Kidzania Abu Dhabi Overview

Come along with your children to an activity-packed city, Kidzania, to introduce them to innovative learning and playing. Spread over an area of 55,000 square meters, Kidzania is a scaled clone of a real city where kids get a perfect blend of education and entertainment. Children between 4 to 16 years of age can enjoy more than 40 real-world activities at Kidzania.

The exciting role-play of different professions develops creativity, teamwork, social skills, and decision-making skills in children. This unique way of teaching that can’t be possible in classrooms, helps the kids to grow. Kidzania is considered one of the major attractions of Dubai. It is an award-winning concept of ‘edutainment’ for children and thus, appreciated hugely by the visitors.

You can even make birthday memories here with a private celebration party for your kid and the chance to explore Kidzania. The Acting Academy helps the kids in introducing the roles. Entertainment, Education, Food and Beverages, Media, Health, Retail, Transportation, Sports, and Services the different categories having various jobs for children at Kidzania.

The kids are paid in kidZos when they work here. They can use this currency of Kidzania on items at its department store and activities in the city. A kid with an interest in finance can take a job in the bank at Kidzania and learn about the management of bank accounts and other official work. The kids get education about money transactions and the concept of loans as well. They even can assist their fellow Kidzania's about the same.


• The Kidzania Abu Dhabi has more than 80 attractions and interactive games that require role plays.
• Spread across 55,000 square feet, Kidzania in Abu Dhabi is designed to replicate the structure and vibe of a real city.
• Kidzania teaches your kids about social and life interactions via 40 + role-play activities for your kids to learn better.
• Kids can choose the profession they want to be in like doctor, pilot, teacher, etc. and learn about it via fun activities.
• The different ticket packages of Kidzania include premium, toddler, economy, and other packages, all having different inclusions and exclusions.
• The Kidzos is a currency of Kidzania that the kids earn through working. They can also become citizens of Kidzania by Passport.
• This is one of the best places to throw birthday parties for your kids and their friends.

How To Reach

Kidzania Abu Dhabi is located in Yas Mall and to reach here, you can hire any kind of local transportation. From car and cab services to buses, various travel options are availabe to help you reach Kidzania.

Best Time To Visit

For a better experience, one should visit Kidzania in the morning as the place has less crowd during this time and your kid can explore the place more nicely without any constraints. They even can earn more Kidzos by trying out more activities.

Other Essential Information

Here is the list of best places to eat near Kidzania Abu Dhabi

1. Acai Xpress: The famous restaurant in Yas Mall offers a wide range of signature products dedicated to “Acai Berry” like fresh juices, salads and gluten & lactose-free crepe and a lot more.

2. Café Bateel - The Fountains: Known for world-class food and services, Café Bateel is recognised for authentic gourmet food. If you are a fan of Mediterranean flavours this is the best place to be and enjoy your dining. 

3. Fish and Co. : It is one of the trusted and most famous restaurants in Yas Mall known for its unique dining experience. People come here to enjoy scrumptious seafood dishes caught freshly from the Mediterranean Sea and served on the pan.

4. Doner Kebab: Love eating kebabs, Doner Kebab is one of the finest kabab outlets that serves tasty and healthy kebabs with high nutritional value by giving a unique twist to the authentic ones. 

5. Texas RoadHouse: With a unique facility of gluten-free food, people who are allergic to gluten love to come to the restaurant to savour delicious dishes. The mouthwatering menu of the restaurant in Yas Mall provides a happy meal.

Places to Shop near Kidzania Abu Dhabi

1. Abu Dhabi Mall : With more than 200 shopping stores, the Abu Dhabi Mall is a popular destination to shop near Kidzania. There are wide collections of local specialities of UAE like nuts, perfumes, sweets, etc. The high-end shopping showrooms of famous brands fascinates shopping enthusiasts. 

2. Yas Marina Mall: Set beside the Corniche road in Abu Dhabi, the Yas Marina Mall is an ultimate destination for the premier shopping experience. There are more than 400 stores for international fashion, jewellery and others where people can enjoy shopping. 

3. Avenue at Etihad: One of the best destinations for Boutique shopping, Avenue is home to major fashion houses and boutique stores. Here you will find the latest trends for both women and men. One can shop without worrying much about the expense as the quality that you receive is worth the money. 

4. Paris Avenue: Paris Avenue is a perfect place to shop exclusive styles and latest trends outfits, handbags, accessories, and other things at affordable prices. The items are handmade, beautiful, and unique. 

Tips for Visiting Kidzania Abu Dhabi

- Planning your trip on weekdays helps you avoid the long queues and delays on weekends at Kidzania.

- Tickets get issued on confirmation within the next 24 hours of the booking request.

- Bulk Booking is available for birthday parties and other purposes.

- The entry ticket is compulsory for every visitor entering Kidzania. The adults above 17 years of age and kids below 16 years have different ticket prices. 

- A Guardian or a Parent must be with the child at all times if the child falls under a height less than 120 cm. 

- Do not take outside food and beverages inside Kidzania as it is prohibited.

- If a child goes out of Kidzania, he/she is not allowed to reenter without repayment.

- Pets are not allowed inside Kidzania.

- You cannot chew gum or smoke inside the park as it is not permitted.

- Adults can leave the child with a height greater than 120 cm inside the park. They are allowed to leave the arena and re-enter without re-payment. However, one can only re-enter 2 times.

