Arabian Wildlife Park Overview

Sitting along the Yas Island, the Arabian Wildlife Centre is home to more than 10,000 animals which can be seen resting in their natural habitat. From Giraffes to Ostriches and even cheetahs, this wildlife centre has become one of the best attractions which can be visited in Abu Dhabi.

Located on Sir Bani Yas Island, Arabian Wildlife Center is one of the best attractions to visit during your trip to Abu Dhabi. This zoo has the most exotic and rare species of animals living in the Arabian Peninsula, making it an idle destination for wildlife enthusiasts. Located 250 kilometres away from Abu Dhabi, the park is the biggest rehabilitation and breeding centre for wild animals and different bird species in its region.

There are more than 10,000 animals including the rare species of Giraffes, Ostriches, Oryx, etc, residing on an area of 1400 hectares of the zoo. With more than 100 animal species, the zoo will bring you closer to the rich and diverse wildlife of Arabia.

You can even interact with the animals in the zoo while feeding them. The zoo is on a mission to conserve wildlife. You will get lots of visiting facilities that are impressive, fun and quite informative.

You are also provided with the opportunity to enjoy trails, biking, drives, and mountain trekking. This wildlife life park is surely a must-visit attraction while travelling to Sir Bani Yas Island. The park promises a perfect and unique escape to couples, families, and even solo travellers.


• The park has preserved some extremely rare species like the Arabian Oryx and the Sand Gazelles from getting extinct.
• The viewing platform of the park is completely made from recycled waste materials. The platform is built so high that you can interact eye to eye with the giraffes and other animals with good height.
• The drive provides you exclusive views of some exotic free-roaming animals. The drives are organized in specially designed vehicles. You will have veteran staff and an expert along with you on the drive to guide you.
• To get closer to the animals, the visitors are provided with a special boutique.
• The island features clean waters, therefore, the visitors are allowed to enjoy fun water activities like snorkelling and swimming.
• Witness the majestic wildlife species at the different zones like Mammal Cave, Hippo House, Flamingo Park, and Giraffe Park, and experience the safari at the wildlife centre with your family.

How To Reach

By Car: The island is 370 km southwest of Dubai. It takes 45 min to reach Jebel Dhanna Jetty by car from Dubai. Those driving to the park from Abu Dhabi or Dubai should take the E11 highway towards Tarif and Mirfa. 

By Boat: The destination can be reached directly by boat having docks at Sir Bani Yas’s Royal Bay Moorings, or small aircraft that can land on the island’s little runway.

By Seaplane: Visitors can also fly down from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They can take a regional jet service starting from Al Bateen Executive Airport or a seaplane flight from Dubai.

By Shared Transfers: You can also book the shared transfers option from your hotel to The attraction.

Best Time To Visit

The best time when the chance of spotting animals is at its highest in the Arabian Wildlife Centre is just after the rains. The fresh rains often result in various water puddles around which animals can be seen drinking water. Additionally, you can also plan a visit here early in the morning to experience the crisp fresh air combined with serene views.

Other Essential Information

Here is the list of best places to eat near Arabian Wildlife Park

1. Casa Samak: With the breathtaking view of the Arabian Gulf, Casa Samak is a fine dining option, especially for those who prioritize a good ambiance. The freshly cooked meals including some special delicacies are loved by everyone who tries them. 

2. Gazebo: Inspired by Indian culture and cuisine, Gazebo serves the popular dishes of Lucknow, Hyderabad, and other nearby states of India. Some of the best dishes served here are Kebabs, Biryanis, and Chicken. If you are someone who loves Indian flavours then you must visit the restaurant.

3. Kamat Restaurant: One of the best restaurants in Sharjah, Kamat serves mouthwatering vegetarian delicacies. From great service and ambience to nice decor and food, the restaurant is loved by both locals and tourists. Make sure you pre-book your table as the restaurant also remains occupied.

4. Aleppo Grills: One of the best restaurants for Syrian Food, Aleppo Grills provides nice services, pleasant ambience, and well-cooked food. Located on Jamal Abdul Nasser Street in Sharjah, the Restaurant ensures hygiene and proper sanitization.

Places to Shop near Arabian Wildlife Park

1. Sharjah City Center: A massive mall located in Sharjah, Sharjah City Center serves as the best spot to shop from top international brands. From household items to fashion and electronics, one can buy anything in the mall. You can even enjoy great food and entertainment inside the mall while shopping.

2. Sahara Center: With a wide range of showrooms and shopping outlets, Sahara Center is considered one of the leading shopping stations in the city. The visitors have the best shopping experiences at the mall. The mall remains almost crowded with shopaholics.

3. Al Shaab Village: The place is popular for electronic, accessories, and clothing stores, especially for the traditional attires for women and men. The best part about this shopping place is that you can take your kids along as the place features a kid-friendly zone loaded with games and activities.

Tips for Visiting Arabian Wildlife Park

- You can visit the park on any day except Friday between 2 PM to 6 PM as it remains closed for that period. Make sure that you confirm the timings before visiting as the times may change according to the season.

- Kids below the age of 12 years can visit the park for free. 

- The show timings do not change for any visitors. Make sure that you reach on time.

- Do not feed the animals in absence of the zoo staff. It is not allowed for safety reasons.

- Visitors must reach the park 30 minutes before the actual time of their chosen slot.

- Visitors must listen to the guidelines given by the zoo instructor after and before the activity with proper attention. 

- Make sure that you carry a Photo ID as they need to be created when you enter.

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Normal Timings:
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Point of Interest for Arabian Wildlife Park


The indigenous birds and various other bird species are kept in an indoor aviary set up in a desert environment. These include common ostrich, duck, swan, goose, velvet scoter, marbled teal, mallard, guineafowl, partridge, Quail, etc.



