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Best Scuba Diving Tours in Gokarna

Experience the thrill of Gokarna scuba diving in your next trip and take a plunge into the vastness of the Arabian Sea. This sleepy town is situated at a distance of around 140 KM from Goa and is extremely famous among international tourists. The long stretches of many beaches in Gokarna which are less commercialized and quite stunning lures hordes to visit Gokarna every year. It wasn’t always famous as a beach location to spend holidays, primarily it was just a Hindu pilgrimage center. The beaches are encircled with hills and verdant greens, and the seascapes have the power to cast a spell on you. The famous beaches in Gokarna are Kudle beach, Gokarna Beach, Om beach, Paradise beach and half moon beach. There are myriads of water sports that can be done in Gokarna, right from Gokarna beach trekking to scuba diving, from parasailing to snorkeling, from kayaking to banana boat rides- the fun is never-ending. You can plan a trip around these water sports in Gokarna, the place is awesome for a chilled-out and adventurous holiday.


Scuba diving in Gokarna is one of the most popular activities, especially for Indians who can not plan a trip to other diving cities or hubs across the world. It is easy and comparatively cheaper to get your hands on this experience in Gokarna. In Scuba diving, you use a self-contained underwater breathing apparatusthat iss attached to an Oxygen cylinder. The supply of oxygen underwater is through the limited cylinder which enables you to traverse and swim independently of the surface oxygen. Before your dive, your instructor or your dive master explains the signaling and situation handling. The master makes you try breathing underwater with the use of the breathing funnel one or two times or until you pass the test. Once you are through it, you are taken to the deeper oceans. Generally, the entire session is of 30 to 40 minutes including the training.


You do not need to particularly know swimming to dive. You will be guided by a divemaster, one to every individual and it is your chance to witness the amazing marine life. There are two types of diving, one is shore diving and another is boat diving. In Gokarna, you are taken to the diving site from either Murudeshwar. The hotspot for divers in Gokarna is the Netrani Island where you can witness a wide variety of sea animals like rays, clownfish, sea cucumbers etc. Swimming along many colorful corals of varied shape with a numerous and indistinctive school of fish flaunting their pretty fins and scales is a sight to behold. The other best part about diving in Gokarna is that you are clicked and shot in an action camera underwater. It is mostly included in the package cost.


Mostly Gokarna scuba diving operators take you for boat diving as the coral sites are not easily accessible from the shores. However, boat diving sites have a high visibility and clarity in the water. The patch where you swim and dive is uninterrupted and displays the ocean in its purest form. Once you do it, you will long to do it again because it is thrilling, inspiring and very scenic.


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