Al Qattara Arts Center Overview

Al Qattara Arts Center was established in 2011 as a hub of studying, practicing and developing creative and cultural arts. It is not only a place for people to witness breathtaking art but to practice it. It is also one of the prominent venues of Al Ain to host exhibitions, occasions and cultural events.

Al Qattara Arts Centre is one of the historical places to visit in Al Ain, established in 2011 as a venue filled and preserved with various art and culture that are studied, practised and developed by the Emirates. While leading to Al Ain, do visit its major attraction displaying archaeological and heritage exhibits which are redeveloped as Al Qattara Arts Centre. Being one of the top tourist places to visit in Al Ain, the centre is also famous and populated due to its alluring appearance and architecture. 

The Al Ain oases are a vital part of Abu Dhabi's history; their unique cultural landscapes necessitate unique design solutions that are responsive to their cultural and natural traits. The creation of Al Qattara and Jimi Oases is motivated by a goal to construct significant cultural, educational, and intellectual programmes dedicated to Abu Dhabi's and the UAE's arts, crafts, and design traditions.

The art centre is a traditional mud-brick tower and residence designed in the regional architectural style to blend with its surroundings. You would be delighted to wander deep inside the residence as you get exposed to many art galleries displaying art by expatriate and Emirati artists. Get indulge in the dry Studio in it which is specifically a classroom for learning music and handicrafts. Digging deep inside the Al Qattara Arts Centre you would also get to know about Pottery Studio, 

Digital room for photography, computer classes and Calligraphy Studio. Except on Fridays, the art centre remains open every day from 8:00 am to 8:00pm. The centre is also popular as Al Ain’s leading venue for events and exhibitions. The centre holds a record for preserving artefacts from 1000 BCE to 6000 BCE, in addition to this, the centre also permits people to practice art here as there are permanent exhibits and classes being conducted smoothly. 

Make your Al Ain trip more interesting and fascinating by visiting the Al Qattara art centre that offers and serves as a venue for the demonstration and illustration of art along with its lively applications and development of the learned culture in the Arabian community. Hence, visiting such an interesting and fascinating place is something more than noteworthy in your journey. So make the most of your family time spent insightful and intriguing.


• Al Qattara plays a significant role in Al Ain’s cultural and art field.
• You can not only witness the most amazing sceneries and artifacts here but also get an opportunity to learn and create some of it.
• Established in 2011, Al Qattara Arts Center is one of the largest and most important venues and galleries of Al Ain.
• You can also gaze at archeological and heritage exhibits displayed in the museum
• This cultural center comprises the Dry Studio which is a classroom for learning handicrafts and music. Locals and tourists from all across the world visit this studio to enhance their artistic skills.
• Visitors get to choose from a variety of vocational skills such as photography, computer, calligraphy, and pottery
• All of Al Ain’s important events and occasions are hosted at Al Qattara Arts Center
• The main building of the center is designed in a unique architectural style that blends history with modern era.

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