming with the Indian delicacies, it can drown you into nostalgia.

Timing: 12 pm & 12 am

Cost for Two People: AED 180

Location: Opposite ADNOC Head Office, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: North Indian.

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Image Credit : peppermill.ae

India holds the crowning glory for being the King of spices. Peppermill is one of the best places to eat in Abu Dhabi as it’s known for bringing life to all the delicacies by the balanced assimilation of the Indian spices.

The seafood and diverse Indian cuisines served over here will make you escape to the Indian lanes. Every dish served over here is a tribute to the discovery made by the culinary artists of India in the form of quintessential spices. So try your hands on the inventive cuisine of India with flavours that are bound to placate your heart.

Timing: 9 am- 3 am

Cost for Two People: AED 250

Location: Al Wahda Mall Extension, Hazza Bin Zayed St-Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Indian.

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Prego's Restaurant

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It is one of the most coveted places for having Italian cuisines in Abu Dhabi. You can appeal both your taste buds as well as your sight over here with the colourful presentation and upbeat taste of the dishes.

The authentic pasta, burrata, and wedge bread served over here are the main hero of the menu. It has a decent seating arrangement where you can relax and take an escapade into the flavours of Italy. So whether you wish to rock your weekend or you want to enter into the trance of the authentic Italian flavours this restaurant is a hot spot for you.

Timing: 12- 3 pm

Cost for Two People: AED 350

Location: 10th St-Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Italian.

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This is not the regular restaurant in Abu Dhabi but a food truck that has taken the recent buzz of all the food lovers. It serves the gourmet lunch staples, and you can see people standing in a long queue to order their favourite dishes.

Their burgers and fries especially catch the attention of the people. Parked in Umm Al Emarat Park, it’s a restaurant on the wheels that is compelling people to queue up to have their favourite dishes.

Timing: 9 am- 3 am

Cost for Two People: AED 110

Location: Umm Al Emarat Park, Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: Gourmet & mixed.

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There are many restaurants in Abu Dhabi that claim to offer one of its kind experience, but Denny’s restaurant is worthy of all the praises that the customers regularly shred upon it. Sitting in the heart of Al Zahiyah, it’s a place where you can have a fleeting conversation over classic American burgers, pancakes, sandwiches and desserts.

So be ready to turn your moments into memories by having the tummy satisfying innovative dishes over here.

Timing: Open 24 hours

Cost for Two People: AED 225

Location: Near Abu Dhabi Mall, 10th Street-Abu Dhabi

Cuisine: American.

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People Also Ask About Abu Dhabi

  1. Which are the best Indian restaurants in Abu Dhabi?

    1. Punjabi Grill: If you are looking to spare no expense to get an authentic taste of Indian food, Punjabi Grill would be the perfect spot for you. With spacious and lofty interiors, this place is one of the best in Abu Dhabi to visit with your family for authentic North-Indian delicacies cooked and served with premium quality.

    2. Angar: This restaurant is located on Yas Island, and consequently shares the characteristic elegance of its location. Known for its open-air dining space accompanied by premium tandoori dishes and seafood platters, Angar is a true haven for all kinds of foodies, especially the non-vegetarian.

    3. Asha’s: Located in Yas Island, this restaurant with its name pays homage to the famous Indian singer, Asha Bhonsle. Nevertheless, its allure reaches farther than simply tugging on the nostalgia of Indian diaspora, and besides being located conveniently in one of the busiest shopping districts in the city, the restaurant houses a rich assortment of North-Indian and West-Indian dishes.

    4. Rangoli: Created with a modest yet vibrant mind, this restaurant lives up to its name through the eclectic colour palette of its interiors. With its windows offering dazzling views of the city’s skyline, this restaurant is a perfect spot to visit with your family or friends for an authentic Indian meal.
  2. Which are the famous restaurants in Abu Dhabi?

    1. Meylas: Meylas is a restaurant that operates with the key objective to make Emirati delicacies as accessible and delectable as possible to its guests, which it succeeds in doing and then some. With an interior that would make the Instagram-savvy generation gush, Meylas provides one of the best Middle-Eastern dining experiences in the city.

    2. Bonna Annee: If you are not especially keen on holding back on your wallet, eating out at this restaurant is definitely an experience you would not want to miss out on. Essentially an Ethiopian-themed restaurant, its menu is riddled with a mouth-watering assortment of stews and curries, which include vegan and gluten-free choices as well.

    3. Parker’s: This restaurant is overtly modeled to cater to the health-conscious customers who are likely to consume with a wary eye on their diet charts. The food is carefully prepared with exclusively organic ingredients, and some of the names on the menu might seem mind-boggling to those new to the culture.

    4. Nusr-Et Steakhouse: The name seems to betray its approach, this restaurant is nothing like your expectations from a steakhouse. A perspective that is symbolized by its minimalist yet alluring décor, this restaurant has deliberately taken upon itself to redefine meat-preparation, inviting you on a gustatory journey you would not want to miss out on.

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