Heritage Village Overview

The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is the ideal place to discover the Emirati culture. This reconstructed Arabian village is located in the vicinity of Marina Mall, and is 38 kilometers away from the international airport of Abu Dhabi. The Heritage Village lets you imagine a life that existed long before the shopping malls, luxury hotels, and skyscrapers were erected in Dubai. This village provides you a snapshot of UAE’s conventional Bedouin life.

Located right next to the breakwater of Abu Dhabi, Heritage Village is one of the most important projects that was created in 1997. It appears a bit timeworn but is one of the few Dubai places that provide you an insight into the UAE’s pre-oil era. The village has a walled complex that includes principal elements of conventional Gulf Life. There is a fort that repels sea invaders, a souq for trading dates and goats, and a mosque to remind how Islam played a central part in daily lives of people.

The Emirates Heritage Club runs the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village. Different elements of the Bedouin life come to life at this timeless oasis situated in a post-modern city which has a constantly growing skyline. Those looking forward to discovering more about the Emirati culture can come here and marvel at the beauty of Bedouin lifestyle. This place features traditional goat hair tents, displays the Falaj Irrigation system, and coffee.

There is a museum at the village that showcases the Emirati traditions through early era weapons, authentic jewelry, and copies of handwritten Quran. At the Heritage Village makes you feel much more than a passive observer as you get ample opportunities to actively partake in pottery, metalwork, spinning, and weaving.

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• Give in to a truly mesmerizing experience that takes you back in time to the Bedouin lifestyle’s ingenious aspects.
• Walk down history’s annals as you view a wide array of precious assets like palm leaf houses, Bedouin tents, and stone huts.
• Shop til you drop for traditional handicrafts such as metal work items, pottery, weaved stuff, silver jewelry, clothing, and handmade soaps.
• Adorn your hands with traditional mehendi or henna from the stalls.
• Head to the pristine Heritage Village beach, and soak in the beautiful views of the Abu Dhabi skyline from the shelter of the palm trees.
• Make the most of an interactive exploration as you actively participate to learn the traditional techniques of pottery, spinning, and weaving.

How To Reach

By car: Board a car, or hire one from a rental service to reach the Heritage Village. 

By metro: To reach the Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi you must take the metro that leaves from Al Ghubaiba Metro station 2. 

By bus: To reach the Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi you can board any bus with numbers X13, E306, 93, 8, 29, and 21.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Heritage Village Abu Dhabi is during 9 AM -11 AM on Wednesdays, and Thursdays. That is because by afternoon, the village is filled with local school kids who are on field trips or bussed-in tourists. You must avoid the busiest days that include Sundays, Tuesdays and Mondays as it is the most crowded during these days of the week.

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Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit:

  1. Make sure you book your tickets in advance and ahead of time to secure your sightseeing spot.
  2. Wear a mask at all times to stay safe.
  3. You must hold valid ID proofs like a passport.
  4. Wear comfy clothes and comfy shoes, as Heritage Village exploration may involve a lot of walking.
  5. Pay a visit during the morning hours to avoid the harsh rays of the sun, the mad rush of school children and other tourists during the afternoon.
  6. You must avoid the crowded spots during your visit. 
  7. If you are not in the mood to try the food at the restaurants here, carry your own meals for times when you are feeling peckish. 

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Point of Interest for Heritage Village


There are small shops at the village where you can shop for silver jewelry, handmade soaps, clothes, and handmade soaps. A traditional souk at the Heritage Village also lets you shop for handbags, wool rugs, henna and a lot more things, guilt-free. However, make sure you have tremendous bargaining skills to shop for local merchandise like t-shirts, and UAE keychains besides other items from the souk stalls.

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Heritage Village Beach

Heritage Village Beach

A free attraction at the Heritage Village of Abu Dhabi is the Heritage Village Beach. This beautiful beach overlooks the Arabian Gulf’s turquoise waters and is one of the most sought-after spots. The narrow strip of the white sand beach is one of the most stunning places to make the most of the Abu Dhabi skyline views under the shades of palm trees.

There are old boats and traditional dhows anchored here that beautifully complement the old Emirati harbor’s cultural heritage. However, one thing to keep in mind when you come to this beach is, you are not permitted to wear beach attire for a swim. 

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Heritage Village Abu Dhabi Restaurant

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi Restaurant

If all the shopping and beach exploration has made you hungry, you can head to the Heritage Village Abu Dhabi Restaurant, called the Catch at St. Regis. Here you can sample some scrumptious Mediterranean food while making the most of stellar waterfront sights.

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