Skydive Abu Dhabi

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Skydive Abu Dhabi highlights

  • Create lifelong memories as you take part in one of the most thrilling and unforgettable activities, Skydive in Abu Dhabi.

  • Feel the adrenaline surge as you leap from the aircraft at 13,000 feet above ground, experiencing the exhilarating sensation of terminal velocity.

  • Enjoy freefalling from high above the ground at a speed of up to 200 km/h for 60 seconds.

  • Experience unparalleled aerial views of Abu Dhabi's iconic landmarks, coastline, and desert landscapes during your thrilling freefall.


Abu Dhabi Skydive
Lane 1325 - Khalifa Industrial - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Skydive Abu Dhabi cancellation_policy

  • If cancellation are made 30 days before the date of travel then 25.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
  • If cancellation are made 1 days to 30 days before the date of travel then 100.0% of total tour cost will be charged as cancellation fees
INR 2,500
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Skydive Abu Dhabi overview

About Skydive Abu Dhabi:

Skydive in Abu Dhabi offers an adrenaline-pumping experience amidst the captivating landscapes of the UAE's capital. Embark on a thrilling Tandem skydive adventure, securely harnessed to a skilled instructor, as they leap from an aircraft about 13,000 feet above ground. Feel the rush of wind as you freefall at exhilarating speeds of around 200 km/h for 60 seconds to experience the unparalleled thrill of skydiving. Take-in the breathtaking views of Abu Dhabi's iconic landmarks and stunning desert scenery.

About The Activity:

  • Put on your jumpsuits, board the plane, and get ready for an exhilarating Tandem skydiving experience.
  • Feel the adrenaline rushing through your body as you step out of the plane at a height of about 13,000 feet above ground!
  • Enjoy a 60-second freefall taking place at a speed of about 200 km/h.
  • Pull the ripcord to release the parachute, and soar through the air while taking-in the breathtaking views of Abu Dhabi's spectacular skyline.
  • Get redeemable digital photos and videos of your experience to preserve your memories.

Skydive Abu Dhabi faqs

What is the best time to Skydive in Abu Dhabi?

With proper lighting, cozy weather conditions, and avoiding the afternoon heat, the morning time of the day around 10:00 am becomes the best time to skydive in Abu Dhabi. This time zone has everything from pretty scenery to perfect climatic conditions. 

How does it feel to go skydiving in Abu Dhabi?

Skydiving is a totally different and adrenaline-rushing way of conquering the winds while experiencing free fall and gravity. Skydiving in Abu Dhabi lets you explore its vast skyline, and you also get to overcome all your fears as you soar above the sky.

From panoramic views of the surroundings to the sudden thrill, excitement, and goosebumps, this activity is worth it. Diving from a height of 13,000 ft will let you experience freefall for around 60 seconds with a speed of 200 km per hour.

What is the skydive Abu Dhabi height?

The height from which you will be skydiving in Abu Dhabi is 13,000 ft. From this height, you will get a chance to experience a 60 seconds long free fall with a speed of 200 KM per hour. 

Are there any age limitations for skydive in Abu Dhabi?

You must be aged 18 or above aged to enjoy a session of skydiving in Abu Dhabi.

How long is the freefall?

The freefall during skydiving in Abu Dhabi lasts for around 60 seconds from a height of 13000 ft. The maximum speed you can get is around 200 km per hour. Once the freefall ends, the parachute is opened, followed by a 5 to 6 minutes long descent, which takes you to the bottom. 

Is Abu Dhabi skydive good for beginners?

Yes, if you are a beginner and are physically as well as mentally ready for skydiving, then you are good to go. You can opt for tandem diving, in which you will be accompanied by an experienced diver who will help you in the whole process.

What kind of clothes should I wear for skydiving in Abu Dhabi?

  • In the case of shoes, ensure that they are athletic, sports shoes with proper grip, size, and comfort.
  • In the case of bottoms, trousers or track pants, which are windproof can work.
  • T-shirts, shirts or tops can be worn which fully cover your body.
  • Any accessory or clothing items with dangling objects should not be worn.
  • Woolen socks and gloves can be worn.
  • You can also avail of a diving suit for more safety. 

Can one wear specs while skydiving?

Yes, you will be allowed to wear specs as you skydive in Abu Dhabi and for more comfort, you will be provided with an additional eye cover to ensure that your specs fit properly. Additionally, you can also wear lenses while going for this activity. 

What are the things to keep in mind while experiencing skydiving in Abu Dhabi?

  • Put all your fears behind before going for the activity or you might not enjoy it properly. 
  • Wear proper clothing, ranging from shoes to tops and bottoms.
  • If you have any kind of medical condition, then consult a doctor before acting on the activity.
  • Do not consume heavy meals 2 hours before skydiving
  • Being under the influence of any kind of alcohol, drug, or similar element is prohibited.

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