There is a completely different section for reptiles in the park. The place is home to some rarest reptiles including the variety of reptiles inhabited in the desert. Some of them are Arabian snakes, Arabian chameleons, venomous vipers, spiders, lizards, Arabian leaf-toed gecko, and so many more.



The insects are found in large varieties in the park. You may see some extremely rare and exotic tiny creatures that are mostly found in the Arabian regions. Some of them are camel spiders, cockroaches, beetles, moths, butterflies, flies, fleas, etc.



The amphibians form a large part of the inhabitants of the park. With their nature to live both in the water and land, they are provided with appropriate settings to reside comfortably in the park. Due to the crucial requirement of the conservation of some amphibian species, they are kept in complete care. These include Arabian Toad, Marsh Frog, Dhofar Toad, etc.



The Arabian wildlife center is not only on the mission to conserve and breed animals but also fishes and other aquatic creatures. There is a wide range of unique and beautiful fishes that you can see on your visit to the park. Some of the species are Garra sahilia, octopus, etc.



There is a wide range of mammals in the park, especially the ones that inhabit the Arabian region. Some of the mammals found in the Arabian Wildlife park are Cheetahs, Foxes, Hyenas, Arabian Leopards, Mongoose, Wolves, Giraffes, Antelopes, Sand Gazelles, etc. The national animal of the UAE, the Arabian Oryx is the rarest mammal found in the park.

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Arabian Wildlife Park FAQs

What is the best time to visit the Arabian wildlife park?

The best time to visit Arabian wildlife park is in the morning. Not only you can dodge that scorching heat but also you get a lot of time to explore. You may even see some wild exotic animals soaking in the sun, thus, providing you with the best views of the creatures living in the park.

What to wear at the Arabian wildlife park?

Make sure that you wear comfy clothes for the trip as you may need to walk quite a good distance. Avoid wearing too revealing dresses as the place is family-friendly. Appropriate clothing according to the place should be worn. The footwear that you wear should be comfortable. Avoid wearing high heels.

How to reach the Arabian wildlife park?

By Car: If you are driving from Dubai or Abu Dhabi to reach the park, then take the E11 highway. The total distance that you need to cover to reach the park is around 370 kilometres.
By Boat: one can reach the destination directly by boat. The closest dock near the park is with docks at Royal Bay Moorings.
By Seaplane: one can also visit the park by air through small aircraft, jet service from Al Bateen Executive, or a seaplane flight from Dubai.
By Shared transfer: The hotel offers the shared transfer option to take you directly to the attraction from the hotel.

What type of animals to see in the Arabian wildlife park?

1.The Arabian Oryx: The uniquely looking creature, the Arabian Oryx is an antelope with long straight horns, shoulder bump, and a tufted tail. These animals are among the rarest species found in the zoo. They are on the verge of extinction, hence, the park is the only zoo where you will see their rare sights.
2. The Mountain Gazelles: One of the rare species found in the deserts of the Arabian peninsula, the Mountain Gazelle are among the animals that visitors are too excited to look at in the park. These endangered species of gazelles are seen freely roaming in the park with their family and young babies.
3.Giraffes: The pleasant giraffes are one of the attractions of the park. The visitors can even feed them with their hands under the supervision of zoo staff. You can see them roaming around and grazing on the grasses and trees. They are found in large numbers in the park.
4 Arabian Sand Gazelle: Also known as reem, the Arabian sand gazelle is a native species of the Arabian and Syrian deserts. These endangered birds are estimated to be less than 3,000 in numbers in the wild. They are mostly found in the zoo or reserves. The Arabian Wildlife Park is among all the places where you can spot these rare and unique creatures.

Why Arabian wildlife parks famous?

The Arabian Wildlife Park is famous for providing breathtaking views of the extremely rare species belonging to Arabian Wildlife to visitors. It is the biggest wildlife park in the Middle East housing more than 10,000 animals. It is famous for its mission of preserving endangered species.

When was the Arabian wildlife park made?

The Arabian Wildlife Park was made in 1977 by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Arabian Wildlife Park Reviews

Lavanya Jha
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2022
I recently booked a safari to the Arabian Wildlife Park with Thrillophilia. Hats off to the whole crew for arranging such beautiful arrangements! My family loved it and Overall it was an amazing experience. We saw so many wildlife animals.
Ravi Kumar Gupta
Reviewed: 18 Jan 2022
I had a really great time at the Arabian Wildlife Park while visiting the city with my family. We took a tour and even interacted with the elephants. The tour ended with lunch at the park. We got to see so many animals and had a lot of fun here also.
Amish Chopra
Reviewed: 02 Jan 2022
A trip to Arabian Wildlife should definitely be a part of everybody’s agenda when in Dubai. The Park is located on a little island towards the south and a seaplane is ideally the best way to go there. We got our tickets through Thrillophilia, which really helped us make the trip pocket friendly.
Akula Guha
Reviewed: 13 Feb 2022
I had booked a tour and safari of the Arabian Wildlife Park in Abu Dhabi with Thrillophilia……. All of us loved the entire experience we had here, from seeing wild animals and birds to interacting with these animals and more. Special thanks to Thrillophilia for ensuring that we were comfortable and s... Read More
Tanushri Kakkar
Reviewed: 24 Feb 2020
I booked a tour and safari to the Arabian Wildlife Park with Thrillophilia. Great applause to the wonderful team for making such beautiful arrangements. My family loved seeing so many wild animals and exotic birds amidst lush landscapes. Overall it was an amazing experience.

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