Adventure Sports in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Adventure Packages

Duration Price
Seaplane Tour Abu Dhabi30 mins
INR 20,314
Evening Desert Safari Abu Dhabi6 hours - 7 hours
INR 12,299
Plane Tour from Abu Dhabi to Dubai45 mins
INR 36,957
Jet Ski Abu Dhabi1 hour - 2 hours
INR 550
Morning Desert Safari Abu Dhabi3 hours
INR 3,798
Formula Yas 3000 Driving Experience in Abu Dhabi1 hour
INR 1,712

Adventure in Abu Dhabi

Desert Safari, Jet Ski, Sand Boarding, Kayaking, Yas Karting, Quad Biking, Wakeboarding, Whitewater Rafting, Take a trip to the Ferrari World and many more

There is no way you can escape to feel the chills of thrill run up and down your spine if you decide to engage in some adventure in Abu Dhabi! The land of desert opens doors to several sport activities like sand dune bashing, quad biking, Desert Safari rides or a camel ride and much more on the smooth golden bed of sand. And likewise, also offers locals and tourists tons of opportunities to experience rides and slides of fun splashing some water, indulging in Abu Dhabi Water adventure activities in like - rafting, surfing, wakeboarding to name a few of the most popular picks.

The list of adventure activities in Abu Dhabi also includes aerial activities like a hot air balloon ride which takes enthusiasts way above the city, at a height of 4000 feet overlooking the magnificent cityscapes and beauty of the capital. The arrangements of all these activities in Abu Dhabi are well made and managed under the supervision of experts that makes it one of the best destinations for daredevils across the world!
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Abu Dhabi Adventure FAQs

What sort of adventure activities can be done in Abu Dhabi?

1. Desert Safari in Abu DhabiAbu Dhabi is a land blessed with desert stretching farthest of what a human eye will ever be able to sight. Abu Dhabi offers Evening Desert Safari Rides which is a high adrenaline sport that takes enthusiasts to plummet in the deep ditch in the sand and then rise above, at the top of these golden sand dune summits.

Whether one chooses to drive onto a 4x4 hulk-like four-wheeler engine or take it slow on a camel ride, this adventure in Abu Dhabi is a must-try for every daredevil! The activity is often clubbed with a cultural, entertainment show and a king-size dinner under the breathtaking starry night of the Arabian Peninsula.

Location: Arabian Peninsula
Price: Ranges between INR 4500 to 8000 per head

2. Jet Ski in Abu DhabiOne of the most famous Water sports in Abu Dhabi, Jet Ski has fascinated tourists from across the world to make their way to this city of adventure hub. Control the high powered motor and choose to ride alone or with a partner, enjoying the futuristic skyline of Abu Dhabi across the Persian gulf. Get trained by the experts and 

Location: Jumeirah Road Umm Fishing Harbour
Price: Starts at INR 4000 per head

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3. Sand Boarding: 
Ever thought of sandboarding in the Arabian peninsula across the sea of golden sand? The vast list of adventure in Abu Dhabi offers that as well! Sliding down the slopes of this desert land can be experienced throughout the year, thanks to Abu Dhabi’s topography and climatic conditions. The dramatic sand dunes here allow tourists to experience a high adrenaline rush, sometimes offering a fall of over 1000 feet! The good news is that this sport is considered to be one of the safest and easiest one to learn in comparison to other desert adventure activities in Abu Dhabi. 

Location: Liwa Desert
Price: Starts at INR 7000 per head

4. Kayaking: Whether one wants to enjoy the views of the mountains or paddle across the blue waters surrounding the advanced city of Abu Dhabi, Kayaking here is an experience worth cherishing lifetime. There are multiple locations to choose from, all of which offer exciting experiences to tourists who would like to engage in the sport singly, in pairs or small groups. Many local operators offer Kayaking services and have instructors who are well versed with the sport. These guides cum training instructors make sure to take care of all safety measures and make the experience a memorable one.

Location: Yas Beach
Price: Starts at INR 1000 per head

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5. Go Karting in Abu DhabiFor speed fanatics, Yas Karting is the thing to do and Yas Island is the place to be at! Race on the incredible track of 290 meters and test your skills of speeding with all provisions being taken care of. Learn from the experts the safety measures and video brief, wear a helmet and other gears provided by the authorities and adhere to the house rules; and you are all set to go! Make sure to arrive early as the sport is a timed attraction. Highly recommended for kids aged 12 years and above.

Location: Yas Kartzone, Yas Island
Price: Starts at INR 2000 per head

6. Quad Biking: In the land of desert, quad biking must never be missed. The four-wheeled giant drive is nothing less than a thrilling roller coaster ride that has its highs and lows, quite literally! The rough terrain of Abu Dhabi makes the sport an interesting affair unrestricting the spirit of adventure for even a first-timer. The experience of riding the magnificent motorbike has no age barriers and totally family-friendly as well.

