Al Bateen Beach Overview

Looking over Hodariyat Island, the Al Bateen Beach is one of the most popular and family friendly beaches in Abu Dhabi. Spoilt with many options when it comes to amazing coastlines, locals and visitors to Abu Dhabi have a special place for Al Bateen Beach. Rarely overcrowded, Al Bateen is a beautiful place to relax with friends and family without the bustling noise of too many people surrounding you.

One of the perks of living Abu Dhabi life is the various options this place has for soaking under the sun's warmth. The beaches of Abu Dhabi are spectacular and known for their pristine blue waters. One of such amazing beaches is the Al Bateen Beach, a friendly and less crowded gem on the Abu Dhabi coastline.

One of the many reasons that this beach is so popular amongst locals as well as visitors is that it is relatively calm and less crowded. This beach provides you with a personal space where you can spend some alone time or time with friends and family without the overbearing noise or overcrowded atmosphere. It is a very safe beach and therefore people like going here with families as well as taking their kids along with them. Another one of the reasons to visit this quaint beach while in Abu Dhabi is how clean it is. 

In addition to being a popular spot for Abu Dhabi watersports activities and adventure lovers, the beach is a Blue Flag beach. Visitors can enjoy a friendly game of volleyball or go jet-skiing. The beach also has a separate area for women, the women's beach is an amazing place where they can enjoy privacy and a little me time away from prying eyes. A splendid attraction to visit, this beach must definitely be on your to-do list while taking a trip to Abu Dhabi

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• The Al Bateen Beach is well maintained and safe for families as well as women who would like to enjoy the sunny coastside.
• The beach is marked as a Blue Flag beach for its efforts in sustainability by the Emirates Wildlife Authority.
• A separate beach area for the women provides them with an option to enjoy their time and trip away from prying eyes. Only female lifeguards are on duty in this area.
• The beach also has showers and changing rooms on hand, for visitors to freshen up after swimming or any other activity.
• The beach has its own water sport equipment rental, where visitors can get equipment for sports like kayaking, jet-skiing etc.
• Visitors can also play volleyball and football if they wish to (you just have to bring the ball along with you).
• Separate play areas designed for toddlers and kids to keep them safely occupied while the adults enjoy various adventure sports or activities.

How To Reach

Visitors can choose to take a bus from any main location of the city to reach the Al Bateen Beach as it is very well connected from the city of Abu Dhabi. On the other hand, visitors can also choose to take a cab or taxi as their mode of travel. However, bus rides are more affordable and preferred by most people.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Al Bateen Beach is 30 minutes before sunset. The sunset at the horizon of the Arabian waters is something you won't want to miss. As the sun sinks into the water, or so it appears, the sky takes beautiful shades and the view is breathtaking. The months from October to March are the best throughout the year, as the weather is pleasant compared to the scorching summers.

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Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit:

  1. As it is a popular spot for picnics and marked as a Blue Flag beach, it is advisable and expected not to litter at the beachside. 
  2. Men are advised to wear bermuda shorts while at the beach, and women can wear swimsuits. 
  3. Always carry sunscreen with you, as most of the time you will be under direct sunlight. 
  4. Carry some eatables and lots of water for yourself and your family. 

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Point of Interest for Al Bateen Beach


The pristine blue waters of the Al Bateen Beach are very calm and therefore make it an amazing spot for Jet skiing. While visiting the beach you can definitely rent a jet ski from the rental right there at the beach and enjoy the thrill of gliding over the Arabian waters. One of the most loved activities by visitors on the beach.

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Paddleboarding is a very safe and amazing activity at the Al Bateen Beach. Since the water at this side of the coast is perfectly calm, it makes paddle boarding easier and more fun. So while there, visitors can rent a surfboard and enjoy the fresh splash of water on their body as they swim over the water. 

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You can either do this with your friends and family or just go solo. But kayaking in the waters of the Al Bateen Beach is something you should not miss at all. Get out in the water and let the fresh air caress your face as you paddle through the clear calm waves.

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Swimming is one of the most amazing and common activities to spend your time doing at a beach. And with the beautiful calm waves of Al Bateen, this experience becomes much much better. 

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Play volleyball

Play volleyball

Al Bateen is the perfect location for spending your day playing volleyball with your friends. Get a ball and your gang, and that's all you will need for an amazing day at the beach.

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Tourism Board Alliances

Al Bateen Beach FAQs

Is Al Bateen Beach a free entry zone?

Yes, the Al Bateen Beach is a free entry zone. However, the Al Bateen Women beach does have an entry fee. Women need to pay AED 25 and the entry fee for kids is AED 5.

What is Al Bateen Beach known for?

The Al Bateen Beach is known for its sustainability effort and less crowded space. The no litter beach is one of the best places to spend your day at, and has even got a separate beach area for women. The safety and cleanliness of the beach is unmatched and often praised.

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