Al Ain Oasis Overview

A beautiful and mesmerizing UNESCO World Heritage site, the Al Ain Oasis was recently opened to the public. This amazing tourist destination is a peak into the agricultural practices of the region for more than a thousand years. With an operational Falaj system, the Al Ain Oasis is one of the most visited sites by tourists from around the world. Nestled in the center of Abu Dhabi's garden city.

The Al Ain Oasis was turned into a UNESCO World Heritage in 2011, and after that, a very amazing eco-center and many pathways were added to this beautiful attraction. Spread across an area of 1200 hectares, the natural scenery and its amazing setup give a very unique insight into the lives of the farmers of this region. The Eco Centre built on the land is also one way to show how these farmers have contributed to the perseverance of the oasis ecosystem. 

Each individual farm on the lands is separated by historic walls and the farmers here grow hundreds of different varieties of palm trees. Tourists can also witness many fruit trees in the farms, such as mangoes, oranges, bananas, etc. The major attraction however is the unique Falaj system as a source of water for irrigation. Another source is the wells of the area that provide water to these lush green farms. The Falaj system is an ancient practice of water being sourced underground from distant lands and then brought to the particular region. Al Ain Oasis has used this system for centuries or even more and once inside the water is distributed to the individual lands by an intricate network. 

Al-Ain Oasis is recognized for its historical as well as ecological importance and is revered as a popular tourist attraction.

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• The beautiful Al Ain Oasis pathways are decorated by hundreds of palm trees. These palm trees create a beautiful backdrop for the visitors to enjoy.
• The Eco Centre is an immersive experience in the learning process of the history and agricultural practices of the Al Ain Oasis.
• The Miniature Oasis is a replica of the fertile land in between the desert region. It also shows the proper functioning of the Falaj system.
• Visitors can also choose to explore the Oasis on a bike or a pedal cart. There are several bikes available for rent at the entrance.
• Visit the Eastern Fort on site, which is a spectacular structure and was once an integral part of the Haret al Husn City.

How To Reach

The Al Ain Oasis is roughly 159 kilometers from Abu Dhabi and is well connected by road. You can take a car, which is the preferred mode of transport. If you do not own a car you can also avail can service, however that is costly due to the distance. Another preferred mode of transport, which also is economically efficient, is the bus. Visitors can take the RTA bus from Dubai, which will be a 3 hour journey and cost AED 30.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Al Ain Oasis is in the months of October to May, when the weather is comparatively pleasant. Visitors can enjoy the open areas of the Oasis and explore the region entirely.

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Other Essential Information

Things to do in Al Ain Oasis

1. Take a Stroll

The beautiful landscape of the Al Ain Oasis is worth exploring by foot. It is one of the most amazing experiences to walk through the scenic pathways, standing tall on both sides are the amazing palm trees. Visitors can explore several areas within the Oasis by strolling through its mesmerizing pathways. 

2. Be a Part of the Oasiscape Tour

The Oasiscape Tour is an interactive activity that visitors can take to explore the entire settlement. Visitors can take this tour to learn about how the Oasis is important to the desert region and how the system works in itself. A unique feature of this tour is the Techno Palms, which are electronic installations which have information regarding the Oasis.

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3. Identify the different Fruit Trees

The entire region has many small gardens spread across with various fruit trees and plants. Visitors can enjoy strolls in these fruit gardens. Amongst the many varieties they will find trees or plants of fruits like mangos, figs, pomegranates, bananas and lemons. Another important plant is the sugarcane, which can be found in various plots of Al Ain Oasis. 

4. Explore the Oasis On a Bike

Visitors will find various rental bikes and pedal cars at the entrance gate. If interested, they can choose to explore the entire oasis on a bike with an hourly rent.

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Tips for Visiting Al Ain Oasis

  • While traveling by road make sure to hit the highway early morning or at night, when the traffic is very less. 
  • A sun hat, plenty of sunscreens, and make-up with UV protection is a must on your list while traveling to Al Ain Oasis. 
  • Winter is the best time to visit the city of Al Ain, as the weather is pleasant. This is also when the city is lit with various festivals. 
  • If visiting in months of Ramadan or other important Islamic festivals, keep in mind to dress modestly and respect the cultural rules. 
  • Always check the weather beforehand, as even though it is a dry region you might find unexpected showers or dust storms.

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Point of Interest for Al Ain Oasis
Ancient Falaj Irrigation System

Ancient Falaj Irrigation System

The Falaj system that is used for irrigation at the Oasis is approximately 3000 years old and still functions pretty well. It is an ancient system that runs deep underground and brings fresh water from miles away to the particular land, and keeps the lands irrigated throughout the year. The Oasis has two main Falaj systems, the Al Aini and Dawood. Both of these systems are still functioning and irrigate two different parts of land in Al Ain Oasis.

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Eco - Centre

Eco - Centre

The Eco Centre was designed to teach the visitors and applaud the farmers for their contribution in the agricultural premise. The building itself of the centre is eco friendly and has many activities that visitors can participate in. The place gives a unique insight into the history of the oasis and how the community has successfully irrigated the region despite being in the middle of a desert.

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Miniature Oasis

Miniature Oasis

The Miniature Oasis is a unique part of the Al Ain Oasis, as it is the replica of the original pathways, systems and structures. This miniature replica is very informative and even has models of the historical buildings on the premises. This also shows on a small scale how the Falaj system actually works. If you are taking kids along with you, they use the available clay for creating new models from their imagination.

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Eastern Fort

Eastern Fort

Nestled majestically on the eastern side of the Oasis, the Eastern fort is a very important and historically significant part of Al Ain Oasis. Also known as the Sultan Fort, this place was constructed by the former ruler of Abu Dhabi - Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed in 1910. This building is one of the most important buildings of the era of the Al Nahayn Family.

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Fertile Soil

Fertile Soil

The Fertile Soil of the area is the major reason that this Oasis was settled in this particular spot. The fertile soil helps in maintaining the hundreds of palm trees, fruit gardens and the beautiful lush landscapes.

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