Al Mirfa Beach Overview

Abu Dhabi is the home to some gorgeous beaches, Al Mirfa beach being one among them. The Al Mirfa beach is a beautiful spot in Abu Dhabi and is one of the capital city’s best-kept secrets. The annual Al Dhafra Watersports Festival takes place here for ten days in April. This concealed beach, known for its splendour and placidness, is a must visit tourist spot in Abu Dhabi.

Located in a small village called Mirfa or Al Marfa in the Al Dhafra Region, the Al Mirfa beach is the only developed beach in this area. A ninety-minute drive from Abu Dhabi along the arterial highway E11 will take you to Al Mirfa. The view of fossil rocks, salt flats, and Etihad Rail Train along the ride makes the journey to AL Mirfa worth it. While other beaches in Abu Dhabi offer entertainment and adventurous activities to attract people, Al Mirfa is a secluded spot that does not welcome huge crowds. Hence, Al Mirfa beach is the right place for those who look for a peaceful vacation by the sea. 

The pristine turquoise waters and the serenity of the surroundings bless the visitors with a memorable trip. It is a different experience for those who are used to bustling urban life. The beach also has camping facilities and the supplies for which can be bought from the nearby village. The Al Dhafra Watersports Festival is a show of magnificence that brings together aquatic champions and enthusiasts to participate in adventurous water activities. Fishing is also allowed here and patient fishermen can expect huge rewards. On the western side of the beach, there is a large mangrove forest surrounded by dense green plantations.

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• Take a quick drive from Abu Dhabi to the beautiful Al Mirfa beach for a relaxing escapade.
• Rejoice in the quiet and surreal atmosphere of the beach for longer hours without being disturbed.
• Have a pleasant time taking a cool dip in the beach waters after which head to the outdoor showers in the changing rooms and cabanas.
• Enjoy a tranquil picnic with family and kids by the sea or stay overnight at the camping sites for a thrilling experience at Al Mirfa beach.
• Participate in adventurous water sports activities for an adrenaline pumping experience.
• Take a walk through the naturally grown mangrove forest that is present on the west of the beach.
• Stay at the three-star Al Mirfa Hotel and have fun at the fully equipped gym, temperature-controlled swimming pool, sports court and kids play area.
• Indulge in fishing as there are plenty of chances to catch one or opt for the AL Mirfa Hotel’s fishing tours.

How To Reach

Al Mirfa Beach is reached by taking a one-and-a-half-hour drive from Abu Dhabi via the E11 Highway. It is a straight road and the signboards on the way will indicate the distance to Al Mirfa. If you want to reach the beach from Dubai, it is a three-hour drive.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Al Mirfa Beach is from January to March when the weather is pleasant. The average temperature during these months is 25°C. Similarly, October, November, and December is also the best time to plan a trip to AL Mirfa but a little warmer.

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Other Essential Information

Al Gharbia Watersports Festival

The Al Gharbia Watersports Festival is a ten-day yearly event that is celebrated in April with a huge festivity. The event welcomes international and local water sports competitors to take part in adventurous water activities. Sixty thousand champions from twenty countries are expected to assemble every year. There are several contests like the Marwah Sailing race, wakeboarding, surf-ski kayaking, kite flying, kiteboarding, and traditional and modern sailboat racing. During the event, camping facilities are made available for visitors and participants. A Sunset Souk, live entertainment shows, and kids’ play area entertain the tourists greatly. Entry to the festival is free.

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Tips to visit Al Mirfa Beach

  • Since Al Marfa village has a desert climate, it is best to visit Al Mirfa Beach from January to March when the weather is pleasant for outdoor and water activities. 
  • Also, pack light clothing for the trip and some extra clothes to change. 
  • Do not forget sunscreen and sunglasses to handle the blistering heat during the summer months.

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Point of Interest for Al Mirfa Beach
Relax at the Beach

Relax at the Beach

Known for the serene environment and lesser tourist crowds, the Al Mirfa beach is an ideal spot to relax and laze around. The clear blue waters of the sea, white beach sand on the shore, the sound of the waves and the cool breeze take you through paradise. You can walk along the shoreline until the restricted area. With very few people around, a trip to Al Mirfa makes you feel rested.

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 Stay in the Hotel

Stay in the Hotel

The Mirfa Hotel, beside the beach, is the only three-star hotel in that area. It is a well designed hotel but with limited rooms. It includes a fully equipped gym, two swimming pools - one for kids and the other for adults, indoor games and sports court. The hotel also offers water sports packages which are a little cheaper than other beaches in Abu Dhabi.

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 Try some Watersports

Try some Watersports

Al Mirfa is eminent for the wide range of water sports it offers. If you are a person who loves spending time in the water, do not miss partaking in the thrilling water based activities. Jet skiing, wakeboarding, banana ride, donut ride, kite surfing, skiing and kayaking are some of the entertaining sports.

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Al Mirfa Beach FAQs

How long will it take to drive from Abu Dhabi to Al Mirfa Beach?

From Abu Dhabi, it takes one hour and thirty minutes to drive to Al Mirfa Beach through the E11 highway. By bus, it takes two hours and forty minutes to reach Al Mirfa from Abu Dhabi. The distance between Abu Dhabi and Al Mirfa is 172 kilometres via E11.

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Is there any entry fee for Al Mirfa Beach?

There is no entry fee for Al Mirfa Beach and is accessible by everyone. The beach is open 24X7 every day.

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What is Al Mirfa Beach known for?

Al Mirfa Beach is famous for its Al Gharbia Watersports Festival. The happening event of the quaint Al Marfa village hosts several water sports contests like kiteboarding, kayaking and boat racing. The beach is also known for fishing and pearl diving that was once the soul of the village. The seclusion of the beach is also a significant reason to visit Al Mirfa.

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