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Day Wise Timings
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Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
12:00 PM to 09:00 PM
Normal Timings:
11:00 AM to 08:00 PM
Point of Interest for Kidzania Abu Dhabi
Work in the Fire station

Work in the Fire station

The kids can participate and work in the Fire station to experience these service-based and highly responsible jobs. They get the chance to learn about the techniques and regulations related to fire management. Children love the experience of settling the fire.

Work in the Kinder Chocolate Factory

Work in the Kinder Chocolate Factory

Your kids have the opportunity to work in the Kinder Chocolate Factory at Kidzania and experience the ultimate delight of learning the preparation of their favorite chocolate. The kids are offered to experience the simulation of kinder chocolate production for 20 minutes.

Experience Driving at Emirates Driving Institute

Experience Driving at Emirates Driving Institute

Emirates Driving Institute in Kidzania offers a unique driving experience to your little ones. The children learn about driving skills, safely riding on a bus, and traffic rules through the RTA City Bus tour. The kids can even get a driving license and drive at Kidzania’s Driving streets.

Learn to be a Doctor at Kidzania Hospital

Learn to be a Doctor at Kidzania Hospital

The hospital offers three kinds of roles to the children. They are educated about performing surgery, looking after the children in the nursery, and taking care of the injured. The kids are allowed to experience all of it in a 28-minute session. 

 Be a Pilot at Fly Abu Dhabi

Be a Pilot at Fly Abu Dhabi

The kids can discover how real aircraft and airports work. They get a unique experience of this transportation-based job. All the kids must check-in at Emirates Airlines and get the city map.

Learn making Animated Characters at Studio

Learn making Animated Characters at Studio

The Animation Studio at Kidzania allows children to learn about the detailed work behind building up their favorite animated characters. Whereas, the Fashion studio teaches the kids who are interested in fashion about the fashion world and latest trends.

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Kidzania Abu Dhabi FAQs

What activities to do in KidZania?

1. Work at McDonald’s Your child can work at McDonald's and experience real-time working in a restaurant. The kids may not get kiddos here but they can enjoy a free meal and save their valuable currency. The child is even allowed to take the uniform home as a memory of this wonderful experience.

2. Learn at Media House This activity is idle for creative kids as they get to enact different roles that fall under this field. Some of the roles are of an editor or cameraman, celebrity, or host. They learn to record, interview, report, and telecast their TV show.

3. Sell at Waitrose Supermarket If a child is interested in business, he can work at Waitrose Supermarket and learn about food choices, storage, provisions, prices, profit, loss, and attracting customers. They get good knowledge about how the business works.

4. Produce your own Coca Cola and Juices A youngster can join the Coca-Cola Factory & Masafi Juice Factory to learn about production engineering. They can create juice on their own and also bottle them.

5. Be a Model at Fashion Boutique Your child can learn the catwalk, modelling, and various other techniques regarding the Fashion industry.

Which age range is appropriate for KidZania?

The kids with ages of 2 to 16 years are appropriate for Kidzania. The 2-3 years old children can enjoy the Urbano Living Room with a playground, especially for them. Meanwhile, the 4 to 16 years old kids can enjoy several other activities in Kidzania.

Are lockers available in Kidzania?

Kidzania has lockers along with other safety measures like CCTV cameras and Washrooms so that you can have uninterrupted and smooth entertainment in this wonderful city for kids.

What is KidZania?

Kidzania is an international chain of entertainment centers for families, privately held, located at more than 25 locations worldwide, contributing to children’s growth and development by allowing them to roleplay different jobs and earn Kidzos.

What are kidZos in KidZania?

The currency at Kidzania is termed as Kidzos. The child gets 50 Kidzos after entering Kidzania. They are then supposed to deposit the currency at the bank and get an ATM card. They are allowed to spend the Kidzos at various activities and even earn some more by working.

What are the things that I should carry to Kidzania?

Carry a small bag pack with you to keep various things that you get inside like certificates, cards, driving licenses, art and craft tools, and others. You can take a water bottle with you but it isn't necessary. Keeping a small pouch for Kidzos helps kids to easily manage them.

What is the best time of day to visit Kidzania?

For a better experience, one should visit Kidzania in the morning as the place has less crowd during this time and your kid can explore the place more nicely without any constraints. They even can earn more Kidzos by trying out more activities.

Kidzania Abu Dhabi Reviews

Debosmitaa Sanyal
Reviewed: 04 Mar 2022
Thrillophilia helped me plan a day at Kidzania while visiting with my kids. My children had a great time there. They had a lot of fun acting out their ideal occupations. Overall, this is a great opportunity to give your children a memorable experience.
Gopi Tandon
Reviewed: 23 Jan 2022
We came across this place during our visit to Yas Mall. Thanks to Thrillophilia, we got quite a nice deal for it. At the end, our child did not want to leave, since there were so many activities and games available here. Highly recommend it, especially if you have children with you.
Trisha Mukhopadhyay
Reviewed: 26 Jan 2021
Thrillophilia provides us with such a great hassle-free experience of booking tickets online for KidZania Abu Dhabi. From great deals and attractive discounts, to the best price on ticket fares, Thrillophilia has it all. The booking service is excellent, providing a confirmation voucher into the cus... Read More
Abhi Goswami
Reviewed: 12 Jan 2021
I booked a day for my kids at Kidzania Abu Dhabi with Thrillophilia. My kids enjoyed the place a lot. They enjoyed enacting their dream jobs. Overall, a good way to make your kids enjoy a unique experience away from the crowd. Thanks to the team!

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