Al Ain Camel Market Overview

The Al Ain Camel Market is a unique place where trading of camels takes place amongst native camel traders of the region. An amazing blend of the ancient tradition and culture of UAE with the modern world, this place is a unique experience that cannot be easily found anywhere else. The market allows visitors to explore the area and watch the trading, as well as indulge in photography sessions with the camels.

The Al Ain Camel Market is an important and popular part of the cultural heritage of this amazing city. The place is a must visit for tourists from out of the country and is a family friendly attraction which gives insight into an age old practice. The Camel Market preserves a long and old tradition of the Emirati culture and welcomes visitors to witness the same. The market has an abundance of young Arabian camels which are brought up and trained for camel races, and even mature adults that are used for breeding purposes. This market offers a unique experience to its visitors and shows how important the animal is in Emirati culture and heritage. 

Located approximately 15 kms from the main town of Al Ain, the market is a contrast of UAEs big cities and striking malls. The trading usually takes place in the morning and visitors can interact with herds of camels and traders throughout the day. They can witness mock races, interact with the camels up close, take pictures with or of this desert ship and even ask questions about the trading experience.

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• This local market is stark to the towering malls and city lights that Abu Dhabi is known for.
• The Al Ain Camel Market preserves an age-old tradition of Emirate culture and proudly displays its heritage in this open market.
• Visitors can enjoy mock races amongst young camels that will be trained in future camel races. Camel races are an important part of the UAE history and culture.
• The entire experience is unique, and visitors can watch locals haggling, looking for camels to breed and enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the day.
• Since the traders are welcoming of the tourists, they can alway get a good picture with the animal or of the animals. Those interested in photography will find this a perfect opportunity and backdrop to create some great shots.
• Learning about the various points of importance in the camel trade and learning how things work on a day to day basis is very insightful for outsiders.

How To Reach

The best way to reach the market is by a private car. However, if the same is not possible then tourists can also get cabs for taking them to the market. To reach Al Ain, you can also choose the RTA bus as it is a fast and economically efficient mode.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the Al Ain Camel Market is in the morning of the day you are planning your visits on. However, weather-wise it's best to plan the trip in the months of October to May. This is the time when the weather is pleasant and visitors can enjoy exploring the open market without the scorching heat.

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Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit:

  1. The best time to visit the market if tourists wish to watch the trading is during the early hours of the day. 
  2. If visitors are looking for a more calm and serene tour, then it's best they visit the Al Ain Camel Market during the evening. 
  3. Visitors do not need to pay anyone anything for tours. It's best to walk around and explore the market on your own. 
  4. If they wish to click the camels, visitors will have to pay for the same. Always haggle for the price and get it lowered from what was asked initially.

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Point of Interest for Al Ain Camel Market
Photography Opportunity

Photography Opportunity

Stretching about 8kms on the south of the gorgeous city of Al Ain, this beautiful site provides an amazing backdrop for photography. You can explore the area on your own and you will find many small but intriguing moments worth capturing in the camera.

Visitors can also take pictures with the camels (upon paying the price) that are present in the market and even get themselves clicked with this unique backdrop. As for the price, it's best to haggle and get yourself a good deal.

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Camel Trading

Camel Trading

If you wish to watch the Camel Trading while locals and traders are busy haggling, it's best to visit in the morning. Camel Trading in the market is mostly a morning affair and visitors can see the locals coming in with their carts and cattles to buy camels for breeding or some for camel races. During this, traders also put up mock races for buyers to assess the animals and their strength.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Al Ain Camel Market FAQs

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