Location: Liwa desert
Price: Starts at INR 2000 per head

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7. Wakeboarding: The sky's the limit for adventure in Abu Dhabi and on the list of best activities here is wakeboarding - an experience meant for all sea riders! Pulling wakeboarders at a speed of nothing less than 25 kilometres per hour, there are a number of locations where tourists can engage in this activity. Moreover, first-timers can also get coached and trained by many experts who offer their services for enthusiasts who may want to excel in this unique sport.

Location: Liwa Desert
Price: Ranges between INR 3000 to 5000 hourly basis

8. Dune Bashing in Abu Dhabi: If you are somebody who is up for an extreme adventure - this sport is for you. Drive at an exhilarating speed, off-roading peaks of dunes that last farthest of the eyesight. Excel the art of balancing the motor car, feeling the chills run up and down your spine without having to worry about safety as the cars are fitted with all necessary equipment that keeps tourists safe and sound.

Location: Liwa desert and Moreeb dunes
Price: Starts at INR 6000 per head

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9. Whitewater Rafting: 
On the list of adventure in Abu Dhabi, whitewater rafting also makes it's way deservingly well - thanks to the base of Jebel Hafeet in Al In, Wadi adventure - the artificially created water land for all sorts of adventure activities. Here, enthusiasts can drag their boats atop the rapids and have their time of adrenaline rush, playing with the force of flowing water. Rafting in this stretch of a kilometre is good enough for anybody to drench their suits out and stretch muscles after a week of mundane routine. 

Jebel Hafeet in Al In, Wadi adventure

INR 2500 + entry fee of INR 1500

What are the best adventure activities in Abu Dhabi for couples?

1. Morning Desert Safari Abu Dhabi: The best way to appreciate the beauty of Abu Dhabi is to take a morning safari across its vast desserts with a loved one, and enjoy a stunning sunrise as you make your way across the glittering sands.
2. Camel ride: If you’ve never experienced a camelback ride, Abu Dhabi is the best place to embark on your first one. The camel tours in the deserts of Abu Dhabi can be done with a partner and is one of the most popular activities here among couples.
3. Kayaking in the Mangroves: The lush green mangroves of Abu Dhabi are almost as enticing as its desserts. And what better way to enjoy the fantastic scenery than to kayak through the waters with a loved one?
4. Embark on the Dhow Dinner Cruise at Yas Marina: A fantastic nighttime activity to enjoy with a loved one, the Abu Dhabi Dhow Dinner cruise, with its eclectic dining options and fantastic views, offers an unforgettable experience.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Abu Dhabi with friends?

1. Trip to the Ferrari World: With its numerous rides and attractions, Ferrari World is a popular amusement park in Abu Dhabi. The park is also home to the Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster. Click here to book: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Tickets
2. Camping: The desserts of Abu Dhabi offer a fantastic setting for camping at night. With fun entertainment shows, barbecues and more, the desert camps here are best experienced with friends.
3. I-Battle: A fun group sport for adrenaline junkies, I-Battle is a virtual battleground designed by military experts, offer a near-to-life combat experience.
4. White Water Rafting at Wadi Adventures: Wadi Adventures is one of the most sought after adventure parks among thrill-seekers. The Park houses three separate river rapids, appealing to rafters of all levels of expertise. Planning to visit Wadi Adventures, Book now: Wadi Adventures Al Ain Tickets

Which are the best places for Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi?

1. Empty Quarter, Al Dhafra: One of the best places for a desert safari Adventure in Abu Dhabi is the Empty Quarter. Located in Al Dhafra, the Empty Quarter lies in the western region of Abu Dhabi, and is known for its dramatic settings, date palm plantations and vast, uninterrupted sandy desert, great for a desert safari. 

2. Al Khaznah: Tucked amidst the city and the Al Ain oasis, the sand dunes of Al Khaznah are great for a desert safari Adventure in Abu Dhabi. Home to huge valleys and dunes of sand, the region is also perfect to indulge in adventure activities like dune bashing, quad biking and more, with the Bedouin camping experience adding to the experience. 

3. Fossil Rock: For a one-of-a-kind Abu Dhabi Adventure, head over to Fossil Rock and indulge in a desert safari here. Connecting the regions of Sharjah and Kalba, Fossil Rock boasts of marine fossils dating back to thousands of years, which you can explore during the safari. 

4. Liwa Desert: Situated near Rub Al Khali, the Liwa desert is one of the best places to indulge in a unique desert safari Abu Dhabi Adventure. In addition to the Liwa oasis, the desert also boasts of having the highest sand dunes in the country, where you can enjoy quad biking and dune bashing, among other things.

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Which are the best places for kid’s adventure activities in Abu Dhabi?

1. Yas Water world: Yas Water World is one of the top places for kids to indulge in an Abu Dhabi Adventure. Home to over 40 exciting rides, slides as well as attractions, this water park is a great place to visit to seek respite from the heat and humidity of Abu Dhabi. Some of the most popular rides here include the Bubbles Barrel, Rush Rider, Tot’s Playground and more. 

