Jebel Hafeet Overview

Jebel Hafeet is a sole mountain in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, acclaimed as one of the exorbitant mountains in the country. This well-known landmark in the Tawam region is noted for a variety of reasons, including several cave systems to explore, ridges stretching to the inner section of Al-Ain city, and several archaeological and historical findings..

Jebel Hafeet is firmly established as the third highest peak as well as a popular tourist destination in Abu Dhabi. The majestic mountain has a towering height of 1200 meters above sea level and forms a part of the Hajar mountain region in Oman. The bewitching location in Al Ain is a great place to groove with friends and family. Driving on the Jebel Hafeet Mountain roads of steep gradient and hairpin turns is itself a fun and daring activity to do. You will have some breaks along the way and end up spending hours, enjoying the spectacular view of Al ain.

Head to the summit of Jebel Hafit mountain for spectacular sunrise and sunset shots, as well as stunning views of Abu Dhabi's verdant garden city of Al Ain. This skyline-dominating mountain, which stands at 1,249 meters, is Abu Dhabi's highest and the UAE's second-highest. By automobile, motorcycle, or, if you have the stamina, bicycle, you can reach the summit of this rugged mountain. This craggy limestone behemoth has stood vigil over Al Ain and the borders of Oman for millennia, with notable fossil discoveries in the vicinity serving as important pieces in the jigsaw that makes up the city's ancient history.

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• Make sure to spend some time at Al Ain Zoo which is situated roughly about 10 km away from the Green Mubazzarah. You will have great amusement wondering at the opulent flora and fauna living in an artificial world.
• Set a day off for discovering the oldest archaeological site and ancient burial sites in Jebel Hafeet Tombs Abu Dhabi.
• Road trip lovers can head for a mesmerising 11.2 km long mountain ride in Jebel Hafeet. Driving on this steep gradient and harpin turns makes your drive more thrilling and challenging as well.
• Stop at the UNESCO recognized Jebel Hafeet Desert Park which preserves the area’s rich history, dynamic landscapes and unique biodiversity.

How To Reach

As Jebel Hafeet is a popular and trending destination in UAE, it is open for a visit throughout the year. 

By Metro:

To get to Deira City Centre, take the metro. Once you've arrived at the metro station, walk to the bus station and get a bus to Al Jubail Bus Station in Sharjah.

By Bus:

If you are traveling by bus, then take a bus from Sharjah to Al Ain and get out at the bus station in Al Ain. 

By Car:

You can consider any form of public transport to reach Jebel Hafeet but significantly driving your own vehicle is the easiest way to get to Jebel Hafeet.

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Best Time To Visit

If you’re stuck when you visit Jebel Hafeet in Dubai, then plan your Dubai vacation in the summer months, that is, from April to September. Head to Jebel Hafeet in the afternoon around 4:00 pm and let the rest of your day be stayed there in the evening to witness the resplendent beauty of the location nearby.

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Other Essential Information

History of Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet is a mountain that is considered one of the most important cultural sites in the Al Ain region and known as a part of the Hajar range due to its vicinity to the main Hajar range. The region in particular is regarded as a historical destination because many fossil remains were discovered here that were an essential part of ancient history. The two oases named Al Ain and Buraimi provided water for agriculture in the prehistoric past and acted as mountainous habitats for the Stone, Bronze, and Iron ages.

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Places to visit near Jebel Hafeet:

1. Al-Ain Zoo

Home to over 4000 animals and precious floras, Al Ain Zoo in Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain also invites you to enjoy camel riding, Elezba petting, and giraffe feeding. This spacious and well-maintained zoo is the region’s most acclaimed conservation that protects, preserves, and highlights rare fauna from extinction. You can enjoy a train tour of the wildlife area or organize a picnic here as it has plenty of public spaces as well as playgrounds.

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2. Al-Ain Palace Museum

Elegantly located on the western edge of Al Ain Oasis, Al Ain Palace takes you on a tour through the grounds, lifestyles of royals over 80 years ago, their rooms, traditional majlis seating, and narrow hallways. The palace portrays a mix of modern and traditional Bedouin-style architecture and showcases everyday life in a ruler’s fort. History buffs would admire the most, strolling throughout the palace.

