Abu Dhabi International Boat Show Overview

A unique show of the region, Abu Dhabi International Boat Show creates a perfect opportunity for marine industry enthusiasts and families alike to enjoy a wonderful day.

It is a great platform to explore all the brand new technologies which contribute to enhancing the maritime experience. The Boat Show features a wide range of fun activities to explore and enjoy.

The Abu Dhabi International Boat Show or ADIBS is a one-of-a-kind event in the area that is held every year around the month of October or November. It caters to all marine industry experts and boat connoisseurs looking for excellent paraphernalia for their yachts. With a wide selection of gadgets to try and activities to do this event is perfect for the entire family looking for a fun day out.

ADIBS offers something to everyone visiting, whether you are a boat owner, a boating enthusiast or an expert of water sports. You get to discover the latest ways to get into watersports, boating and fishing as you take your time exploring the entertainment options at the exhibit.

The Abu Dhabi International Boat Show is the ideal place to learn about the latest technologies and explore the new elements of marine leisure and water sports. People from and around Abu Dhabi, come to admire the astonishing display of marine equipment at this outdoor event.


• More than 353 exhibitors including big brands and individual companies from 28 countries come here to showcase the latest developments in their industry.
• Best speed boats, luxury yachts, superyachts and fishing boats from all around the world are displayed at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show.
• The exhibit includes several engaging and interactive activities such as water sports competitions, fishing and live cookery demonstrations among others.
• This annual event of 4 - 5 days invites boat connoisseurs from all over the world to experience the latest advancements in maritime technology.

Best Time To Visit

Abu Dhabi International boat show or ADIBS is an annual event that is held around the month of October or November in Abu Dhabi. The exact dates of the exhibition may fluctuate, which can be confirmed a few wells before the event starts. You can plan your visit according to the updated dates and attend this fascinating event.

Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit for Visit Dubai International Boat Show:

  • Check the official website to get accurate details about the upcoming event as the dates and venue of ADIBS may change every year.
  • Book the tickets in advance in order to avoid disappointment as this event requires you to register before visiting.
  • All the foreign tourists are advised to keep their passports and valid photo ID proofs with themselves at all times.
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Point of Interest for Abu Dhabi International Boat Show
Water Sports and Exciting Competitions:

Water Sports and Exciting Competitions:

The Abu Dhabi International Boat Show or ADIBS is one of the most famous events of Abu Dhabi which hosts a variety of water sports for people to indulge in. Competitions like the UAE Flyboarding Championship aer just another way to win the hearts of the visitors coming to have a great experience.

The Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club joins force with ADIBS to organize these exciting events to keep you engaged. Whether you are a novice at sea or an expert of the waves, ADIBS has a variety of challenges and entertaining activities to delight you.

Show your skills in front of the crowd cheering for you at the bay and ask your peers to record your performance to remember the day. If you are not yet ready to participate you can observe the professional flyboarders excelling on the water, soaring high over the sea up to 15 m or diving like a dolphin.

Launches of New Technologies:

Launches of New Technologies:

Hundreds of Marine brands including the big giants such as Matna5, PMP, Gulf Craft and many more, come to showcase the latest advancements in the technology of their equipment. The unique platform of ADIBS allows these brands to present their achievements in the maritime industry to high net worth individuals.

One can find everything here, from an advanced boat in multiple variations to specific paraphernalia to solve the certain challenges of your yacht, ADIBS has it all. The marine products and fishing equipment featured here are designed by the brightest minds and introduced to the visitors to examine and try out for their liking.

Multiple Entertainment Options:

Multiple Entertainment Options:

Keeping in mind the interest of thousands of visitors coming to the grand Abu dhabi International Boat Show, the event also hosts numerous entertainment options that can be enjoyed by a variety of individuals including families and a group of friends.

A wide array of interactive activities such as entertaining performances, live cookery demonstrations, beach golfing and many more are available for the visitors. You can register to compete at some of these exciting events and have a chance to win some prizes.

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Abu Dhabi International Boat Show FAQs

Where can I buy the entry tickets to the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show?

The event allows visitors to register on an online portal through the official website. You are required to fill in your essential details along with your email address, on which you will receive a confirmation for the same.

What are the dates of the upcoming Abu Dhabi International Boat Show?

Happening around the month of October or November, Abu Dhabi International Boat Show (ADIBS), is a happening event with lots of interactive activities to indulge in. However, the exact dates of the exhibit along with timings and the venue are displayed on the official website a few weeks before the starting date of the event.

Is the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show worth visiting?

Yes, the event is jam packed with fun and exciting activities to do along with a number of marine brands displaying their best piece of work and latest technologies for exceptional boats. ADIBS is a great event to enjoy a fun family outing to spend quality time with your loved ones

What are the best things to do at the Abu Dhabi International Boat Show?

  • Participate in exciting water sports competitions: The event hosts numerous competitions revolving around the most fun water sports every year. The participants are rewarded with cheers from an animated crowd and a chance to win alluring prizes. Whether you are a novice or an expert, there are multiple options available for you to choose from. Showcase your skills in front of the crowd and you may win an exciting gift.
  • Learn Fishing: ADIBS offers passport to Fishing programs for anyone to learn about the basics game fish conservation, recreational fishing, and how to be an expert angler. Every participant will receive a passport which they can use to visit several educational bases and learn new skills including how to tie a proper fishing knot. After learning and completing the program each angler will receive a Certificate of Recognition from the International Game Fish Association.
  • Shop the latest paraphernalia for your boat: The event hosts a variety of exhibitors, including big brands such as Gulf Craft, PMP and more, showing the best of their work and latest updates in technology for the maritime industry. Choose the perfect equipment to add to your yacht and make it a dream boat.

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