2. Ferrari World: Amongst the best and most exciting places for Abu Dhabi Adventure, the Ferrari World is also one of the most famous theme parks in the region, and sprawls across 86,000 square metres. Kids are sure to love this theme park as it not only contains the fastest roller coaster in the world, but also boasts of other rides and activities like Tyre Twist, Motor Midway games and more.

3. Warner Brother’s WorldWhen looking for Abu Dhabi Adventure, head over to the Warner Brothers World, an indoor theme park in the region. The Park has been created in a way that it features some of your favourite characters from Warner Bros. Shows. The themed zones inside the park have been created to replicate shows like Batman, The Looney Tunes Show as well as Tom & Jerry. Click here to book now: Warner Bros Abu Dhabi Tickets

4. KidZaniaLocated within the Yas Mall, KidZania is a unique place for kids, where they can learn real life experiences and lessons while they have fun. Great for children between 1 to 16 years of age, KidZania offers your child the opportunity of having adult-like experiences as they role play through the park. Enthusiasm to play should never go in vain, Book now Kidzania Abu Dhabi Tickets and let the childhood grow in a sound and healthy way.

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Which are the best theme parks and water parks in Abu Dhabi for adventure?

1. Ferrari World: World’s first-ever theme park branded after Ferrari, Ferrari World as the name suggests is for speed record breakers, riding enthusiasts and thrill-seekers. There are many jaw-dropping rides, such as Formula Rossa - the world's largest roller coaster ride that makes sure to stimulate the heartbeats and offer a fun-filled experience.

Location: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Timings: 8 am to 8 pm GST on all days
Price: Starts at INR 5000 for a single day pass

2. Yas Waterworld: With over 40 slides, rides and attractions, Yas Waterworld that is popular to help locals and tourists in Abu Dhabi beat the heat. The waterpark has divided its rides into three exhilarating levels - high, medium and low which enables a person to determine the danger or thrill level of these attractions. With most popular ones like Dawwama, Amwaj Wave Pool, Falcons Falaj, Sebag and many more, escaping this Waterworld is not the best ride on a visit to Dubai.

Location: P.O. Box 128717 Yas Waterworld, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Timings: 8 am to 8 pm GST on all days
Price: Starts at INR 5000 for a single day pass

3. Murjan Splash Park: Focusing largely on kids’ entertainment and fun area, Murjan Splash park houses a shallow pool that has 4 waterslides, a huge tipping bucket, water wheels, water showers, a 257 metres long lazy river, bumper boats and lots more. The park keeps introducing new packages throughout the year and offers discounts worth taking a look at.

Location: Al Salam Street, Khalifa Park, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Timings: Saturday to Thursday - 3 pm to 11 pm and Friday - 2 pm to 11 pm 
Price: Starting at INR 900 per head

4. Wadi Adventure: An ideal adventure park of your dreams, Wadi adventure is the ultimate go-to destination for all adventure sport lovers. Talk about surfing or wakeboarding, white water river rafting or wall climbing, zip-lining or kayaking, the park has artificial arrangements set up for all these sports activities and how! The park also has a kids’ splash area and a family pool as well. 

Location: Al Ain, Abu Dhabi
Timings: 11 am to 7 pm on all days
Price: Starts at INR 1000 for an all-day pass + Charges as per the activity

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What are the adventure activities to do in Abu Dhabi within 150 km?

1. Flyboarding in DubaiThis fun-filled, exhilarating activity gives an adventurer a chance to rise up in the air and experience what it feels like to be an iron man! It also gives one the opportunity to get the boarding skills in place in the first 10 minutes of the total 30 minutes session and then train under the expert the tricks of spinning and diving like a dolphin. 

2. Desert Safari in Dubai: Desert Safari in Dubai comes with no limitations. Right from a camel ride to quad biking, from sand dunes bashing to riding onto a bumpy ride on 4x4 motor wheeler, there are enough activities to choose from. Moreover, a perfect end to the evening receives only after a fully energetic and refreshing Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ dinner and some local cultural performances that make sure to entertain tourists. 

3. Hot Air Ballooning in Dubai: With cityscapes of a place like Dubai, who would not want to enjoy the mesmerising looks from way above the world? A hot air balloon ride in Dubai can be experienced behind Hajjar mountains and over the smooth golden sand dunes. The best time for this activity is during sunset hours.

4. Sea Breacher Ride Dubai: If you are a water baby or somebody who enjoys adventuring along with the waves of the sea, it is time to try out this sophisticated aircraft. Wear on this water gear that looks like a shark itself and dive deep within the sea like a shark would, rising back above to breathe. You can go as deep as 35 to 40 kilometres per hour and rise upwards to about 80 kilometres per hour. 

5. Water Jet Pack Experience In Dubai: Combining the fun of motor speeding and jet ski, water jet pack experience in Dubai allows enthusiasts to rise above the waves, controlling directions and moves like that of an aircraft. Learn from the experts who are well versed with the sport and make sure you enjoy the activity without causing yourself any harm. Interested folks can also learn from them the various water tricks that are possible with the water propelled device. Wear the gears right, buckle up, start the engine on and go 20 to 30 feet up in the air, allowing the adventurer in you take control!

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