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3. Al-Ain Oasis

When you are in Al Ain, you can’t afford to miss out on Al Ain Oasis. It’s a lush oasis covering around 1200 hectares and since 2011, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The breathtaking oasis is a truly dedicated oasis ecosystem for its visitors to explore for free. Feel relaxed and amused being around thousands of date palms, tranquil surroundings and most importantly, being far away from the city's hustle-bustle.

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4. Green Mubazzarah

Nestled right on the foot of the most enormous mountain named Jebel Hafeet, Green Mubazzarah is a lush green plain surrounded by an abundance of greenery that is a haven for an escape from the bustle of the city. Enjoy the natural hot springs offered here as well as the awe-inspiring views of mountain range. This place is perfect for nature-inspired gateways or if you want for a fun-filled family hangi.

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5. Hili Archaeological Park

If you are supposed to be a history buff, then heading to Hili Archaeological Park won't be a denial. This park not only provides ancient evidence but also demonstrates agricultural infrastructure. The Hili Archaeological Park comprises several Bronze Age forts and settlements, several tombs and artefacts within it. Learn more about Umm an-Nar culture and explore monuments of this period which dates from about 2500 BCE to 2000 BCE.

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Tips to Visit :

  • There are no specific opening hours to visit Jebel Hafeet, but if you are planning to visit, then you must schedule your visit between 11:00 AM-11:00 PM throughout the week.
  • If you’re touring in a group or with your family then hiring a taxi or a rented vehicle is more reliable and economical.
  • Be mindful to carry some essential things like water bottles, some light snacks, hiking poles, as you climb the steep terrains of Jebel Hafeet.
  • Starting your hiking early in the morning is quite sensible as you cover most of part of the trail in shade.

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Point of Interest for Jebel Hafeet
 Drive your Heart out Along Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

Drive your Heart out Along Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

It's an exhilarating experience while driving on the mountain road in Jebel Hafeet which is around 11.2 kilometres long with several turns and twists. A lot of road drive lovers, cyclists and bikers make their way up the mountain in winter especially. Make most of your beautiful road drive here with lots of fun driving and breathtaking views of Al Ain.

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Explore the Tombs at Jebel Hafeet Desert Park

Explore the Tombs at Jebel Hafeet Desert Park

Set a day out for exploring several ancient burial sites preserved at Jebel Hafeet Park from around 5000 years ago. You will be astonished to see over 500 tombs in the Jebel Hafeet foothills, those are traced back to 5000 years. Get some insightful facts and evidence of maritime trade across the Arabian Gulf then before.

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For a glimpse of incredible sunrise and sunset as well as the panoramic view of Abu Dhabi, head to the top of Jebel Hafeet mountain by cycling all the way through its curvy and twisty mountain trail. Reach the majestic subduction of the bumpy and rugged mountain by bicycle and experience a splendid ride among the world’s greatest driving roads.

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After riding your way through the rugged mountain trail, settle in for a memorable break at Jebel Hafeet Desert Park. This location caters for its travellers with various tastes and the park also offers three types of camping experiences that include basic camping, fully serviced camping and furnished, five-star bubble glamping tents.

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The Jebel Hafeet, incorporates the park named Jebel Hafeet Desert park that boasts majestic natural surroundings. It serves as a great place for hiking, camel riding and exploring the fascinating archaeological and historical remains of the area's ancient habitation.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Jebel Hafeet FAQs

How long is Jebel Hafeet?

Jebel Hafeet mountain road extends its trail for 11.2km up the mountain with an elevation of 1249 m above the ground.

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What makes Jebel Hafeet so famous?

Basically, Jebel Hafeet is famous for its sweeping views, unique fossil discoveries and its enormous towering height of 1240 metres. The Jebel Hafeet Road is among the list of most beautiful and photographed roads in the world for trips.

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How to climb and is it safe to climb?

Your hiking at Jebel Hafeet starts from Green Mubazzarah Park, set at the foot of Jebel Hafeet and then your way goes a bit curvy and twisty that goes up to the summit. Yes, it's totally safe to climb the rugged mountain but first-time hikers are advised to carry gentle alertness while hiking.

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How high is Jebel Hafeet?

Jebel Hafeet has a skyline-dominating height of 1249 metres and is recognized as UAE’s second tallest and highest peak.

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